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Start Out the Day Healthy & Happy

I’m not a fan when it comes to drinking my cals ( unless it’s wine, green tea, fresh juice, &/or

The Best Beauty Tip Evs: Drink Coffee Out of a Straw. Trust Me.

My #1 beauty tip: use a straw when you’re guzzling coffee. Ya. Seriously, serious. Drinking coffee out of a straw

TSConf Beauty Expert, Weslie Christensen Talks Eyelash Extensions

Something I know absolutely nothing about? Eyelash extensions. Naturally I went to Weslie ( check out her cute bloggie here

Victoria’s Secret Giveaway Winner!!!

Congratsssss to Janine Markham for winning the Victoria’s Secret bag of goodies ( I’ll e-mail you ASAP )! TY to all that participated

Victoria’s Secret Valentine’s Giveaway! Cutest/Hottest Product Evs

Mwah! It’s the sexiest day of the year!! Get excited! Victoria’s Secret & The Skinny Confidential are collaborating on a

Mini DeLites: Valentine’s Style

[ Tiny details ] [ JNB Jewels ] [ A flirty scent ] It’s Valentine’s Day week! If you aren’t doing dinz

A Little Teasy-Weasy…With Love from The Style Kittens Hiiiiiiiii! Here’s our latest teaser…I hope you all like. We’ve been working Friday nights, weekends, holidays, etc. to share

Just a Little YouTube Update… Hiiii! Instead of a ‘Mini DeLites’ post today, you guys have to check out the teaser of our up-and-coming

Mini DeLites {{YouTube Babes!}}

[ Some of Sam’s print work ] [ Tons of JNB jewels for the shoot ] [ Breakkkk time! Rockin’ my Monstrinho

Stay Out of the Sun!!! Custom Airbrushing Tips & Tricks from Weslie Christensen

No one wants to look like Magda from There’s Something About Mary [ circa 1998 ]. So call me weird,

Hair Stylist Superstar, Chris Dylan

Not gonna lie, I’m insanely jealous of Chris Dylan’s fabulous, Rapunzel-esque hair. Like, I really want to chop it off

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