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Sassy Bachelorette Party Outfits


Surprise, surprise I was VERY specific about the bachelorette looks.

Can you blame me though?

Looking cute is fun & girly once in a while. Especially when you have a white plastic wine glass to hold…& your normal getup is leggings and your boyfriend’s t-shirt.

Ok so firstly, none of these looks break the bank. That’s right, they’re all affordable. & HEY, you SO do not have to wear them to a wedding festivity. You can rock these looks anywhere. I mean I feel like I’ll wear the Grace Loves Lace pant a million times over ( can you imagine it with a crimson bodysuit & dark lip for the holidays? FESTIVE ).

As always want to make sure I answer ALL your questions, so let’s talk outfits today & tomorrow we’ll get into more detail about the party decor. So much to chit-chat about !!!

Alright, shall we?


Bachelorette outfit breakdown:

My friend, Andrea owns the cutest store in San Diego. Really though. If you come to San Diego, check it out. You won’t be sorry. However, lucky for everyone, it’s also online. Andrea is amazing, a real GIRL BOSS. Anyway, she was kind enough to invite me & my sisters ( plus Erica/Fashionlush too! ) into her store to shop some BACHY outfits. When we arrived she had chilled champagne, the cutest sign, & tons of custom looks.

TO BEGIN THE TRIP, I started off chill. Think an oversized white tee x a casual red ( LOVE RED ) neck scarf. & then…? We went big.


For the first day look, Andrea CONVINCED me that I needed a two-piece white moment. I was hesitant at first but in the end, SOOOOO pleased that we choose this look. She was very adamant about this look and VERY RIGHT. Total win in my book; it’s effortless, not too wedding-ish & super flirty. Thoughts? This two piece set is by VDV the Label & it’s satin. LOVE. Ideal for the daytime too. We drank mimosas & rocked a ton of Body Bauble this day too. The blue purse pulled the outfit together.

All chokers throughout this post are ones I designed specially for the girls attending the bachelorette party. I worked directly with C_A_M Jewelry to bring to life my friends’ style. Basically, we ended up designing snakeskin ( black & white ) chokers with a long, long gold chain. I’ve been wearing mine everyday since. All my girlfriends really like them too !!



Of course, I needed a twinkle of black too. Couldn’t go the all white look the whole time, you know. Something that was simple but chic & kittenish. SO Andrea & I put this look together too. It’s a ruffled, dainty top with a classy, business bottom:



For when Michael crashed my bachelorette ( on the 3rd night ), I wanted something vintage looking. A piece that screamed damsel in distress, kind of 50s to match the Palm Springs Airbnb . Cue a VDV the Label floral slip dress with a maxi kimono on top. Love this kimono because Andrea told me I could wear it with a white tee & jeans too. CUTE.

bachelorette outfits and ideas | by the skinny confidential


Switching gears here, every girl needs a white pant at their bachelorette party. In fact, every girl needs a white pant. It’s the best investment ever. There’s so many ways to rock a white pant. Especially when you’ve had one too many margaritas…you get it.

Grace Loves Lace IS INSANE if you’re looking for wedding gear. Or any gear? I feel like their stuff is simple with the perfect twist. I love a little flair. Something different without being TOO MUCH. When I spotted this flared sleeve & white pant at their Venice location, I was sold. Nothing was stopping me from wearing this. NOTHING. This is an outfit I feel like I will wear again & again, whether it’s separate or together. Grace Loves Lace is definitely a YOU HAVE TO CHECK OUT kind of store. Trust me on this one.

bachelorette outfits and ideas | by the skinny confidential

Shop the look: TOP | PANTS | BODY JEWELS

Lastly, the outfit I drove back in. YOU KNOW, everyone needs a good hungover, driving back from a party weekend outfit. This one is definitely it.

Why? Because you know how when you’re at a stoplight & unbutton your pants because you ate too many Flaming Hot Cheetos ( ME ) & drank too many Corona Lights? Whelp, this skirt is forgiving. You won’t have to unbutton anything…it let’s you…eer, relax. HA.


Shop the look: TOP | PINK SKIRT | SNEAKERS

Can you tell I was feeling the whole two piece theme? Seems to be a huge theme. Is anyone else a two piece lover? They’re so good.

If you’re wondering, THE GOLD DIGGER iPhone case matched all these outfits SWIMMINGLY. Perfect for the vibe.

Told ya! Bachelorette week is in full effect guys. As I said, I’m going to do a bachelorette Q & A this weekend so please leave any & every question ( i.e. details on venue, decor questions, tips for babes on a budget, goodie bag specifics, etc. ) on my latest Instagram. I’ll be sure to get to all of them!

I’m out! Off to drink some apricot tea and read. I have to be up too early tomorrow…boo!

Happy Wednesday, lauryn x

+ thanks to Shawn for doing my hair & to Arielle for the photos.
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  1. SOOOOOOO AMMMMMAZING!!!!! Yup, again, going broke like i did with your st. tropez outfits …..every look here is amazing! Love it all! This Bach party was the best thing i’ve ever seen, watched it on snapchat, felt like we were with ya. Like marilyn monroe said, you only get only life, drink it up , live it up…..and you are DOING that! xoxo

    1. AW thanks so much Tiffany! I will all of you babes could have been there with me. Thank god for Snapchat!! I appreciate all of the support

  2. The white pant & shirt combo from Grace Loves Lace….TO DIE. Can you wear that on your wedding day? Jk, but actually….seriously obsessed.

  3. AHHH how is it that you knocked EVERY look out of the park? LOVE LOVE LOVE! Watched on snapchat and loved everything from the white cups, to the outfits to that Michael and his crew AND your parents were there 🙂 SO MUCH LOVE!

  4. I’ve always loved how realistic you are, especially for your readers. You’re constantly promoting or researching things to benefit the reader, which is so refreshing. So many big bloggers advertise the most expensive or unrealistic things that are unaffordable just to make a buck. You’re so authentic which sets you apart from the mainstream “bloggers”. I’ve followed you since your graduation from college, and how you were so unhappy with how you were eating, giving you a platform to start The Skinny Confidential. You really inspired me to be more intune with my body, and especially aware with what I’m consuming. Thank you for your consistent dedication to your blog, and your desire to make a real healthy difference in lives of your readers. Good luck on your amazing wedding, thanks for everything!

    1. Wow thank you SO much Gabi!! I’m so flattered to hear all of this. You babes continue to inspire me daily. TSC wouldn’t be where it is without you

  5. Lauryn, firstly you look absolutely gorgeous & secondly, I cannot stop laughing at the penis banner! I’m considering having it at my engagement party…;-) xo

  6. I’m so sad I’m just finding this post now… your outfits are all AMAZING!! My bachelorette is coming up in July in Mexico and I would die for your outfits. LOVE LOVE LOVE!

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