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Beach Front Fitness Workouts

Sexy Back Muscles
WLT’s for back muscles and posture (beach trainer fitness work out tips)

My fitness training group normally consists of four girls & our trainer Chris [ seen here & found here ]. Unfortunately, last Thursday only Bri could make it; the other girls had other obligations they had to attend to. We normally do one hour, two days a week on the beach — no weights — Chris just has us use our own body resistance. It just shows how accessible and easy fitness can be. His workout revs our metabolism and keeps it going for at least thirty seven hours after the strength training workout. I wanted to share a couple of the quick workouts that are fun, energizing & start my day off right.

Workout For Slim Thighs
Leg-ups for the butt & abs ( Bri is doing step-ups for thighs )
Sexy Arms
Standard push-ups for arms & core
Triceps Workout
Dips for triceps
Best Cardio Workout
Plyometrics for legs & added cardio

Quick, Easy Workouts [ Beach Optional ]

1.) WLT’s: Use a resistance band and place it around a pole. Create the shape “W” and press back for 15 reps. Then repeat the same motion with “L” and “T” for 15 reps. Do three sets [ 45 total ].

2.) Leg-ups: Lay on the ground, hand behind the head, elbows wide. Extend your right leg, thrust your pelvis in the air as the leg moves up and down. Pull the core in while doing this. Do 20 on each side and 3 set [ 60 total ]. Bri’s Step up’s: step up on to an elevated surface. Hands on the waist for 40 reps. There are three sets of these  [ 120 total ].

3.) Good, old fashion push-ups: Do it the man’s way. On the top and hands. Elbows wide. Come down to 90 degrees with the arms & try and pull the core in the whole time. Try 20 reps here, 3 sets  [ 60 total ].

4.) Dips for triceps: Use an elevated surface, fingers facing the body. Legs are straight in front of you, on your heels and reach the neck long. Concentrate on keeping the shoulders down the back. Do 20 reps, 3 sets  [ 60 total ].

5.) Plyometrics for legs/cardio: Jump up, landing on the heels on an elevated surface. Land on the ground on the heels. Keep the knees bent. Keep the arms bent in to the sides. Do 20 reps, 3 set [ 60 total ].

* Pictures by Chris Law



  1. This looks like a great workout and fun – but, could you provide more detail on the WLT’s? I’m not sure i get the arm positions for each letter. Thanks!

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