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28-IMG_4025-gt2huge beauty giveaway | by the skinny confidentialhuge beauty giveaway | by the skinny confidential

It’s very, VERY important for me to let you all know how much I appreciate YOU.

Your support, your good vibes, & your presence on The Skinny Confidential.

So on that note, today I’m giving away more than $1500 dollars worth of fun, girly-ass prizes because you fucking rock.

And I HAVE SOME FUNNNNNN goodies. Basically any girl who likes makeup, fitness, photography, & wellness will kind of love this giveaway. So every girl on the planet should like it?

I’m especially into sugar candied lip glosses & the white chic camera.

huge beauty giveaway | by the skinny confidentialhuge beauty giveaway | by the skinny confidential


Limited Edition Petal Pink Mini Facial Toning Device by NuFace ( GREAT for lymphatic drainage! )
Lancôme goodies
The Lip Scrub lip exfoliate
HELLO! hair ties
I’m With The Bands headbands
The Skinny Confidential Book, personalized & signed
Victoria’s Secret TEASE perfume
Victoria’s Secret Bronzer
Coloresciene sunscreens & lip balms ( << like a lot! )
Biore stripes
Revelations RX PM facesheet masks
HUGE NARS eyeshadow palettes x 2
Grey workout leggings
blog-doo thumb drive ( << a BUNCH of blogger tips! )
Fujifilm Camera in white
Fitness jumprope
Urban Decay Gwen Stefani eyeshadow palette
Urban Decay makeup pencils
Wet Brush
Lippy lipstick set by Butter
Bkr Water Bottle
Smart Bracelet by Fossil
Tons Burts Bee’s products
Burt’s Bee’s lipstick set ( 14 different lipstick shades!! )
TSC Bombshell Body Guide 1 Month Subscription


huge beauty giveaway | by the skinny confidentialhuge beauty giveaway | by the skinny confidential


♡ Follow The Skinny Confidential on Instagram.
♡ Tag TWO friends on my latest Instagram in the comment section.
♡ Follow along on Snapchat. Username: laurynevarts AND  subscribe to TSC YouTube channel.
Extra credit: comment below on why you HAVE to win!

huge beauty giveaway | by the skinny confidentialhuge beauty giveaway | by the skinny confidential

Good luck guys! Thanks for being so amazing!

I appreciate each & every one of you. & of course, more giveaways to come!

Happy Wednesday, lauryn xx

+ anyone eligible to enter | giveaway ends 3/22/16.

{ PC }

huge beauty giveaway | by the skinny confidentialhuge beauty giveaway | by the skinny confidential

  1. I HAVE to win because I love everything about theskinnyconfidential and everyone who knows me knows how much I love your blog!! 🙂

    1. Omg I deserve to win because while I read your blog religiously, I can’t always afford to do or follow the stuff cuz I am college student in Canada, glam on a budget, plz plz plz I NEED this give away, follow you on all forums. Love ya

    2. I need to win cause I deserve this amazing prize. I am a hard working mommy and wife .
      I strive to be better everyday. (Ps this isn’t to be conceited or to sound of pride , but I’ve finally agreed with myself that I am deserving ) thank you for being amazing TSC! 🙂

    3. Hey Lauryn,
      I would love to win your giveaway. I’m currently trying to get in to a way healthier lifestyle. You’re an inspiration 🙂

    4. Hey Lauryn,
      I would love to win your giveaway. I’m currently trying to get in to a way healthier lifestyle. You’re an inspiration 🙂

    5. Oh m gee! I would love to win! I love your blog! I’m a bartender too your story is such an inspiration for me!!! As a working mom who never buys anything for herself this would be such an amazing awesome treat! Thank you!!! ❤️?

    6. I would love to win because everything in this giveaway is something I would love to have but rarely would spend money on myself! Really amazing product selection, but I would expect nothing less from my favorite blogger who loves margaritas, clothes, and trying new things as much as me!!

    7. I’d love to win! Not only because I’ve been following you for years (you’re the shit) but my birthday is coming up on March 26th! I literally don’t think I’ve ever won anything in my life. My BFFL’s like to call it the “perrycurse” (cute, I know) but maybe you could be the one to reverse it 🙂 XO

    8. Lauryn, I have been following your blog for a year and a half now, love your book (sitting on my bookshelf with the likes of Lauren Conrad, Khloe Kardashian, and Louise Roe) and your snap stories are the best! Thanks for being an inspiration to me 🙂 I would love to share this dope giveaway with my best friend/older sister who is getting married in May! I’m her maid of honor and we are trying to motivate each other to get in shape for the wedding – we’ve been taking barre classes and hitting the gym, but we’ve been dying to try TSC Bombshell Body Guide! The camera would be perfect for taking pictures at her bachelorette party and rehearsal dinner, and the beauty items would be a perfect gift to give her on the morning of her big day! Thank you for your consideration!

  2. I HAVE to win simply because I love everything about theskinnyconfidential and everyone who knows me knows how much I love your blog! 🙂

  3. Hi Lauryn,

    I would love win this tsc giveaway because your blog has been such an inspiration to me and anytime I’m feeling down or having a bad day, jumping on your blog or snap quickly changes my mood. I messaged you and Michael today on Snap about the trials I have been facing with the Bar and you both replied with such nice and inspiring things to say. Whether I win or not, I want to thank you for inspiring women everywhere who are struggling with some trial in their life to believe in herself and like you told me earlier “everything happens for reason.”


    1. Hey Lizelle, I just read your comment and just wanted to quickly say that I hope you’re doing well. And that cliché quotes from pinterest are cliché for a reason, they are right. So believe in yourself, and know that tough situations build tough people. You can do this and you will find your way and place, I’m so sure! <3 x

    2. Hi Yara, thank you so much for the sweet message! So nice of you to reach out to me and offer your encouraging words. The world would be a better place if there were more people like you and because of this, I hope you win! I reread the last two sentences of your message over and over- you are so right. This made my week. Thank you again! <3

  4. Though I totally think someone else deserves to win your giveaway, I could simply not NOT participate of course! What a crazy good giveaway. IF I were to win, I’d love to share a bunch of this stuff with my mom, she works crazy hard and I would love to give her some fancy treat. The camera would be perfect because I’m saving my butt off to go traveling this summer and I love to capture that and share it on my blog. Burtsbees is SO expensive over here in the netherlands that I try to stock up when I’m in the states but I’m slowly running out and all the other goodies, well they are just amazing. You already know I’m crazy about your blog, and gladly promote it to any and all my friends 😉 <3

    Lots of love,

  5. I HAVE to win this giveaway because I love everything about the skinny confidential and you inspired me to open a lifestyle blog, hustle & make it work ??????
    love from Israel ?

  6. Hey Lauryn!

    I so, so HAVE to win this giveaway because I, simply put, love your blog! It’s such an inspiration to me, especially since I’m on currently on my journey to a healthier lifestyle (the struggle is real, but hey – I’m sticking to it so far!)

    On a side note: I love your Snapchat stories sooo much, haha. They’re totally my fave. 🙂

    Thanks for hosting this giveaway, lovely!

    ~ Kayla ♕

    (currently wishing so hard I’d win this, oh goodness.)

  7. I HAVE to win because I just finished (successfully) a very intense, demanding and sleep-deprived assignment period – I am a postgrad student – so I think that I deserve (if not need) some pampering time!

    Hugs & kisses,

  8. HI!
    I would really like to win your book so i could give a copy to my sister (i already own one!). I love you so much and it would be my DREAM to work for you. Hire me, maybe? haha

  9. I have to win because I really need to revamp my skincare and make up but it’s slightly overwhelming. Your YouTube video on corrupting helps and your eyebrow tint was the best.

  10. I’d love to win this fabulous array of goodies because TSC has helped me so much in my journey back to health. I’m finally learning to love myself inside and out and with the help of you (& Michael, but shhhhh don’t tell him) through your blog, instagram and snapchat I’m completely turning my life around. Thank you Lauryn – you truly are an inspiration.
    Love & Hugs
    Lauren x

    I need to win your bombshell guide!!! It’s been on my mind for months now, but I’m broke as a bum right now so it’s hard ]: I love you!!

  12. I would be thrilled to win this amazing giveaway! I have found you to be such an amazing source of inspiration for the last four years and most of my beauty tips/tricks I have learned from you 🙂 You definitely gave me the courage to go forward with my blog and I am so happy I did. Thanks for all your great information! I did an interview a few days ago, and they asked me who my favorite blogger was. I said Lauryn from TSC because I have learned so much from her and she always brightens my day! Plus, she is fearless with the information she shares, which I love! Thanks for the giveaway. I am already following on instagram (@alexis.roch) and snapchat! Love your snaps btw!

  13. I feel so weird saying that I have to win because I know that there are lots of people that deserve lots of the amazing things in here! But, you’ve been an absolute inspiration to work hard, be yourself, be real and be bold for me in the real and blogging world.

    I love love this giveaway and it’s no surprise that you send love to all da ladies that love you!

    I also freaking NEED that BKR water bottle, damn it its like on my birthday list! LOL.

    Love this! and the TSC Family!


  14. I have to win because I’m a student abroad in Florence trying to save and live a healthy yet balanced lifestyle and your blog has kept me in check!! I’ve used your “balancing life like a checkbook” so much between walking the city, not eating tooooo much truffle gnocci and experiencing everything there is to offer! Your blog also somehow makes me feel a little less homesick 🙂

  15. Dear The Skinny Confidential,
    HI! I am in a major need of a wellness overhaul. I’m currently stuck in a deep hole (some may use the term rut and not hole but I’m way past that?). I look forward to reading your blog daily and am inspired by your drive, your beauty and your sence for fashion. You really have your ducks in a row and I admire that. Thank you for offering such a great opportunity. This giveaway would be an exciting win.

  16. OMG LAURYN. This giveaway is unreal!! I’ve been following the blog for years now and I am a tried and true lover of all things TSC! This giveaway is everything I lust after and more! Especially the TSC Bombshell Body Guide, which I would love to be a part of but as a non-working college student, can’t afford to commit to the monthly subscription.

    Thanks for making every morning a little brighter with your blog posts

    Instagram: @kaitycjones
    Snapchat: kaitycjones

    Xoxoxo Kait

  17. You are such an inspiration, Lauryn. The way you overcame surgery (which you had at the same time I had major surgery) was a godsend for me. I love that you preach balance because it’s so hard to remember balance in the everyday pressures of life.

  18. I HAVE to win because there are so many amazing products in this giveaway, many of which I have always wanted to try. I’m starting a new job in a couple weeks so this would be such great timing and would give me an extra pep in my step 😉

  19. Your blog is fantastic! It has been an inspiration to a girl who is swamped with grad school and work! Plus you and Michael’s snapchats are so freakin hilarious. <3

  20. I have to win because I literally buy everything you talk about. Best purchase ever is the watermelon jerky! Needs to be on auto-deliver! I especially love following you on snapchat, getting a sneak peak into you and Michaels fun everyday life!
    I would be eternally grateful:)

  21. I would love to win this giveaway because I’m a hard working preschool teacher who could use a little extra glam in my life! 🙂

    Thanks for always posting unique and honest material!

  22. I HAVE to win because I’m cheap and would never buy any of this for myself! (Sad but true) You are such an inspiration, keep up the amazing content 🙂

  23. Obviously anyone would love to win this giveaway. But I especially want to win this giveaway because I am an avid Skinny Confidential follower. I always look forward to reading your posts in the morning. My two favorite things are definitely the relationship advice from Michael on the blog and when you share recipes on snapchat. Basically I want to win because I love trying products that people I look up to use and love. #Fingerscrossed

  24. Hey girl, hey! I HAVE to win because I’m OBSESSED with your style and try on the daily to incorporate it into my own. I appreciate you and all of your research, hard work and good vibes that you spread through your blog. You’re an animal!

    BTW, I can’t wait to see your follow up post on deodorant, I’m so intrigued!

  25. I’m currently training as an airtraffic controller and have not seen a pay check in over half a year. It’s super stressful and this would be such a rewarding gift to keep me trecking through all the hard days. Love your blog, you keep my healthy stint going even when I feel like I’m failing in that department. Xo love the wedding posts lately

  26. I absolutely have, have, have to win this giveaway because you have been such an inspiration to me in every aspect of my life! I’m a Pure Barre teacher who really started focusing on health and wellness pretty recently after obsessing over your blog. You’ve inspired me to start my own and to really remind me that I can do whatever I want as long as I work hard, stay motivated and be positive and know that I can do it. Your blog is amazing and has really transformed my life in every way!! xoxo

  27. I think it’s amazing that you do these sorts of giveaways for people. I would love to win this so I could share some things with my teenage sister. She’s had a really rough year with some mean girls at school, but has picked up photography as a hobby. I want to help her set up a blog to showcase her pictures because I think it would give her something better to focus on.

  28. I love you Lauryn!! I follow you on Insta, Snap and read your blog all of the time! I would love to win. You inspire me to be healthy and fit and live a more cleansing life! 🙂

  29. I have to win because I absolutely love TSC, especially how real life all of the posts are… Oh, and especially panicky Susan!

  30. I just learned about you on what’s gaby cooking and I can’t wait to check out your awesome blog. Fingers crossed I winnnnn!!!

  31. Honestly, I would love a chance to try all of these products out & I’ve been dying to use one of the instamax cameras. They seem so neat.

    Side Note: LOVE YOUR SNAPCHAT STORIES – They always make me laugh. 🙂

  32. I would love to win the giveaway simply because your one of the first things I check out on my phone when waking up, your topics that you bring up I’m always raving about and turning my friends to your blog. The skinny confidential offers raw topics and tips in daily life that I am always referring to or giving it a try! I’ve been following TSC for a while now & hope that Lauren will be continuing this for years to come! ❤️

  33. I would love to win because the products sound AMAZING and your approval of them makes them even more appealing. Plus I have made a goal to try new things and this package would be a wonderful way to do that! Lastly, I would love to get your book – I love your blog and your book would extend the inspiration and “feel-goodness” that your blog routinely gives me!

  34. I HAVE to win because I’ve been following you (and Michael) on snapchat to the point where I weirdly feel like you’re my friends, and friends give each other stuff, right?

  35. I have to win because a.- A camera would really help improve the quality of my blog pictures and b. I just started wearing make up (I’m 31) and it’s so darn expensive! As a student I can’t afford to stock up on the essentials.

  36. Hi Lauryn!! I HAVE, HAVE, HAVE to win this giveaway because I absolutely love everything about The Skinny Confidential. I have been an avid reader and follower since college (2011) and as a hustling graduate student working 2 jobs and going to school this would be an amazing thing to win!! I have gotten a couple of my friends hooked on The Skinny Confidential as well! Also, I have gotten so many beauty tips and tricks from you and I love how real you are! Keep spreading the love girl!
    P.S. your snaps are hilarious 🙂

    Stephany, New York

  37. Lauryn,
    I have been following you since the beginning 🙂 I would be so honored to win! Love you and keep up the awesome work!


  38. I have to win cause I have two kids 2 and 11 months who I love but moving to Florida from Canada while they were both under two and with my Mom dying suddenly, there was a lot of energy sucked out of me and this package looks like it could help rejuvenate. (In reality I know there’s someone who probably deserves it much more :))

  39. This giveaway is amazing!!! I would LOVE to win this! Your blog is so funny, fun and educational. Also, your snaps are great 😉

  40. Hands down, the best giveaway ever! Your posts have introduced me to so many healthful practices and amazing products not to mention great sartorial choices! Thanks for ALL of the inspiration.

  41. I have to win because I love & embody tsc lifestyle. Since I found TSC, I have truly improved my life for the better. I was always healthy but sometimes maybe a little too OCD about it. TSC taught me balance, especially in that aspect.

    You have done an amazing job at cultivating this blog and I hope one day I can meet you (& pick your brain in NYC)

  42. oh my goodness this giveaway is unreal – in the best of ways! i’ve been a follower for a few years and even though i don’t comment i adore your blog/snaps/book and all that jazz 🙂 hope i win!

    xoxo cheshire kat

  43. I would love to win the TSC giveaway because I would love to try your TSC bombshell guide & share the results with my readers! I think they would love to know more about your program 🙂 I really hope I win!!!

    xx. Aubrey (The Coastal Confidence)

  44. I would love to win this giveaway because my roommate and I have been reading your blog forever. We added you on Snapchat a few weeks ago and sent you a photo and you actually replied! We were shocked, excited, and a little embarrassed because we were in our PJs lol. We love you!

  45. I NEED to win this giveaway because it would be the perfect gift for a graduating college senior (me!) to celebrate all my hard work!

  46. Hey Lauryn! I love your blog, and especially your snapchats. Following you and Michael is kind of the highlight of my day (in a totally non-creepy way…). I started reading your blog not long after I moved across the country to Boston, away from my family and everything I knew (I knew not a single person here) and in a way seeing your pics of SD and following your blog kind of helped me through a tough transition. I would absolutely die to win your giveaway, since I am obsessed with all of the products you use and try my hardest to get as many as I can! But even if not, just wanted to say thanks for being so inspiring, the world needs more powerful women like you!!



  47. I would love to win this give away because I have gained some weight and have not been taking care of myself and feeling very blah. I have recently started to get myself together, eat right, work out, put a little more effort into getting ready every day and this could be the boost I need to keep it up!

  48. Reading the skinny confidential and watching your & Michael’s snap stories is always the highlight of my day! I would love love love to win this amazing giveaway!

  49. I have to win because I’m basically obsessed with theskinnyconfidential and I think we should be besties. First thing I do when I get to work is pull up your blog for inspiration to my day

  50. I haveeee to win because I could really use some pretty little pick me up’s–also I’m DYING to try the bombshell body guide (summer is right around the corner!) love all things TSC and tips and tricks on snapchat/insta/the has become a daily read and my go-to!

    xx Emma

  51. This giveaway is amazing and further representation of how bad ass of a blog you’ve composed. Your blog is my happy place and I completely adore and appreciate how engaged you are with your readers… I often hear bloggers/youtubers talking about how its hard to get their subscribers to see them as a real person vs just a figure on the screen and you’ve done this by doing the same for us — treating us like people! Engaging! Being there!

    I love the adventures of Lauryn and Panicky Sue and you are ever inspiring simply because I look at the badass life you’re living, the hectic schedule you have, and think “if she can manage to balance this healthy lifestyle and to make time to nurture her bod… I can too! I can also be a bad ass B!”

    So, of course I would love to win. But I also loved having this opportunity to thank you. You had more of a positive influence on my life than you will ever know, and I hold your blog dear to my heart. I am a ride or die supporter!

    See you on snap! xx

    1. Can I also just say that the best part of this give away is the one month sub. to the TCS Bombshell Body Guide!!!

      Um, yes please!!!

  52. Hi Lauryn,

    I have been following your blog religiously for the past year or so and you’ve been such an inspiration for me to work hard and follow my dreams. I would love to win this giveaway because all of the products sound amazing and it would be such a treat! Thanks for sharing your awesomeness with the online world!

    Lots of love,


  53. Followed and tagged.I love your snapchat! And Susan’s lol. i have to win because i need a little pampering lately!

  54. This is so amazing!!! You are constantly putting so much love and effort into your work it is such an inspiration. I work my ass off too and your blog/snaps help me get through the long days! Thank you for all the advice and the added boy tips from Michael is an extra bonus!!! You two are definitely relationship goals!!
    <3 <3

  55. I HAVE to win because, like everyone else, I ADORE The Skinny Confidential (and Michael on Snap). To top it all off, I’m a beauty JUNKIE and am always looking for luxe new products to try out, I’m dying to find a workout program I can STICK to, and I’m going to EUROPE for the FIRST time EVER this summer and that camera would be so chic to carry around and snap pics of all the gorgeous things I get to see!


  56. Honestly, Lauryn…
    After making some major life changes recently, this would be the cherry-on-top of my progress.

    2016, for me, is about self-love. I’ve always had someone who I’ve taken care of besides myself. I was full of excuses as to why there was no time for the gym or for things like a skincare regime or making a big healthy dinner & I would settle for the easy option.

    This journey is largely about the physical, but is equally about the mental, and every single item in this prize package promotes both a beautiful and healthy life – the ultimate goal for me, both inside and out.

    Winning this TSC prize would add a beam of light to my new life & would help promote and create the healthy habits that I’ve been striving to create for myself.

    Thank you, regardless of if I win or not, for this opportunity.
    You’re wonderful.

    A world of love,

  57. I would LOVE to win this giveaway! I trust basically all brands and products that you endorse because in my experience, anything you’ve recommended has been great, and most of things I’ve tried from TSC have become staples in my health/beauty routine and lifestyle (I have gotten all my friends hooked on Bee Pollen!). I love TSC, the messages and products you promote, the inspo you consistently provide and your interaction with your readers. The winner of this prize will be one lucky gal!!

  58. Like Sheryl Sandberg, TSC makes me just want to lean the hell in and work for what I want. Thank you for making me a badder ass woman than I was before. I HAVE to win because you have great taste and who wouldn’t want to own all these amazing things?!

  59. I have to win because I’m doing my best to be the best version of myself. I’ve been actively pursuing health. The way I eat, being active and going for natural healthy things. This giveaway would be great! I’m also the skinny confidential’s biggest fan.

  60. I am a fashion and beauty blogger but I have a limited budget and am not able to try very many products or purchase new things because my budget is super tight right now. So that is one reason it would be so cool to win this. I take so much inspiration from you blog in the ways of how you have built your brand and following. I also have TSC bombshell body guide and am a true believer in your brand because what you say about wellness really has worked for me! whether or not I win this giveaway(which I REALLY want to win) I will keep following along!

  61. I HAVE to win this because my husband and I are working our butts off to stick to a budget so we can pay off debt super fast, and I’m also hustling to kick my wedding photography & design company into full gear. Which means sacrificing things like beauty & fitness extras in order to accomplish our goals! And I need all of these things on my face and body. So pretty please!

    P.S. My husband is a super huge fan of your snapchat stories and Michael, but won’t admit it. It’s so freaking cute how he watches them out of the corner of his eye when I’m playing them 😉


  62. I would love love to win this give away. Most of these items are on my longing for list and the other ones are getting added today!

  63. I HAVE to win this because it is the “I want to pretend to be as cool as Lauryn Evarts everyday but don’t have the tools to do so” deluxe package 😉 …. but no seriously! The cool style that you emulate, the real & HONEST information that I get by coming here on the daily (you too, Bosstick!) and the fact that I feel like I am friends with you when I’m really not. You’re true to you which is hard to find in the digital age & I SO appreciate that about you. I know we all are so happy with what you’ve created here. PS…18 days until my reservation at Flora Farms. You rock. Xx!

  64. I HAVE to win this giveaway because I am a giant fan of this blog, your humor, and your honesty. I’m constantly sharing your tips with both my girlfriends and my husband.

    Oh, and most importantly… I’ve been using coconut oil in the bedroom since I got married and when you wrote about it on the blog I knew we were soulmates 😉 My hubby loves it and I’ve been UTI free since!!

    Our honeymoon was this January in Cali and I was tempted to reach out and see if you wanted to get coffee just so I could see how awesome you are in person! Love the blog and all that you do for women <3

  65. I would love to win this giveaway because I want to try everything!! Obsessed with your blog and inspired to make real life changes!

  66. I have to win because I am a new TSC fan and love your blog! Also absolutely love all of the fabulous goodies in this giveaway. I just had my second baby and mama needs some more glam in her life ???

  67. Hey Lauryn,

    Here you go again killing it on the giveaway game! I’d LOVE to win because I’m dying to try some of these products. The camera has been on my Amazon wishlist for months now, I just haven’t had the finances to pull the trigger. It goes without saying that you’re a huge inspiration. After doing a quick stalk sesh, I just realized I’ve been following you back to 2012 circa Suja cleanse days! You were motivating then, and you’re motivating now! I lost 10 lbs from participating in Dry January and recently bumped up my Pilates classes to three times a week (waiting on the bf to say, “hey, your ass looks tight” 😉 ). All of that is thanks to you. We appreciate you and Michael’s hard work. It’s not always easy to come up with fresh material, and you guys always keep us on our toes.

    Kelsey Faubion
    Fabulessly Faubs

  68. I have to win because who wouldn’t want all of these amazing goodies!! plus I just absolutely love your blog and the fact that you keep it so real and down to earth.

  69. I have to win because my roommate Niki and I are your actual #1 fans!!!!!!!!!!! I look up to you as a role model and when you snapped us back it made our day! You are fab and this would be actually incredible for two broke college seniors about to take on the real world!!!!!! Please x 1093312 this would be actually unreal

  70. I would love to win this giveaway because you Lauren are such a beautiful person and your blog is so inspiring, real and raw (Coconut oil post) and I love all your posts! I follow you on snapchat and you and Michael are seriously hilarious. When you tease him with the watermelon jerky! So funny! There are so many amazing products in this giveaway… The polaroid camera and your book are my favorite. Love your blog Lauren!
    Julia 🙂

  71. Thank you Lauren for helping me keep mu hair and makeup on point! I’d really like the camera, we are heading to Steamboat, Colorado for spring break, and that would be something I could use to get some great shots on the slopes!

  72. I HAVE to win because since following your blog I have adapted to SO many lifestyle changes! I eat better, cook more, love your bombshell body guide and crack up at your funny posts. You are 100% real and I dig it so much! Denver loves you!

  73. What a generous giveaway! I just HAVE to win so I can share all this goodness with my 3 sisters. All 4 of us live in different parts of the country and I love sending them goodie packages to cheer them up. I can’t think of better stuff to include in my next goodie package!
    Thank you for the opportunity.

    Much love.

  74. I have to win because I feel I could literally benefit from every single one of these items – I would share with my sister and mom!???

  75. I HAVE to win because – The white camera, the Burt’s new lips, the bkr bottle, the Fossil, the nuFace annnnnd A MONTH’S subscription!! Basically I really ‘need’ 😉 all of this. 🙂

  76. I HAVE to WIN because 1. this is an amazing giveaway. 2. I already follow your snap and insta and 3. you are such an inspiration. Your hard work seriously pays off and makes me work harder in my everyday life. Please pick me! {girl waving her hand emoji} :p

  77. I love your blog and would love to win to be able to try those great products! Thanks for posting such a wonderful giveaway!

  78. I believe I need to win because I would honestly get good use out every single one of these items. I am a beauty junkie and love experimenting with new products. I’m also obsessed with photography and am overdue for a new camera (plus the all white color is super chic!) I love this blog and follow your snap stories every day! 🙂

  79. I HAVE to win because it’s pretty rare that I get really excited about giveaways (cue the dancing girl emoji!) and because I already follow you on all social media platforms since you and your boyfriend are HILARIOUS!

  80. I love the content you put out on TSC, it’s so much more substantial than what so many other beauty/lifestyle bloggers are putting out there. I’m constantly talking to my friends about the tips I’ve learned from the site (I definitely have sent a few of my friends a copy of Michael’s dating advice), and I would love love love to win some of the amazing products in the package (a broke college girl can’t exactly buy all these things for herself 🙂 )

    Much love

  81. I would be so honored to win this giveaway because I love everything about The Skinny Confidential! I read your blog anytime I get the chance and think you are so inspirational. I would love to win any of these products so I could share with my friends and family! My sister and mom work so so hard and would love to give them a little something to show that I appreciate what they do so much. (I know my mom would have so much fun with that fossil watch since shes always on the run!) Thank you so much for everything you do! <3 <3


  82. I am obsessed with those products and I love your site! You keep it real and talk about things that most people won’t discuss in a public forum

  83. Hi Lauryn! It would be fing awesome to win your giveaway, i read your blog every single day, because you post every single day! its so great, thanks for being consistent and mixing up the content. keep up the good work! xoxo – Johanna

  84. You are an amazing and inspirational woman who I have looked up to since I first read your blog in early 2012. It is a breathe of fresh air the limitless possibilities you provide to all of your readers. Everyone can relate to your holistic and realistic blog posts. You have changed the game in of holistic approach from freaky to chic. Keep inspiring!

  85. Hi Lauryn,

    I would love to win the giveaway because I am in need of a beauty overhaul! Also, I am in two weddings this year and really trying to up my fitness game so a lot of the prizes would be so, so helpful.

    Thank you!!!

  86. i HAVE to win! 🙂 Lauryn, you have been a major inspiration for me as a soon-to be college grad (woo!). I love everything about TSC and your commitment to health and entrepreneurship have inspired me in major ways! xo

  87. I have to win because you’ve become my go to. What’s that Drake song, “you’re my right hand, my go-to..” that’s you!! Absolutely love your content and love that you motivate, inspire, and lift up women. So important with such negativity in this world. Love you! xx


    I just had a perfect baby last month and have been spending oh so much time loving her and way less time loving me. This would give me the opportunity to pamper myself without feeling guilty! It’s not easy to splurge on yourself when you have this little human that depends on you and EVERY cent you make! This would make me one happy mommy!

    Also Lauryn, you are actually the best.

  89. I have to win because I absolutely love your site and your taste in items and I know I would love this entire list!! I am also pregnant and any excuse to be pampering myself when I haven’t felt good in weeks sounds so amazing!!

  90. I have to win because being pregnant sometimes you just need some pampering and pretty girly things to make you feel a little more human again!!!

  91. I have to win because all of these products look amazing for all of my travels! Traveling can take a toll on your beauty and wellness routine, and I’ve been looking for some new products to spice it up.

  92. Thanks so much for doing this giveaway, it’s so exciting!!! Fingers crossed from now until you announce the winner! Just got on Snapchat last week and loving your snapa 🙂

  93. *Pick me! Pick me! I love this blog, and I love the Instagram and Snapchat updates!

    I have been on a major budget as of late and haven’t had an opportunity to splurge on any fun beauty or wellness products, so this would be a HUGE treat to win!

    Thank you!!! Liz

  94. I HAVE to win because TheSkinnyConfidential is my go-to blog every single day (I read it before the news duh) and because I am getting married this year and all of these amazing beauty products and the TSC bombshell body guide will ensure I look my best on our day! <3

  95. I would absolutely LOVE to win this giveaway. All of the beauty goodies are to die for but the Fujifilm camera and smart jump rope stand out to me. I’m such a huge fan of The Skinny Confidential and all of your social media platforms. You’re my role model and have given me so many tips to live a beautiful balanced life even while I’m away at college. Thank you for giving me inspiration every day and loving your fans so greatly.

  96. Woooowwww this giveaway is amazing. I WANNA WIN BECAUSE all of this stuff looks wonderful and I still really want a signed copy of your book! I never splurge on stuff like this for myself so this would be a legit way to get to see what products I really like. Ahhhhh! I’m also getting married in 7 months and would love to win this giveaway so I can look my best at our wedding 🙂

  97. I would be so so excited to win because it would be such a great surprise! I would love to share everything with my sister and roommate, which would be fitting because I share your posts with them all the time ? Its just so fun to read! Either way, thanks for everything 🙂

  98. This is the best giveaway! I have been a long time reader and am a big fan of your blog and lifestyle. I love all your tips and tricks and this giveaway is the perfect way for me to implement them and be a great present to myself! I am really passionate about fitness and health and am really trying to up my beauty game. I also started blogging a few months ago, so the blogdoo thumbdrive would be SUPER helpful.

  99. Dear Lauryn,

    Im following you since years now.
    The only blog i never get tired of.
    Love your honesty!
    Its so refreshing that you just speak your mind!!!
    Your posts are always on point.
    And I check your and Susans stories everyday.

    You’re the coolest couple & brains behind TSC!

    & I would be so happy to win… I never won anything & I love the giveaways!!!

    Please Please Please

    & lots of Love,

  100. Hi Lauryn!
    I have to win – because I log onto your blog every morning first thing when I get to work. It’s how I know juice I’m making later in the day, what recipe I’m cooking for dinner, or what to buy next from Amazon or Nordstrom. Love love love the blog, your tips, recipes, and fashion advice.

  101. I would be completely honored and blessed to win this amazing prize giveaway because I am in need of a beauty and product makeover! I’ve been using the same products over and over and too scared to try new things, due to costs, and this would give me a chance try out these amazing gifts. I want to break out and try something different, give my look something new and recreate my look while continuing along my lifestyle change path. You are such an inspiration to a lot of people and have such a pronounced way at reaching people. I would be so lucky to be your winner.

  102. BECAUSE:
    I literally die at all of your snaps;
    Canadians need a little love too;
    I also have to deal with a fiancé who is a TOTALLY PS; and
    I was that “weirdo” friend in 2010 who would put chia seeds on everything, mix her vodka with sparkling water and kombucha and a squeeze of lemon, and refuse to eat artificial sweetners because they are disgusting

  103. I am a new follower of this blog thanks to following Whats Gaby Cooking on Snapchat. 🙂 I love the honesty and am new to the “beauty and fitness” world so love learning about all of these new concepts and products. Would love to win the giveaway because it is an awesome giveaway!!

  104. Oh emm gee, are you for real? This is the bomb dot com giveaway of all giveaways. I already love you on Snap, IG & You tube so it’s a no brainer that I need your best tips and tricks in my own pocket! Fingers double crossed, babe xo

  105. I have to win because part of my everyday routine is keeping up with your blog, instagram, youtube channel and of course you AND Michael’s snapchat stories. They honestly make my da, you both are so genuine and open and all of your tips and tricks I have tried have worked great for me. I am so happy I found your social media accounts and would love the chance to win the goodies and products that you personally are interested in and stuff you’re excited to share with your followers. Being in college I dont get to spoil myself with expensive or luxury beauty products and treatments often and would love to win this giveaway.

  106. Seriously so excited about this giveaway. TSC has actually changes the way I live my life, from the detox drink (literally sitting right next to me as I type) to my daily practice of taking probiotics, magnesium and sipping on some Calm. I’m inspired daily to make small changes that have a big impact, not to mention your snaps kill me. would absolutely LOVE to win!

  107. I would love to win because i really enjoy your blog and how unique it, and I would love to have the items in the give away.

  108. Hi Lauryn!!

    I absolutely love your and everything you stand for! You are an amazingly beautiful, smart and talented girl! I am a hard working student in my final year of university in nursing school! This wellness package would be amazing for my mental health during these last few months! Please help me out Lauryn 🙂

  109. I would day I HAVE to win because I have recently become the biggest TSC convert. Things in my usually driven and productive work life have been rough lately due to organizational changes and every time I start to lose my motivation, a quick visit to TSC reminds me why I need a purpose driven (and aesthetically pleasing) life.

    Also I’m on my couch sick as a dog right now, trying all your TSC natural remedies and winning would just be a nice plus.

    Thanks for everything, always!

  110. I would love to win because I feel like you always have the best product recommendations so it would be amazing to win a gift package curated by you.
    I’m planning to share the prize with my sister and mom so it would be a great surprise!

    Both of the snapchats always brighten my day!

  111. Oh gosh, I HAVE to win this because a. I’m a poor college student and never get to treat myself (haha), b. everything in this giveaway is literally perf and c. I’m obsessed with TSC and DID I MENTION THIS IS ALL PERF???

  112. Love following along during the day on snapchat! Also so nice of you to respond to my questions on where to get my eyebrows done in San Diego! You are the best!

  113. I have to win this giveaway because you always recommend the BEST products and I’m always running out to buy them and now i would win a couple of your faves without breaking the bank! ??❤️

  114. Id like to wine because i have literally been following every thing you say like a bible! Dry brushing? Check! Squeezing lemon on everything? Check! Putting cayenne on everything? Check! Saying literally all the time? CHECK!xxx

  115. I love your blog- it has inspired me to live a healthier life style. I make green smoothies daily, I made my own magic seeds that I put on EVERYTHING, and most importantly- I make the time to take care of myself (dry brushing, acv shots, etc!!) You and your blog are my go to for all the questions most people are not willing to talk about! I cannot thank you enough for helping me improve my life. I would love to win this give away- the fossil bracelet is too cute!!!

  116. Hi Lauryn! I LOVE your blog! Its my first stop every morning…even before my work email haha You give such amazing tips for all women to achieve a healthy natural lifestyle! All your tips and tricks work amazing (my favorite is the charcoal pills to prevent the AM hanover! 😉 ) As a health professional I truly value your natural approach to beauty and health! Best of luck to you in all your future endeavors! xoxo

  117. I would love to win bc I think you’re hilarious…and Suz, too. And I appreciate how you talk about anything and everything with such an approachable attitude. xoxo

  118. I have to win cause it will brighten up My YEAR!!! Also i’m from France so there’s a few things in this giveaway that i’ve never heard of?

  119. I HHHAAAVVVVEEEEEE to win, because 1. because you’re so rad, I follow everything you do (Snap, Insta, Twitter, Blog, Youtube, Pinterest-im sure I’m missing something, but trust me I probably follow that too) 2. I am #obsessed with everything in this giveaway, and half of it I’ve wanted and have never gotten around to getting. 3. I feel like you use all of these products, and whenever I see you use something, I immediately need to try it as well. 4. I have endlessly tried to make my own blog, but haven’t gotten a good enough grasp/felt enough passion towards the brand I was trying to pursue. I keep reading your blog to continue to give me inspiration and hopefully soon I can have a successful blog for myself and others like yours does for yourself and me.

    Still waiting to actually meet you in person, you are seriously the coolest around, and Id be honored to meet you.

    x, Morgs

  120. I love reading your blog! There are so many useful tips that have helped me with skincare and all around wellness. Your emphasis on lymph drainage has ESPECIALLY helped me with my skincare/detox routine. I would love to use all of these little goodies! I also want to be more bold this year with makeup. I usually just put some mineral powder, curl my lashes, and throw on mascara for everyday but these lip shades and palettes will help me step my game up! Thanks Lauryn, love your blog!

  121. This giveaway is SO dreamy! I religiously follow yours (and now Michael’s) snapchats. They honestly make my day! And, Michael gives some DAMN good business advice (I’m a small business owner). Thank you so much for providing great content on all platforms. I’m so happy to have a place to go to get advice on all levels and for everything, as well as a good laugh sometimes!

    PS. I started an armpit detox yesterday! I’ll let you know how it goes and if I can actually get rid of my BO!

  122. I love your blog so much. You are right there in my lineup with the Skimm as required reading during my morning coffee 🙂 I religiously follow you and Michael on snapchat and think you both seem like such good hearted inspiring people.

  123. Alright I typically don’t go for the extra credit because I always feel that someone else probably deserves the goodies more than me but THIS time….I’m posting my sob story idc.

    I have recently left my job as a financial advisor (7 years of blah blah market, retirement, blah, yield, return, blah social security, blah) whoops it wasn’t that bad but…yes it was. Just not my passion. I have gone into business for myself which is super exciting! Very liberating, very intense. I also decided to start my own beauty/fitness/lifestyle blog, which I will be launching in the near future.

    Which brings me to the sob story part!! LOL. Every time I read about your swelling and how long you have had to deal with it, and continue to deal with it I think to myself “wow, yes, that must be so tough because it’s your face. You can’t really hide it fully and come on it’s the main focal point of a woman.”

    I’ve always been careful about products I use on my face, including makeup, lotions, cleanser, toner, everything. UNTIL Saturday night. I’ve been testing out all natural and out of the box beauty methods and I stumbled upon an article about how Apple Cider Vinegar has a gazillion uses for our everyday lives. INCLUDING as a toner for your face. Without doing any research whatsoever or even reading the entire article (so not like me) I just soaked a cotton ball full of ACV after washing my face and applied it directly to my left cheek in three of four kind of upward motions, coating my entire cheek. As I was about to move on to my other cheek my face started to really sting, like bad. I was so tired I just took a damp wash cloth, swiped my cheek to get the ACV off, put some moisturizer on and went to bed. My cheek was a little red and then super white and a little wrinkly (like your fingers when you soak in a bath for too long) which was odd but it didn’t look awful.

    Fast forward to Sunday morning. I wake up and my cheek is oozing. About a half dollar size portion of my cheek is completely red/yellow/white, pussing, and the crazy part was there was no pain in fact I couldn’t even feel that part of my cheek.

    Since then I have met with a dermatologist who was not in the least bit shocked, said he sees this all the time, it’ll heal eventually type thing. Gave me hydro cortisone and I’ve been applying it ever since but it’s a gaping wound, not even exaggerating like a bit bloody, skin trying to heal but falling off type thing (sorry TMI?). Luckily as soon as it does heal to the point where I can wear makeup as least I can cover it, but I feel your pain as I have to hide my cheek for a while from here and being that this is considered an acid burn, it will take quite a while for the discoloration to go away completely, if ever (?!)

    I know I sound dramatic but the business I am starting for myself (a custom spray tan service) is one where I will be customer facing and I do think you need to represent your business and always look great and at this time I obviously can’t tan my face or wear makeup at least on that large portion of it.

    Thank you for reading, I hope I didn’t gross you or anyone out too much. I’ll end my plea with…it would be such an incredible blessing to win one of your giveaways, I’ve been entering them for so long and I really admire you and Michael so much. xoxo

    1. OH! I also want to add— some people do use ACV as a toner….but they DILUTE it!! FYI. And in case anyone is concerned, I am taking an antibiotic to fight infection 🙂 LOL just covering my bases here. So. Gross.

  124. I have to win because I’m obsessed with everything about your blog and Instagram but mostly your snapchats. Those are one of my top favorites! ??

    1. You’ve inspired to me to start my own blog and all yours and Michaels advice is super helpful along the way.

  125. Beautiful giveaway!! I would absolutely love to win this! Lots of life changes going on for me in the past couple months. Two new jobs, moving out of state and lots of family functions planned for later this year. Needless to say, I have been focusing less on myself and more on those life changes so some “me time” and pampering with your giveaway items is just what the doctor ordered! I’d plan to spread the love also 🙂 I have a couple girlfriends in mind that I would love to spoil simply because they’re amazing gals and have helped me through so much lately! Firm believer of paying it forward and spreading joy. Sharing is caring, after all! ((My 5 year old nephew would be SO proud I used his line!)) Love what you do here, keep up the awesomeness!

  126. Because you are literally my favorite blogger and I follow every piece of advice that you give, even Michael’s tips! Would love to meet you one day also!

    <3, Bianca Capasso

  127. Hi Lauryn,

    I’d love win this giveaway because I’m always inspired by you and your blog (IG and snapchat, too)! You’re so freakin’ real and honest, it’s refreshing. After dealing with anxiety and an eating disorder, your take on eating in moderation (chia seeds, green juice, turmeric milk, and flaming cheetos — yum!), sweating every day, etc. has totally changed my life. THANK YOU.

    I’m working part time as an event planner and living on a major budget, but would love to continue the healthy lifestyle with your a-mazing giveaway! The make up and skincare products are also to die for 🙂

    xoxox, Crystan

  128. WOW, you’re the sweetest! I’ve never seen a giveaway SO good *insert heart-eye emoji* As a fairly new reader, I’ve instantly become OBSESSED with your blog, following you on all forms of social media (not to the point where it’s stalker-ish), completing a recipe or two a day that’s TSC approved, and also purchasing some of the awesome items you personally use and love! As do I! I HAVE to win this giveaway just because I am in love with your message and lifestyle, and seriously strive to keep on track with beauty, fitness, photography, and wellness just as you do! If any of these products will help get me there, sign me up! I would be so appreciative to win and get the opportunity to test drive all the amazing products listed. Thank you again for keeping me on track everyday and also keeping me laughing… that’s not always easy to do through the comp/phone! You rock!

  129. I’ve only been following you for a couple of weeks now but you’ve totally influenced my health and wellness (not to mention you and Michael crack me up on snapchat). From beauty tips to fashion to healthy meals and deodorant (no lie your last post had me walk my booty over to whole foods to buy an all natural deodorant) you have already taught me how to be healthier and how to enhance my feminine beauty. Something all girls need to grow confidence! Your ability to share your knowledge and act so genuine and authentic is something truly awesome. Thank you!

    Oh..and- I have to win because I need to try all of these beauty products to keep up with you!

  130. I would love to win this because…..
    One: I love your blog and of course your snapchat is the best!
    Two: I’m currently pregnant and really in need of some new awesome products to help with this exhausted face! The camera alone would be amazing!

  131. Hi Lauryn!
    I just discovered your blog, after seeing you featured on Gabby’s snap! So glad I did. I HAVE to win, because I want to. ☺️
    In all seriousness, I’m kind of in beauty limbo. I’m a girl’s girl and love all things pretty and fashionable, but I also get completely overwhelmed when I walk into a Sephora. Braving a cosmetic counter at Neimans can overwhelm me. What do I want, what product do I choose?!? I’m not wearing anything, and I’m sure those fabulous artists think I’m a mess! Haha. I just turned 32, and am need of a fresh start. This would most definitely be a great start. XO

  132. Please pick me!!! I’m so obsessed with you! I follow you on snapchat and i am constantly bugging my boyfriend about the amazing shit you get to do all the time. i’m basically living vicariously through you! : )

  133. I would love love love to win!! I have been keeping up with you for a few years now and you are such an inspiration! I love following your beauty and work out tips and it would be fabulous to win some of the products that you use! Fingers crossed!

  134. Eat, sleep, workout, TSC…. basically my life. I am pretty much obsessed with you and P.Sue (nothing low-key about this). I am actually going to send you two an invite to my wedding in 6 months – bc I am that convinced we are BFFs. Checking TSC, your snaps and your IG is seriously my fave thing. You are always so positive, inspiring and just damn COOL. No matter what I am doing, I know that your platforms will always bring a smile to my face. (PS I am that creeper that screenshots you on the reg) I have turned so many friends on to your site, and they all know how ‘close me and you are’ LOL. Somehow TSC comes up in every single on of my conversations. I SO hope to win this and for you to come to my wedding….. not creepy at all, hehe! Its in Asheville, NC at the Grove Park – I promise it’ll be dope 🙂 VIVA TSC :*

  135. I MUST win because having all these goodies will make me more like YOU> duh!!

    haha just kidding of course, but seriously I love following you via your blog, youtube channel, insta, snapchat, etc.

    Because of you I’ve been blasting calories through the bombshell body plans- (getting stronger physically), trying new fun recipes, so many awesome drink recipes >smoothies, teas, and cocktails alike<, I found & now own the BEST pair of ripped back jeans because of you (like my absolute go to), I'm obsessed with lemons as well (brownie points??). I'm a total product junkie and would LOVE to try all the goodies you're giving away. I have a trip to Mexico coming up and can already 'picture myself' snapping photos with the fujifilm camera. I am dying to get my lymphatic drainage on as well 🙂

    My fingers are crossed! xo, Mer

  136. I think anything exciting to sway you towards me has been said so I just want to say that I love reading your blog and watching the snaps and the giveaway would just be the perfect post final exam treat. I could really go for some personal pampering with the stress of graduating and finding a job 😛

    Anyways, thanks for being a total badass and inspiring me to chase my own dreams!

  137. Lauryn, I would LOVE to win your giveaway because TSC has seriously become my obsession!! It’s really inspired me not only to live a healthier lifestyle, but also to finally start a blog of my own. It’s so awesome to read/watch all your tips and tricks about beauty, fitness, and being healthy, especially since you have such an awesome down-to-earth vibe.
    I just graduated from college and have very unsuccessful on my job search so I am like broker than broke, so winning your giveaway would literally blow my mind!!!!!!

    P.S. You and Michael literally kill me with your snaps you guys always make me laugh!!

  138. I need to win because I wake up every morning eager to watch yours and susans snap chats… plus you told me I was cute on snap chat. BROWNIE POINTS am i right?

    But for real I should win because I have been following you on all social media outlets before today and I love your app. Plus, I am a broke college student who could use a little skinny confidential attitude.

    PS love that you went the the Red Dress Gala for A phi.. I am an Alpha Phi too! Great cause!

  139. I have to win this give-away because I love the TSC and all you stand for! I follow you and Michael on all social media channels — you two are amazingly hilarious, and I love your love <3

    Also, I'm getting married this year, so this beauty give-away would be perf to help me prep to be a beautiful bride 🙂

    Thanks, gf!

  140. Followed and followed and commented!

    This giveaway would be perfect for a product fiend like me – Plus, anything you recommend is gold i.e. vit e oil, seeds, nippies, alligator clips, white pumps, I could go on…The best part of TSC is you, your snaps, and Michael and your amazing, inspiring, healthy vibes!

  141. oh my goodness!! This giveaway is amazing and I’m dying over everything in it! That camera is awesome and that water bottle is adorable!!! love it all!
    I love following you on snapchat! it’s hilarious to see how y’all interact and y’all are always doing the most amazing things!

  142. Wow this is an amazing contest! I want to win because I love everything I’m seeing. I guess I’m a girly girl after all. 😉
    I followed you on TG, Snap, and YT – thanks. 🙂

  143. I may or may not obessively check your & Michael instagram, snapchat, blog, etc. more than religiously.. Love all your tips & tricks. Huge guac, rosé, cupping, Mexican food & pretty much all your fav things fan. Love BetterChip jalapeño flavored corn chips.. Have you tried them? They are the best w/ some Whispering Angel! xo

  144. OMG Lauryn!! This is an amazing give away! I would LOVE to win any of these but together they are amazing! Of course I already follow you on Instagram and you and Michael on SnapChat! I’ll go tag some friends and sign up for youTube now. Thank you for hosting such a great giveaway!

  145. Hey girl,

    I HAVE to win this giveaway because I have been dying to read your book. I follow both you and Michael on Snapchat and you all crack me up throughout the work day. Keep up the amazing work!

    Instagram: @grace_emilynn
    Snapchat: @grace_emilynn

    Grace 🙂

  146. I absolutely NEED/WANT to win this giveaway!! You are the ultimate cool California girl! I’m a Boston transplant from Lewiston, Maine. I have ALWAYS wanted to live in Cali but it’s so far from home. You give the perfect daily (or twice, three times, etc.) dose of everything California – not to mention your fitness section is BOMB. Please PLZZ pick me! 🙂 🙂


    You’re also a HUUUGE inspiration to the blog I recently started

  147. You’re seriously so generous to do this! As much as you love us we love you. I cant count the number of times I have referred to your blog for tips, tricks, and recipes. While there are so many great things in this giveaway honestly I’d love to get a copy of your book. Of course the makeup is completely amazing and right up my alley. As I get into my Youtube channel the products wouldn’t hurt either!
    You’re awesome. I’d celebrate this win with lots of WINE!

  148. I HAVE to win this giveaway because I really want all of the products 🙂 I love your blog and following you on insta, snapchat, etc. You encourage me to live a healthy, happy and balance lifestyle and have also really helped me with some beauty tips and tricks!

  149. So many reason why I HAVE to win this… It’s basically everything I want (need? ;)) but don’t let myself spend money on. Your blog is one of my favorites. If these products are the reason you are so beautiful, I definitely need them:)

  150. Does no one else read the fine-print??

    I HAVE TO, HAVE TO, HAVE TO WIN BECAUSE I NEED TO KNOW HOW YOU TIME TRAVELED!! You posted this on 3.02.16 yet the giveaway ends 1/05/16. So I have to assume you traveled to the future on 1/5?? Need more posts on time-travel… 🙂

  151. I LOVE TSC!!! You and Michael are so funny + cute on snapchat! I’d love to win because I am a makeup junkie & just started a new killer workout plan.

    snapchat: rstodd87
    IG: @hello_grn_eyes

  152. OMG must win because I have been absolutely lusting after that fujimax and BKR water bottle! Not to mention all the other awesome-o girly goodies!
    Either way I’m so happy I discovered you and your blog/IG/snap. You are a true inspiration and beam of light

  153. Hey!!

    I suppose I don’t HAVE to win but I would love to win!! I’ve been following your blog for a while now and I am in love with it! Your snapchat cracks me up daily. Also I love beauty but as a student I can’t afford anything to try 🙂

    Thanks so much for this giveaway!!

    Xo Genevieve

  154. I HAVE to win because I’m a student in Canada- which means long, harsh, dry winters where I’m poor AND wishing I could pamper myself! I’m a huge fan of yours and it would be the best gift ever to win this!!:)

  155. I would so SO love to win! After nearly six months of recovering from a back injury, I’m finally well enough to try the TSC Bombshell Body Guide! I seriously need to tone the bod up and QUICK. From what I hear, this is the guide to do it.

  156. I would love to win because I have really lacked on my beauty/wellness stock lately. I love to read up on all of the products you write about and don’t have a ton of time to go out and get them myself. I also really admire what you do here and love that you are so open on honest. I thought it was perfect when you were on @whatsgabycooking and talked about what you like to post about (camel toe, constipation, etc.) -> THE REAL STUFF. I myself am very open about those things as they are all part of life! Again, I really appreciate everything you do – you teach about some great stuff! I already follow you on insta and snap!

    Thanks for considering me!


  157. I am a huge, huge fan of your blog AND your snapchat! Especially your snapchat… you guys are hilarious! This giveaway is amazing; fingers crossed!! 🙂

  158. OMG your giveaways are always bomb! I have to win this because my lips are in great use of some exfoliation and Burt’s Bees products. This cold winter here in Sweden has made them go crazy… Plus, I’ve ve always wanted that cute water bottle and camera 😉

  159. I HAVE to win because The Skinny Confidential has changed my life in the best possible way, from getting amazing and easy recipes to awesome fitness tips, to learning tips and tricks to make life easier and all-around better. I am getting married at the end of this month and this would be an incredible surprise in the midst of lots of stress and chaos!

  160. I 100% have to win because everything about this is fabulous. Seriously love the blog (my absolute fave) and of course the snapchat.

  161. Lauryn!

    First and foremost THANK YOU for the chance to win this awesome giveaway. I would love to win because it’s a chance to try out many of the products that you recommend. I’m a HUGE fan mainly because you’re an inspiration to many young women out there (and there aren’t many around!). Your snaps always crack me up, I read your blog regularly, and I always value your tips and advice but recently you really blew me away. I asked you a question via snap chat, and you answered me within hours! I can’t believe you take the time to address your readers and connect with every one of them- it’s amazing.

  162. I want to win because you’re blog is amazing and I love all that you stand for, in both fashion and health/fitness. Honestly, it would be such an honor to win. You and Michael are so great and your snaps keep me laughing all day. Thanks for hosting such a great giveaway! You’re the best 🙂

  163. I have to win because I love your blog and am planning my wedding now so I don’t really have any extra money to buy new products etc.

  164. I am hoping to win this giveaway because I love that you are giving back to those that truly look up to you. You take the time to connect with your blog readers/youtube subscribers/snapchat viewers/instagram followers and aren’t just pushing products on us that you are getting paid to endorse. You can tell that you put so much effort into every post, making sure that it’s something you TRULY believe in. You have stayed true to yourself from the beginning (I’ve followed you for so long!) and make your followers’ lives just that much better with your unique spunk and flare. I love your quirky and bold posts (coconut oil lube- love it!) that are not only funny and fresh, but also super informative. You can definitely tell that you research EVERYTHING to make sure you are giving your followers honest and real information. That’s what I like most about you- you’re authentic, hysterical, and one-of-a kind.

  165. Lauryn,
    I believe I have entered each & every one of your giveaways loyally, hahah.
    This one is AMAZING. I seriously love reading your blog posts, seeing your & Michael’s snaps
    (I also share a fiancé named Michael 😉 ) & seeing your insta posts.
    You inspire me to know more about wellness all the time & to most importantly,
    apply it !! Keep being you.
    Taylor B

  166. eeps! I totally have to win! I have followed you forever, your super casual and honest approach to health and beauty, I totally connect with. My favourite summer breakfast is from your book, with the yogurt and fresh berries and chia seeds … always feel so sexy when I indulge with it! The prize pack is amazing!!! Totally would feel absolutely spoiled if I was the winner! I follow you on instragram and snapchat!!!

  167. I tooootally have to win (please please please). I just freaked out at my work desk about how amazing this prize is (whoops)! Love all things TSC 🙂

  168. Hi Lauren!

    I love that you honor your followers like this!! I first learned about you from my husband years ago actually! He used to manage SearSucker in Del Mar and I think you did a few events over there. Anyways- Ive loved your blog/Insta since I first looked at it. I am an aspiring blogger/food stylist and love all your tips & tricks! They have seriously helped my own skills, thank you for that!

    I would love to win but, I want everyone else to win too!!! 🙂

    Cheers to you & all the awsome followers!

  169. i would be thrilled to win this amazing giveaway—you are so GENEROUS and sweet to your readers! I have a friend who was lucky enough to meet you at Dallas’ Create and Cultivate and she said you are even more inspiring in person. I wish I could have met you when you were here, because I really look up to you. I read your blog religiously and when you started snapping regularly, it was awesome because it was like a real time, organic “hyperblog” of what you’re doing in the moment. never stop being you!

  170. This is such an amazing giveaway! I would love to win not only because I’m obsessed with all things beauty and health but because both my best friend AND sister are getting married this year. I can just see us all loving and using these products wether its for the bachlorette, the shower, or the actual wedding. With so many expenses this year it would be amazing to show up and help all the girls out. Love reading your blog & watching your snapchat. First stop every morning for your amazing eats & tips!

    Instagram/snapchat: melissaamay

  171. I would really love to win because these products look amazing and some are ones I’ve had on my wishlist for a while! I have been reading your blog daily for such a long time and it has been very helpful and inspiring. I’m a big fan and follow you both on every outlet possible. You have one of the best personalities I’ve ever seen on a blog / snapchat and are always an instant mood booster for me. I’ll stop rambling now!

  172. Lauryn! This is amazing! I *feel like I* HAVE to win this giveaway because your taste is absolutely FLAWLESS! I’m a super loyal reader and I tell LITERALLY EVERYONE about you, your recipes & your epic Snapchats. I am constantly enamored by how badass you are, and you totally inspire me to become more passionate, spontaneous, and ultimately live the best version of my life that I know how. I eat, sleep and BREATHE TSC <3

  173. I would LOVE to win because your blog is my favorite, you are so real with all of your posts which makes your fans relate to you so much more!
    i live for the panicky sue snapchats (your snapchat is better than Michael’s shhhhhh don’t tell him I said that! 🙂 ) and love that you care so much about your fans! I also love that you care so much about your dogs, my dogs are my life too!

  174. I love reading your blog because the content rocks, Boone reminds me of my dog, and I’m also from San Diego!

    I would love to win this giveaway because it has stuff I’ve been wanting for a while (like the Fujifilm camera and your book) and stuff I didn’t even know I wanted until now!

  175. It’s actually super hard to say why I have to win…but here we go. I am totally in love with your blog, snapchat, you tube channel, book, and especially doggies!!! Michael is pretty awesome too ;). I emailed you about a year ago about weight loss advice and took all of your advice to heart and lost 60 lbs!!! You have changed my life and I would love this giveaway to even further my foray into health and wellness because of you!!! Thanks 🙂

  176. I HAVE to win because you’re my absolute favorite blogger and fitness guru – TG for your bombshell body guide! My favorite AM and afternoon stop aka work break 🙂 Love everything from the blog to Snapchat and IG. & of course the stories of Panicky Susan.

  177. I have to win because I freaking love your blog and all the awesome tips and tricks you post! I’m also trying to do my makeup better but I can’t afford a lot of good quality makeup, lol. So everything would really be put to good use 🙂

  178. Hi Lauryn!

    I would like to win b/c I trust your research and knowledge on all your beauty and top product advice. I am a huge fan of your blog and LOVE the realness behind it. You inspire me to be a better person and to be more real on my blog as well. I recently started following your snapchat and love following along in your day-to-day.

    Thanks for being unique and inspiring!


  179. I HAVE to win because I’ve been a loyal follower for years! And I’m a broke graduate student, my beauty routine funds are running dry because of textbooks 🙁

  180. Hi Lauryn!

    I have to win bc I’m literally obsessed with TSC (newly single so really appreciating Michael’s guest blog posts)! Also a lover of all things beauty and wellness! Everything in this giveaway is super fab!

  181. I would love to win as I need to freshen up my daily products and look! You are a genius so if you recommend these, then I am sure to love them all! xx

  182. Hoping I win because I tell everyone I know about your dope blog and have been following you since before you sold Sex Kitten shirts 3 years ago (yes, I own one!). Positive vibes your way. xx

  183. Lauryn I love that you are doing a giveaway just because you appreciate your fans! Your blog has improved my daily life so much, I can’t thank you enough! Have to win because I would love to get hooked on even more things you love!

    Also love you and Michael on snap chat!

  184. i really really have to win because .. I really really want to win 🙂 most of the products are not available in Europe and it would be great to try them out.
    love the blog, love your snapchat even more not to mention the instagram account !! keep it up <3

  185. “I HAVE to win” sounds majorly stuck-up and pretentious for me to say, but I would certainly LOVE to win, because in the midst of all the crap that’s been going on in my life, medical and academically, (a.k.a. lyme disease and mono AT THE SAME TIME being the latest diagnosis…but it changes every week), and switching colleges, I have yet to fail to be clean, look put together, workout regularly, and take care of my skin, and I have to owe all of that to you Lauryn. You were first the first blogger that I started reading and you will be my last. Some people wake up and do yoga as a form of meditation…I make a smoothie and read your blog as a form of meditation. You make being uber successful and busy look so effortless and fun, and it inspires me to get healthy, get rid of all these chronic illnesses in my body, and become an uber successful woman myself! thank you for everything you have done!

    Oh and this giveaway is super rad.

  186. Omg OMG pick me pick me !!! I would love to win , I’ve already been following all of your accounts so I figured I would write a comment (it took me forever to scroll down through all the comments ha !) hopefully I win 🙂 loves it ❤️

  187. YOU are simply the best. I love following along both yours and Michaels snaps ? I would love to win this giveaway because I’m always SO hesitant to try new products, this would definitely get me out of my shell (and rut) xo

  188. I have to win because after the past two years of on-going medical appointments (not to mention the bills!) this is the perfect pick me up for this single momma! Not to mention I absolutely love TSC! XO

  189. Oh i dont know why i deserve it more than anyone but i would be so so so happy getting this! I follow you on alm your social platforms and im currently super stressed with my graduation coming up and moving home and just stressed with work in general and this would make my life! Im a bbg fan and follow everything you do but would love the extra kick start of motivation this would provide!

  190. Hi lauryn .. And Michael I supposed! Lol I love you guys and all your advise!!!! Your post are always so informative and I’ve become so knowledgable in so many healthy alternatives to a lot of things!! Thank you for always responding to my snap questions and comments! It’s like I know u but I don’t bc I follow you on snap ig you tube and your blog!! Anyways I’m crossing my fingers you pick me!! There’s so much good stuff in this giveaway!! Can’t wait!

  191. I Have to win because I have been taking your advice forever and I know these products will all fit in with the TSC lifestyle. I’ve been dying to read your book and to try the bombshell body guide! I also style and work with clients and would love to be able to recommend these products after trying them myself.

  192. I have to win this giveaway because I absolutely adore your blog, snapchat, youtube, and especially snapchat!! Whenever I see that you have a story on snapchat I get so excited to see what you are up to. I love how honest and helpful your blog is, you have inspired me to try so many new things. You have inspired to me to really start to live an honest and healthy lifestyle which is so important. Anyways, it would be so awesome to have a signed and personalized book from you (probably my favorite part of the giveaway). I think it’s so cool that when I ever I snapchat you asking for advise or anything like that you are always there. I tell all of my friends about your blog and now so many of them are also completely OBSESSED with TSC. Thank you so much for everything you do and quite honestly winning this giveaway would be so incredible!

  193. I HAVEEE to win because I think you are truly inspirational to woman all over. You are so real and straight to the point about everything, it is an awesome characterist to have as a blogger. There are sooo many fashion/health/wellness blogs out there and I have been following yours since the beginning and I sincerely feel you have done the greatest job. I really look up to you as a person and think you honestly have the best fashion sense as well as best advice. You are one of those people that you don’t necessarily have to even know to feel like they’re basically your friend. Ontop of all that, these products and gadgets are to DIE for. You really know how to chose some top notch items! Keep doing your thing 🙂

  194. I would love, love, love to win this giveaway! Everything included looks absolutely amazing! Reading TSC is one of the highlights of my day, and I love watching you and Michael on Snapchat (the business advice is great, and it’s fun to see you guys together)!

    xx Casey

  195. Hi there, Lauryn!

    I’m loving LITERALLY EVERYTHING in this giveaway (and all of your past ones as well, obviously!). So, I’m going to just get right to it. I should win this giveaway because, quite frankly, I am not a millionaire, I have terrible skin, I love trying new make up, and I am in the works of starting my own business/blog; this giveaway solves most of my problems because A: winning this would mean that I wouldn’t have to buy any of the products, thus saving some cash, B:The thumbnail from Blog-doo would do wonders for my up and coming business, because I need all the advice/tips/help I can get, and C:In order to help with my up and coming business I’m going to need a camera. I’ll be teaching myself about photography here in the near, near future so any quality camera helps. I entered your last giveaway but didn’t win so I’m praying and hoping and wishing that you choose me! I haven’t been a long time reader but I have your amazing book and you have absolutely influenced me in ways that I didn’t know I needed, so thank you. I appreciate YOU and your spunk and spirit. (not kissing ass, just showering you with the truth:)) I know there are hundreds of comments so hopefully this one sticks out! Thank you for your authenticity and beautiful face!

    -Kaitlin 🙂

    P.S. I could also lose a few lbs. so the bombshell guide would not hurt to have at all. Your body is magnificent and I might also need the number to your plastic surgeon haha!

    1. OH, and I just subscribed to your YouTube channel and have been following you via Snapchat and Instagram for a LONG time. I also follow the TSCBombshellbodyguide on instagram too. Can’t get enough!!

  196. Hi Lauryn,

    Let me start off by saying I think that I admire you so freaking much. Your outlook on health, beauty, fitness & living life in moderation is so on point. I pretty much screen shot every recipe, tip, etc. on your snapchat- and my boyfriend even follows Michael (he’s kind of obsessed, its so embarassing). I make your detox drink almost every morning and try my best to keep up with the bombshell lifestyle. I would absolutely die if I won this giveaway because I think it would not only help me in my healthy (yet expensive) lifestyle, but I’m also trying to start a youtube channel! (I am sooooo OCD and controlling, I’ve literally been working on videos for like an entire year and none are “perfect) I think these products would be fun to feature in my videos and may save me some money since my collection of beauty/lifestyle products is verrrry weak. If I don’t win, screw it, but just wanted to let you know you’re the shit and keep doin what you’re doing 🙂


  197. Hi Lauryn! I HAVE to win this giveaway because I literally love everything on the list! BKR, the jump rope, the Lancome product, the Fossil watch…literally everything. I stop here every morning and read your blog…it pairs so perfectly with my coffee routine 🙂 Thank you!

  198. Thank you so much for always giving back to your readers <3 I HAVE to win because I really want to take my personal blog to the next level- that camera and the blog-doo thumb drive really stand out!

  199. Hey Lauryn,

    So in LOVE with all of the products in this giveaway! As an engineering student struggling to keep healthy, fit AND cute all while working with a low budget and not a whole lot of time, your blog keeps me motivated! You are an inspiration and I love keeping up with your lifestyle and aspiring to do more and be more. Your body guide is something I keep wanting to get into because its quick and hardcore (and the results are amazeballs ie, your bod), but I haven’t made the time to do so yet, so this giveaway is an definitely an extra motivator. Basically I HAVE to win because I want it bad, not to mention NEED it!


  200. I have to win because I need a beauty re-start! I am always hesitant to try products and end up making 9238749283498 trips to Sephora etc to exchange products. I would love some vetted, TSC-approved products to try!

  201. First off, I absolutely love everything about TSC. I love how real and raw it is. The tips from fashion to food to fitness inspire me every time I read this blog. Your passion for fitness, beauty and food are clearly portrayed and I love that you believe in “everything in moderation.”I love your snapchat and its the first snap of the day that I watch 🙂 Secondly, these products that are part of the giveaway are AMAZING and I would feel so lucky to win even just one of these items, let alone ALL!!! Please Please Pick Meeee! 🙂 I would be one very happy South African San Diegan girl!!! <3 XO

  202. I would love to win, because come on! You put together a freakin amazing giveaway! And you’re pretty cool too. 😉

  203. I soooo want to win this because just like you said who the hell wouldnt want it! Thanks for keeping everything so real… From you realistic lifestyle, to your realistic relationship with Susan, even your adorable Grandma!!! Thanks for being the ONLY blog I follow religiously…

  204. Hi Lauryn!

    Would love to win this giveaway!! I think I should win bc I love your blog annd I basically start most of my sentences these days with: “so guess what I learned on the skinny confidential today…”
    Thanks for having such a kick ass blog!


  205. Hey Lauryn!

    I would absolutely love to win this giveaway!

    Can’t tell you how much I love your blog and how much of an inspiration your witty/insightful/helpful posts are to this stressed out study abroad undergrad.

    With a whole lot of love,


  206. I would be Over the moon if I won bc I’m literally obsessed (in a non creepy way) with you, your blog, yours and Michael’s snap chats and all the great advice you guys give on a daily basis. You guys have become a routine for me just like my morning coffee. Xx

  207. Hi Lauryn!

    I would LOVE to win this giveaway! I am right in the middle of using all of the tips and recipes from the TSC Bombshell Body Guide to get myself (& my body) ready for summer! I love it all! Beauty, fitness, health, wellness, photography, blogging, etc., you name it, I’m into it!

    Thanks for everything you do, for all of your readers! We love you!


  208. Hey Lauryn!
    Thank YOU for being the reason we’re all here! I love checking your blog and snaps everyday and for seeing that it’s ok to have ups and downs and to not be ashamed of it. We’re all human and how coconut oil def makes everything better! 🙂 Thanks for keeping it honest, inspiring, kind, informative, and hilarious!

  209. Oh shit! I need to win for two major reasons! One the thumb drive is perfect for me as I am just starting out in the blogger world and would love the guidance…. And secondly the item to help with lymphatic drainage as my sinuses are all kinds of awful right now ! Love you boo

  210. Competing for this giveaway was pretty easy for me……. Because I already followed/subscribed to TSC on every single platform! I tagged friends in your waffle post though. I should win because I am a completely loyal reader and fan! I try almost all of your recipes and take a lot of style cues from you. I have told countless friends and family about your blog and shared so many of your posts… You are super inspiring to me and winning a $1500 giveaway would only increase my activity in terms of promoting you!! Pick me pick me!! :)))

  211. About to jet off to Italy for spring break and I HAVE to have these items come along with me! Needing that jumprope for the hotel room to burn off all the pizza and gelato I will be devouring. Aside from food, I’m dying over the bad ass white polaroid. From the fab makeup to the face masks, I would be one happy camper!

    XO. Sarah

    P.S. I love watching you and michael on snapchat. I bought the book, Why Now is the Time to Crush It! Cash in on Your Passion, that the two of you recommended while in Cabo– excited to read it on the plane flight over seas. (also bought a copy for my brother 🙂 )

  212. I absolutely NEED to win this give away so I can continue my fun, flirty, fitness lifestyle that I lead. I gasped at every item on the giveaway list. I have been following TSC for a while now and I take to heart all the posts on here. It’s like my ritual to read your content. I really hope I win it! <3

  213. Hi Lauryn! I would love to win because I would love to continue to continue to convert all of my friends into readers! You were so sweet and responded to an email of mine a year ago, back when I served as sorority president. I really feel like I’ve grown up with this blog, and that you have guided me into a classy, empowered, and stylish adulthood! Now that I am a full blown, full time commodities trader at the age of 22, life is very different. However, your blog is one amazing constant in my life, and I’m loving your evolution! Your continuing insight and Michael’s thoughtful discussion are my haven at the end of a long, risky, trading day. Working as the only woman on an entirely male trading floor can be suffocating at times, and I love having your blog to turn to. I would love to chat more about remaining confident in both my appearance as well as my intellectual capabilities in a man’s world! Moving to Memphis to trade cotton for an international firm (Louis-Dreyfus) has not been an easy transition from University of Connecticut sorority life, but it is one that I feel makes me stronger. I admire you and your perseverance everyday! Please choose me!!

  214. Lauryn!

    I would love to win because I work as a leadership and collaborative leadership developer for teenage girls and frequently work in the backcountry for my job. While I looooove helping young woman identify their strengths, multiple days (sometimes weeks!) on a camping trip can be tough on a gal and I could use all the help I can get when I return to the city. Also been dreaming recently about blogging about my experiences (honestly, you’ve been a huge inspiration for this new idea) and I would also love the hints!

    Thanks for everything you do for all of us!

  215. I have to win because I have always been very passionate about health and fitness, and this would further my drive to lead that type of lifestyle! I could also share some of these gifts with my college roommates! It’s midterms right now, and I think we could all use a healthy pick me up! xoxo Megan

  216. I ABSOLUTELY have to win because I am a work at home mommy that has two little girls AND my own small business. SO I would die for some pampering and a little treat thats just for me! I read your blog at east twice a day, and I have to tell you I had no style before I found your book and website! My husband thinks I have a little crush on you.. and its kinda true haha You are so inspiring! Thank you for being apart of my daily routine!!

  217. because you are serious goals! Everything you wear, makeup and hair are so current and onpoint! but they are also usually out of my budget which is why i would love to win! I actually came on your site right now to look for an outfit to wear to a bridal shower this weekend! and I too want it all and want it delievered!

  218. Thanks so much for doing this giveaway! I would like to win because I do not treat myself often to beauty supplies or anything. I would love to try these products and incorporate them into my life. I follow you on Instagram! Thanks for being such an inspiration and such an honest voice in the blogosphere.

  219. Well I already follow you on IG and Snapchat but I would love to win all these amazing products because I love the beauty/makeup tips you give! I would love to try specific product you recommend but can’t afford right now due to the fact that I’m ballin on a budget haha (aka med school loans got me down). 🙂

  220. I would just love to win! I had my first child in Jan. of 2015, since then my life has revolved around him! I just love being a SAHM but I had to give up a lot of my girly extras because I don’t get a paycheck anymore. But I just love TSC and your Snaps are the best! ❤️

  221. I have to win because I’m always inspired by your health and funny yet super real snaps, and I love to try new things because you never know what will work! Thanks for this giveaway 🙂

  222. I woke up thinking it was FriYay, but this makes up for it!

    Ps. Thank you for your spary tanning post, it made me give it a shot, and now Im addicted (I have to work on the cheetos dingers though)

  223. I don’t know why I would need it more than anyone else; however, I would LOVE to win! I love your blog and I love everything in this prize. So beautiful!

  224. Holy Moly! First of all this was a pretty easy giveaway to enter because I alresdy follow you on IG and snapchat (hi panicky Susan!) and have read and followed your blog from the beginning! Love love love your style, hair, home decor and blog and video content! And I want to win because who wouldn’t?!

  225. Hi! I would love to win because I am a poor graduate student and new products are always welcome! I am obsessed with your snapchats and I look forward to adventures with watermelon jerky! I also can’t wait for your wedding dress, I know it’s going to be epic! I would be forever appreciative if I would win!
    Much love!

  226. This giveaway is AMAAAAZE! I love theskinnyconfidential and read it religiously! You always have the best tips and tricks 🙂 Thanks so much for sharing your life! It always puts a smile on my face!

  227. I have to win because this giveaway is AMAZING! I love TSC and am loyal lifestyle and beauty blog on the web!

  228. Hi Lauryn!

    I would love to win this giveaway for two reasons. Firstly, I am such a big fan of everything you do. You and Michael are both inspirations and I really appreciate how you’ve opened your lives to all of us. (Michael even got me to start using Anchor!)

    Secondly, I’m about to finish my MBA Dissertation (due March 31st) and I am in desperate need of a pick me up. I’ve kept my full time job while I was in school and the strain after two years is starting to show on my health/exercise/beauty. I am planning on using April 1st (Bombshell Body Guide in hand) to get back into gear and put myself on course once again. This giveaway would be such a wonderful nudge back in the right direction. 🙂

    Don’t worry, even if I don’t win I’m still planning on kicking butt and using your guidence to get back to where I was before I started this degree. The time has come and I couldn’t do it without you!

    Thank you for everything!

  229. I would love love love to win this giveaway! I am in love with your blog & all that you do! You have inspired me to be healthier & take the time to take care of myself! Your snaps make me laugh daily & I am obsessed with all your tips. I truely just love how real you are!! Not to mention I would die for everything in the giveaway especially the camera! Xoxo

  230. I’d love to win but I’m doing a social media cleanse! No snap chat, insta, twitter, or fb until the end of the month!! I hope this can at least qualify me! I’d love to win because I love all the beauty and fitness advice you give and religiously read your site! This would be an amazing package to win to try all your favorite brands!

  231. Lauryn, I have to win because obviously any product you’re endorsing or giving away is going to be bomb!! Your blog/insta/snaps are always the best and an automatic go to for essentially ANY question I have or new product I want to try. Fingers crossed for the give away! And fuck yeah to you for all your tips and always keeping us entertained! PS: If you love the madman style and feel of the Beverly Hills hotel you should check out the Pearl in Point Loma, when you’re back in San Diego! Similar feel, too cute to handle.

  232. Ahhh I need to win because I’m finishing graduate school and still looking for jobs (with not great success) and could use a motivational boost to keep me going in my health and life journey. It’s been very stressful and lately I feel like I’m going crazy trying to keep up with everything and stay at peace. Especially after I moved to a new state away from my close friends and my family, and I may be moving again. It’s been a difficult adjustment. The giveaway has so many great lifestyle, health, and beauty products and I would truly cherish the giveaway and spread the joy around that I can. I already rave about your blog a lot to my friends and have followed you on IG and snapchat, and I’ve found a lot of your tips and insights so valuable that I’ve incorporated into my life already. I know the giveaway would be just as wonderful and something I would be incredibly grateful for. Thanks already for all of the thoughtful posts you and Michael do from health and fitness to beauty and dating!

  233. I have to win because you are my fave blogger, the Bombshell Guide is my bible right now (and totally working, btw), and I want to share all of these amazing goodies with my incredible girlfriends because I miss them so much! Then we can all be obsessed with your blog together 🙂

  234. I have to win because I’m on a mission to become the person I’ve always wanted to be. I’m just going to leave it at that 🙂

  235. Lauryn,

    EEEEK! So much good stuff! I’m most stoked about the adorable heart water bottle and mini Polaroid camera! But everything honestly looks amazing, you teamed up with some KILLER brands. Love what you do, don’t ever change! Have fun picking the winner!


  236. I dunno if I should win this ’cause I’d definitely die of happiness if I did! Srsly how could I enjoy it if I’m dead, right? ? I have been a long-time TSC follower and love seeing your content, and finding other awesome women through your interviews and stories, like Wesley Christensen, (who lived in the same town I grew up in, such a small world!) and Annie Lawless (obsessed with hearing about her entrepreneurial story with Suja ??.)
    I follow you and Michael on snapchat and love following along everyday (panicky Susan=dead.)
    I love your brand and the way it focuses on encouraging and empowering women. You’re a total bad-ass babe role model for me!
    P.S. I tinted my eyebrows this week and it changed my life. I’m a convert

  237. Let me tell you how excited I would be if I won this give-away.


    That’s it! Words couldn’t even describe it. As someone who looks up to you and your blog for inspiration for my own––I can honestly say that you are SUCH a role model. Thanks for keeping me up to date on the latest & greatest!

  238. Lauryn! I have to win…BECAUSE
    1. I have been working my butt off for 7 months now after having started a new healthy lifestyle!
    2. I am the mosttttt faithful reader.
    3. I have been using Lancome forever and they are the best.
    4. I am a starving college student and would love the chance to use your bombshell body guide!
    5. I tell all my friends about my major girl boss crush on you! I love all of your tips. (Turmeric and apple cider vinegar for the win!)

  239. I already follow you on pretty much all social media! I am a huge fan and you are definitely one of my role models. You obviously have amazing style, but your work ethic is what inspires me. I’m a 21 year old college student working as a bridal consultant during the day and bartending at night to put myself through law school- so, I would very much appreciate winning! All of the giveaway products are amazing but I have been wanting the Fujifilm camera FOREVER! And I’m most excited about the TSC book and month membership!

  240. I’ve been following your blog since forever! You truly know how to differentiate yourself from all the others and that’s what keep me coming back! I would love to win this giveaway !!!

  241. I would love to win these goodies! I love your blog and your book! It’s a staff rec at my bookstore in Healdsburg ❤️

  242. I have to win because A. I’m a huge fan (borderline obsessed). I’m constantly harassing my friends and family to hop on the sc lifestyle. So far magnesium and sleep buns have been a hit. Bee pollen not so much. Lol. B. I noticed the wrong date which means I actually read the entire post. Brownie points for being observant?

    Also for the next giveaway you should include one of Panicky Susan’s favorite books too.


  243. I would LOVE to win this, because:

    1) I am graduating from college in May, and this would help just kick off my “adult-reallife-life”
    2) I am starting a new Career job soon and these beauty items would sooooo help give me the one up everyone and look spectacular!
    3) I need to get my butt into gear again with the fitness gig and these wellness items will def help

    Lauryn you are AWESOME and such an inspiration to me. You and Michael’s business snaps are helpful for me; especially right now while I am on the way to my new Career path!

    Much Love!

  244. I would love to win because I feel like this would be a great start to learning more about what brands work for me, as well as what you’re all about! As a barely a year out of college working class person, this would be such a great gift too! Thank you!!

  245. I love love love TSC! So fresh and fun! I have been putting in all at work to hit those $ goals and make things happen. I would be so thrilled to win this fab give away to treat myself and some girlfriends, gotta spread the love, right! ???

  246. I would love to win because I love everything about you and the products you endorse. I , unfortunately, don’t have the extra money to try most of the products so this would give me that opportunity! You are so generous for doing these giveaways! Thank you for the time and dedication you put into all you do!

  247. As another San Diego native, all of these products need to be in every locals hands! Who doesn’t love to try new things, take fun pictures and become a better “you”? Your daily inspiration in beauty, fitness, style and travel is perfect! I have to win because I’m trying to improve my overall self in 2016 and this will be a HUGE jumpstart and benefit to reach my goal!

    1. Also, I’m a fellow SDSU grad, grew up in Del Mar (my mom was the 1st graduating class of TP High School (go falcons), I’m a member at BodyROK in Carlsbad (the forum), AND my family owns Delicias…with that much in common, there’s no way this giveaway isn’t an ABSOLUTE must for me! You should kick my butt in pilates sometime! xoxoxoxo

  248. I have been a huge fan of yours since I started following bloggers back in college. As soon as I get on the computer I check your blog immediately. I have learned so much from your blog. I would love to win the giveaway and get to know the other brands/products you love. I have loved every product you have suggested/shared with readers especially Suja Juice and I am sure these will be no different. Please pick me to win this amazing giveaway! As always I will continue to share your blog with my friends & family!

  249. Would absolutely love to win your give away! Love all your posts and snap chats. I love the products, mantras and lifestyle you promote.

  250. I would absolutely without a doubt LOVE to win this giveaway! i love all your snapchat post and i have your instagram notifications turned on on my phone. I love the healthy happy lifestyle you’re helping promote. ugh girl you’re just literally my fav. I check this sight like every hour to see if you uploaded xD

  251. I would love to win this because it is like Christmas in March and this mama of four needs a Christmas gift! Thanks for the opp and finished all of the other entries

  252. Wow. This is amazing!! I am on a huge health and wellness kick right now, really trying to get on top of chronic issues. Currently trying acupuncture, hypnotherapy, Chinese herbs, supplements, the WORKS!! This would be beyond amazing for anyone to win but it fits right in with my theme and attitude for the month. Lauryn, you rock, and thanks for showing your love!! <3 Annie

  253. There’s nothing I love more than Skinny Confidential!! My friend turned me on to your blog and needless to say I’m obsessed!!! Is it weird to say I’m not just obsessed with your blog but more like your life, relationship with Michael (Susan) and everything you do! Haha but seriously you have changed my life and helped better my daily routines and I couldn’t be more thankful. I would looove to win this giveaway because if it’s full of a bunch of your favs, you know they can’t be beat, right?
    Xoxo Christy!

  254. The Skinny Confidential is my motivation for health and wellness. I’d love to win and share these items with my sister who needs some motivation in her life. Thank you Lauryn for being you and sharing your life with all of us!

  255. I have to win because I’m a huge fan of the Skinny Confidential. Love following your snapchat and IG! And also, I’m currently one week past my due date and could seriously use some beauty pick me ups right now.

  256. you are such a fabulous blogger and i love your snapchat stories and michaels haha:)) i would love to win such a great giveaway!!!!!

  257. Thank you for making my workday pass quickly, I am OBSESSED with checking in on TSC snaps/instagram throughout the day, and of course I had to start following Michael, too! Which brings me to why I HAVE TO WIN! I’m currently also planning my wedding to my Jr. High/HS Sweetheart and I’m too fucking poor from paying for this ONE DAY to buy any of this AMAZING shit! All of those products will help me feel incredible on my wedding day, AND if you pick me I’ll be your personal slave for the day, I’m not joking..this is what my life has come to…MAKING MOM & DAD PROUD! #ainttooproudtobeg

  258. I would love to win because I’ve been a long time follower and think you are a great motivator for being healthy. And you and Michael are hilarious on Snapchat!

  259. I need to win because I LOVE your blog and am a poor college student that loves skin care, beauty products, and clothes :):)

  260. I HAVE to win. No really. This year has quite frankly been insanely difficult already but I’m still working hard. I followed my passion and am postponing the rest of my education, giving up my scholarship and a lot of my family and friends respect to manage this amazing new genuinely healthy cafe and coffee shop opening. I’ve been working so hard and refuse to fail, doing the most insane tasks and working at all hours of the day while dealing with a mentally ill mother who’s making my parents divorce 1000 times nastier than should be. At the end of the day I look forward to your posts and snapchats (and Panicky Sue, count me as a fan, I screenshot all your business tips and agree 100%!) at the end of these long days and just point blank fucking love you guys. So yeah in this scary and unstable time in my life I need this. (Not complaining, I have it so good compared to most of the world and are thankful I have a family and education and career to worry about, chances I know many are not given!)

  261. If I’m lucky enough to win I would give this to my little sister!
    I think she needs this more than me.
    I love your blog, the content and quality is always impeccable.
    I hope I win!!

    Love you Lauryn xoxoxo

  262. I HAVE to win because when I didn’t win your last giveaway I nearly cried (not really, but I was super bummed). You are a HUGE inspiration to me! I have e-mailed you asking you so many questions, shapchat chatted you with other questions as well. Everything you do, I like HAVE to do. I recently gained a lot of weight due to some changes in my life, and I have been trying to get back to the old me, however, I am finding it hard to get back to my old self again! Because of you I am now totally obsessed with my Nutribullet and make all sorts of yummy shakes, and I am beyond obsessed with my essential oils and my diffuser. All of this has helped kick-start my journey, but winning this would be so beyond amazing!!! It’s like anything you buy, I have to get my hands on (even the Ello water bottle from amazon!!) I feel like winning this giveaway would give me that extra boost that I need to get back into a good and healthy regimen! You are a huge motivator on a healthy lifestyle, and I KNOW you would not be disappointed by having a winner like me! 🙂

    And a BONUS about me is that I’m super in love with acupuncture and cupping! Like…in LOVE!

  263. I so hope I win!! Love following you on snapchat and would love to win the bombshell body guide subscription! Also love the bracelet, camera and lip glosses!!

  264. Hi-ya! Obvi winning this giveaway would be! I’m always promoting TSC, especially after a few cocktails and telling my girlfriends about coconut oil. But STILL. Also, you need to know that my mom created a snapchat just to follow you. She’s an awesome lady, you’re welcome 😉 No, but seriously… THANK YOU (& Susan, too) for being so helpful, inspiring, & hilariously entertaining. You are the best, keep it up!!! xoxo

  265. I should win the giveaway because I’m a huge tsc fan as well as a broke college student working her ass off with a double-major. Lauryn, you are GOALS in every way and your hustle is inspiring. Would love to win!! #TreatYoSelf

  266. Hi Lauren,

    I just love your blog’s authenticity, honesty, and ability to tell it like it is! I follow your snapchat as well and appreciate getting to see all the behind the scenes and work. This giveaway is nuts! Keep doing you!

  267. Hello! I would love to win this giveaway because 1) so many glam goodies (pamper 24/7) and the blogger thumb drive is such a great add in! I’ve always wanted to start blogging but never could get the momentum. I love watching you and Michael on Snapchat and you inspire me to be healthier!

  268. I hope I win this giveaway! I have been following your blog since the beginning! Love the progression of your blog to a brand. Thanks for the constant entertainment on snapchat… you two are hilarious! ?

  269. I HAVE to win because I have been following you on instagram for ages but just recently (within the last 6 months) I have RELIGIOUSLY been reading your blog & I’m hooooooked. I buy basically everything you mention & recommend. You’ve changed my life & you are such an inspiration!! XO

  270. I would love to win bc this is an amazing giveaway! I follow all of your social media, but your snapchat is my favorite…it cracks me up! You and Michael are cute together!

  271. I would love to win bc this is an amazing giveaway! I follow all of your social media, but your snapchat is my favorite…it cracks me up! You and Michael are cute together! Hope the wedding planning is coming along! xoxo

  272. I have to have to haveeeee to win this giveaway! The Skinny Confidential, you and Michael, and of course your adorable chihuahuas are my daily inspiration! I read the blog religiously, follow you on snapchat, and forward your articles on to my family and friends on a regular basis! I’ve just made a complete 180 in my life and this giveaway would be the perfect motivation to keep going and never give up!

    Absolutely love TSC, keep up the good work!

  273. I’d love to win the giveaway because I’m obsessed with all those goodies! But also its a fun way to get to know you more! You always help us with tips and fun facts you discover and having those products will be a huge help to be better, feel better and look better! With all your help 🙂 it’d be the best thing ever and I’d be so so honoured if you choose me!

  274. I HAVE to win!! I’m a mom, physics student, and a barista on the side and I have been so STRESSED lately that it sent me to the ER! Talk about major health problems. I need to get back to a relaxed state and take care of myself and winning this would be MAGICAL!


  275. I haaavvvveeee to win bc I’ve been following you for years (not creepy at all) I love your blog and the whole TSC lifestyle. I have been dying to try the body guide but with a new baby, it’s not really in the budget. That being said, I’ve lost almost all of my baby weight and have 10 lbs left to go …. And mama needs some pampering ! Xxoo thanks !

  276. I should win the give away because I am a huge fan! I am starting medical school in July and know I will be on a crazy tight budget and soon won’t be able to afford any of the fab goodies in your giveaway. Winning would be a real pick-me-up and motivate me to keep working hard at my current job before school starts. Love you Lauryn, obsessed with checking your SnapChat!! xoxo

  277. Hi, long time reader and daily snapchat follower of yours! I’ve been going through a really rough period of life for some time now and it seems that I’m finally coming out of the other side of it. I think that this giveaway would a great way to bounce back and get back to being the best version of myself again. Thank you so much.?

  278. Hi Lauryn! I am a super active person, I love to run, ski and do yoga. I am a cardiac nurse and I LOOOOOVE what I do!! My patients mean the world to me. I recently tore my ACL in a ski accident and I am unable to work or exercise until I have surgery. Winning this would be amazing!
    PS the only good thing about getting hurt has been catching up on your blog posts and youtube videos 🙂

  279. Love your blog and thank you for the giveaway! This giveaway would help me to be a #skinnyconfidential skinny bitch…. And help me look cute too! I’m all in.

  280. Because YOU ARE MY SPIRIT ANIMAL! Seriously, love everything about TSC. You are hilarious, frank and most importantly – you are yourself! So many people try too hard to fit one niche but you are out there doing you and absolutely killing it and what girl doesn’t want that?! You’ve inspired me to let my inner goddess shine. XOXOX p.s. these products would help me shine even brighter 😉

  281. Thanks so much for hosting giveaways like this and for your constant hard work. Your blog/snapchat is a highlight of my day!

  282. Awesome giveaway!!! I would love to win all this and the Smart Bracelet by Fossil – for fitness, for fun, for quick-and-easy remotes – and because it’s just cool.

  283. Hi Lauryn,

    I started following your blog about 2 months ago after randomly stumbling across one of your posts and totally found everything you were talking about to be the same things that I myself had questions about. best. thing. ever. Total stress reliever for some reason!

    I would love to win this giveaway as I recently started trying to improve the health/wellness aspects of my life and focus more on that so I think it would be a fun and helpful way to keep at it.

    Either way, you rock, and I appreciate YOU. xx

  284. I would love to win this giveaway to give me some new fitness ideas and get myself out of my current rut! Besides, I love photography so a camera is right up my alley and I would love the makeup since I never spend as much money on mine as I probably should!

  285. Following and shared in instagram, check! Following on snapcheck, check! Comment on why I HAVE to win, where do I start. I feel the need to change up my workout routine and would love to try the TSC Bombshell Guide one month subscription. I also love me some NARS eyeshadow palettes. Love the blog Lauryn. I have been reading it for a few years now. Keep up the great work!

  286. I would love love LOVE to win this giveaway!!! I love watching your daily snaps and I even have my husband hooked on watching what you and Susan are up to 🙂

  287. I have to win this because my hubby is gone for 3 month ans I am in get fit and fab mode to surprise him with my extra babe-ness when he gets back home …and winning this would totally make my life!! xo Marquia J

  288. Girl I just love your blog! I have learned so much about health, love and balance from your blog. I try everyday to better my business and my life. I now take 100000000 vitamins and own 10000 spices and love it lol my body and beauty game is so on point since following you. The BROW TIP is the best thing ever. Seriously eyebrow tinting is my boyfriend! I also love that you snapped me back when I showed you my first day with my new brows. I fully enjoy you and love how you have let us all on this journey with you. You are such an example of being a supporter of women. This give away is amazing.

    PS I have TMJ too and it has been so bad, I am going to the doctor and I am so scared. The surgey seems so intense and I don’t know if I can deal. Thank you so much for being so open and honest with your experience, it has really helped me. You go girl

  289. I HAVE to win this giveaway because it’s the most amazing giveaway I’ve ever seen on a blog! I read your blog everyday during my lunch break and it’s one of the most relaxing routines I have. I use so many of your ideas, recipes and drinks. You are a great inspiration and I always look forward to seeing your snapchats, instagrams and blog posts. I would love to win all these amazing hand picked goodies!!!!!

  290. I HAVE to win because I am a DIE HARD TSC fan and get every single tip & trick I know from Lauryn! I even bought TSC books as Christmas presents for friends 🙂 I am on a tight budget, being a recent college grad, and would love the chance to get new products without the stress!!!

  291. love how relevant you are to the college/recent college grad age group and your posts are always SO intriguing, funny and easy to relate to!! You are inspiring to many and you have a unique blog of lifestyle- not the typical “every girl should be skinny” blog. you ROCK!!
    You’re the only blogger I read and keep up with…and I remember first hearing about you my first year of college while attending SDSU!
    I was an athlete there and now using all your tips to improve my post college lifestyle even more!
    GO AZTECS! <3

  292. I would absolutely love to win this giveaway. I love your blog — I feel like you do a great job covering health, food and fitness topics with a friendly, but knowledgeable voice, like I’m chatting with a girl friend who knows her shit.

    Also I love following you and Michael on Snapchat – could you guys been any funnier? I love learning what books y’all are reading and am investigating Anchor for a client (I work in PR/advertising). Anyway — would love to win because how fun would the camera be on adventures? Also I think the beauty products would make me feel ready for spring which I desperately need in Chicago.

    Cheers to you! Thanks for all your amazing work.

  293. You’re such an incredible inspiration, I HAVE to win because your posts have seriously improved my lifestyle, and I absolutely adore your blog, snapchat, youtube, and insta pics! I’ve been reading the blog for a few years and this giveaway is AMAZING! I would love to win!!!

  294. I should win this giveaway because of two main reasons. 1. I literally can’t start my day until I check your blog. That’s how much of a fan I am of you! Even during the week the first thing I do when I get to the office is click on the Skinny Confidential (shhh don’t tell my boss) before i can even think about work and checking emails. 2. I sent you and Michael a snapchat of my dog howling saying that he loves Panicky Susan and when you both snapped me back I literally ran up to my fiance and said that it was the best day ever and then I proceeded to call and tell all my friends and even my dad! I think you are the absolute best and I trust all your suggestions and advice. You and Michael have the best snap stories too!

  295. I stumbled upon The Skinny Confidential about 2 1/2 years ago and I’ve been obsessed ever since. I check the blog daily and I love going back through your old posts for wellness and beauty inspo! Your posts make me laugh out loud and my friends and I all agree that you would most def be an incredible addition to our crew! You actually provide useful tips that I incorporate into my every day life and I’m obsessed with all your grocery/drug store hauls. You and Michael are the cutest and most hilarious couple and I’ve really enjoyed getting a peek into your lives via Snapchat! I would love an opportunity to incorporate more Skinny Confidential into my life by winning the giveaway! Keep killing it!

  296. OMG I WOULD DIE TO WIN THIS! I love your blog and snapchat and instagram! You make me want to try so many products. This would be amazing to win!

  297. I have to win because my beauty products are in DESPERATE need of an update/refresh! I follow along here and on Instagram and I am constantly doing further research on items you bring up – just ordered my first dry brush off of Amazon last week!

  298. Hi Lauryn! Wow, what a give away!! I think I should win because first off, I love your blog. You are a big inspiration to me. Everything in this give away is something I would use and cherish. Beauty, health, and wellness are three key components in my life.

    My youtube subscriptions consist of make up/beauty bloggers – oh, and the skinny confidential, of course. So it would be great to be able to use these amazing new products to use!! Fitness and health is another key aspect of my daily routine. I do some sort of physical activity every day, and love to cook and eat healthy – with the occasional treat 😉 it would be great to have the skinny confidential guide to take my fitness routines to the next level (and have the cute stylish water bottle to sport at the gym!) Lastly, I have recently picked up photography and am a freelance model – I have been DYING to get one of those Polaroid cameras for forever now!! My sister has one and I’m obsessed.

    Help make my dream a reality and pick me for the give away! I promise you every item will go to good use 🙂

  299. I just HAVE to win this giveaway because, well first of all it is an awesome giveaway and who wouldn’t want to win?? Secondly, I love your blog, insta and absolutely die over your snapchat and Michael’s snapchat. It always brightens my day, you two are hilarious!

  300. I have to win because I’m pregnant and I want to be able to do a little pampering to myself before and after the baby arrives!

  301. I would love love love to win this giveaway! I am obsessed with your blog and it is such an inspiration! I love how real you are in all forms of social media. I am obsessed with your snap chat! These products are amazing, so I would dieee to win!

  302. You are the reason I got into holistic nutrition. You inspired me to go after my dreams! I’m in my last year of studying! I’ve been working so so SO hard (I’m on the honours list hehe) and this giveaway would be an awesome treat! Thank you for being so awesome Lauryn! Thank you for pushing me to reach my goals, even though I’ve never met you 🙂

  303. eeek! you always have the best giveaways! I have to win because .. i love your blog and so much of it resonates with me – always trying to be healthy but keeping a good balance so I don’t drive myself crazy (hello Girl Scout cookies but also chia seed pudding ?). your honesty is admirable and something I haven’t found in the many blogs I follow!

  304. I love everything you do!! Love watching you and Michael’s snapchats (My fiancè’s name is Michael too), I love reading your blog, I love watching your awesome YouTube videos, and I love looking at your Instagram. You give the greatest helpful information ever! I just watched your YouTube video on drug store beauty stuff… & I went to CVS, where I spent $90 on the stuff you said to get lol! I am your biggest fan! I need this so that I can stay fabulous and chic even when I’m working my 12 hour shifts as a nurse. I def need some pampering!

  305. I have entered because I am absolutely obsessed with beauty, fashion and fitness, so this giveaway is gold! Esp. the signed copy of your book, I have bought it online but I would kill for a signed copy!
    P.S. Your blog is so up my ally, that it is literally the only one I haaaave to keep a regular tab on! Plus your snapchat is my absolute fave – I love that I can get my daily fix of tips and inspo there when you are not blogging. Also, I really appreciate your realness, it is really inspiring for a young adult to see someone who actually has balance!
    xoxo Anastasia

  306. Would be so amazing to win this amazing give away!! I love your style and seeing all your great videos on your Channel. It’s super fun to see all the places you travel and follow you on Snapchat. You make me laugh at work! ?

  307. It would be freaking DOPE to win this giveaway! Funny story: I first started following your blog a few years ago, and the one thing that grabbed my attention was your signature white nail polish. See, starting in middle school, I would always wear and buy white polish, and would get so much sh*t for having nails that “looked like they had been covered in white-out”. Anyways, my love affair with white nail polish is still with me, and I remember the day when my white-polished fingers typed in your blog name for the first time – and lo and behold, there was a badass blogger who was just as into white nails as me! Sooo weird.

  308. I would absolutely die if I won this giveaway! You are my favorite blogger of all time and you and michael make my day, everyday! I am annoying with how many times I bring up something I learned from your blog or how many times I make Michael (my boyfriend) watch your snap stories. Michael and my friends all know the abbrev TSC now haha. I love to blog and dream of being able to support myself by blogging one day! Basically you are my goal. I would love to win!

  309. Dear Lauryn,
    There are so SO many reasons why I need to win this giveaway. First of all I feel I have been with you from the beginning. I found your blog a few years ago… 2011 (i think?) and have followed it since! Your blog came to me at an awkward time in my life (Junior year HS) and helped me learn so much about beauty, fitness and lifestyle. It has really had an influential impact on who I am today.

    Reading your blog has been a part of my morning ritual since I found it. Every morning I check your blog to see if there is a new post up, so I can laugh and learn at the same time! Now that you and Michael both have snapchats I feel like I really know you guys haha (Hopefully that didn’t sound creepy) but really!!! You guys make me laugh so much, and random side note but I call my BF Susan now on occasion because he gets SO PANICKY!!! Like seriously, gives me a time to be ready by and doesn’t trust that ill be ready he has to hover around me nagging me hurrying me. UGH i know you feel my pain LOL (sorry Michael- but hey thank you for the book recommendations! The one thing was on point)

    Remember when I snapped you my mom making Michael’s skinny margaritas? And all of the restaurants and coffee shops I have discovered because of you! Thank you!!!!!

    Besides that I would really love to win this giveaway because I LITERALLY NEED a lot of the items in it. Im on stupid accutane which makes my lips dryer than the sahara desert and that lip scrub is calling my name, and all the burts bees products! And those face masks sound soothing for my face as well. All of the different makeup products would be well used by me because even though I have been following your makeup tips for years now, I haven’t accumulated all of the different components that I need to get GLAMED UP like you do! I am a makeup dummy and am still trying to master the cat eye hah! I really really want the TSCBBG but I am a so called, “starving college student”in nursing school at SDSU and haven’t had the funds available to buy it! Same reason I don’t already own your book, which I would also loveeee to read!!!! Also the Fugifilm camera is so friken cool, I would die to get to take pics with it!

    Sorry for the novel, but I would really love and appreciate if I was picked for the giveaway!!!

  310. Because a 45 year old
    Mom of two who hasn’t had a makeup upgrade since 2005 would really really love to win? Thanks bella. Keep blogging.

  311. Would LOVE to win! Did everything needed 🙂 PS- You and Michael are adorable… Just saw your snap playing Frank Sinatra in the background. I thought my husband and I were the only ones! XO


  312. I absolutely love TSC! Checking out for new posts and reading old posts is part of my morning routine and it gives me inspiration to start my day in a healthy way <3 Love TSC and you Lauryn!

  313. I would love to win because I’m 8 months pregnant (with another boy… already have a 2.5 year old) and need some girly things in my life besides boy baby crap! I would seriously love to win!!!

  314. Lauryn!
    What an amazing, thoughtful thing to do for your readers! I can’t imagine how happy some lucky reader would be! I would just like to thank you for all of your inspiration on being a fun, healthy sex kitten! You have inspired me to invest in myself and make improvements on my blog. Fingers crossed that my entry is extra lucky 😉

  315. I would love to win this giveaway to try all the products and fun goodies you recommend. I really enjoy reading your blog and the variety so posts keeps me coming back for more 🙂

  316. oh my gahhhH!!! i would love to win all these goodies! i follow you on all social media (obsessed much…) and I literally try everything you recommend. would love to win these amazing goodies <3

  317. I have to win because I love you, I love your blog, and I love how healthy of a role model you are to young women everywhere(: I am always referencing you!

  318. Hey Laur!

    Entering this one because seeing you keep it so honest and real on the blog for all of us has been a huge influence in helping me start keeping it super real with myself, too. This has been a crazy year for me, but I’ve read you the whole time, and I am so proud of the place that I have reached & would love to be pampered in celebration.

    So what’s keeping it real meant for me?

    That I cut the BS and got serious about my heath— I’ve spent the year working to retrain myself out of anorexia with some really great support, but your tips, workouts, and straightforward attitude helped me re-orient my view of food and exercise toward a much more holistic, happy place that didn’t feel gimmicky, just felt honest. Took so long to appreciate myself in this way (and has had a ton of bumps along the way) but I’m in an amazing place and working to offer the same advice to other awesome women around me who are struggling to figure out how to love themselves.

    That I’m cooling the jets on chemicals (ewww) — and working toward using as many all-natural products as possible, and definitely feeling better.

    That I stopped being embarrassed about taking some seriously good care of myself. As a college student with two jobs and not enough hours in the day, it seemed silly to put that much time and attention toward researching and investing in how I take care of myself. But you do such amazing research for all of us readers, and it’s been really refreshing to hear your takes on products and lifestyle to keep us hot, healthy, and empowered.

    & that my boyfriend always carries my bag!

    So much love!!


  319. Well this mega awesome contest was easy to enter seeing as I am a longtime IG follower and YouTube subscriber haha I also love watching the banter between you and Michael on snapchat, I feel like a third wheel in your guys’ relationship! So fun! I tagged my two best friends on your latest IG post as well!!! Hope I win this super rad giveaway, would love to try outage Fossil watch and Fuji film camera!! Cheers xo Caitlin

  320. Hi!

    This is such a great giveaway, I feel like I NEEEEEED to win this because I’ve been busting my ass in school this semester. It’s my last semester before nursing school and am in desperate need of some R&R and self-care. This would be an incredible reward for the hard work!

    Thanks for putting so much work into your blog and being who you are!


  321. Would love to win because all of these things go into all of the changes I have been making in my life. I am revamping my fitness routine, trying to find a new make up routine and trying to figure out how to launch a blog to create a brand as I build a business.

  322. I would love to win because literally everything in this giveaway is perfect! We have the same taste 😉 You’re the only blogger that I follow religiously and read every single post when it comes up on my bloglovin 🙂

  323. My roommate and I are obsessed with your blog! We have nightly readings upon your thoughts and we love all things beauty! We have been best friends to 12 years and all we every rant about is products and fashion. We would love to win this and be able to try out some new brands that we haven’t had a chance to yet. You are so awesome, keep up your passion!!

  324. I would love to win because I’m a huge fan and all the stuff you give away, I want to use! You rock! Love the style that you write. =]

  325. Well, I’ve been serial-lurking TSC for about 3 years now, and while I’m not much of a commenter, this giveaway is just too good. All my favorite things and all those things I want to try but can’t bring myself to buy 🙂 Thanks for being funny, fearless, fierce and fabulous, Lauryn! My fiance hates when I bring my computer to bed (oops) and read your blog all the time, but it’s just too good! I’m very excited and super weirdly proud to have seen it grow so much since I first started following. <3

  326. Hey Lauryn! First of all, DAMN girl!! You are such an inspiring women. I’ve been following your blog for almost 4 years now, and I cannot go a single day without checking it out. Also, your snapchat game has been very strong since you first got it!! (and panicky Susan’s, duhh) Following you and Susan around is kind of the best part of my day. You guys make me laugh so much!! I would absolutely die to win your giveaway, since I am obsessed with all of the products you use and try my hardest to get as many as I can! But even if not, just wanted to say thanks for being so inspiring, the world needs more powerful women like you!!



  327. I think winning this giveaway would push me even harder to continue and progress in a healthy lifestyle, beauty routine, & creative routine. I check your blog at least once a day & can’t get enough of your healthy lifestyle tips! 🙂 Thanks so much!

  328. This giveaway is so exciting! I would be so thrilled to to win because even though I only recently discovered theskinnyconfidential, I’m already such a fan! You are such an inspiration and I admire how dedicated you are to both your health and your fans. 🙂

  329. TSC is the homepage on my home comp AND my work comp. I eat, sleep and breath everything Skinny Confidential. (Writing this as I sip by TSC golden turmeric potion).

  330. TSC is the homepage on my home comp AND my work comp. I eat, sleep and breathe everything Skinny Confidential. (Writing this as I sip by TSC golden turmeric potion).

  331. I need to win because for the first time in a while, I’m finally focusing on myself, my health, and mental wellness. From clean eating to doing tough workouts and meditating, I’m feeling better than ever and would love to keep it up. This giveaway will help keep me motivated <3 Thank you for everything you do for us!

  332. To the go Sex Kitten + Cheeto lover (Laur),

    I found your blog almost a year ago now and you were pretty much the catalyst for me to get moving on my own life-style site (geared toward health coaching and body empowerment).

    I stalked your site, and took your advice to go to Michael’s crafts and make a “vision board”.

    (Crafty, betch you!)

    You have reassured me it’s okay to be a fucking nut bag perfectionist 😉

    So it has been a TON of work but should launch by May. Yes, it took me a year too and I’m still finalizing everything with the designers and developers.

    You are one of the people in the blog game that are always HONEST as hell, and I adore that.

    Things that look “effortless” surely aren’t effortless on our part to create. Actually, it’s hard as shit sometimes. Especially when your protein shake topping start sinking in before you can get the perfect picture ;). GAHHHH!

    I adore you to the moon, I’d LOVE to win this blog babe gift to keep my spirits up … and get like you, the QUEEN.

    Keep being you, real as fuck, and forever practicing balance!

    Marla Chicky

  333. Would love to win this giveaway! Been thinking about starting a blog for about a year now and would love the tips and tricks, PLUS ++++ I want to truly thank you and Michael for the advice (business and life) that you’ve both been sharing on Snapchat. Even though it doesn’t always pertain to me in my career, I find it so motivating and helpful. You both make me want to be a better person, in life and in my career! So THANK YOU… it really is appreciated <3

  334. I would love this giveaway! You seriously always include should lust worthy items. I would love to feel pampered with all the awesome stuff and would love to share with my girlfriends.

  335. First, I am obsessed with everything in the give away. Secondly, I’m in the middle of going through a super messy break up (as in broken engagement) and need something good in my life at present. Your posts, and definitely Snaps, have always managed to bring a smile to my face. Third, I would share everything with my mom. She always works so hard and never does anything nice for herself. She would be ecstatic to receive anything. Regardless I’m going to continue to obsessively your blog past what is healthy haha.

  336. This giveaway is so perfect! I have been extremely busy the last 6 months and I have lost touch with my health/fitness routine and winning this giveaway would absolutely help get me back into it! Reading your blog is my little daily escape from all the craziness, so thank you for being so honest and fun! P.S. following your and Michael’s snapchat is hilarious, love it. xoxo

  337. Lauryn!

    I think all these ladies deserve to win because if we follow you we have to be badass bitches! I love your style and your guides. You and Michael crack me up on Snap Chat! Keep coming up with amazing stuff girl ❤️

  338. So I would Love to win. Not because I think I deserve it. But I never win anything. Next month is my Birthday I work all the time. And I just lost my favorite cousin to stage four liver cancer. Please I could use this . Love your blog. ???

  339. Great giveaway Lauryn! I’ve been following the skinny confidential for about a year now and I love all your tips on everything. Plus your snapchat is hilarious. I was just in Solana beach and tried to get my boyfriend to go do aerial yoga in la jolla but he caught on quick hahah! Keep sending hilarious snaps

  340. OH MY WORD. what is this giveaway goodness?!? yes please. love your blogs; they are fresh AF and thanks a million for sharing all your knowledge.

  341. I adore you and your blog. I follow on insta and snap chat- and always look forward to yours and michael’s snaps (hilarious!!) .. I would love to win because I finally forced myself to put me first this year. All of your tips/ recipes really help when it comes to taking care of myself. Everything in the giveaway would be amazing to win. I love everything and have been eyeing you work out guides for months!!
    x kayla

  342. Oh wow! I would so so love to win this giveaway! I’m a student at the moment, in my third year studying to be an opera singer and I really love health and wellness, fashion and obviously love your blog, but on a student budget just can’t really afford to indulge and so this would be an absolute dream! Reading your blog makes me so happy 🙂 Its whole layout, ethic and content is so feel-good and I always come away smiling and with so many ideas for my own life after reading! I’ve struggled in the past with an eating disorder and with loving myself but reading blogs like yours really help to keep me on track because they reinforce the message that you are worth your own time and effort, if that makes sense? I am worth the extra time in a day it takes to put out some flowers or make a matcha latte, and I am certainly worth the good, wholesome food that I choose to eat to fuel myself 🙂

    You’re a real inspiration to me and to so many people!

    All the best from a longtime fan from London x

  343. well, **simple** because it would be so AWESOME to get all these stuffs from my role model!!!
    I am that creepy brazilian fan that sent you a messgae on snapchat with some questions for you Q&A, I once send you an email to get that free week on TSC, I often comment on your instagram&youtube videos (btw, i commented on one asking for the singer of the version of skinny love that was playing on that video). And I usually tell you on all these social media ways that you should go to Brazil and – of course – I really mean that !!! 🙂

    I always recommend you to my brazilian friends, and now that I’m living in London I’ve been doing the same with my new friends, it’s the easy for me to try to make them healthier just by following you then for me talking all the stuff haha.

    BTWWWW, I love all those book tips! I am always printing and putting them on my “book note” on my phone, I’ve already bought 6 of them on amazon, and I loved every single one of them – actually there’s two books that haven’t arrived yet but I’m sure I’ll love it.
    And I really appreciate this effort you guys have been doing to push people to read more, I hope you’re changing a lot of lifes, just like you’ve been doing with mine.

    OK, this giant comment just to show you how much I deserve this giveway – BTW, I’m SO not the type of girl who begs on giveways!!!

  344. It’s my last semester of college at Yale and I have been making some major lifestyle transformations to get ready for a new chapter of my life in New York City (where I will be post-graduation.) Your blog has been essential in this. I don’t know why it took me most of my college career to realize the importance of a healthy, happy lifestyle. But it has– fortunately it happened before I graduated. Anyways, I’m much happier, healthier, spunkier, energetic, and excited for what the future is going to bring. And it’s great because I get to rub off this new spirit onto others. My friends make fun of my cayenne drinks, celery snacks, and dorm-made acai bowls, but some have come around and even join me for barre classes and post-workout smoothies. Anyways, this is the perfect giveaway to have some tools to treat myself ( my mind, body, and soul.) I would be forever grateful!


  345. This is an amazing giveaway from a fabulous blogger! I consider you an inspiration and love how positive and authentic your blog is. It’s all about being healthy, stylish and the best version of yourself. Thank you for ALWAYS replying and offering great advice and tips, even when we all know that you have so much on your plate. There are not many blogs that I read on a daily basis but I always make sure to check in daily here because I know i’ll read something fascinating that will make my day even better. Thanks Lauryn!

  346. Why should I win? BECAUSE I’M LITERALLY OBSESSED WITH YOU AND THIS BLOG! Also, I attend San Diego State so help a fellow Aztec girl out! Receiving a package from you would honestly be better than getting a package from Jennifer Lawrence, my other role model.
    Even if i don’t win, love you lots <3

  347. I live for your giveaways! It would be a dream to win since all my makeup and most beauty items were stolen from my car. I’ve been dying for the nuface device as well. Your website has been my favorite. Thanks Lauryn!!

  348. This giveaway is amazing Lauryn! I would love to win and use some of the products in my busy (and broke) college life. This fall I will be getting a little sister in my sorority and would love to make her welcome baskets amazing with some of the products as well! Thank you for always promoting such a real, healthy, unique lifestyle through your blog…you are extremely motivating and inspiring!

  349. I would loove to win this giveaway!! everything in it is to die and so amazing! I just finished school and this would be the best grad present/welcome to adult life 🙂 FINGERS CROSSED I get picked for this one!!!

    ps; I just picked up the voluminous at ULTA today and I’m so bummed… I waited so long to get it. LOVE IT! thank you for the recommendation

  350. Entered the giveaway and I really really hope to win this one since most of the products that you recommend can not be found in Italy (same goes for all these amazing presents) and I would LLLOOOVE to try them all!!!!
    I love your blog and how you promote a genuine healthy lifestyle with lot of tips and tricks to make it easier and no strick/annoying rules.
    You are really inspiring and motivating!

  351. LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog, I have been following for years now since you first started! I can always count on you to spark my interest in some crazy health topic that most are too afraid to discuss!! so thankful for that! the snaps of you and panicky susan are by far one of my favorite parts of snapchat and i love following your adventures together =) The bombshell body guide is the SHIT and I use it weekly for at home workouts. Please pick me for the giveaway!!! I could so use all of those goodies in there as my budget is a little too tight at the moment. xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox keep doing you!

  352. Lauryn this giveaway is insane!! I have been following your blog for some years now and love everything you post in here and all your beauty tips and tricks!! I also appreciate the effort you made putting together your book! it is great!! 🙂

    All the best from Barcelona

  353. Pick me! Pick me! I love your crazy and weird posts! I’m just just a small town Indiana girl, and let me tell you some of your health and beauty tricks get an odd look from my hubby, but I love them anyway! I don’t insta or snap or do any other social media but read your blog. Love it and this giveaway is amazing!

  354. I would like to win this giveaway because I am about to graduate from college and I would love to add these wonderful items to my collection! <3

  355. I have to win this giveaway because it is amazing and you are amazing!!! I love reading all your blog posts and following Michael and you on snap chat (you two crack me up!!) and on Instagram.

    I tell everyone you are my favorite blogger!! I love how genuine and honest you are with everyone!

    I would love to try all the products in this giveaway and see how they impact my life and give my feedback! I have also been wanting a camera so this is perfect that it is in this giveaway!!


  356. I have always wanted these products and I would love to win them. This prize is amazing- it has a wide range of products! I personally love the fujifilm camera because I’ve always wanted a Polaroid. They are so cool and they would allow me to add Polaroids into my photography collection!! Once again, thanks for creating this giveaway 🙂

  357. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE to win because The Skinny Confidential has been my favorite blog for YEARS and taught me all of the baddest tricks in the game. Plus, these products look AMAZING. What would I do without Lauryn Evarts (on the real, though)?

  358. I have to win because:
    1) I adore you and your blog
    2) I am dying to try so many of these products!!

    Thanks for always keeping a girl informed about the coolest things Lauryn!

  359. I would adore to be selected as the winner of this amazing giveaway. Both you and Michael are a huge source of both information and inspiration. The level of openness you two provide the world by sharing the in’s & out’s of y’alls lives together through snapchat, instagram, and your blog is simply amazing! I have expanded my reading list (I’m still working on my boyfriend in that category), I read your blog on a regular basis, almost religiously watch your snapchat stories (no shame), and have based my entire wardrobe for my spring trip next week per your recent trends and suggestions.
    These products all look like winners, and I’d like to look like one too! 🙂

    Regardless of if I win or not I’d like to say thank you for being you. There need to be more social icons that are as willing to be open and kind-hearted as you. I hope you & Michael have a splendid week!

  360. I would adore to be selected as the winner of this amazing giveaway. Both you and Michael are a huge source of both information and inspiration. The level of openness you two provide the world by sharing the in’s & out’s of y’alls lives together through snapchat, instagram, and your blog is simply amazing! I have expanded my reading list (I’m still working on my boyfriend in that category), I read your blog on a regular basis, almost religiously watch your snapchat stories (no shame), and have based my entire wardrobe for my spring trip next week per your recent trends and suggestions.
    These products all look like winners, and I’d like to look like one too! 🙂

    Regardless of if I win or not I’d like to say thank you for being you. There need to be more social icons that are as willing to be open and kind-hearted as you. I hope you & Michael have a splendid week!

  361. I HAVE To win because I am basically an uneducated LOSER when it comes to beauty and wellness… I am the worst. I pretty much only know what you’ve taught me (so I guess not THAT uneducated). So this would be the first (and greatest) step to get me going in the right direction!!

  362. my gosh, this giveaway is so good!
    i’m dying to win this b/c i already basically buy/do/create everything you recommend on here already…would be nice to get a whole slew of them all at once!

  363. I just HAVE to win because I am obsessed with your blog! I’ve even gone back and started at the very beginning to read so I could catch up on every single post. You have introduced me to so many AMAZING products and tips!! Sleep bun, dry bar hair oil, dry brushing, peppermint tea, essential oils, natural deodorant, straw in coffee, ice rolling my face, shopping at forever 21 again, I even bought a coat from you on tradesy ha and I felt like I received a celebrity’s piece of clothing:) pineapple dessert, reading again and the list could go on. I already follow you on snapchat, instagram, and have watched all your YouTube videos! I share the tips you share with us. I’m also a teacher and have to be careful when I read your blog because I ALWAYS end up purchasing something cool you’ve shown and you know teachers are broke as a joke ha! You seriously inspire me everyday and you are the coolest chic I “know”. To win this giveaway would be such a HUGE blessing and will continue to spread the word about you! Thanks for all you do for us fans!

  364. I have to win because I’m creating a new skincare routine and I know any product you recommend or give away will be good. Also that thumb drive would definitely come in handy!

    Amazing giveaway and whoever wins is incredibly lucky! ♥

  365. I would LOVE to win this giveaway because I really admire all you do to empower young entrepreneurs and women to live a balanced and healthy lifestyle! I’m in college and I follow your blog and snapchat on the daily. You inspire me to be healthier and you make everything look so trendy! You are #goals for me after college.

  366. I would live to have a taste of all your faves! I’m a working mom that is lucky to have time to stroll through the farmers market and smell the roses! Your book is a staple and inspiration from makeup to diet to home decor! Thanks for considering me!

  367. I would love to win because this is one of the most awesome giveaways I’ve seen by far and I would be soo happy to win all these cool things. I enter giveaways a lot and really want this one!

  368. I would LOVE to win because I am 18 years old and look up to you in so many ways for beauty, relationship,health, and lifestyle advice. I have been reading your blog posts for a while now and love love love watching your snaps!! You and Michael kill it. This giveaway is amazing and I would be so grateful to win all of these amazing products! (and you’re obvi super trendy lol and I’m OBSESSED with my dogs too) xoxo

  369. I HAVE to win because I’ve been a skinny confidential follower since the beginning and I tell all my friends about it. Basically I’d be doing so many things differently if it weren’t for this blog! Also, I just moved to LA, going back to design school soon and don’t have any extra money! If I win, I believe its fate 🙂

    Thanks and good luck to everyone!

  370. If i win this amazing price, i would orgainse a girlsnight with rosé and some healthy snacks while we test all of these gooedies, so i can thank all my girls and nieces for the great support they have been lately to me! (both fingers crossed!!) 🙂

  371. I would love to win because I love your blog and and tips! It can be so expensive to live a healthier lifestyle but you’ve definitely shared amazing tips that make it a bit easier! That said, pretty fun things are always fun 🙂

  372. I would love to win this to kick start a more healthy lifestyle! I want to get in shape for myself first but also so when my new husband and I decide we would like to have kids, I am as healthy as possible. Fingers crossed!!

  373. Lauryn!
    I’ve been your fan since like day one, I remember reading your blog over 2 years ago when you were still up & coming in the game. You’ve been such an inspiration to me to accept my body more and to get fitter, and I love that you promote such a healthy lifestyle to young women like me. You’re beautiful and down to earth, and although I’m a little jealous of your life, I think that you deserve all the best and success in the world. I tell all my friends about your blog and I admire your tenacity. Keep doing you babes, you’re incredible.


  374. Would love to win bc who wouldn’t want to win all this cool shit?! Haha right?! & if I did win, I would share these goodies with my two younger sisters. I’m the oldest so I love giving them little cute gifts since they’re in college and high school! Thanks Lauyn for the giveaway!

  375. This is such an awesome giveaway!! There are so many amazing things here. I’d love to win so that I can take care of myself better.

  376. I’m DYING to win because I’m simply obsessed with anything skinny confidential and trust everything you recommend!!! Would die to try all these products–help the college budget student out—jk! but seriously love this blog & you’re the best xx Lexie

  377. I would absolutely LOVE to win this giveaway!! There’s so many amazing products and I think it is so so generous of you to be giving back to all your followers too! I can’t get enough of your blog and Instagram! Also your snapchat is so fun and I love clicking through all your snaps haha. My mom works so so hard and if I won this I would definitely share some stuff with her 🙂 you are so inspirational to so many people…. Keep on rocking!


  378. Oh my! I’d LOVE to win this. What girl wouldn’t love all of this stuff? It’s like a kid in a candy store. I follow your blog religiously and find so much inspiration from you in all things health, fitness, fashion, beauty, etc. I have your book and recommend you to all of my friends to read. Thanks Lauryn!

  379. I HAVE to win because it would bring me one step closer to living like you. That probably sounds really cheesy and cliche, but I truly aspire to be more like you. You’re beautiful, strong, and kick ass. Plus, you never ever apologize for being your amazing self.
    Thank you so much for appreciating your followers.

  380. I’d love to win this because I think what you’ve done with the skinny confidential is amazing! Your advice has helped me make an incredible healthy changes in my life that i love! I never get tired of reading your blogs and watching your snapchats! I get so excited to try your recommendations and share them with my friends! You and your team are amazing!

  381. I would LOVE to win and HAVE to win! I am prepping myself to for my Lil Sis’ wedding. It was at her house that I saw your book, read it in a day and became totally addicted! After a bad breakup and a horrible injury, you’ve definitely helped me change my life style for the better!

  382. All that White and Gold!!!!!! I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to win. I check your blog and insta every day, you are such a queen. I would especially love that thumb drive with the blog tips on it, I just started a blog and i’m very excited/nervous about the whole thing. Whoever ends up winning this beautiful giveaway is gonna be one #blessed girl (:

  383. I have to win because I am a mom of three, former small business owner who is trying to get back in the swing of things. You are Michael are such inspirations and positive roll models to your social media followers.

  384. I am in love with everything in the giveaway!!!!! I am a student getting my masters and for me to be able to win this would be such a treat and much needed!! love reading your posts and watching your snaps Lauren!! 🙂

  385. I would love to win this giveaway because i have been reading your blog and loving your snapchat! i am starting to really get into fitness and i would love to have your guide to help!

  386. I recently discovered your blog after deciding to kick my lifestyle up a notch. You embody everything I’m really striving for and I’d absolutely love to win this giveaway. Xx Claudia

  387. Why do I have to win? Why must this giveaway be mine?! Oh, so many reasons. Let’s start with that I adore your blog and the random (not so mainstream) health and lifestyle tidbits. ACV and bee pollen anyone? Second, I am a product ho. With an affinity towards the good stuff– champagne taste on a PBR budget. Lastly, I’ve just started to get back into my fitness and health regime after a surgery sort of derailed me and shook my confidence. Ready to get back on track with the goodies you’ve so graciously added to this giveaway! :]

    xo Cheers

  388. I would love to win because I am an aspiring makeup ninja and I am trying really hard to balance law school, staying chic, and trying to become healthier. Plus, I just loooove how incredibly down to earth you are and how you always respond on snap and everywhere. You are truly an inspiration, beauty, brains and all that sass with that watermelon jerky girl :))

  389. I just have to throw my hat in the ring on this one – I’ve had a crazy past couple weeks (job change that’s not turning out to be what was promised, rough breakup, overall questioning wtf I’m doing, you know, the usual…) Winning this would be a CRAZY GOOD pick me up! Worth a shot 🙂 Thanks for doing what you do!

  390. I have to win so that way when people see me walking on campus (#sandiegostate) and ask how I look so gorgeous, I can tell them it’s because of a blog called The Skinny Confidental run by an SDSU alum.

  391. Hi Lauryn! I’ve been TSC-aholic for quite sometime now. I can’t even begin to tell you how much I would love to win this giveaway! You inspire me to keep pushing towards my goals in every aspect of my life. Thank you for everything that you do! ??

  392. I just had to comment again! You are such an inspiration! I am seriously considering starting a blog with one of my friends, I texted one of my friends and told her that we are going to start a blog together and we started brainstorming on who could help us out. I saw a blog you posted about speaking at the Create + Cultivate conference and it has been sparking some ideas for me in starting a blog. I would love to win this giveaway because your blog has triggered all of these desires and wants to start thinking of what kind of brand I would want my blog to represent. I don’t think I have ever thought about starting one until I found your blog through a friend. Thank you for being such an influencer and encourager to others. Maybe one day we will get to meet in person at another conference you will speak at! Can’t wait to read more of what you post and all the fun snapchats! 🙂

  393. I’d love to win this because Ive been following you ever since you started this blog and haven’t entered a giveaway yet, but lets be honest- this is the best giveaway you’ve ever done and I had to jump on board! FINGERS CROSSED LUCK IS ON MY SIDE! Stay awesome and keep doing what you’re doing. I know Im not alone when I say that we all love waking up and checking out your insta/snapchat/youtube vids/ and blog over a cup of coffee

  394. I have to win because I can’t even tell you how much I love you and your blog! You are a huge inspiration to me and I know if we knew each other we’d be friends – I share your love for healthy recipes, perfect brows, and coconut oil…. and i die for a spicy margarita. I also love yours and Michael’s snapchats – they are hilarious. You’re the best !! xx Jami

  395. Hey Lauryn, I think I would be a good candidate to win your giveaway because I am a college student who would love to be able to own these great beauty products and gifts. It would be a nice surprise to receive during a hard week of finals, (maybe even deviate some stress lol). I enjoy all the hard work you put into your content for us all to read. It’s very inspirational, and I look forward for more great stuff from you!

  396. I definitely don’t HAVE to win, I try my best to cultivate happiness without material things, but hey, it sure would be nice!

    We have a lot in common, (I am also a SD native, SDSU student, planning a wedding, etc) and your “hustle” attitude helps me get after it everyday, even when I’m feeling overwhelmed.

    Thanks for inspiring me everyday Lauryn!


  397. I HAVE to win the facial toning device because I would love to try lymphatic draining after hearing you rave about it on all of your social media that I follow. This is all so amazing, thank you so much for treating your follower’s so well and leaving me inspired to be healthier each and every day. xoxo

  398. I HAVE to win because not only am I obsessed with all things Skinny Confidential (and have made all of my friends obsessed too) but I also think all of these products would be incredible to try!

  399. Been following since the SDSU days. This blog is so inspiring and has such a great message. Creativity, personality, and an open mind. All things that show very clearly through Lauryn and TSC team. Thanks for all your work.

  400. I have to win because I would love to try every. single. thing. in the giveaway!! Who wouldn’t though, right? I love you and Susan and I’m so happy to see more vlogs!! 🙂

  401. Always been a huge fan of your blog! You inspire and motivate me everyday. Been sticking to my health and fitness goals and have lost 5 pounds in the past 2 weeks. Would love this giveaway for a little extra motivation!

  402. I just found your site while googling pu’ehr tea for weight loss! I think so many ladies (and guys) deserve to win your prize and I’m glad I don’t have to pick the winner but I hope it’s me 🙂

  403. Lauryn, I dont have even a portion of the things I feel like you have or have access too, but through your blog, instagram, and snapchat, I feel like I can make the best out of what I have , and what I have access too. Even if its the little things. I appreciate you for doing what you can to help us girls live our best life, no matter what our background or financial status. You are literally an inspiration, and genuinely, reading your blog and getting these great ideas from you, make me happy.


  404. I just love everything about your blog and life and following it – really hoping to win the giveaway so I can try a bunch of your favorite products that you like sharing with us <3

  405. I love following you because I learn so much! I need to win this so I can try a lot of the products you love that I wouldn’t be able to afford on my own. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and badass personality with the world!

  406. I HAVE to win because I absolutely love this blog ?❤️ and could so totally use the giveaway as I’m a university student living on the east coast far away from home . It’s such a perf care package . Would make me so happy ????!

  407. Why I would love to win ? Because your blog has inspired me to live and be yourself. You’re totally open about being open. Whether it’s from books to boob jobs , even about B.O! Every subject you speak on you embrace women to talk and think about and it’s inspired me to do the same. Wether it’s taking in fresh air in a new place , read a book I would never think of picking up, try a new holistic approach to die-hard chemically imbalanced habits and to truly embrace being raw and real. You have inspired girls to be different and be themselves and your blog came at a time where it inspired me most to do the same . I want to inspire women around me the same way. You welcome your fans in on many areas of your life and its empowering ! So with this possibility of winning , I would definitely use it to share and inspire like you !

  408. I would love to win because I’ve been following and loving your blog for years! 🙂 I tagged and followed on all platforms

  409. i would love to win because you are the most interesting blogger out there and you and Michael are like the couple of the century. Love you guys!! xo

  410. I would love to win, so I can share all these goodies with my daughter. It would be fun to spend quality time together trying these products while capturing moments. Thank you for your blog, I truly enjoy reading it and what an adorable, great looking grandma. She makes my heart sing every time I see her smile. Reminds me of my grandma and how much I adored her. All the best to your success and to many more years ahead. Cheers

  411. This giveaway is fabulous. I would love to win anything….or all of it! The revelations mask – yesssss. The fuji camera – how amazing. TSC book – that’d be perfect! Thanks for thinking of your readers and snapchatters 🙂

    PS Watermelon jerky looks delicious – need to try some

  412. Having the blog-do hard drive would be an amazing jump-start to launch my own blog. I’ve been wanting to do it for a long time, and would love all of YOUR advice. also, the pretty water bottle to help me drink much more water–it’s a resolution I want to keep this year!!

  413. I would love love loveeee to win the giveaway for so many reasons!

    1. I follow your blog religiously and have learned so much about beauty and wellness

    2. I make the 3 ingredient pancakes on the regular and now religiously use a wet brush!

    3. College girl on a major budget, these products would be such an amazing gift from you!

    Thank you so much for all you have taught me and all the other readers!!! xoxo

  414. Lauryn!!!!!!! Damn girl look at all these entries and adoring ladies..! I am currently 18 years old and I completely look up to you! I follow lots of fashion/lifestyle blogs and I feel that many have become OVERWHELMINGLY cookie cutter. How many times are bloggers going to advertise their consumption of avocado toast and blindingly white desk set ups? I admire you because you genuinely put out unique content and tips that I have never seen before. I feel like I’m hitting on you right now, but I have no shame. also you + Michael are the perfect dynamic duo and I love the content and texture he brings to your social media platforms.. KEEP UP the good work. I want to win this giveaway because I would love to be able to access some of the gadgets/beauty products/etc that you rave about (and I am a broke student). I would love to be considered! Now back to my turmeric milk…. [yes, I am drinking it rn]

  415. First of all, I just want to let you know what a huge inspiration you are to me. I have been following your blog for several years now, and it is honestly one of two blogs I consistently keep up with. I had struggled with some crazzzzy anxiety for years, and had tried/googled/read 1000 books on ways to cope and live with it. I’m not one for pill popping so that wasn’t an option for me. Somehow I stumbled upon one of your old posts on the subject, and (not in a cheesy way) my life took a drastic turn for the better. From all of my searching I had never been able to relate and grasp the issues the way you simply laid it out. I have always followed your blog and found so many of your tips and tricks amazing, but this was different. You actually changed my life in a huge way. You opened my eyes up and I was able to finally deal with my anxiety, and not only deal with it, but also embrace it. You are an efffing godsend. Annnnd on top of that holy balls you have given me so much advice that has ACTUALLY helped me from deodorant to supplements and dare I forget….Vag steaming…. I’m not even saying I should win, but its just the mere fact that through your writing you made me a better person. I think it’s so incredibly amazing that you have the gift to simply post something online that could change 100’s of peoples lives. Ohh and you also inspired me on what a healthy and happy relationship should be, and that your two pups are the freaking cutest things on the damn planet. Keep being your authentic and raw self because you have an incredible gift. Thank you Lauryn!!!!!!!

  416. Because I take time out of my day everyday just to visit all your social media pages. You are very adored. I love sharing to others why I love your blog. Thank you 🙂

  417. Lauryn,

    I am pretty new to The Skinny Confidential – and so far, I love it.

    I would love to win this giveaway, because I am just beginning my journey to redefine and reinvigorate my womanhood. I am a female who works in FOOTBALL!!!! Seriously -look at my twitter… I work with ALL MEN. I am frequently given workout clothes/sweats to wear around the office – all of which are MEN’S CLOTHES. While i love being a badass woman to work in Football – and to be the FIRST FEMALE to do so at my division 1, power 5 conference school… I have lost a lot of my “girly” nature. I find myself fitting in with the guys.. and not taking much time for ME.

    I found your blog – and it has literally EVERYTHING I am looking for – tips, guides, advice, and just FUN. I am obsessed with your snapchat.. and i really look up to you. You’re making this whole “girly” thing seem easy and effortless… and I am so excited, whether I win this giveaway or not – to follow you and hopefully find my GIRLINESS back.

    Ps.. I’m addicted to your ACV DETOX JUICE after one week – — I PILE ON the cayenne pepper as well 🙂



    1. Also – i have a lot of content for a blog centered around women in sports – particularly football.. I’d love the blog do – that would be so helpful. Once I save up enough money I will likely be purchasing blog services/design help from you!

  418. OH MY GOD, I have to win this! Mostly because I just think you’re the bomb. I love your blog and like love love following you on snapchat – so hilarious. I’m working at accomplishing my goals and you always seem to have great tips and tricks to get the job done.

    I just HAVE to win this giveaway – because DUH!



  419. Lauryn, I have to win this giveaway because I am your #1 ( & michael’s) snapchat fan. I watch every single one religiously! + you are gorgeous, have the best style, and sense of humor. xo, Katie

  420. I would love to win, I look forward to watching your snap chats and reading the blog! It’s so entertaining but also informative on so many different lifestyle things!

  421. I would LOVE to win the giveaway.. especially now that I can see it 😉 thanks for helping me out on snap and always replying! You connect with us in such a special way no wonder you have so many of us following along! LOVE TSC <3

  422. LAURYN!…. I live in Australia, so many of these items are NOT available.

    I follow you and Michael on Snap and constantly make sure I’m in the KNOW with what the new scoop is.

    I can’t say anymore then i would DIE if I won this.

    Gotta be in it to win it right?

  423. OBSESSED with your blog – and thank you for doing this giveaway, SO amazing!! I’ve tried so many of your suggestions – dry brushing, detox drink, workouts, tea tree oil, and so much more! Would absolutely love to win and try all of these giveaways.

    Thanks again!

  424. Ok so I have to win because I’ve really been being a boss lately and its kind of exhausting and this giveaway package seems like a dope way to de-stress. Love your blog and your snaps girl. xx

  425. DYING for this giveaway because.. well, it’s from you!!! I love your blog and everything you post. If you love these items, I know I will too! You’re the best! crossing my fingers! xo

  426. How am I just now seeing this!? I literally comment on here everyday haha. But in general, I would just love to win because a) I love TSC b) I swear we are the same person c) because you inspired me to start my own blog!

    I started reading your blog two years ago, and you just inspired me so much that I had to start my own! I would also LOVE to win so that I can have the opportunity to share with my readers all o the health and wellness goodies in the giveaway!

    Anyways, you’re amazing!



  427. Wow amazing give away! I have to win because I am in love with your blog and follow along every day and also follow you and Michael on snap chat. You are both so inspiring!

    I am in the process or getting a new website designed through Blog-Doo, can’t wait! 🙂

  428. This giveaway would truly be a dream come true! I’d share it with my loving, supportive girl friends who are my workout buddies. They have inspired me and kept me motivated in workouts and in life. Lauryn, my husband and I watch your & Michael’s snaps every day and get so much enjoyment out of them! I’m a long time TSC fan and I’d be overjoyed by this prize! Thank you for your honest advice and refreshing outlook on life. You’ve inspired countless babes to find their inner BOSS 🙂 much love

  429. I’d love to win! Not only because I’ve been following you for years (you’re the shit) but my birthday is coming up on March 26th! I literally don’t think I’ve ever won anything in my life. My BFFL’s like to call it the “perrycurse” (cute, I know) but maybe you could be the one to reverse it 🙂 XO

  430. I love your blog! It’s my birthday next week, and this would be SUCH a fun way to celebrate! Keep up the great content 🙂

  431. I HAVE TO WIN because I literally log in to TCS every morning when I get to my desk to read the latest post. & I watch your snaps (& Michael’s) every day!

  432. i already follow you and Michael on every social media, youtube, looksee filters, bought your book, move it to front row on every library i can find it (sent your a snap doing that hahaha) Im from México and i already got my friends obssesed with you as well.

    Anyhow, id love to win this givaway cause i started reading your blog a llike a year and a half ago and it has inspired me to make so many small changes in my life that have sumed up to make a BIG difference… and ive really enjoyed the process so i guess thats what its about. Im probaby boring you now but March 21st is my one year anniversary since i quit smoking and that would be the perfect gift lolll.

    Also, im going to Hawaii for a couple months and would looooove to bring these products and try them all in paradise 🙂 xoxo

    p.s. congrats to michael and you for choosing México for your wedding, Cabo´s lucky to have you.

  433. This is the GREATEST giveaway ever!!! I already follow all your social media accounts, and I just tagged a few friends on your latest Instagram post!

  434. What a fabulous giveaway! I’d be most excited about your book!! 🙂 And the UD eye palette… not really one for eye shadow, maybe this would help me update my look!?

  435. Followed, Tagged, Followed, Followed! I would LOVE to win because it’s a great give away and I’ve been following everything since the beginning!!!

  436. Crazzzzzy amazing giveaway! I would love to try these products. This year I am making my wellness a priority and taking more time to indulge in new beauty products and luxuries I deserve! Would be so stoked to win. Thanks Lauryn! <3 love your blog/snapchat/insta/youtube

  437. I HAVE to win because I LOVE TSC and have been following for awhile now. I love your natural/keep-it-real lifestyle! The real reason that I need to win is because I’m a new mom and am feeling totally “out of it”. Most of my focus is on my baby these days, when I used to pay much more attention to my own eating habits, appearance, etc. My birthday is next week and I would love some new products to spruce myself up a bit. Thank you Lauren for your informative and funny posts!

  438. These goodies are too good!!! I HAVE to win because winning this would be like celebrating Christmas in March ; ) It’s Persian New Year on the 19th & this would be an awesome gift to start out the new year ; ) HA! XO! <3, Bita // JOYFETTI

  439. I simply HAVE to win this because I love & live for TSC! I have been following your posts since forever & am obsessed. I love how open and honest you are, so rare to find bloggers who are willing to put it all out there! I’m about to move to Spokane, Washington (cold much??) because hubby is in the Air Force & I have been sacrificing/slacking? soo much in the way of beauty/taking care of me things! I could definitely use and would LOVE these products and would love to try them a la your recommendation!

    PS love susan & your watermelon jerky! Hilarious!

  440. Reading the calendar tips post and decided on entering again to maybeeee up my chances <3
    fingers crossed !!!!! Would be over the moon ecstatic if I won this :)))))

  441. I would loooove to win this because all of this shit rocks and.. I am feeling the pre- Spring blues.
    Come to mama.


  442. I absolutely LOVE your blog! I have your book & use it for reference all the time! These products are all A-MAZING! I don’t really have a cliche’ sob-story for ya but I will say that my husband calls you my “girl crush”….hahaha…Seriously, thanks for all of your advice & work! ???

  443. Hi Lauryn!

    I really enjoy reading your blog, I follow on snap chat and instagram, and youtube, and have your book. I do not “need” to win, but I sure would love to win! I really respect your opinion when it comes to amazing products, and I love the selection you have curated for this prize — looking forward to trying some of the items.

    Thank you for your hard-working attitude, and for not being afraid to share with the world. The intra-web can be a really scary place, because there is no controlling the responses you might receive. However, you have continued to put yourself out there, even letting us get more and more insight into your personal life.

    Thnx girl! Hope you have a great day

    Jess <3

  444. Lauryn,

    Thank you so much for sharing all of your tips, tricks, and secrets with the world – you’re a true inspiration and honestly I consider TSC the BIBLE. I check it daily, and feel like I take so much away from it. I just wanted to say 1. THANK YOU, SERIOUSLY! and 2. You’re basically my spirit animal (aka I should totally win!)


  445. Just found out I’m getting surgery at the end of the month and could really use a pick me up! It’s going to be unpleasant and a long recovery, you know the drill! Hope I win!!!

  446. I HAVE to win because like you said, $1500 of products is TOO FREAKIN’ GOOD. I’ve been reading your blog for years and it’s become my little sanctuary. It’s actually been a major inspiration to start a blog of my own and the fact that you’re giving away a Blog-Doo thumb drive full of blog tips is so exciting to me. All the other products are icing on the cake – lots and LOTS of icing. Whoever wins (selfishly hoping) practically gets YOUR secrets. That’s how much I value that thumb drive and to learn everything on it would be such a privilege. I feel like you’d be personally mentoring me – without really be next to me, you know?