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Beauty Tip: Vaseline!!!

Vaseline rocks my world. ESP lately. It’s cheap, quick, & effective. Lately I’m obsessing over their rosy lips lip therapy.

Why I’m CRAZY About SPF {!!!}

Hi. I’m Lauryn and I’m a SPF addict. A total bat-shit crazy, sunscreen psycho. Examples? 1.} I paid to get

All The Rage on Coconut Oil

Remember circa 1990 when everyone thought fats were the devil? Remember endless promises of ‘fat free’ this & ‘zero fat’

Beauty Expert Weslie Christensen: Hair, Hair, & More Hair

Yay! I have Weslie ( find her here, here, & here too ) on the blog today…& guess what guys?! She’s

Beauty Tip: Run to the Cupboard

Ok, so the economy sucks ass. And let’s face it: beauty products aren’t a top priority. So next time you’re

All Natural Makeup Remover— Throw Away Your Store-Bought Shit

F store-bought makeup removers. So over them. Here’s a little story: a couple years ago I went to a holistic

Apple Cider Vinegar & its AMAZE Benefits— Bottoms Up!

You know what annoys the hell out of me? Like, I want to rip my hair out because it’s so

Why Aloe Vera is a Fucking Awesome Succulent

Aloe vera isn’t just some boring, crusty houseplant. Its green leaves have way more benefits than simply acting as home

Start Out the Day Healthy & Happy

I’m not a fan when it comes to drinking my cals ( unless it’s wine, green tea, fresh juice, &/or

The Best Beauty Tip Evs: Drink Coffee Out of a Straw. Trust Me.

My #1 beauty tip: use a straw when you’re guzzling coffee. Ya. Seriously, serious. Drinking coffee out of a straw

TSConf Beauty Expert, Weslie Christensen Talks Eyelash Extensions

Something I know absolutely nothing about? Eyelash extensions. Naturally I went to Weslie ( check out her cute bloggie here

Victoria’s Secret Giveaway Winner!!!

Congratsssss to Janine Markham for winning the Victoria’s Secret bag of goodies ( I’ll e-mail you ASAP )! TY to all that participated

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