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tsc beauty junkie essentials | by the skinny confidential

For the last day of #beautyjunkieweek I wanted to share some of my can’t live without items. These are the items I literally can’t go ANYWHERE without. Michael & I travel a bunch which makes you think I’d be an expert packer by now. That’s not quite the case yet though. After forgetting these items too many times while traveling I now have multiples everywhere. I keep them in the car, in my purses, in the office & in my suitcase. Find my essentials below!



Your smile says a lot about your health & yellow teeth are not a good look. Whether you’re rocking a sassy red lip or bold pigmented colors you want your teeth to enhance the look, not be a distraction. That’s why I’m obsessed with the Go Smile whitening pen. I’ve used this for YEARS because unlike the strips this pen is efficient, convenient & effective. Swipe it on like your painting your teeth in the Uber, in the bathroom, & especially after drinking red wine at dinner.  Want to take your pout a step further? Make sure to brush, prep & contour your lips to complete the look. It makes a huge difference!


I know you hear me talk about this caffeine sunscreen all the time & that’s because it really is THAT good.The caffeine wakes up your skin, tightening and reducing inflammation. It’s like a mini facelift. YES PLEASE. Plus caffeine has been shown to help kill off cells that have been damaged by UV radiation.Need another reason to use this? SPF is essential to prevent skin damage, aging & wrinkles. Talk about multitasking!

Combine this sunscreen with some rosehip oil & use it as a primer before your foundation.  I use this with It Cosmetics CC cream ( my FAVORITE !! ) to create a flawless, dewy look.


If you follow along on Snapchat ( un: laurynevarts ) you have probably seen me getting my brows tinted. I get a double tint because I live for a dark brow. The bolder, the better. It works for me but you do you! Not everyone loves a bold brow. If you do love a bold brow though then you need this brow pencil.

Even after tinting? YES. Why? Because I LOVE drama. Fill in your brows & use the attached brush to easily blend everything in. Make sure to BRUSH UP when blending. I use dark brown & it makes a huge difference. Even when you’re going for the no makeup, makeup kind of look, filling in your brows adds depth that finishes your look.

Tip: If I can’t make it to the salon I tint my brows at home. I’ve been doing it for years so don’t be scared it’s deceptively easy.


Keeping your makeup organized is a MUST. A cute makeup bag is essential for carrying the items you use daily. I recently traded in my old makeup bag for this striped pink one. It screams Spring & is the perfect size to tote around your necessities.

That’s the end of #beautyjunkieweek guys! I had SUCH a fun time with the themed week. Are there any topics you’re dying for me to focus on next? Tell me below!

x lauryn


  1. The caffeine sunscreen is a must! I got it after you shared it a couple months ago and recommend it to everyone! It really does help wake up your face and I love how it makes your skin “glow”.

  2. Hi Lauryn! Thanks so much for sharing! Do you apply the oil or the caffeine sunscreen first? Thanks so much!

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