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Beauty Oils for Glowy, Dewy Skin

Beauty Oils For Dewy Skin

OILS OILS OILS ! Well, one is kind of a balm, but just go with it. Ya, ya, ya, you’ve heard it here before- you know I have a severe obsession with oils.

Out of all beauty products, it’s one thing I cannot shut the fuck up about. Since being pregnant oils have been everything. They’re everywhere- my tits, my nipples, my love handles, my ass. I mean, at this point, I feel like I’m a real oil connoisseur.

Oils are something that I’ve been obsessed with since I was 16 years old. There was a point in time when so many beauty experts thought that oil was the enemy. Let me tell you, it’s literally the exact opposite. Oils are your best friend. Plant-based oils are very similar to your skin’s own oils. So you’ll see that it absorbs quicker than when you put a moisturizer on.

Anyway, today I’m sharing  oils that I’m loving at the moment. You can use oils for stretch marks, removing your makeup, fine lines & wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, as a moisturizer, & / or sex ( wink wink, get yourself some Woo if you haven’t yet ).

You guys know I’m a human guinea pig, so I’ve tried a million products. I always narrow them down so you can know about the ones you absolutely need.

The Skinny Confidential Beauty Oils of The Moment

Papyrus Essential Oil

This specific oil was discovered by a woman who was traveling in Egypt. She brought some back & was giving it to her friends here & there, until she realized how much they were loving it.

It wasn’t available in the states so she brought it over. & so a female-owned, small business was born! The company is Anuket Luxury & this roll on is such a sensual scent.

You just take the little bottle & roll it on your pulse points. It’s just the perfect unisex scent. I like to rub a little on Michael’s pulse points, grab a bottle of lube, & see what happens. ::wink::

Anyway, be sure to follow Anuket Luxury on Instagram ( @anuketluxury ) because they might be dropping more products soon!

Things You Should Know about papyrus oil & Anuket Luxury:

♡ It’s a 100% pure papyrus essential oil, worn as a fragrance.

♡ It’s a rare oil that is now imported from Egypt because it’s not readily available anywhere in the U.S.

♡ It has a unisex scent that’s universally appealing.

♡ It’s all natural oils & cruelty free.

♡ The roll-on fragrance is 100% oil, so it lasts longer than cologne or perfume because there is no alcohol or other additives.

♡ Was not only used as a fragrance by pharaohs & the ancient upper class, but also as an aphrodisiac for thousands of years in Egypt.

♡ Female-owned small business.

Elemis Japanese Camellia Body Oil

First off, I’ve been a big fan of Elemis for a few years now. They’re a brand out of the UK & they just get it. Elemis sources all their ingredients from nature & their products DELIVER! Like expect results, ya know?

Anyway, this Japanese oil was sent to me months ago by Elemis & it’s so popular among pregnant women. But what I like about it is you can use it all over you body, face included. Throughout pregnancy I’m really realizing how important it is to oil up your whole body, pregnant or not. It’s just good for you, plain & simple.

This oil:

♡ is rich in Vitamin E & sweet almond oil

♡ is rich in plant collagen.

♡ is good for stretch mark prevention.

♡ maintains skin’s elasticity.

♡ & is rich in camellia oil.

What is camellia oil? Allow me….

Camellia oil is also known as tea seed oil, is rich in antioxidants & is used for its nourishing & conditioning properties.  It can be used on sensitive skin and on any skin type.  In fact, Japanese women use it to care for their oily skin, clog pores, dry skin, nails hair & scalp. It just leaves your skin so silky & supple.

Start with the face, then slather it on your whole body. I’m stretching out big time over here so I really slap this on. I probably do about 6 good shakes & put it everywhere- face, neck, chest, arms, tits, belly, legs.

Smells so good! It’s anti aging properties helps with fine lines, wrinkles, stretch marks, the works. Also, the bottle is pretty & you’ll want it on your vanity.

Sonja Dakar Blue Butterfly Balm

Recently I had the pleasure of having a skin treatment from Sonja Dakar herself. She’s a major skin care guru who knows her shit when it comes to everything skin. She gave me the most intense treatment of my life, which lasted for 4 hours. Yes, 4 hours !! I documented it all on Instagram story. If you want to see it now, head over to my highlight called “facials” & stalk that shit.

Out of all the products she used on me, this is the one I fell in love with. & I’ve used about 3 tubs of it. This is a balm that you can use to relieve crepiness, reduce redness & surface dehydration, it calms & soothes the skin, plus it’s good if you have eczema.

The Blue Butterfly balm smells delicious & it’s amazing facial oil to put on your face before bed so the goodness seeps in. You can expect instant relief if your skin is irritated & a radiant glow. It’s packed with potent extracts, pea flour, & 20 other botanicals.

You should know that this IS NOT like the Elemis Cleansing Balm I always talk about. ( If you haven’t heard about why this cleansing balm is the shit, then scope the deets here ). This blue butterfly balm isn’t for cleansing, it’s more for nourishing & relieving the skin.

It’s so soothing & makes your glowing skin feel so buttery. Oh, & !! the blue hue is from the blue butterfly flower. You’ll want to store this in a cool place like your bathroom or your skin fridge ( if you don’t have a skin fridge, you gotta get one ).

You should also know that Sonja will be on The Skinny Confidential HIM & HER podcast, so ask any questions you have for her below.

Virgin Marula Luxury Facial Oil

Its main ingredient is Marula oil. Pure, unrefined oil is virtually untouched by any chemical or fragrance, natural or synthetic – by Drunk Elephant.

This face oil is super-absorbable and will quickly sink in and diminish the look of fine lines and wrinkles.

It has omega fatty acids.  Appropriate for all skin, including the most sensitive. Our marula oil contains greater concentrations of polyphenols than dark chocolate or green or black teas, which means a powerful antioxidant defense against pollution and damaging environmental free radicals.

For acne prone skin, swollen face, puffy eyes, wrinkles and dark circles – you can try Rosehip oil and Jojoba oil.  Read more oil related post here.

So that’s all folks. Like I said, I try so many different products & so does my team & my husband.  I get to talk to so many different gurus so to narrow it down for you can be hard, but these are the oils I’m feelin’ this month.

If there’s anything that you think I should try please let me know below.

Peace love & oils.

x, lauryn

{ pics }

+ if you’re into skin listen to Dr. Dennis Gross on the podcast.

++ & if you want more, check out Dr. Barbara Sturm.


  1. Hi ! I’m a sucker for really luxurious soft sweet smelling oils too. I’ve been using this one for a while and I feel it really makes a difference in the skins smoothness. It really does last 8 hours. It has a really yummy flowery ( but not overpowering ) scent. It has a really conservative price point of $28 too! I’m a big advocate for all of Elizabeth Arden’s products. My grandma used them as does my Mom and so do I since I was a teenager. I think you would really enjoy it. Lmk what you think.
    <3 Hannah

  2. Used darmalmd stretch mark removal serum daily after the shower to prevent stretch marks during my pregnancy. Both my mother and sister have terrible stretch marks as a result of their pregnancies. After using this serum I am so glad to say I don’t have a single stretch mark. I ended up having an emergency c-section at 38 weeks due to Hurricane Michael. I’ve used this serum on my c-section scar and, after 3 weeks, can hardly see the incision line. I’m so glad I used this serum and would definitely recommend it!!

  3. I’m gonna try the Elemis body oil. My skins been feeling thirsty. I always stayed away from oil cause I have oily skin already.I’ll give it a shot my be just what I need.
    Tula – have you tried? Made with probiotics & superfoods by a GI.

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