Beauty Tip: Run to the Cupboard


Lauryn Evarts, fitness blogger, health blogger, diet blogger, and fashion blogger talks beauty tips!

Ok, so the economy sucks ass.

And let’s face it: beauty products aren’t a top priority.

So next time you’re strapped for cash & can’t shell out a hundo on beauty products, just simply reach in the cupboard!


Because baking soda will rock your world:

+ Bombshell hair:

Removes buildup: mix a tiny palm-full of the powder in your shampoo, conditioner, mousse, &/or hairspray to remove sickie buildup.

Dry shamps: sprinkle a dab on your hair and comb through it while using a blow dryer.

Combs/brushes: clean your brushes, peeps. You can do this by soaking brushes in warm water with a few tablespoons of baking soda.

+ Glowing skin:

Exfoliant: mix baking soda with your favorite facial cleanse ( I like this one ). It works as an amazing exfoliant. Yay!

Elbow skin: you know that old gross skin that everyone has on their elbows? LOL. Use this to get rid of it!

Shaving: you can use one tablespoon of baking soda with a cup of water a shaving ‘cream.’

+ Sexy nails:

Cuticles: scrub nails & toenails with a old toothbrush ( << or your boyfriend’s. JK- kinda. ). Just dip the toothbrush in baking soda with a bit of water & get scrubbin’.”

+ White teeth:

Pearly whites: the powder freshens breath & whitens/polishes teeth. Use baking soda & all natural toothpaste ( like this kind ) for double whitening!

Clean your tooth brush: soak it in a mixture of water + baking soda overnight.

News flash: just because it’s not a gazillion dollars, don’t mean it’s crap. Baking soda is cheap, easy, & effective!


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  1. AvatarMiranda

    I never knew that you were supposed to wash your combs and brushes. And I thought baking soda was just for cooking and to make your refrigerator smell better. I’ll defiently be making my own shaving cream now. Thanks for this post!

  2. AvatarLindsay Loves Veggies

    I love baking soda! These days I mostly use it as “shampoo”. I used to use it to wash my face, but have since switched to the oil cleansing method.

    I had no idea it was good for shaving! I will definitely have to try that out. Usually I just use hair conditioner.
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