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Beauty Blender Washing Machine Hack

Guys, this post is going to be a fun one.

If you’re a TSC content consumer you most likely have a beautyBlender & if you don’t have one then you most likely have something very similar.

So, I realized that I was only cleaning my bb like once a year which is pretty fucking disgusting. I had to find an efficient way to make sure I didn’t have a disgusting, dirty-ass sponge. Apparently they should be cleaned weekly to to get rid of bacteria, dirt, oil & dead skin.

When I discovered this hack through a makeup artist ( shout out to @beautybyjeannineself ) I FREAKED. ( Apparently the original makeup artist who discovered this gem was Tiffany Lynette Davis. ) Within 5 seconds your beautyBlender will be totally cleaned & in another 5 seconds your sponge will be completely dry. Not only will this hack produce a spick & span, almost new beautyBlender, it will also look so adorable next to your pink skin fridge, because SURPRISE! It’s a mini pink washing machine!

No really. It looks like a mini pink washing machine. There’s a heart on it, it’s called a washing machine & it will give you all the nostalgic ‘easy bake oven’ vibes you could ever dream of. Initially it was made to clean brushes but everyone’s been using it for their beautyBlenders. It’s almost like it was made for it.

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How to Use a Mini Washing Machine to Clean Your BB

♡ Fill the washer with warm water.

♡ Add your preference of brush soap, makeup cleanser.

♡ Click start button to start spinning and cleaning your sponge for 5 minutes.

♡ Drain the water using the hose when finished.

Seriously you guys this little machine cleans & dries your sponge in no time. Like it’s so quick, easy & efficient you won’t believe it. It’s fucking adorable, takes up no space & keeps your beautyBlender clean. It’s a no brainer that every girl needs one of these. & it’s only $15.

Sidenote about the beautyBlender…

I’ve tried brushes, my finger, compact blenders but nothing is as GOOD as a beautyBlender. To be completely transparent, I’ve tried to cut corners & use fake beautyBlenders but nothing is as good as the real deal beautyBlender.

I use it to apply sunscreen— because no one wants white flakes hanging off their face like Kris Kringle. I use it to apply my makeup. I use it to blend powder & I use it to contour.

The difference between a beautyBlender & everything else in the world? Well, there are a few things. The bb…

+ creates a dewy, Jessica Alba look.

+ does some crazy voo-doo where it sort of ( chemically?? ) blends the makeup together making your face look like skin instead of alligator scales.

+ doesn’t give you that orange line where your face looks different than your neck.

+ is the best travel companion because it’s small AND HIGHLY efficient.

+ can take ABUSE. This is creepy & weird: the more I use mine without washing it, the better my BB works because it absorbs the oils of the skin. BUT! It does have to be washed once in a while to keep your skin free of bacteria.

& before you think I’m gross, remember J.Lo’s makeup artist famously said that “mixing oils of the skin together creates a way better finish.” I feel like the beautyBlender does just that: mixes the oils of the skin together for the ideal finish.

I was online trying to figure out why I like it so much ( it’s kind of indescribable ) & I found the perfect word for it: it’s BOUNCY. It bounces off your skin in the perfect way.

Anyways, back to the beautyBlender washing machine

This is the kind of shit you washed your American Doll clothes in when you were 5. Nostalgia is in high gear these days & this washing machine delivers, let me tell you. I just felt super youthful when I used it.

I checked out the reviews to make sure you guys would love it & so many people say they’re shocked at how well it works. Also that they can’t believe how long they were taking to clean their beautyBlenders before. & all the reviews say it’s LITERALLY the cutest thing ever.

If this doesn’t scream TSC vibes then I don’t know what does. It’s cute, it’s pink, it’s flirty, & it saves you time- what more could you ask for?

Let me know in the comments below what you guys think about this cute little mini machine. Dying to hear if you’re as excited as I am.


x, lauryn

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  1. Love this! But the original MUA that used this was tiffanylynettedavis. She is a total Barbie girl!

  2. Just ordered it! Can’t wait to try. I have always just thrown away by beauty blenders after some time for fear of the bacteria. SIKED about this hack!

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