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Mini DeLites: A VERY Bachelorette Week


{ wanted to steal these chairs }


{ pool bar, YES PLZ }


I miss you guys. Like a lot, a lot. It’s always fun to catch up in the moment. You should know I am just not that blogger that plans their content weeks in advance ( nothing wrong with that though. In fact, I kind of envy it? ). This blog is very personal to me & a lot of the posts should feel like happy hour conversations…Which is exactly why I prefer to write in the moment, late at night, after I’ve thoroughly thought about what I want to say. I mean, things are changing day-to-day & I feel like if I write weeks in advance, it’s not accurate. IS ANYONE WITH ME ON THIS? OR DO I SOUND CRAZY?

Anyway. Picture me in bed, Judge Judy is casually on in the background ( ??? ), & the dogs are spooning each other dreaming of ground turkey ( organic, hopefully ).

So now that we’re settled in, let’s chat.

LAST WEEK WAS MY BACHELORETTE PARTY, SO EXCUSE THE WEEK-LONG HANGOVER. That’s right: I had a WEEK-LONG hangover. What is happening? When I was 21, I would have a day hangover, eat some French fries, & go on my merry way. AND NOW? Well apparently I’m hungover for a freaking week.

So if I seemed weird, it’s because I was. Feeling back to normal today after a relaxing weekend full of reading, TV shows ( watch Westworld, trust me ), work, some brambleberry crisp ice cream ( so sue me ), & a little yoga. Needed to center myself after 3 days of debauchery.


{ Boxed Water x visors ( come on, you know I wanted sun protection for everyone! ) }

There is so much to discuss about the bachelorette party. First of all, I wish you guys all could have come. How fun would that have been?

Since there’s a scroll of things to go over, I feel like the best way to do this is to do a week of bachelorette-inspired posts. Not only do I want to bring you guys along, I also want to share tips / tricks for YOU or YOUR friends’ bachelorette parties. Since I micro-managed the fuck out of my poor, POOR friends, I figured I could show you how to do the same. Evil? Kind of.

We’ll be discussing bachelorette goodie bags, outfits, details, table decor, venue, basically everything there is to know. AND you can find out how I planned the whole thing in literally two weeks.

Yes, uhhhh, TWO weeks…love to leave everything to the last minute.

You don’t need a damn year to plan a sassy party. In fact, you can even THRIVE under pressure.

Let me tell YOU: I told my friends for months & months I wanted an hour spa day in San Diego. No big deal, you know. Then I decided last minute ( thanks to Fashionlush ) that I should do it up proper. You’re only going to have a bachelorette party once…hopefully? Anyway, an hour casual spa day turned into a three-day affair with Michael crashing the party on the last day.

Like I said, so much to tell.

SO be prepared for a week full of BACHY posts.


{ the sign says it all though | SIGN HERE }

…And if weddings aren’t your thing, I get it. Trust me, I really get it. That’s why I plan shit two weeks before because I put it off, LOL. But don’t worry, it’s just a week. Have no fear, this isn’t turning into a bridal blog, it’s just going to be a little wedding heavy for the next month. Just want to make sure I bring you guys along for the whole ride.

On that note: I’m going to do a bachelorette Q & A, so please leave any & every question ( i.e. details on venue, decor questions, tips for babes on a budget, goodie bag specifics, etc. ) on my latest Instagram.

Going to turn off Judge Judy & grab some mint tea and a good book.

Happy Monday! Chat tomorrow, lauryn x

{ photos }

+ Be sure to enter the $4000 dollar bachelorette giveaway. It takes 5 seconds to enter. AND follow along on Snapchat because I’ll be giving away some more goodies there. For the record, giveaways have become my jam — they’re fun & a way to give back as a THANK YOU for reading TSC.


{ personalized matches, LET’S GET LIT }


{ wine labels just for SUSAN }

SO BACHY ♡ ♡ ♡

  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE this post! I can’t wait for the rest of the wedding related posts! I’m planning 3 bachelorette’s next year so I would totally love some bachelorette etiquette and planning tips because I feel like there’s so many secret rules on what’s appropriate and what’s not. Looked like a blast! Totally agree with you on writing content daily versus ahead of time–it’s so much more natural and from the heart! LOVED all your bachelorette snapchats…especially with Susan and the Bare Naked Cucumber


    1. So happy you followed along!! YES! Tons of tips coming your way. I literally planned mine in 2 weeks LOL. xx

  2. Your bachelorette party looked awesome! I kinda followed on snap, promise I’m not a stalker lol! Everything was soo on point I loved it! Also, I’m sooo relieved that you said you blog in the moment! I question myself constantly that I haven’t got post after post all ready and drafted like I often see other bloggers going on about on twitter, lol… As you say life is constantly changing! I must admit I do prefer to blog as I go lol! Looking forward to reading all about the wedding planning etc… enjoy it! Heather xx p.s thanks again for the likes on my insta the other day!

    1. Aw thanks so much for following along Heather! That works for some bloggers but definitely not me. SO many fun tips coming your way. : ) xx

  3. I loved the idea of a bachelorette week on TSC – this party surely deserves it.
    I agree with you, wish we all could have been there, it would have been SO cool – haha!
    And what about the *same penis forever* sign? I wanna get married just to have a bachelorette party with that sign (and then I can dump my fiancée afterwards, whatevah).

    1. LOL!! Yea the sign is priceless. So glad I could bring you babes along via Snap. Seriously the best platform. So many more fun things coming this week : ) xx

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