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Kevin Kelly’s Hair Extension Guide

Kevin Kelly is here today and we’re so excited. He is one of Lauryn’s favorite hair stylists and Kevin Kelly

Dorit Kemsley’s Exact Makeup Look

Dorit Kemsley was recently on The HIM & HER Show setting the record straight. If you have yet to meet

How To Do Detox Body Wraps At Home

If you’ve been on the blog or listening to The HIM & HER Show with Lauryn and Michael, then you

Professional Skin Therapy Wand: Brighten & Firm Your Face in 30 Seconds a Day

By popular demand, we’re here to give you all the details on Lauryn’s latest skincare obsession. Staci Christie, one of

The Skinny Confidential Mouth Tape is Here For Your Deepest Beauty Sleep Ever

We’re so excited to introduce you to the newest member of The Skinny Confidential’s wellness/beauty/self care lineup – MOUTH TAPE.

How To Go From Blonde to Brunette And All My Favorite Hair Products

First things first. THANK YOU ALL for your sweet comments about my new hair color over the last year. I

13 Best Multitasking Skincare Products to Level Up Your Routine

When it comes to lasting beauty, lifestyle and skincare is EVERYTHING. It makes you look youthful and glowy while also

10 Best Ways To Use Coconut Oil For Glowy Skin

Coconut oil is for more than the kitchen. You can go ahead and evict your coconut oil from the pantry

We’ve Launched Our Ambassador Program. Sign Up Now!

Are you a content creating, skincare fanatic? Do you love your TSC beauty tools? Have you seen influencers open our

8 Best Foods for Amazing Hair, Skin, and Nails 

We all want our hair, skin, and nails to give that easy, breezy, beautiful vibe, right? There are so many

My Eyebrow Routine + Tinting Questions Answered

Let’s talk about my favorite subject, shall we? Eyebrows. Eyebrows seem like they’re simple but honestly they’re actually far from

Mindful Beauty: TSC x Nordstrom Live, Plus a PINK Giveaway

Mindful Beauty: TSC x Nordstrom Live, Plus a PINK Giveaway You’re cordially invited to… The Skinny Confidential x Nordstrom Mindful

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