Beauty Secrets, Healthy Snacks & Living Your Best Life After 50

Diane Chandler won’t remember this, but I certainly do.

I was at Browtique in San Diego when I first saw her. She walked in with SO much confidence & the most beautiful smile, I immediately asked Lindsay who she was.

Lindsay said: That’s Diane. She’s the mother of 3 girls & the NICEST women I’ve ever met.

Diane & I got to talking & we hit it right off. I liked her right away, it’s hard not to. She’s one of those people who you need to spill all their tips & tricks. Like, I HAD to know what was in her beauty cabinet, how she kept her smoking bod, what her favorite snacks were & just literally any secret she had.

For those of you unfamiliar with Diane she is a life coach, co-founded a non profit called The Orphan Club, & co-hosts the podcast Own Your Throne which features guests over 50 who are still HUSTLING & living their lives.

Today Diane is on The Skinny Confidential to talk all about her favorite snacks, how she keeps things right & tight before an event, & how life doesn’t end when you turn 50. Oh, did I mention Diane is 58?!

Without further adieu, let’s welcome Diane Chandler to the blog.


Introduce yourself & tell us your whole journey. The more detail & context the better!

Diane Chandler: Hi everyone! I guess I should start at the beginning. I grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area, the middle of 5 kids! My dad was the Quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers ( John Brodie ) for 17 years which definitely influenced my love for all sports, both as a participant & a fan.

I loved music & learning about all different philosophies, & personal development type stuff as far back as I can remember. I have no doubt the seeker in me prepared me for what I ultimately studied later in my life & made a career out of.

I went to the University of Southern California way back in the day & studied communications & played on the USC Women’s tennis team. Throughout my 20s I lived in LA & did some modeling & acting & then landed a great job doing PR for a celebrity sports golf league. This is where I met my husband ( ex ) who was also an NFL Quarterback for 17 years. I know CRAZY!

We had 3 beautiful daughters together who are now 25, 23 & 21 & are the joys of my life. My  marriage ended after 16 years due to concussions & alcohol abuse & not having the ability or tools to deal with it all. This was by far the hardest time of my life & also the biggest growth period I’ve ever experienced. I found myself at 48, single with 3 girls to raise on my own as I was starting over. I went back to school & earned my Masters Degree in Spiritual Psychology with an emphasis in Consciousness, Health & Healing. I also became a certified life coach & began working with women & teenage girls & worked as a transformational leadership coach at a local program in San Diego.

During this time I also traveled to Uganda & lived at an orphanage for a bit which was one of the most profound experiences of my life. I fell in love with the people of Uganda & all of the children. My girlfriend & I decided to start a non profit to support the 150 orphans that live at The Orphans Club. The donations we have raised go to feed, clothe & educate all of the children. Our intention is to help them become self- sustainable in the next few years.

So these last 10 years have brought me to this incredible time of life where I really wanted to create something special & share stories of women who have also recreated & reinvented the second chapter of their lives. I created the Own Your Throne podcast with my good friend Pirie Grossman to help shift the conversation around aging & inspire women to live full out in every chapter of life. And yes I found love again:)

You look so fabulous for your age. What’s your secret?

DC: Oh thank you!!! I am actually an extremely easy going person & I think that has a lot to do with it. There have been so many studies that the number one thing that breaks our bodies down & ages us is stress.

I have always been very consistent with my workout routine, my diet & my mindset. Growing up in a sports family instilled in me the love of being active. I’ve stayed extremely athletic & active my whole life. I was a competitive runner & tennis player through college & continued both through my adult life which has kept me fit & pretty much the same size since my early 20s.

I also have always been one of those people who eat when I’m hungry & don’t obsess about what I’m eating.  As I have gotten older I eat much healthier than when I was younger…I can see & feel a huge difference in my energy & how I look when I choose healthier foods. I drink lots of water & laugh a lot. Oh & I have a great dermatologist ( my brother in law Dr. Will Kirby ) the evil Dr. Will from Big Brother! Hahaha

What does a day in the life look like for you? 

DC: It really depends. My schedule has changed a lot since the girls have all moved out. I usually get up around 7, have a big cup of coffee, meditate & get a workout in. Then depending on the day I play tennis in a league or run my dogs at the beach.

By late morning I start my client sessions & finish by 2. Then I work on our podcast, sending & answering emails, researching new guests, & filming. I’m also working on a new website & branding for myself as well as making some changes to our brand Own Your Throne. I am super social so I love to have dinner with friends either out at great restaurants like ALCE 101, at the beach or I’m always up for hosting a fun dinner party.

Paul & I built a home a couple years ago & it’s a great party house! Most of the events I go to are in LA so I spend a few days every couple weeks up there as well. I also love going to concerts & plays! I’m usually in bed around 10:30.

How do you structure your day when it comes to eating & exercise?

DC: I love to workout first thing in the morning. I usually eat breakfast around 10. I am seriously the most non scheduled person when it comes to food. I eat when I’m hungry or I need energy & I prefer lots of small meals throughout the day. When I have a tennis match I will bring snacks if I need to refuel…nuts or a protein bar. I like to eat dinner on the early side if I am home. I find that I have so much more energy in the morning if I eat early.

What is your morning routine?

DC: I wake up & always focus on what I am grateful for first thing…this is a game changer!

Next, I have a big strong cup of coffee ( that is a non-negotiable )  & read something uplifting for 20 minutes. I love all things spiritual & personal development…I am reading a lot of Joe Dispenza right now & re-reading Conversations with God by Neale Donald Walsh.

Then I do 20 minutes of meditation & then workout. I’ll grab some fruit if I’m hungry but usually I eat after my workout. I love to get my body moving early in the morning…it makes me way more productive & joyful throughout the day.  I either play tennis, go to Soul Cycle, walk, lift weights or hike.

What is your nighttime routine?

DC: I like to eat an early dinner & if I’m at home then read or watch a movie. I get addicted to Netflix series so I have to be careful not to binge until 2 am!! Sometimes I bake at night with with my boyfriend’s daughter, Chloe, who is 13 or do art projects with her.

She is actually into TikTok now so I might have to learn how to do that.  I usually fall asleep around 10:30. I have no problem falling asleep or sleeping through the night which is soooo great! I will put a 20 minute guided meditation on before I crash out. I always wash my face & do Vitamin C serum & retin A religiously.

Share with the audience 3 healthy snacks that you love. (include products, brands, how you make it, how you eat it, when you eat, etc.)

DC: My favorite snacks are:

+ garlic hummus & rice crackers.  I eat this in the afternoons always…I’m addicted.

+ seed bread, avocado & salt…..It’s the perfect small meal that holds me over & I feel satiated.

+ mango slices from Whole Foods… I put them in the freezer & have them when I want something sweet.

+ Think! protein bars in chocolate peanut butter flavor.  I have these in my car if I get hungry midday & I’m out & about.

+ Not healthy, but I also love Red Vines & Hershey’s kisses.

What’s your favorite cocktail?

DC: Vodka & a little orange juice or grapefruit juice. It’s the only thing I drink.  If you ask 100 friends what I drink they would all say the same thing! I don’t like the taste of alcohol so the juice covers it. It’s a bummer when everyone wants to go wine tasting & I have to bring a flask! haha.

What is your best beauty tip?

DC: Retin A, sunscreen, sleep,  bio-identical hormones, water, laughter & sex…not necessarily in that order.

What’s a weird beauty hack you do?

DC: I have been shaving my face since I was in my 20s.  Now it’s a thing called dermaplaning.  I read in a magazine that French women did this all the time so I tried it & loved how soft my skin was. I also love facial massage.  I learned that from you, Lauryn & it’s a game changer!

If you need to tighten up for an event, what do you do?

DC: I eat super clean for a few days & run a couple miles right before getting ready the day of the event!  It oxygenates your body, makes your skin glow & any puffiness you have will be gone.

What are your thoughts on Botox, laser, & plastic surgery as you age?

DC: I think it’s all great however I think less is more. It can be a slippery slope especially with fillers & too much surgery. In my 40s I started messing around with fillers & it looked weird.  Just choose your doctor wisely.  I think the goal is not to look younger, it’s to look & feel your best at the age you are. That being said, I think everyone should do whatever they want.

Tell us all about your podcast. What can we expect?

DC: My podcast is called Own Your Throne. I created it with my girlfriend Pirie Jones Grossman & it’s about reinventing & recreating the second chapter of your life.

We launched a few months ago & our first season just wrapped up & was great! Our guests included Rita Wilson, Candace Nelson from Sprinkles Cupcakes, Ali Landry, Susan Feldman ( creator of One Kings Lane ), Jennifer Stallone, Kelly Gores ( the producer/director/star of the Heal documentary, Taylor Dayne ( music icon from the 80s ) & more.

They were all so inspiring & each brought fresh perspectives about aging, what they have learned & how they are reinventing & pivoting. It really is dismantling the conversation that life is over at a certain age. We live in such a youth obsessed culture & women think they are old at 30! This needs to change……These women are the examples that we all get to live our entire lives full out.

We are filming season 2 now & our guests include  Dr Jeanine Staples ( who will be educating us on racism in America ), Christy Turlington, Fran Drescher, Suzanne Somers, Reece Witherspoon’s company Hello Sunshine’s CEO, Sarah Harden,  fitness experts, hormone doctors, matchmakers & much more!!

Pimp yourself out! Where can everyone find you?

DC: You can find me on Instagram @own.your.throne & our website is

My instagram is @dianechandler & my website is

You can find our podcast on Apple podcasts, Spotify & YouTube.


Hope you guys loved all of Diane’s tips & tricks. Be sure to check out her podcast, & follow Diane on Instagram.

x, lauryn

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  1. I LOVED this takeover! Diane, thank you for the tips. I am the owner of a 55+ health, fitness, & wellness company so this was super informative for me. through my blogs, website, fitness classes, i do my best to remind how my community of ladies how young they are, how far they’ve come.

    Plus I’ll be tuning into your podcast which I’m super stoked about. 🙂 Lauryn, thanks for the variety of guests! You’re the bomb

    Love to you both!
    – maddie