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12 Beauty Hacks For Men

12 Beauty Hacks For Men

Hey hey. Hope everyone is having a great week so far.

Today The Skinny Confidential team is back to talk about Lauryn’s favorite beauty hacks, but for men.

One of the most common misconceptions is that men don’t care about things like skincare, hair care, good grooming, & so on.

Well guess what? They do.

Beauty is NOT exclusive to women & there are tons of men out there who are also on the hunt for the best hacks & products to make things like skincare & grooming easier.

If you’ve been following TSC for a while you know that we love a good hack, the more affordable the better, & especially when it comes to all things beauty & self-care. And that doesn’t just apply to us girls. We always want to be on the lookout for hacks to help the men in our lives too.

And ok, ok…not everyone has a lot of time to spend in front of the mirror every morning, especially if you like sleeping in. But, there are tons of easy & quick beauty tips out there that can be applied to men that will up their beauty game.

So, let’s talk about 10 affordable, easy, & quick beauty hacks that every man should know. And just in case, we’ve also included some awesome gift ideas too.

12 Beauty Hacks For Men

♡ Exfoliate in the shower

Let’s start with some grooming tips.

When you exfoliate in the shower, the warm water softens your skin & makes it so much easier to get all that dead, dry skin off. Exfoliation will help you remove excess oil, dirt, grime, & dead skin and make your skin so much brighter & softer.

Exfoliation can also stimulate your nerves, increase blood flow, & reduce dark spots, razor burn, razor bumps, & ingrown hairs. Plus, exfoliating your face before shaving makes for SUCH a better, softer, & smoother shave.

A quick & easy way to get some seriously good exfoliation in the shower is to exfoliate with coffee grounds. Yes – coffee grounds.

Since coffee grounds don’t dissolve in water, they are perfect for exfoliation & they even have a little anti-aging magic. Grab a couple tablespoons of coffee grounds & exfoliate all over. Or, we’re big fans of Ingrid’s Gangster Chic Body Love scrub.

♡ Shave AFTER you shower

Guys – always shave AFTER you shower.

The warm water & steam from your shower will soften your facial hairs & make for a MUCH better shaving experience. Shaving after you shower gives you time to wash your face & helps prevent razor bumps, razor burn, & dry skin.

♡ Use a good razor

Make sure you’re shaving with a good razor. This can make such a difference when it comes to getting that perfect, clean shave.

Michael swears by The Lawn Mower 4.0 from Manscaped. It has a ceramic blade with 4 different guards & it’s even WATERPROOF. You’ll love it.

Be sure to check out these tips for shaving your balls, too. LOL.

♡Always use shaving cream

This goes for the face & the balls. Using shaving cream has so many benefits, especially if you have sensitive skin. It can help reduce nicks & cuts and prevent dry skin, ingrown hairs, razor burn, & razor bumps.

It’s also important to use a quality product. We recommend using Crop Gel by Manscaped or even THE SKINNY CONFIDENTIAL HOT SHAVE CREAM. Just because it’s pink doesn’t mean you guys won’t benefit from it. A man in pink is hot anyway.

♡ Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize

Moisturization is SO important for smooth & sexy skin.

If you’re looking for skin so smooth that it’s literally irresistible to your SO, you need to start moisturizing asap.

Coconut oil is one of the best moisturizers for dry skin & it will leave your skin literally glowing. Plus, coconut is so soothing after shaving and can even be used to revitalize dry and damaged hair. After each shower AND each shave, apply a thin layer of coconut oil all over the body.

Coconut oil is also an amazing & completely natural lube.

♡ Use quality hair products

Using cheap, low-quality hair products almost always does more damage to your hair than good. You do not want to be seen with dry, flakey, and dandruff-ridden hair. Not a cute look guys.

Just remember to always use high-quality products on your hair. It’s worth it.

Try the Manscaped 2-in-1 Shampoo and Conditioner. This product is ideal for men because it already requires less steps & it has the BEST little scent. Plus, it has moisturizing qualities that will make your hair softer, smoother, & shinier while getting rid of all that excess oil, dirt, & grime.

♡ Yogurt for sunburn

Okay – there are a couple of reasons you need Greek yogurt in your life right now.

First of all, it’s amazing for your body. It’s full of calcium, good bacteria, protein, fiber, and lot’s of essential vitamins. These things are great for your digestion, skin complexion, energy-levels, & more.

And second, Greek yogurt is the perfect skincare hack for soothing red & painful sunburns. Apply a thin layer of Greek yogurt to the affected skin & repeat as needed.

♡ Brush your lips

For smooth, sexy, & totally kissable lips, start exfoliating them today. Exfoliating your lips helps to remove all the gross dead skin & makes for a plump & sexy pout.

This hack is so easy because it’s as simple as brushing your lips in the morning when you brush your teeth. Take your toothbrush & exfoliate your lips by brushing your lips in small circular motions for 45-60 seconds. You can repeat this 3-4 times/week.

After exfoliating your lips, always be sure to moisturize your lips with Aquphor, Carmex, or lip balm. It seems like lots of guys love a good ol’ Chapstick.

♡ Scrape your tongue

Did you guys know that bacteria can build up on your tongue & cause some seriously gross side effects? Side effects like bad breath, yellow teeth, reduced oral health, and oh, BACTERIA IN YOUR MOUTH. No thanks.

So, get ready to say buh-bye to bad breath! Scraping your tongue can improve your oral health so much that it can even improve your immune system.

I recommend this tongue scraper. It’s stainless steel, easy to clean, & gets the job done.

And just in case you’re interested, the blog has tons of tips for how to keep your teeth as white as humanly possible.

♡ Heal up those rough & cracked feet

Guys – you have to take care of your feet!

Dry & cracked feet are SUCH a turnoff. Nobody wants to cuddle up next to some dirty, gross, & scratchy feet.

If you struggle with gross, hard, & cracked feet, you totally need some Kerasal Intensive Foot Repair in your life. This product is great to use after those long, hard days & it works. You can see the & feel the difference almost immediately.

♡ Reduce hangover puffiness with ice

If you’re ever in need of a little hangover hack, we’ve got you covered.

For those mornings when you wake up super swollen & puffy-faced with those dark circles around your eyes, this beauty hack will change your life. And this simple hack is ice.

Yes, ice! You can use an ice cube to reduce swelling in your face, even out your complexion, & reduce dark circles under the eyes. Just grab an ice cube & massage it into your face starting with the forehead & working down from there.

For this hack, you can use a regular cube of ice, make your own milk ice cubes, or use special rolling tools like THE SKINNY CONFIDENTIAL HOT MESS ICE ROLLER.

♡ Eat your superfoods

You are what you eat & the things that you put into your body can have a HUGE effect on your hair, skin, energy-levels, & overall beauty.

Eat these superfoods to promote flawless skin, higher energy-levels, & better digestion & regularity:

+ Cucumbers

+ Watermelon

+ Avocado

+ Walnuts

+ Sweet Potatoes

+ Green Tea

Beauty hacks your man needed to know yesterday.

I hope you guys enjoyed this roundup of men’s beauty hacks.

Whether you’re reading for yourself or for the men in your life, these are some of the simplest & easiest hacks that can make a huge difference in your self-care routine.

And if you’re really having to pull teeth to get your man into beauty/skincare, we got you. Lauryn dedicated a whole chapter to manipulating your man into skincare in her latest book GET THE FUCK OUT OF THE SUN.

Be sure to let us know if you have any questions or additional beauty hacks for men below. Chat soon.

x, The Skinny Confidential Team

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