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Beauty Tip: Vaseline!!!


Vaseline rocks my world.

ESP lately.

It’s cheap, quick, & effective.

Lately I’m obsessing over their rosy lips lip therapy. It has the lightest tint of pink so my lips look naturally colored + it heals AND protects.

Annnnddd be honest: you all have a neglected tub of Vaseline sitting in the back of the medicine cabinet.

So. Go grab it, dust it off, & start making use of this amazing beauty product that supermodels swear by.

Trust me, guys. It’s that good.


1.} Throw some goopy shit on crackly elbows.

2.} Hello softer cuticles!

3.} Mix it with sea salt for a skin exfoliant.

4.} Lipgloss, duh.

5.} Put it on your eyelashes overnight; many people swear it makes lashes grow.

6.} Make your BF/hubs give your shoulders a sexy massage. HA! ; )

7.} Makeup remover. Nobody wants white bumps under their eyes ( see here for a further explanation ).

8.} It eases eyebrow plucking. Because let’s face tweezing hurts like a bitch.

9.} Opening nail polish bottles are so much easier to open when smeared with Vaseline!

10.} Beauty pageant secret: spread a little Vaseline over teeth & any lipstick smudges will disappear.


Such an oldie but goodie!


  1. I love cheap and easy beauty tips, but putting vaseline on my eyelashes sounds majorly icky! Although, using it as a makeup remover is intriguing, as long as it gets washed off afterward!

  2. Vaseline is the best beauty cure all there is… can’t wait to try this new product…. i also use it as an undereye cream and dont forget to give yourself a pedicure with it, so good at smoothing feet!

  3. Hi Lauryn!!! Happy belated Bday!!!!!! I’m sure you had a great time celebrating:))
    Thanks for the tips on vaseline…I already use it as a lip balm and for my eyelashes and brows (I’ve been restoring them from plucking for a while now:)..)
    Anyway, I’d love you to tell me which white nailpolish do you normally use? Because I’m in the search of a good and thick one that with the normal 2 coat apply looks great and I aint been exactly lucky…and I saw you’re wearing your nails white in some instagram pics of yours, and they look great!!! Please, help me!! Hahaha
    Love your blog, you know you are such an inspiration, dont you? Ive already lost 9lbs with healthy, clean eating and running:)

  4. This has been my go-to beauty product for years! I also use it to tame flyaways in a pinch, and also for a little glow on my cheek bones when my skin is looking a little dull!

  5. I love a good multi-purpose beauty product! Have you tried Smiths Rosebud Salve? It is similar to Vaseline, but has a charming rose scent which makes it feel that little bit lux.

  6. I love your blog and love your dedication to fitness, health and beauty…research vasline…I am not sure if you will like what you find… 🙁

  7. I’ve also heard that Vaseline on the teeth is good for competitions because it keeps your teeth from sticking to your lips when you have a dry mouth from nervousness. Haven’t tried that myself….

  8. Also, a little known secret my friend’s grandma taught me: give your leather goods – like designer shoes and handbags – a rub down with vaseline every year to preserve their shelf life and also to keep leather soft and flexible. I once saved a pair of croc skin booties from a flood with good ol’ Vaseline!

  9. I am wondering what to use to add a tint to a large container of Vaseline. This rosy Vaseline comes in such a small quantity that I’d rather buy the 14 ounce colorless size and make it myself. I’ll have to figure out what to use to add the rosy color.

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