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$4000 Bachelorette-Inspired Giveaway

fashionlush, the skinny confidential, blogger giveawayfashionlush, the skinny confidential, blogger giveaway

Oh hey ladiessss, guess what time it is?

GIVEAWAY TIME. BUT not just any giveaway…a bachelorette inspired giveaway.

Yes, this one is major. Basically, I did a beauty bachelorette giveaway on Snapchat & you guys loved it. So of course I had to team up with my best friend / hostess of my bachelorette party, Erica of Fashionlush.

If you follow along on Snapchat you know we are spending the girl time poolside in Palm Springs, gulping down rosé jello shots, decorating the house, & celebrating. My friends are kind of ( KIND OF?! ) amazing.

We have spent months making this getaway perfect, so to celebrate that it’s finally here, we wanted to GO BIG OR GO HOME. HENCE the $4,000 giveaway. We teamed up to make it the best one yet with all the BACHELORETTE FEELS.

fashionlush, the skinny confidential, bachelorette giveawayfashionlush, the skinny confidential, bachelorette giveaway

This giveaway is literally filled to the brim with some of the most winning things ever. A few of my personal favorites include the Clarisonic Mia Fit ( love a Clarisonic! ), the Moon Juice Brain Dust, those epic looking Knesko face masks, & the best of all – A BARBIE PINK ELLIPTICAL!!!

WE ARE GIVING AWAY AN ELLIPTICAL. And it’s pink. Pink, pink, pink. I AM SO EXCITED. It’s the cutest ever in the world. Nothing is cuter. I can’t think of anything more fun?

OK, let’s talk about what you’ll win.

fashionlush, the skinny confidential, bachelorette giveaway

fashionlush, the skinny confidential, bachelorette giveawayfashionlush, the skinny confidential, bachelorette giveaway





fashionlush, the skinny confidential, bachelorette giveawayfashionlush, the skinny confidential, bachelorette giveaway

This giveaway is so good, I kind of want to enter. I MEAN YESSSSSS?

Especially the pink treadmill. The Brain Dust should be fun too.

On that note, I’m off to celebrate my bachelorette party. I feel like we deserve to be all over the place with tequila, party music, & chips and salsa SO I’ll see you guys soon.

Of course, best of luck ladies! Winner will be chosen November 1st! Anyone, anywhere can enter. Enjoy.

lauryn, x

{ pillow here }

fashionlush, the skinny confidential, bachelorette giveaway

  1. LOVE this giveaway, how amazing of you Lauryn!! Looking forward to all the bachelor/bachelorette stories and snaps, and future podcasts!

  2. I saw your beautiful spot on snapchat for the bachelorette party…how fun! I’ve been following your blog since you first started and I must say, you have the best giveaways! I have never won, but this is full of so many awesome things. I haven’t tried most of these products, but they have been on my radar. I would love to win so I can share with some of my bff’s and on my blog too. I share your info and things you recommend all the time and my readers love your blog! Thanks for being so inspiring! Heading over to comment on your IG now 🙂

  3. In love with your style and rawness! Would love some free goodies for myself and my mini me ?

  4. I would love to win this giveaway because you always inspire me to try new things and go outside of my box, whether it’s a new skin product or a new recipe that I normally would avoid. Love the blog, so happy I found it 4+ years ago. Have so much fun this weekend!! Congrats to you and Michael! It was so nice to meet you guys in NYC (@ ralphs) and please reach out next time you are in the city!!!

  5. I’m always down to have a little more TSC esthetic in my life! And that Phillip Lim clutch tho… If I don’t win I may have to find a way to get it anyway!

    As always, thanks for the amazing giveaways! They get better and better each time!

    Instagram: @kaityfitwell

  6. Would love a new flat iron(mine just died) and the TSC workout guide! Trying to get some new workout motivation and meal ideas!

  7. I would absolutely love to win this because I am a recent bride myself (October 1) and while I focused on taking care of myself before the wedding, I think I needed a week of pampering and self care even more after the wedding! It was so fun but so exhausting! They should make a new post wedding girls weekend party like a bachelorette but for after!
    Followed you both (I’m @cmtiu) and left a comment as well!

  8. um you had me a treadmill! I am having my first child in April and know it will be hard to get out of the house to the gym so I desperately want a treadmill so I can get a workout in!

  9. Hi Lauryn! I would love to win this giveaway to jumpstart new fitness and beauty routines. I’m kind of a vanilla girl when it comes to beauty and started following your blog and love all of your tips. I have also listened
    to every single podcast since you and Michael started – I have it a long commute to work each day and love to listen on Tuesday afternoons. Keep up the great content!! Xx

  10. Hi! I am from South Africa and we don’t get most of these amazing products here! Would love love love to try them out!!

  11. OMG, I need all of these items. Obviously, a treadmill would be fantastic as I moved somewhere that doesn’t have my beloved Orangetheory studio! I love that you do these giveaways, such a great way to thank your readers.

  12. I want to win because I am starting my own personal training company and this giveaway is the PERFECT thing to get me on the right track with the treadmill and amazing healthy beauty products!

  13. Such an amazing giveaway-would be wonderful to have an opportunity to share and try so many of these products with my sister and friends!

  14. Ahh I can’t believe this giveaway is even real! I might not be getting married but I have so much to celebrate right now! Just finished my post grad degree in HR! (while working full time…CRAZY) Now that I have some free time back I would KILL to relax, unwind and celebrate with these goodies! And OF COURSE share with some ladies in my life that are getting married 😉

  15. I would love to win this giveaway!! I am a college student so cannot really afford to try all the great beauty and health products. We have some extra space in our 6 girl house that would fit a treadmill perfectly. My birthday is October 25 so it would be a great way to top that off. Hope you are enjoying your bachelorette party!

  16. Ah, this is insane! I followed on insta and commented! I want to win because this is an amazing giveaway! Also, I am getting married next summer and need all the help I can get to be the best version of myself (um, hi pink treadmill!).

  17. I want to win because I have set a goal for myself to prioritize self care again. I’ve gotten wrapped up in stress and have gotten out of my exercise and beauty routines. I am working to get back to my best self.

  18. I would LOVE to win this giveaway! I recently purchased my first home and an elliptical would be the perfect addition. Hope you have a great bachelorette party!

  19. This is beyond the best giveaway I’ve ever seen! Would absolutely freak out if I won – so many amazing products 🙂 You’re so generous!

  20. Uhm hellooo?! These are always so amazing. I’m really dying for that brain dust though! Happy bachelorette Lauryn! xo

  21. Omg omg omg OMMGGGG. A PINK TREADMILL???? I didn’t even know that was a thing! Only you could find something so fabulous that literally every single girl would dream of wanting in their lives. You have a gift!! I’d love to win because I never spend money on myself and it would just be so so wonderfully nice to try these products because I have been wanting to for so long!

    HAVE FUN AT YOUR PARTY! You deserve it!!

    XO, Madison.

  22. I’d love to win this because I’m totally ready for a reset with the new school year! Sounds weird, but I really feel like fall is like another new year!

  23. I want to win because I would have so much fun using all these products! I’m starting to really up my game when it comes to cosmetics and a beauty regimen and this would give me a great boost!

  24. You and Erica definitely outdid yourselves…wow! I literally want every single thing in this giveaway lol I’ve been after those white sunnies ever since I saw them on your snapchat giveaway! I have so many bachelorette parties next year and I would LOVE to spoil all the brides to be with this fun giveaway and make them the best bachelorette’s ever (besides yours!). Thank you for always doing these for everyone! So fun and sweet 🙂 Who doesn’t need a pink elliptical?!?! Can’t wait!


  25. I want to win because I mean seriously… a PINK elliptical? But really now, I am going to school in Idaho and if there is one place in the world that suffers from small town vibes, it is my lil’ Moscow, Idaho. This means… no beauty products or juice bars or a sephora or (you get it). Hashtag major first world problems. Still, I travel 5 hours to go to Seattle or 2 hours to Spokane, WA to hunt down any fun girly products like this. I would be so completely psyched out of my mind to have any one of these. On a different note, thank you Lauryn for sharing great tips and products on the daily! Your posts brighten my day. Hashtag major first world solutions.

  26. This is such an incredible giveaway! 🙂 Who wouldn’t love to win this? I know I would put so many of these things to great use.n

  27. This is really amazing and everything you win is a girls dream come true!!! I hate when I have to write why I deserve it over someone else but this ones life changing. I am an ER nurse and work crazy 12 hour shifts and have tried to get back into fitness but sometimes I’m so exhausted from work I go straight to bed. If I had an elliptical in the house it would help motivate me and then of course it’s pink so that makes it even better!

  28. Overcoming a back injury and starting to track mega miles again! Would love nothing more than running again in style!!! This is everything.

  29. I have a baby and don’t work out nearly enough. The elliptical would be a game changer! Dying to win this one!!!

  30. There are a TON of great products in this giveaway – holy $h!t!!! I’ve wanted to try quite a few of these and would love to win and be able to dive on in! Plus, pink workout equipment is just too cute not to covet!

  31. This is an amazing opportunity. I would like to win because I love beauty products and would love to try these out. I love Laura’s routine and have learned so much from her. I love beauty products and would love to try these all out. I mean what girl doesn’t?

  32. Would love to win so that I can run on a pink treadmill (what?!) every day!!! Such an awesome giveaway and thanks, Lauryn, for being awesome.

  33. Even though no one is getting married, living in a uni house with 6 girls sometimes feels like a bachelorette party so would be perfect for girls nights in!

  34. I want to win because all of this stuff is AMAZING!! I’m especially excited for the Clarisonic — I’ve wanted one for years but just haven’t gotten around to buying one! I’ve been loving your snaps at the party. Have lots of fun! xo

  35. What an amazing giveaway!! I would love to win because I’m a product junkie and love trying out new things, and your products are just simply the best!! I also would love the TSC meal plan and workout guide since I’m kind of plateauing in that area and could use some inspo/ new ideas. Thanks so much Lauren!!

  36. OMG the thought of a PINK elliptical gets me so excited! I’d love to win because I (unfortunately…or fortunately?) had to learn the hard way how to budget…but long story short, I’m in my last year of law school, it’s hella expensive (hence the budgeting), and had to cancel my gym membership for my last year of school. SO it’d be pretty AMAZING to have an elliptical in my apartment, especially a pink one…especially if I see my boyfriend on it LOL <3

    P.S. You're my absolute fav blogger. Congrats on all your successes and engagement! LOVE the bachelorette party…I might have to steal some ideas 🙂

    xo Marina

  37. WOULD LOVE NOTHING MORE THAN TO WIN THIS GIVEAWAY. I have been following your posts on snapchat and it is literally everything I want and more. Keeping my fingers crossed that I am the lucky one on November 1st!!!

  38. I would love to win this giveaway! The gym equipment would be a great addition to my home gym!

  39. Thanks for the awesome giveaway, Lauryn!

    I want to win because all I could think of when I read this post was how much fun my sister and I would have playing with all the cool products and toys if we got lucky enough to win.

    And thanks as always for the consistently great content!


  40. In love with the Clairisonic! Been meaning to get one for awhile now. I also am obsessing over the white frame with blue lense sunnies! Have fun at your bachelorette party 🙂

  41. Lauryn,

    Where do I even begin? I have been a fan of yours for a few years now and your blog has inspired me to try new makeup trends, weird beauty tricks and trying your delicious TSC Pink Detox Drink! I know this may sound strange but reading your blog gives me confidence in myself to put myself out there are try new things. I know that may seem silly but it’s true; you’re blog makes me happy and is so intriguing that it inspires me to the possibility of creating my own blog (even though yours would be 100x better lol). Love getting to see the things you do via snapchat (your bachelorette party looked like a lot of fun) and all of the success and positive energy you have created for yourself and others around you. I absolutely love it. Your podcasts are just so great too! The other day I was listening to one of your podcasts, I believe it was episode 31, while I was on a run and I felt like my workout flew by. I probably looked crazy laughing my butt off while running to the people who were walking or driving by! This giveaway is full of so many amazing products, honestly none that I have tried before, and am so interested in! I am not one that usually goes out and buys new products or gadgets so winning this would be a complete luxury for me. I deserve to win because I would much rather run on the NEW PINK TREDMILL while listening to your podcast rather than getting weird stares running around my apartment complex.

    Thanks for being such a big inspiration and an amazing and real person!

    1. *pink elliptical (I thought I saw treadmill on there before) OOPS!!!

  42. It is all too good: the sunnies, the face wipes, juice?! But the brain dust… I have been wanting to try this since I’ve been seeing it on your snapchat. Hoping to win because I need all these goodies in my life. A college student on a budget needs a little pampering every now and then. Enjoy your bachelorette party! Looks like the perfect girls getaway in palm springs. I’m inspired to plan a little trip for me and my girlfriends now. Love the St. Tropez inspired table. You killed it. XO

  43. I completely want to win because I am recently engaged and my entire wedding party is going to be guys! So my bachelorette needs a little feminine touch

  44. Omg i want to win so badly! My best friend and I literally stalk your blog but as poor post grads in nyc its hard to try all of your amazing products on the blog! That’s why winning this would be incredibleeeeeee xoxox Also that pink elliptical could help us find our own Susans 😉 !

  45. I am getting married in Italy next September with my fiancee. While he lives in San Francisco and I’m living in Seattle, I know I would totally maximize use of all these goodies since I’m always on the road for work and living apart! Especially that pink treadmill.. I have loved seeing Erica on her pink barbie elliptical! Xo, Veronica

    Instagram: Vsartori

  46. Your bachelorette looks fabulous and I’d love to have some new beauty products and accessories to make my life more TSC inspired. This giveaway is amaze!

  47. Would LOVE to win this giveaway! My birthday is Nov 3rd and this would be the most amazing bday gift to date.

  48. Hi! First of all, your bach party looks gorgeous! So much #bachynness going on ❤️! Secondly, the products in this giveaway are a dream. I haven’t tried them and am dying to! Especially the moon dust, TSC Body Guide and THE PINK ELLIPTICAL?? Have the best time in PS?Hope I win?? Insta name is @shia_faye

  49. I absolutely adore your blog!! It inspires me to be more mindful about working out and what I’m putting in my body. Have a FABULOUS bachelorette weekend!

  50. A PINK treadmill? UM YES PLEASE. I obviously would love to win this giveaway but I mostly wanted to comment and thank you for always putting your followers first and hosting these amazing giveaways. It obvious that you pour your heart and soul into your blog and care about providing helpful and relevant content for your readers. Keep you the great work Lauryn, you’re an inspiration!

  51. Hey Lauryn! I hope you’re week is going as wonderful as it looks on snapchat! I made my boyfriend watch your snaps about what you were sending to Michael at his bachelore party I loved it. I would love to be considered to win this giveaway. I don’t deserve it more than anyone else but it would be so great to be considered. Keep up the great work you do. your blog is the only one I actually follow consistently 🙂

  52. I would love to win this to kick up my workout and beauty routine before our upcoming honeymoon.

  53. Love all the stuff in this giveaway! So fun!! I was obsessed with your TSC book in college and still look at the blog weekly! Also, loving all the wedding posts, I have a TON of friends getting married and I love getting inspo from your posts!:)

  54. I want to win for several reasons – partially because I enter literally every giveaway you do and haven’t won yet, partially because I live in Chicago and unless I have a treadmill in my apartment this winter there is a solid chance I will gain 93084920834 pounds when we get three feet of snow that just. won’t. melt. <3

    Cheers babe! Have a great bachelorette. I'm getting MAJOR event planning inspiration from Snapchat.

  55. Hi Lauryn!
    What a great giveaway, I’ve been following you on all your social channels for a while now. Congratulations on becoming a bride to be. Your bachelorette party looks so amazing. I’ve taken some snapshots of it in hopes I can do some similar ideas for one of my best friends getting married in July. We are having her bachelorette in Nashville and will also be using Airbnb! It would be so amazing to win this giveaway so I could surprise our bride to be and other bridesmaids with some amazing take-aways in May! In addition to passing on the gifts I would be so pumped for the pink elliptical as I’m in the process of setting up my own home gym! We are aiming for a very chic vibe with lots of rose and champs and some recipe ideas from your book! Wishing you the best!

  56. Oh my gosh!! Yessss! You always have the absolute BEST giveaways!!!!

    Love your style. Love your tips and tricks. Love your brand!!!

  57. I don’t have instagram, but damn this would be nice! We are eloping soon and can’t imagine being pampered like this. Have an amazing Monday, and thanks for always thinking of us 🙂

  58. Hi Lauryn!
    I have been following your bachelorette party and snap and love everything about it! The decor looks absolute amazing. I would love to win this giveaway because I love your blog and have tried a lot of the products you recommend and they have become part of my daily routine! I listen to your podcast daily on my way to school and you are such an inspiration for what I want to do after I graduate. We have the same taste and the same style and it would be absolutely amazing to win these products that I can’t get as college student! Thank you for being so genuine and awesome,
    IG: @allisonindie

  59. I want to win so I can share the love! Christmas is coming and I’d love to gift some of this stuff as well as pass it on to clients and others. 🙂

  60. Omg. Omg. You always have the most amaze giveaways ever!! Have the best time ever while celebrating Susan’s funeral in Palm Springs!!?✨? I’d loooove to win this giveaway especially, for a few different reasons. I just recently had a baby about 4 months ago, && have been desperately trying to get back into shape, so your TSC meal plan & workout guide would be too perfect.???? And, um hello? Pink treadmill??? That DEF makes you want to workout more. ? I also have been in some dire need of some me, pamper time. & okk, lastly, my wedding is coming up soon, and I could make some AMAZING bachlorette goody bags with this giveaway, just saying. ?
    Xx – Madi ✨

    1. Ohh, did I forget to mention, you’re pretty much my style twin so i think it’s meant to be. ?✨?

  61. Hi Lauryn!
    First off, I have been dying over all of your snap chats…I hope you’re having the best time! That Airbnb is out of this world! Anyways, I would absolutely LOVE to win this giveaway! I mean pink treadmill? That is amaze. But I’d love to win because I’m currently a grad school student on a pretty tight budget, so this giveaway is right up my ally!! I’ve been wanting to try so many of these products. I’m especially excited about the moon juice brain dust and the TSC workout plan and meal guide!! Thanks for putting together such a generous giveaway, you’re the best!!????

  62. For obvious reasons who wouldn’t want to win all of these amazing goodies but I personally want them because I am following my dream career as a performer and with that you don’t always have the money to buy all the goodies you want. I never treat myself to beauty products Or any of the amazing powders (aka. Moon juice.. dying to try) I put on the back burner when it comes to a lot of products I want to try. This would definetly allow me to pamper myself and try new things because what girl doesn’t love that? Am I right?! Anyways hope your having an incredible bachella. Literally obsessing over your snaps there so estetically pleasing ?

  63. I am obsessed with TSC! I am working on my brand as well and look at your success for inspiration! There are so many products I now use and love because of you and TSC! Thank you for everything you do, you are seriously amaze! Also loved fashionlush’s article on crystals! Devoted fan!

  64. AWESOME giveaway!! I have been dying to try the moon juice products so I love the brain dust. My other faves are the Clarisonic Mia fit, TSC meal plan and workout guide, BLNDN products and a treadmill!!! in the words of Rachel Zoe, “I Die.”

  65. Hi Lauryn!! I’d love to win so I can share all of this goodness for my best girlfriend’s bachelorette party in May!! Also, Fashion Lush was a great follow on Insta, thank you!! XO.

  66. Holy moly! I am beyond obsessed with you, your brand, your blog/everything about you, even Susan. I’ve been watching your bachelorette snaps with pure envy…it’s perfect. I’m obsessed with beauty products, but living on a college budget there are things that take priority over my obsession. Very unfortunate, I know. You have been such a big inspiration to me, as I hope to be just as cool and fab as you one day. I would be forever grateful if I were to win this giveaway. These are items that I’ve dreamed of having forever. You’ve always inspired me to try new things and be the best version of myself. Please please pick me! Nothing would make me happier. Keep that party going and keep doing you! Xoxo

  67. It’s pretty dang obvious why I would want to win [i mean hello, pink treadmill!] But I would LOVE to win because your Bach party is literally goals and my best friend is getting married so I’d love to have some goodies to help bring some of your Bach party to hers ?

  68. I want to win so that my girlfriends and I can ball out and treat ourselves to a bomb ass girls day/night/weekend! It would be amazing to share and try these products out with friends…alongside a cocktail or two 😉

  69. I would love to win because DUH, this giveaway is AMAZING! And I’m pretty sure I NEED a pink treadmill in my life! I hope you have a blast at your bach party girl! Enjoy! 🙂

  70. I would live to win this!! I would love to win because I think all of these products are amazing and the PINK treadmill would help me get back in shape post baby #2….that along with your Guide! You’re so influential and generous xoxo

  71. I would absolutely loveee to win this because I never get to pamper myself other than
    A quick diy mani while the baby naps and the older kids are in school. This would make my 2016!

  72. You are seriously, the MOST generous blogger ever! Thank you for once again doing these amazing giveaways, they are so great! I am a student who loves everything you recommend but often has to pick and choose what tips I am able to try! So I would love to be able to win this, as I would be able to try all of these products and find out what works best for me to continue to become my best self! Thanks again as always for these opportunities xo <3

  73. Oh my goodness, you have the BEST giveaways I have found some amazing new products through your blog, you give amazing recommendations. Enjoy your bach party! 🙂

  74. OMG – I just love you Lauryn! Thanks for sharing all of your life tips and adventures – I thoroughly enjoy it! ???

    Trae Lynn

  75. I want to win because that elliptical would make me feel like Elle Woods. Then I only need to get a chihuahua..

  76. Well, my birthday is Nov 2nd… it would be the best birthday present that I EVER got!!! I am obsessed (as you say) your blog, podcasts, book, etc.

  77. Best blog and best blogger ever! Your giveaways are always on point. I’ve been following you forever and I love love love the podcast- you and Michael are power couple goals. You put out the most valuable, interesting, useful, and relatable content. As a working mom and student, your blog is a breath of fresh air and always puts a bright spot in my day! Xoxox

  78. OMG what??!! Lauryn you have seriously outdone yourself this time! GAH! I would love to win because these products are/look amazing and there are so many that I’ve been dying to try! Um the pink elliptical? I’ve been crushing on it since seeing Erica get hers on Snap! Oh and can we also talk about the sunglasses, Knesko face masks and the clutch! Recently started a new job and this would be the perfect pampering package to win. Hope you have an amazing bachy – looks like a blast so far! xoxo
    insta: @virginiavancouver

    1. I love your blog and truly find it inspiring with day to day things. I would appreciative all of these products that you have provided for the giveaway and I absolutely prioritize self-care. I just had my 21st birthday October 10th and this would be a pretty incredible gift:) Love everything that you do, and stand for! Self care is a key to happiness:)

  79. I want to win because I’m getting married in January and would love these goodies for my bachelorette!

  80. This giveaway is TO DIE FOR! If I won I would feel so glam with all my new goodies lol. Also who could say no to a pink treadmill?!

  81. SO your bachelorette party snaps and insta are serious #GOALS and exactly what I’ve been telling my girls I want mine to be! And speaking of getting married, the struggle is real and I’m procrastinating like crazy so I would LOVE your meal plan and a pink treadmill to get things RIGHT & TIGHT before my big day!

  82. This giveaway is amazing! I have been a long time follower of the Skinny Confidential and feel so inspired by all of your hard work and success Lauryn! I would love to win this giveaway to jump start a new fitness and beauty routine. I work in the beauty industry and I am always looking for new products and ways to make my clients feel their absolute best!! 🙂

  83. This giveaway is INSANE. There are so many products I have been dying to try after reading your blog/watching your snapchat. All of the items look amazing- but I am really curious about the moon juice brain dust ( I want to road trip to LA just to check it out), also the flatiron and olaplex have my full attention. Not to mention the pink elliptical is just a dream come true. Thanks for your consideration and have fun at your bachelorette party! I am watching on snap, and your friends did an AMAZING job, it is so cute!

  84. I would LOVE to win because everything you have introduced on this blog has been beyond amazing. I am dying to try all of these products especially the moon juice products! Hope you have a great bachelorette Lauryn! You deserve it! Your giveaways are always unreal! Thank you!!

  85. I would LOVE to win this giveaway! As a mommy of 4 it would be amazing to receive the TSC meal plan and workout guide along with the treadmill to jump start a healthier lifestyle. I would also love to give the ladies in my family beauty goodies for Christmas. Thank you for the opportunity & always being so generous with the giveaways!

  86. obsessedd with everything in this giveaway!! i love trying out all the stuff you talk about and this would be the best way ever to try everythingggg!!!

  87. Omg who doesn’t want a pink elliptical?! It’s totally on brand with how my apartment is set up and it would save me so much money on a gym membership! It’d also be amazing for when I move in with my bf and can harass him to start working out since we have a PINK elliptical in our house! I mean, if that doesn’t motivate him, I don’t know what will.

    Thank you for this giveaway! Here’s to hoping I catch some good luck for a change!

  88. WOW!!!!! What an awesome giveaway!!! I am looking forward to following all of the shenanigans on the snapchat and instagram!!! I would love to win this giveaway mainly for the pink elliptical (AMAZING) but also because I am recently taking on a new project – myself. For the majority of my life, I have focused on other people and other things and your blog and podcast have really inspired me recently to put more eggs in my basket. I want to focus more on my health, my wellness, my body, beauty, and skincare. Winning this giveaway would be an awesome start and it would mean so much to me.

    Thank you for the opportunity! You are truly an inspiration and i hope you ENJOY THE FUCK out of your bachellorette celebration!!! You truly deserve it.

  89. Lauryn! This giveaway is divine! I would love to win 1) Because lets be honest who wouldn’t want a pink elliptical? 2) I’m not ashamed to drink wine (rosé) while testing out all these new products (even the elliptical), because lets face it you slay every giveaway! Although I’ve never won I will keep tryin’ 😉 Also would love to have the TSC meal plan & workout guide, duh! xx, Darian

  90. Hey Lauryn! I LOVE your giveaways and following BTS on snap! I would absolutely love to win this one because, living in Canada, it’s usually too expensive for me to try all these new fun products that you mention on your blog due to shipping etc.! I would LOVE to share the products with my Canadian bffs as well and also share with my blog followers.
    Thank you SO MUCH for your amazing giveaways and always inspiring us to try new things.

    xx Drea Marie

  91. I need to email your through Blog-Doo because I’m interested in starting a blog myself. I love makeup and style and wellness and why am I using so many ands.. anyway that’s why I follow you on your blog constantly. To be honest I am at work looking at your blog. I work for West Coast Event Productions- an event coordinating company. I personally work within the wedding department but we also do corporate events. Just a little backstory, sorry! I love my job honestly.. I am SO lucky. Being a wedding coordinator is amazing. I love design, i love interiors and I work my ass off. I’m interested in making a blog that combines my strengths however. My strengths point blank: working my ass off, planning, organization, design, patience, and decisiveness. That is 100% me. That why i’m interested in blogging. Beyond that I found your blog while I was working on a particular wedding this past summer. I like to get inspiration for clients online and through different media outlets. I have to be honest that the reason your blog stood out to me was because it was simply and had no bullshit. I do not like to click on a bog, website, etc. and not understand the brand within ten seconds. You blog was clear, it made me interested. It wasn’t a wedding blog but it had an overall theme that played into decor, interiors, and design. I am not someone who is naturally good at hair, makeup, or style in a conventional way. If I see something I like, I know it immediately. Your blog has really helped me look better and feel better. Yes.. I have the bombshell body guide girl. Working all the time I haven’t always been good at putting my body first but i am working on it. You made it easy and to the point which i give your props for girl. You really have given me inspiration on the daily. Your blog is up on my computer every day when I get into my office. Its clean and gives me something interesting to read while I’m dealing with emails and venue meetings with clients. Thanks for everything Lauryn! Yes I would love the giveaway because I cant do makeup and hair for the life of me! lol Oh and p.s your podcast is fucking amazing. You guys crack me up and also give me great advice on business. Also “the bare naked cucumber,” is hot and i’m interested. hahaha

  92. This is the best / funniest giveaway because I just LOVE the idea of a hot pink elliptical! Trying to really focus on SELF CARE and WELLNESS and with so many bachelorette parties coming up, sometimes it’s hard to keep that as the focus and to maintain BALANCE!! I would freak if I won and got to share all of these babe tools with my girls!

  93. Of course I want all the beauty products because I’m obsessed with all things beauty! And the pink elliptical would be fabulous. I just had a baby 11 days ago and it’s going to be hard to get to the gym and with winter coming in Idaho, it’s too cold to go outside! I need my pre baby bod back!

  94. Your bachelorette party looks so fun on snap chat! Literally dying, I hope you have so much fun. & this giveaway is beyond generous. Honestly I would love to win the TSC meal plan and work out guide, you have the best body!

  95. LOVE this giveaway!! It looks amazing! I hope you and all of your awesome gal pals are having a great time at your Bach 😀 All of the items are so awesome that I coudnt pick just one item that stands out the most!!

  96. I love love the skinny confidentialand would love to win. It’s like you just get me and my need to try all kinds of new health, beauty have introduced me to so many amazing things hello… lemon love suja, ice facials and gelitan.capsules. Also can we talk about how cute that house is?!?! Need details!!! Hope you have a great bachlorette party.

  97. This giveaway is so amazing! I’ve been a long time reader and just used your hangover elixir on a recent girls trip (we needed & loved it)! I’m newly single for the first time in a long time and getting ready to move to a new city, this would be an awesome fresh start kit!

  98. Ain e becoming a mom I feel I’ve let things slide when it comes to self care and now I feel like I’ve lost myself and my style completely. It’s kind of depressing! Id love to win so that I could work on making myself feel more beautiful and hopefully more confident.

  99. I’ve been IN 5 weddings this year, and already in 2 so far next year! So many bach weekends this would be great for!

  100. I want to win cause this giveaway is AMAZING and I need a lil amazing in my life right now via The Skinny Confidential! Hoping my New Year comes early with this badass haul! xoxo

  101. I would love to win because I just became a real estate agent and I can’t freakin’ buy any of my favorite things until I get some homes closed. This would DEFINITELY hold me over! Hahaha!

  102. LOVE THIS GIVEAWAY!!! just got engaged and loving getting to see all the experiences!! I cant wait to experience them as well. I am going to use your candy bridal shower idea for my cousin since I am her MOH!!! Love the blog!

  103. NEED all of this to up my game! The Skinny Confidential has got my workout game going, healthy eating game on point, and my beauty regimen in tip top shape (brush up those brows and dewy skin is A+!).

  104. Hi Lauryn! Hello from a fellow San Diegan 🙂 I love your blog and just started listening to allll of your podcasts. I get so excited when you talk about places I know so well and love, like Piatti’s in La Jolla! Just listened to that episode on the way to work this morning. I find you (and Michael) incredibly inspiring and I have definitely began to really listen to the value of doing things that make me happy.

    I’m entering in the beauty giveaway contest because I LOOOVVEEE all things beauty. And products. And pretty things. Oh – and Pink! If I win, I promise that all of these amazing products will be put to good use!

    Hope to one day run into you and Michael in good ol San Diego for some chips & salsa and margaritas at Fidels.

  105. I would love to win this giveaway! I am getting married in August to the man of my dreams in Napa Valley and I can’t wait to celebrate my bachelorette party the Skinny Confidential way!!! Yewwwwwwww

  106. Hi Lauryn! Hope your bachelorette party was all you ever dreamed! Looked fab ❤️ The reason I would love to win the give away besides….umm duh? Is because there’s so many different goodies! I just got married, movies to Hawaii and literally know nobody and starting from scratch. This would be so awesome to win! It’s hard to get any sympathy since I did move to paradise….but like Susan said on your bomb podcast…it’s kinda boring -_- although I’m so thankful to be living here, the treadmill would be amazing, and the goodies would definitely be something to celebrate and look forward to after my hubby deploys in November. But either way I’m a loyal follower for life 😉 thanks for being you. Congratulations on getting married!!!!!!!

  107. Hi Lauryn!! I hope you are having an amazing bachelorette party and I am LOVING following along on snapchat. I am dying to win this giveaway, this is my dream come true! I am obsessed with all things TSC and love everything I’ve tried thus far that you’ve posted. I would be so excited to win this giveaway, especially the pink elliptical, the skyn plumping lip gel, brain dust etc. AMAZE! I hope Susan’s funeral is just fantastic! xoxo!

  108. Ummm…you had me at pink elliptical…what?! This giveaway is insane! Thank you for the opportunity!

  109. Girl this giveaway is legit! A pink elliptical? Like next level shit (also who knew those existed-very 80’s chic).

    Would love to win this, I’m soon transitioning to my first apartment outside of college and as someone who is seriously crazy about saving and spending $ wisely, I am currently in saving mode and not spending lavishly on more luxe products like these ones.

    PS. Love your snaps, Mimi and the pool floatie (dyingggg)

  110. Love your blog! This would be an amazing giveaway to win?Being a new mom means little time to spend on myself– which is the way it should be– but I definitely wouldn’t mind a littl TLC!

  111. I would absolutely love to win because holy shit all of those things are amazing! And also because my beauty routine is in need of an update.

    SO looking forward to seeing your wedding photos. Hoping you snap a bunch of it.

    xx Beryl

  112. It’s kismet! I was just treadmill shopping to get my bridal body back and your giveaway popped up. ??

  113. I absolutely would LOVE to win this giveaway. I’m on a super tight budget and this giveaway literally has everything i’ve wanted, especially that pink elliptical 🙂
    Have an AMAZING time at you bachelorette party, looks like so much fun, and so chic…as always <3

  114. Why would I like to win….why wouldn’t I?! This giveaway is freakin amazing and SO fun. Would love to share these goodies with my sister!

  115. I’d love to win because you always have the best giveaways with amazing products! Would love to try some of these out. Thanks!

    PS: love, love, LOVED the snaps from your bachelorette party yesterday – I’m not one to envy, but was totally jealous of the vibe you guys had going on – looked like a blast! enjoy <3

  116. I agree with all the ladies below. I talk about you and your page as my “sassy spirit animal”. I love the raunchiness and realness that you and the Skinny Confidential are all about. Your bachelorette party is completely “on brand”. I think we all wish we were there! (I want a penis choker) This giveaway is amazazing and all my toes and fingers are crossed.
    xoxo – Liv

  117. I HAVE to win this giveaway! For years, I’ve been struggling with anxiety and depression. I’m finally getting into a groove with my mental health and am trying to get into one with my physical health as well. As a longtime reader of TSC and FL, I would absolutely freak out in the best way if I won this. Thank you for everything y’all do!

  118. It’s been a rough year. I’m still hoping we don’t end up divorced. It’s taken a huge toll and I have trouble finding joys in life. Winning this giveaway will be a sign as well as help me get back to my healthy lifestyle! I let everything go to shit ever since the bombshell dropped Imnotarunner

  119. Would love to win this because I’m in THREE weddings next year (MOH in one) and would love to share the wealth with all these beautiful ladies! Weddings are expensive and this would help me out tremendously!

  120. Omg!! Lauryn you have done it again with another AMAZING giveaway. You always show so much love to your readers–it’s so inspiring! I’d LOVE to win this giveaway as I am a broke a$$ college student who hasn’t tried many of these products before. I’m also trying to get more exercise in so the elliptical would be GREAT to have in my room so I can study while I’m on the elliptical trying to make my way through pharmacy school (eeeek, I know). Anyways, I’ve been following your blog and Instagram (and now Podcast!!!!–seriously SO amazing) and you are so inspiring and so real. After much debating you have actually inspired me to start my own blog–I may be needing your help some day from Blog-Doo–but I probably won’t have the chance to start writing until winter or summer break since school is so demanding. I’d love to win these products to help as a distraction during study breaks between tests. I hope you have SO much fun at your bachelorette party–giving me major vibes and I basically want my own bachelorette party to be a dupe.
    I commented on your latest Instagram post, I am following you and Erica (@_FASHIONLUSH_) on Instagram. My Instagram handle is @alllexandraa_

    PS–My 21st BDAY is November 2nd so this would be the BEST birthday present E-V-E-R!!!! I would be so grateful!!!!!!

  121. This giveaway looks totally amazing. I’ll never win, but I’ll be so jealous of the person that does!

  122. I would love to win all the goodies! I am a long time follower, and I would love to try all of these products!! xo

  123. This giveaway is BEYOND. I would love to win all of these amazing products because I need to up my beauty routine! Thanks & love the blog!

  124. This giveaway is AMAZING!! My best friend and I have recently launched our own blog and are currently looking for new products to use and tell our readers about! I am big into beauty, fitness, and style so this giveaway speaks to my soul!!!

  125. Oh my god so many amazing products!!!! And the elliptical is unreal I need that in my life especially because we have a honeymoon coming up this May in Greece I need to prep for!!

    Much love Lauryn!

  126. I moved from San Diego to central Missouri three years ago and miiiiisssssss all of the goodies available out there. My goats don’t notice the dry skin etc., but I think my husband might. So although he says I look as good as I did, please help a girl out before I have his eyes checked.

  127. I’ve got to win this time! I’m a Southern California girl living in Alaska now and it just snowed last night! Winter is here!!!! I’m desperate for this lux beauty loot so I can continue to look and feel sexy throughout this chilly winter. I’ve been a faithful reader and fan of your podcasts and this would be a dream come true. Thanks lovely!

  128. I want to win because this giveaway includes so many amazing goodies!! I’m loving all your snaps while you’re in Palm Springs!!

  129. After seeing your AMAZING Palm Springs snaps, not gonna lie I’m pretty jealous. Between work and just moving into a new place, all of these beauty treats would be perfect to relax and refresh… while still staying sassy of course! A night in never sounded so amazing!! xx

  130. GIRL!!! I have been reading Skinny Confidential for yearssssssss now! I would absolutely die if I won your giveaway ❤️❤️❤️!!! I’m a bit of a beauty product whore, and most products I use these days were discovered by you! I love taking care of my skin, my body, and my overall health, but recently I moved cities to be closer to my family, which also resulted in a pay cut 🙁 That means no gym membership, and cutting down on my beauty routine! UGHH! I’d absolutely dieeeee if I could use a pink freaking treadmill every single day! Btw I’m so insanely obsessed with your Bach party!! It’s so DREAMY! Perfect job ladies! Have a blast, you deserve it!!

  131. Selfishly, I’d LOVE to win because as a mom of 4 peeps I’d like to think there is still a sexy girl in me. I tend to focus on working out and taking care of myself around taking care and making their world great. Time to actually pamper me and be girlie doesn’t exist. It would just be lovely, more than lovely to get back some of that sexy and chic that every woman deserves…thank you for the opportunity to entertain that idea of winning such amazing prizes ?

  132. Your bachelorette party looks incredible ! The months of planning were def worth it. I would love to win this giveaway (I mean- who wouldn’t ?!) I quit my office job a few months ago to start my own business // pursue my dreams. While I am enjoying every second of it, I’ve had to make some cut backs in the “treat yo self” department. I hope you have the best bachelorette party ! I will be following along wishing I was there !

  133. Love your blog!!! Seriously, your candidness is awesome! I would like to win the elliptical because I want to take “wearing pink on wednesdays” to the next lev?

  134. I want to win because…Well I just f*ing Do!! I want all that product!! I want it bad!!! Ha ha and I have zero shame about sounding greedy or over excited. ZERO! I would piss my panties if I won. So there’s that reason too! Plus…. if I won I’d personally send you a photo of Me doing a highkick, wearing a leotard on that pink elliptical. So I’m even willing to offer you something in return! I am totally geeking on all the amazballs products, and I’m in serious need of a Beauty pick me up. My besties all live across the country and I don’t quite get the girl time I used too. This is like having a BFF in a basket w/o having to go shopping! Plus I think this is super generous of you girls and I love people who pay it forward and give more than they receive.

  135. Wow what an amazing and generous giveaway!! I’ve been following your bachelorette adventures on snapchat and it looks amazing!! You are so lucky to have so many good friends in your life. xxx

  136. You totally KILL it on the giveaways! I’m dying to see this elliptical 🙂 I hope you have an amazing time on your bach! I hope Michael didn’t order any Private eyes for you 🙂

  137. I love everything!! But of course that brain dust looks amazing. And I have really been wanting to get the TSC meal planner ?

  138. Loved, loved your Bachelorette-inspired snap giveaway—but let’s be honest, this one is major! My bachelorette is in NYC this weekend, so this would be crucial to get me back on track for the wedding in December (yes, it will likely take a month and a half to recover ?) Thinking I’m right there with you on the Brain Dust and elipitcal, totally necessary!

    P.S. Dying over your Palm Springs getaway—might have to steal some of your ideas for this weekend ?—hope you ladies have a blast!

  139. LOVE this!!! I love all things TSC, Health, and Beauty. And you are the best at knowing all of these! XO

  140. I’m consistently blown away by how amazing your giveaways are! I’ve been following you on Instagram for a while now and while I was first inspired to follow you because of the way your name is spelled (mine is the more common, less creative spelling, ‘Lauren’), I have continued to be impressed with how open, honest, and genuinely real you are! Would love to win this giveaway, especially the pink elliptical, it’s the perfect combination of my favorite color and favorite machine at the gym! I recently made some MAJOR changes in my life and am working on more self love, so I think this giveaway with all its goodies would just add to that so perfectly! Cheers to your bachelorette fun, enjoy and treat yourself! xx

  141. Awh yay happy bachelorette! Just had mine too, love celebrating with other brides 🙂 Thanks for the giveaway! And that elliptical seems like such a steal…and Barbie?!?! @kimberi83

  142. I would love, love, loooove to win this give away to channel my rocking bachelorette vibes! I’ve been single for a few months now, and despite the ups and downs, I’m really trying to live it up! As you always say, never chase after someone who doesn’t give you the time of day. Bye! On to the next! This giveaway will really help me keep on being my badass single self! Thanks for all you do Lauryn and have a killer party!

  143. REALLY preparing to feel beachy, sexy and beautiful inside and out rn for my brother’s wedding in January in Punta Mita Mexico and this literally has every perfect thing to give you all the AMAZING feels all over! this would be absolutely perfect timing to win this! LAURYN & ERICA you could be my wedding-doo sexy witchie doctors and help transform me in to a “ready for the beach-margarita sipping-toes in the sand-perfect sexy- wedding ready chica! PAH-LEEEEESEEEEE let it be me!

  144. Just watched your snapchat story of your bachelorette setup and I’m getting soooo inspired! My best friends bachelorette is coming up this spring in Mexico and I gotta admit, you’ve given me TONS of ideas!!! I would love to win this prize to spoil a family member of mine. Her husband was recently diagnosed with cancer and she definitely deserves some pampering since she hasn’t had a second to think about herself lately! I would love to plan a home spa day for her if I won! Enjoy your bachelorette! Xoxo

  145. My bachelorette is coming up on February and I’d love to treat all my bests to these wonderful treats! And so I can work out 24/7 before my wedding!

  146. Man oh man oh man! Ok, so this giveaway is basically epic and I would love to win because I would love to share a ton of this with my girlfriends (Christmas is basically tomorrow), and that pink elliptical! ‘Nuff said. I would really love to even gift some of this to a few of my readers! It’s all so good, I think I would be a douche to keep it all to myself 🙂

  147. are you kidding me!? best giveaway EVERRRR. I’d kill for everything – you are seriously my spirit animal. I relate to you on every level. Enjoy your Bach party!! cheers. xoxo

  148. You are so generous ? You’re heart is so loving and giving. I look up to you tremendously. I’d love to win the braziallian blowout serum and of course the »pink elliptical!!

  149. This giveaway and your snaps are EVERYTHING! I already follow both of your stunners but I left my fave inside joke and tagged my BFF on your latest post.
    I really REALLY want to win because although my BFF/MOH and I got drunk poolside at a local Hyatt, I never actually did have a Bachelorette Party!!! (And yes, husband knows that I can and will cash that in on any given day).
    I would honestly feel SO pampered and hashtag blessed if I won…and legging season is approaching so god knows an elliptical would be an honored presence in my home.
    Congrats again to you and SUSAN! <3

    Insta: @nikki_wildly

  150. Lauryn! OMG You always have the best giveaways! Already following you in Insta of course but just followed FashionLush <3

    Your Bachelorette party is seriously the most chic/bougie/on-brand theme I've ever seen!

    Literally DYING to win this Giveaway!


  151. I want to win so I can use and feature the products on my own blog too! 🙂 xoxo,
    lauren ❤️

  152. This is the dreamiest giveaway! I’m always trying to maximize my time, so I would loooove that treadmill. Plus, I’m about to graduate from college, so I think this would be better than any grad gift I could ever receive.

  153. Mother of two. Always butting my self last and would love to try these products. Love my kids and wouldn’t change it for the world. ?

  154. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to win this giveaway for a few reasons…. I LOVE trying new products and some of the things you’re giving away are ones I’ve been meaning to try for a while now… and a Barbie Pink elliptical would be the perfect addition to my new apartment!

  155. Hi Lauryn,

    I live in LA and recently just got my shit together, to put it lightly. I’ve been an aspiring actress and blogger and was always too fearful, self-sabatoging my way to the bottom. I recently took up boxing and lost 20 lbs. Starting eating healthy and taking supplements. I even amped up my skincare to get rid of all the stress spots that kept seeming to pop up like gophers. I’m taking care of myself and proud of it! I would love to win this as a gigantic reward for picking myself up and telling myself I deserve to be the best person I can be! You’re super inspiring with all you do, and I want to say thanks for that. You helped me get my shit together. Also tell Susan, thanks for the lols!

    – Alex

  156. I want to win badly!! I am literally obsessed with every product that your promote on the Skinny Confidential… from beauty tips to wellness tips to fashion tips. I’m obsessed. and I can’t afford these items on my own, so it would be awesome to win this give away!!!

  157. To be blunt, I want to win bc this is all cool shit that would make me feel baller if I won it, and help me feel healthier and more beautiful. Us girls love feeling like that, so that’s why a lot of people probably want to win! 🙂

  158. So jealous of your snaps in Vegas!! Congratulations!! I would be honored to win such an awesome giveaway!!

  159. I would LOVE to win because me and my girls need a getaway so bad. It’s so hard to get everyone together and all of these amazing items would make for an unforgettable weekend 🙂

  160. I’m going to my cousin’s bachelorette party soon and would love this giveaway to bring along!

  161. Hi Lauryn,

    I tried to comment earlier but I think it glitched… yikes! So if you’re getting this twice sorry! Anyway, I wanted to tell you a little bit about myself. As of a few months ago, I was a hot mess. I was the queen of self-sabatoging myself to the bottom and wasn’t taking care of myself letting fear get in the way of my dreams. Then one day I woke up and decided to be an adult. I started boxing and lost 20 lbs. as well as eating healthier and taking supplements. I started using better skincare to eliminate the stress gophers popping up all over my face. And I started taking charge at work. Basically, you can say I got my shit together. I also wanted to say thanks, because watching you accomplish all you do gave me the inspiration to do better for myself. I’d love to win this giveaway as a reward for believing that I’m worth the effort it takes to make myself a priority in life. Thanks Lauryn! Also tell Susan thanks for the lols!

    – Alex

  162. I would love to win this giveaway because I’m a badass boss bitch and mom to a toddler who still likes to kick back and relax!

  163. I Would LOVE to win BECAUSE.. I am going through a MAJ break-up ( moving out November 1st) and couldn’t imagine a better way to start. AND I LOVE you. I have been following you forever and promote you to all my friends in Chicago. xoxoxo Whit

  164. I want to win because I’m recently engaged and could totally use all these products to prep for the wedding!

  165. What an AMAZE giveaway. I would love to win so I can throw one of my bffs the BEST bachelorette party with all these fun beauty products. Can’t wait to hear all about your party in Palm Springs and maybe get some ideas 🙂

    I commented on instagram: @tgaries 🙂

  166. I mean how could someone NOT want a Barbie pink treadmill?!?! Would also love the Clarisonic Mia Fit and the sunnies, but honestly everything is fabulous, just like you!! Xxo

  167. I really would like to win this. I could never afford such lovely things and I’m getting a little depressed just thinking about it.

  168. You are my inspiration for trying new products – I love your blog and overall style. I am planning my own bachelorette party with my maid of honor for April in Nashville! This giveaway would make it absolutely amazing. That pink treadmill ? could also help kick me into ‘bridal shape’ ?? Thank you for blogging!

  169. Me and my best friend Morgan started following you at the beginning of college and always loved sharing your posts with each other and following your Bombshells Body Guide. We recently graduated and are now living in NYC trying to make it in the big city. Although we’re broke, we’re working hard and having the time of our lives. I would love to win this giveaway so I can share it with my best friend!

  170. You are my inspiration for trying new products – I love your blog and overall style. I am planning my own bachelorette party with my maid of honor for April in Nashville! This giveaway would make it absolutely amazing. That pink elliptical ? could also help kick me into ‘bridal shape’ ?? Thank you for blogging!

  171. Hi Lauryn! I hope you are having a fabulous time at your bachelorette party!!! I would love to win this giveaway so much amazing stuff in this one! You are so sweet to always do such fun giveaways for your readers/followers! I’m crossing my fingers for this one!:)

  172. You & Erica are too cute for words on Snap this weekend!! Also dying over every item in this giveaway. Does it come with Flamin’ Hot Cheetos too?!? <3 xx Alex

  173. The beauty and health products looks amazing! I’m in the military and needless to say it’s a lot of combat boots, camo, and uniforms that were made for men. I am kind of craving some self-care and pampering!

  174. This is some awesome swag! I would love to try these rosy ya. I live in Hawaii and we don’t get many of these products out here.

  175. You always do the best giveaways and this one hits home for me! I am a Lead Assistant for Danae Grace Events (we plan weddings), and I would love love love to be able to gift these items to our brides for next year!! We always love making our clients feel special and taken care of. This giveaway is AMAZING and it would be so fun to share it with our brides. Have the best time on your Bachelorette trip!!


  176. Love it all you always share the best products!! But top would def be the pink elliptical!!

  177. I entered the contest on behalf of my incredible wife who deserves all the praise in the observable universe. She’s currently pregnant with our second child and neither moans nor complains. I’ve been saving up for a treadmill which she desperately wants, but she sacrifices so much that we haven’t been able to afford it.

    She just got her nursing degree and is currently prepping for medical school, where I’m confident she’ll excel. After that, she just wants to travel the world and help others with her medical knowledge. She deserves pampering, so that’s why I entered.

  178. I’d love to win because a) you’re a boss bitch & it would be amazing to win a hand-curated giveaway by you.. b) I’m always looking to step up my beauty game & this looks like the perfect package. XO

  179. WOW!!!! You are amazing, holy crap this is the best giveaway! I would love to win this and use all of the products and probably share some of the fun with my friends too!! You had me at Rachel Zoe cape; have heard only amazing things about this piece! Oh and everything else too 🙂

    Enjoy your BACH trip! Your friends and sisters are so sweet and that house is lit!

  180. I would love to win this giveaway because I am currently planning my best friend in the whole world’s bachelorette party, while simultaneously planning my own wedding (we’re each other’s maids of honor!) and your snap stories, insta, and blog have given me so many amazing ideas that I have incorporated into my own planning. To have some more inspiration from you would be a blessing!

  181. I mean…what I want to win?? Uh everything! This is your best giveaway yet, Lauryn! Dying to try a Kylie lipkit – they’re always sold out when I try to get them 🙁 Also, luh-ving that choker! But like….everything is seriously amazing.

  182. long longtime reader and forever fan! I love growing up with your advice as I navigate graduating college into the NY finance world

  183. I want to win b/c I haven’t had a bachelorette party yet! And I need one this year anyway, so let’s make it happen with my BFFs!

  184. OMG yesssss!! So many awesome things within this giveaway!! So on brand which means I totally love it and would be ECSTATIC if I won!

  185. Ahhh this giveaway looks amazing!! The pink treadmill will look perfect in my boyfriend’s living room. In all seriousness, I would LOVE to win this giveaway and share with my bff (the one I tagged in your insta post). She has had a rough few years and deserves it more than anyone!! Hope you have a great bachelorette weekend <3

    P.S. ( I am not engaged yet but I am hoping the pink workout equipment will seal the deal).

  186. Because all of these prizes are amazing and I want to live my best skinny confidential life!

  187. I want to win because this is um amazing. So many products I have been wanting to try desperately. Thank you so much for this awesome chance!!!!

    instagram user name eaglesforjack

  188. Obsessed with this giveaway and your entire bachelorette party. And let’s be real – it would be a lot easier to hit the treadmill when it’s pink.

  189. The Barbie pink elliptical machine sounds perfect! Love your blog Lauryn. Happy bachelorette weekend !

  190. Amazing giveaway! I want to try all of these products.. especially the brain dust ?? And who wouldn’t want to work out on a pink elliptical? I bet Susan would! Love it and have the best trip ?

  191. Girl your bachelorette play by play on snapchat is killllling me. Man Servant Mondays need to be a regular thing. Loving this giveaway and those mini Derek Lam’s are perfect for travel, which I am going to be doing soon. WOOHOO

  192. Hi Lauryn!!
    I stumbled across your blog about a year ago and I’m so happy I did! I love your honesty and realness. This is an amazing give away, thank you so much for always giving back to your fans!! I would love to win this give away because I got engaged in January, and my fiancé and I have been dating for NINE years. No you didn’t read that wrong, I said NINE! We are getting married next September at the Del Mar Powerhouse, in San Diego (won’t be mad if you and Susan crash 😀 ) Next year we will celebrate our ten year anniversary and then the next month get married. I was almost beginning to wonder if Ryan would ever propose, and I couldn’t be happier that he finally did! Its been a crazy rollercoaster and I can’t wait to marry my best friend, however I will need a pretty epic weekend with my girls first!! Thanks again for making this give away happen! I’m crossing my fingers!!

  193. Your giveaways are AMAZING! I already have loved using your recommendations for beauty products, adding coconut oil to literally everything, and becoming a collagen smoothie addict this giveaway would be the ultimate treat and teaching tool! <3

  194. Thank you for always having giveaways! The skinny confidential has always been my go to for beauty, lifestyle and all things coconut oil! Love you Lauryn! ?

  195. Between working two jobs and going to school, I barely have any time to focus on myself! Winning this giveaway would be incredible. I love reading your blog posts and always come away inspired! And I can always count on the podcast to make me laugh- always enjoy listening to it! 🙂

  196. Hi Lauryn! I would LOVE to win this huge giveaway! My fiancé and I got engaged in June and I am planning my wedding for next September on my parents farm in NC. As you know, it is time to get on top of the beauty and fitness grind to be my best self on my wedding day! This giveaway would get me off to a great start! Thank you for always sharing such great content with us and doing these awesome giveaways! Have a BLAST on your bachelorette party (it looks like so much fun) !!! Cheers!

  197. Ah! The Barbie elliptical?! I mean….. ? Thanks for always being real and being my go to for the best content in fashion food, drinks and living. ????

  198. I would love love love to win this giveaway in celebration of my new journey to become a certified personal trainer! Not only do I love the Bachelorette, but I’m a beauty junkie at heart and would love to try out these products.

  199. Lauryn strikes again! I’m getting married this year and am kicking my own ass EVERY day to lose the 30 lbs I’ve put on. I’m halfway there!! We are keeping our wedding tiny… Like 30 people tiny and simple. If I win this I’ll look at this as a huge reward for my weight loss and motivation to work out every day on that elliptical and keep going! Xoxo congrats on your Bach lauryn!!! Have a blast!!

  200. hi lauryn!! Hope you’re having the best bach party in palm springs! Of course i’ve been following on snapchat and i totally wish i was there with you gals!! It looks so fun and your girlfriends totally got it right! Everything screams the skinny confidential! I would really love to win this giveaway because immmm WHY THE EFF NOT! LOOK at what you’re giving away!!!! I can totally die after winning this giveaway! ok maybe not die but pass out! I love you and Erica!! You 2 are some of my fave bloggers and I AM SO GLAD i found you 2 on insta a while back! I’ve honestly learned so much from you guys .. you inspired me to start my own blog recently and although its not nearly as great as either of yours I hope to one day get there! Meeting you and Michael last month has also been the most amazing thing ever!! I think my son Cody is obsessed with “Michael Bosstick” hahaha *crossingmyfingers* for a win!!! xoxo-kristen


  202. I’m getting married in February, all these goodies would for sure help me be a glowing bride!! ???

  203. Although I may not be having a batchelorette party anytime soon… all of these products are incredible. I am drying to try the brain dust. I know I would fall in love with all of the products because you are usually spot on with what your readers would like. Happy batchelorette party! I’ll be following via snap xx

  204. After a very hard year with my father having cancer…a little bit of pampering would be wonderful shared with a close friend. Thank you for this opportunity. ♡

  205. I need to win because I’m getting to that age where I need a good kick in the ass and inspiration.

  206. This is so exciting! I’m getting married this year too (and got my dress at White Flower!). This would be so much fun to win, who doesn’t love bachelorettes and barbie pink?

  207. Such a great giveaway! My husband gave away my treadmill…without asking ?…so would love to have a new pink one!!

  208. Oh Lauryn, you are the sweetest! I’ve told you before, but you inspired me to become a Holistic Nutritionist. I stumbled upon your blog a few years ago and I was hooked. Thank you for being so real, genuine and passionate about the health and wellness field! 🙂 I’ve never won a big prize before, hehe. Would be nice to try all these goodies! Xoxo

  209. Hello Lauren!
    I have just moved to California from Sweden (exchange year through my home university) and I have no(!!) products at all her! Will soon go crazy. I have read your blog since a few years back and let me say, I love it! I love that you are open and write about topics we don’t really talk about. I have also picked up a lot of tips and tricks from you – i´m obsessed with activated charcoal, dry brushing and probiotics! I would be so so happy if I won this cray cray giveaway! Especially excited to try the elliptical, thanks xx

  210. I NEED to win! I’ve been following you since we met/bonded for a couple days in Dallas and Austin last year and I swear we were separated at birth 😉 I’m also engaged and ALSO having my bachelorette in Palm Springs, too! Pick me, pick me PLEASE

  211. Who wouldn’t want to win all this good stuff?! I have loved every suggestion you have made and I’m sure all of these are just as good! Hope you have fun at your bachelorette party!

  212. You had me at pink elliptical. How breast-cancer-awareness month of you. Congrats on your engagement!?

  213. I would love to win this because I would love to try all these new products I have never heard before. Also the treadmill would be awesome to win because that is my favourite cardio workout! My instagram is ashleya_22 and thanks for giving us the opportunity to win this amazing giveaway!

  214. Omg! Okay… I mean wow! You guys really went all out! A pink elliptical?! PINK?! Currently doing a little happy dance… Other than that pink beauty, and your signed book, I think I am going to have to go with the Moon Juice Brain Dust. I am not even sure what that is but is sounds magical.
    Also, it looks like you have been having a fabulous time in Palm Springs! I laughed so hard when your (soon to be) sister in law and your friend fell in the pool. It was perfect.
    Anyways, congrats and I can’t wait to see what the wedding has in store! I know it will be breath taking.
    Also, sorry for all this, but you are one of my greatest role models and I wanted to know if you will be needing summer interns this year?
    With love!

  215. I love all your giveaways, soo many good stuff!!And offcourse (i really really) hope to win! keeping my fingers crossed till november the first! fyi : how funny is that banner : same penis forever! 😀 ( i ve been searching for it on the interwebz ). the bachelorette getaway looks really amazing, hope u guys have a good time!

  216. I am in the middle of planning my sisters bachelorette party and seeing yours and ericas (fashionlush) snapchat is giving me insane inspiration! Those gold penis chokers and rosé water guns, I NEED! So winning this giveaway would only make this bachelorette planning (#bachella) process so much better because I love everything in it and I would love to share the goodies with my sister too!

  217. I would LOVE to win this giveaway because you’ve never let me down with your product recs! (Currently ice rolling daily and using those amaze collagen under eye masks!) winning this giveaway would simply be the best thing ever and allow me to try more of your faves! I live in rural America so access to the latest and greatest is super limited and I rely on blogs like TSC to keep me current!

  218. Thank you for doing this giveaway. You could be indulging with all these items but you are too nice and want to share the love! Awesoooome. So I should win because I literaly tell my boyfriend randomly in our conversations ” so Michael said you Should do this” or “Lauryn said I should do this” He looks at me like I’m crazy. So what happened was – we were trying to make a serious decision, about moving into a place. And I said ” we should because This would be a good long term decision and Michael said that is the best way to make decisions. Haha he hates it but loves it because he follows Michael on snap too and now I make him listen to your podcasts when we drive anywhere ?I love it thooooo. See I listen to both of your advice in my life ? Oh and the elliptical would be amazzzz I really need to lose some LBs ??? too much
    chips and salsa ?? Keep all the advice coming! ❤️?

  219. Winning is always fun. And I am a soar loser. So of couse it would we awesome to win the giveaway. But honestly I would love the elliptical just because I had a adorable baby boy on Labor Day. And I can start to work out by next week ! That would come in handy !!

  220. i would LOVEE to win because I am a college student and could not afford all of this under regular circumstances 🙂 plus you have amazing taste and I trust your judgement with products lol

  221. Hi Lauren! I am such a big your blog and think that you have created such a unique brand with the Skinny Confidential. I would love to win this giveaway because since I always go to your site for beauty/fashion/product advice I figure a bundle of stuff handpicked by you must be pretty amazing (UMM i’m talking pink elliptical here)

  222. I would love to win! Why? Because beauty products are the one thing in life you can never have too many of. And a pink elliptical? Sign. Me. Up. I’m a new mom and would love to feel beautiful and be able to work out at home!

    And the Same Penis Forever sign is awesome. I hope Susan’s got a good one.

  223. Love following you Lauryn! I LOVE a good treadmill workout, and a pink treadmill is something dreams are made of. I’d love to win! ???

  224. I love all things TSC, you constantly bring us amazing advice, great stories, major realness and everything in between! I’ve tried to enter all the giveaways and this one has taken it the next step, all the products look amazing and I am always trying to test out new products and see what works for me but am not always able to afford the best, no one should have bad skin and hair just because they can’t afford it!! Fingers crossedddd! @tayyclemm on instagram

  225. Whoa Nelly! Best giveaway ever!!!
    I would love to win (obviously) plus it’s almost my birthday and what better way to celebrate turning a quarter century than a PINK elliptical?!?!
    I swear I had to read that twice to see if it was true lol
    Best of luck to everyone!
    And have an amazing wedding experience!

    @chocolateishealthy on insta

  226. The second I saw PINK elliptical I knew I had to enter, have fun in Palm Springs!! Love your pool floaties too 🙂

  227. I have been following you for so long, my great friend introduced you to me and I love love love you! You’re giveaways are the best and you just understand the ladies! You use all things that I LOVE. You get me!!

  228. Hey, hey Lauryn!

    I’d love to win this giveaway ’cause I’m prob years away from being a bachelorette – I’m def going to be needing some TLC w/ these TSC approved products before then. 😉

  229. LOVE LOVE LOVE this giveaway. Every morning, I walk my fur baby before getting ready for work AND read your blog. It is the perfect way to start the day. I would love to win this giveaway because 1) the weather is getting cooler here, meaning fewer morning walks (but I can still read while sweating on a pink elliptical!) and 2) my bachelorette party was super fun but quick. All wedding festivities took place in my home town (I was flying from CA to KS constantly) so my bachelorette party and bridal shower were back-to-back. I would have loved a getaway but flying back and forth became expensive.

    Whoever wins will be one very happy lady!

  230. I would dieeeee if I won this giveaway! It’s AMAZING. Best one you’ve ever done! The pink elliptical would be absolutely perfect for my 2 roomies and I.

  231. WOW what a giveaway, you are amazing!
    I would absolutely love to win your giveaway because I need a fresh start to this upcoming next year. I am 19 years old and I have been volentering day to night in my country (Israel) which means i’m not working at all so I am pretty much living on the smallest budget ever, i’ll volenteer next year too so that would be 2 years of volentering, giving myself to others and pretty much not paying any attention to my needs.. and so winning this giveaway would be a total joy for me after a long time.
    love reading your blogs girl, keep it up! you are the best.
    Lior,19, Israel.

  232. ahhhh I’d love this! All of my money has been going to rent and law school loans, and I’d love to be able to use some higher quality beauty care 🙂

    These giveaways are so cool just because all the freakin stuff thats in it. If you recommend it, I buy it. No joke. There’s so many things that you have recommended that I haven’t been able to try but would love to, and theres a few things in here under that list 😉

    I am absolutely LOVING watching your bachelorette snaps, everything is so on brand. Not to mention you in typical Lauryn fashion bossing everyone around, in the best way. I am living through you! I cant wait to hear all about it.

  234. For the love of God, please let me win this giveaway! I got engaged on August 22, 2016 (to my boyfriend of OVER TEN YEARS!) at the Guns N Roses concert (my favorite band of all time, and my first time seeing them!). Wedding planning has been so stressful. My sister lives in Germany and I wish so badly that she was closer. Finances have been a disaster, I’m under tremendous stress at work and I have an opportunity to move up but I’d have to forfeit my goal of becoming a mother for at least 3 more years, and my fiance and I are not young enough to where that is really an option. I’m having a mental breakdown. This would be such an amazing gift at the perfect time. Fingers crossed!

  235. um you had me a ELLIPTICAL! The fact that it’s pink only makes it that much more awesome 🙂

  236. Please pick me!! I have my bachelorette party coming up too! I would love to use any of these products and I have been such a fan of your blog for so long! I’m looking forward to your upcoming bach party posts!!

  237. This giveaway is amazing! Love the Turban and Charm cape…like a lot of the hardworking women and moms posting below, I could totally benefit from some at home self love, beauty, and fitness. I find it hard to always get in my cardio and a tredmill-eliptical would totally allow me to lazily catch up on my t.v. while feeling active 🙂

  238. I must win! I’m a mama to a baby girl and another on the way. I like to think I’m still trendy but…eh… I need help. This would be a perfect chance to up my beauty/fitness routine. I love trying the products that you recommend Lauryn!

  239. Hmmm… Why do I want to win? I mean who wouldn’t. But I really think it would be great to treat myself a bit after having a few of the worst weeks I’ve experienced in a while, not great news, followed by a few tough weeks at work, then a pet passing. Why did no one tell me that adulting was so hard?

  240. Wow! What a fabulous giveaway! And just in time for my November birthday, yay! Those products are the bomb! And that elliptical?! Win that and no excuse to get that tush in shape for our Vegas girls getaway 😉

  241. Would LOVE LOVE LOVE to win this! I am recently engaged and am seriously daydreaming of my Bachelorette party. Seeing all the fun you’re having on Snapchat makes me so excited to have mine!!!!

  242. I am have been following the skinny confidential from the start and look forward to your daily posts!! This is such an awesome give away!! Thanks for all the tips!!

    1. omg. just re-read that and it sounds like I’m disappointed that is all you are giving away. What I MEANT was LOVE…. and that’s all I have to say about this amazing amazing giveaway.

  243. This giveaway is sooo amazing (like wow)
    I love the content that you provide for us readers and would loveee to be the winner of this giveaway!
    TSC is always my go-to for tips and tricks and has really changed my life for the better! Thanks so much Lauryn xx

    xx Allison Elaine West

  244. would love to win this! i will be getting married in the desert in April, and this was literally the bach party of my dreams!so fun to watch on snap. i don’t have the time off work to have a girly get together before the wedding, but I am so excited about it- the wedding- i honestly didn’t have fomo… until now. I am a huge fan- and this would mean so much ! Btw, can i get a susan shirt? all the swag at your party was so unreal- it looked amazing!! congrats to you and Michael

  245. Everythingggg and especially dying for the TSC meal plan! It’s on my Christmas list ?

  246. Hi Lauryn!

    Your give aways are to die for ❤️ Thanks so much for doing this! It’s so fun & thoughtful.

    I really want to win this. I want to win this beacause I would be SET with all of the necessities & more for SO LONG which is everything . I’m a full time college student, Working on getting a certification in personal training, Working retail, Started a fitness blog with SO much help from you and I am simply ALWAYS on the go. Having a PINK treadmill would be the perfect addition to my new little apartment I just got approved for!! 😉 This would be so perfect for just everything going on in my life. Fingers are crossed <3


  247. I would love to win this amazing giveaway! I could use a little good in my life right now. This year was supposed to be a great year welcoming my second son… But during his birth he lost oxygen and suffered severe brain damage. I have been going nonstop bringing him to a million appointments and giving what little time left to my almost 4 year old. Constantly in an anxious state worrying about everything. This would be a huge thing that would be just for me! A great refresher! And the elliptical would make a world of difference in allowing me to get much needed exercise, since I have zero time to go to the gym. Anyways, I just think it could be a great pick me up. 🙂

  248. i don’t even know if i could fit the eliptical in my tiny studio but who needs a couch anyways? i would honestly love to win because i’m obsessed with your blog/ style/ vibe. i love your content and really try a lot of your tips and recommendations but a girls got a budget (hence the studio). i’m going to paris in december and have so many weddings over the next year i’d just rally like to look my best for. i’ve already been doing a lot of training and stepping up my beauty game but this would be really amazing. thanks for always sponsoring such amazing giveaways. going to comment now on instagram: hi_court

  249. I would LOVE to win this incredible giveaway because I am a new, first time mama and I am in need of some pampering and girly-ness!! Plus, that PINK elliptical would be SOO great for helping me to get back into shape!! 🙂

  250. This giveaway would make my LIFE! you are seriously one of a kind <3 thank you for all the valuable information and laughs each week!

  251. I always love a good giveaway especially when it’s filled with goodies that are hard to come by here in Finland 🙂 Love your bachelorette vibe! Looks like you’re having so much fun – but what is Susan doing there?

  252. As much as I would love to win this giveaway, I’d actually love to nominate my bestie with one of the biggest hearts a person could have..Sarena Boyd. (I also let her know about the give away). She is soon going to be a momma, right about Christmas time, moving from San Francisco (where she moved a year ago for her hubby who is in the Navy) back to Texas without him while he finishes up his duties. She is one of the most understanding, kind hearted, funniest people I have ever met and think she absolutely deserves to be spoiled with some beauty products for herself as she gives so much joy to everyone around her… and her baby Charlie is going to be one lucky little guy to have her as her mommy.

  253. Once upon a time there was a 17 year old South African girl who dreamed daily and nightly of being a beautiful fashion princess – since she was a toddler. When the girl stumbled upon a glorious website called “The Skinny Confidential”, she instantly fell in love as the inspiring posts helped her to become the girl she always wanted to be; feeling more uplifted and confident each and every day!

    This young girl is me, and Ive been following you blog for years now, and all of your posts have made me a happier, healthier and more radiant soul!! This giveaway would mean the world to me as there is no way I would be able to afford all of those beautiful products on my own! Woooweee I would be forever grateful! <3 <3 <3 Stay as inspiring and gorgeous as you are, and keep giving hope to all the young aspiring princesses like me!

  254. And I would like to win because thanks to some of your’s & Michael’s words on the podcast convinced me to take a leap and go on a month trip to Europe by myself this winter break! I have got to save every penny of my part time job(Im a student) but am convinced this trip will be so good for me.

  255. Wow doesn’t even suffice! My birthday is Halloween and some of these products (swell, clarisonic, and classpass(treadmill would be even better)) are on my wishlist! I live in a tiny studio but I am willing to get rid off my couch just for the super cute treadmill. Ahh!

  256. This may be embarrassing but my girlfriend introduced me to your blog and I check it weekly. I’m from Italy and can tell that you are meant to be a Lake Como local just by where you eat. I’m probably only man here… but , this post is for my girl. She introduced me to you and she would love this sweet giveaway.

  257. Absolutley obsessedddddddd with this giveaway and everything about it!! I have been following you and Fashionlush since I was in college and I love both of your blogs!!! I also love how you guys are best friends and have such cool and different styles! It reminds me a lot of me any best friend. I love everything that you give away but this one is insane!!!! I loved when Fashionlush got that pink elliptical I looked it up on amazon to keep up with my cardio at home while watching housewives! it would be sooo much better to win it!!! you would make this struggling grad students dreams 🙂 xo

  258. Wow this giveaway is amazeballs! I’m obsessed everything. My roommate Victoria showed me your blog awhile ago and I’ve been obsessed ever since. I think it’s awesome that despite this crazy and exciting time in your life (Congrats btw! So excited for you and Susan!!) you’re still thinking about your fans! I’d love to win this giveaway because since I’ve been following your blog I’ve been taking A LOT of steps to better my health and skin and this would just be the icing on the cake! It’s a college student’s dream! I would seriously die of excitement!

  259. Lauryn! This giveaway is amazeballs! Since my roommate Victoria showed me your blog a couple years ago I’ve been obsessed ever since. I think it’s awesome how during such a crazy and exciting time in your life (Congrats to you and Susan btw!!) you’re still thinking of your fans. Ever since following your blog I’ve taken A LOT of steps to take better care of my health and skin. You’re such an inspo! This give away is a college student’s dream! I swear I’d die of excitement! Fingers crossed xx
    Instagram: Lexiegutierrezz

  260. Lauryn, I love this giveaway! I have been OBSESSING over your snaps all weekend and it looks like such a fab bachelorette party! I would love to win this giveaway because my sister and I are going to CABO (your fave!) over spring break, and we need a little TLC to prepare ourselves. (aka the treadmill and TSC mean plan and body guide!) Looking forward to more snapchats, pictures, posts, and podcasts about the weekend to distract me from studying for my midterms! 🙂

  261. Who wouldn’t want to win this?!? I’m a beauty junkie and to win this would be a dream. Plus some major bragging rights. THANK U for this amazing giveaway!

    Ok now off to listen to your latest podcast…I’m obsessed!

  262. I would LOVE to win, your bachelorette party snaps were the best (Side note: loved the music and bride straws!).

  263. ahhh I’m so excited for this giveaway!! I just got married last year so it’s so fun to vicariously relive all of the planning and events through you! This giveaway will help me to feel like a forever bride (I hope?!). thanks for such an awesome and generous gift to your readers?

  264. I’m an aspiring blogger and fashion critic… I’m always looking to expand my horizons in terms of beauty products, and I absolutely love this haul. Perfect ingredients for an amazing beauty goldmine. Plus who doesn’t love anything in Barbie Pink?! Love your blog and all you write about!

    Dria Ballew

  265. ouu ouu, maybe third times a charm ! i just moved to St. Maarten with my boyfriend and all this stuff would be soo sooo amazing to have down here. Thanks for sharing <3

  266. Seriously who doesn’t want a pink elliptical ! <3 You are my inspiration for everything, I love reading all you posts because I can relate to so many of the topics and listening to your podcast are the sunshine of my day. Thanks for always keeping things real and congrats on getting married soon !

  267. UM this giveaway is absolutely amazing and I would be more than grateful to win it! I just got engaged this past summer and am planning on having my bachelorette party in Palm Springs as well so essentially I’m pretty sure we are soulmates in so many other ways too #sobachy

    Instagram: laurenfitzp

  268. I’d love to win this as I am gettin married next summer to my high school sweetheart! There are so many awesome goodies that I would love to try!! (Insert emoji eyes) haha

  269. Hi Lauryn,
    I am feeling weired to enter this giveaway because I am less on the pampering myself style. So I don’t know why I have this strongesstttt of desire to win this giveaway!!!
    I am not on IG as well. But do consider me!!! I might not comment on each of your post but they never are out of my reading list!!!
    Lots of love!!

  270. I want to win because this is just unreal epic and I’ve never seen anything like it. Bravo ladies, liiiit.

  271. You & Erica seriously outdid yourselves on this one!! I am seriously obsessing over everything in here but I think I am eyeing that cutie barbie elliptical! I just moved into a new studio so that + some lifetime movies + some BBG intervals = perfection. PS – the Bachelorette looked in-freaking-credible!! I hope you had the BEST time & i need some rose squirt guns ASAP (& maybe a manservant or two 😉 ) xx Shannon

  272. Would love to win this giveaway! For starters i’m openly obsessed with everything TSC, including you and Michaels amazing podcast and have turned my husband into an avid lover as well! I’m also working hard towards becoming a boss lady myself and have received so much great insight into business from your posts and podcast that it’s unreal! I believe in working day and night to make your dreams a reality, and that if you love something you should pour your entire heart into it no matter what others say. That being said I am absolutely in love with everything in this giveaway and have been dying to try so many of these items, and that pink elliptical is just the icing on the cake!

  273. I want to win because this would be a dream come true!! I am a Stay at Home mom of 2 who barely gets to get out of the house, let alone buy new things! This would be an awesome thing to win and I’m soooo excited for the chance.

  274. I’ve been reading your blog for almost a year now and absolutely love it – so inspiring! And I live vicariously through you vis snap.. Would love to win this giveaway because a lot of these products are some of my favs or ones I’ve been wanting to try.. plus a pink elliptical?! 🙂

  275. I would LOVE to win this giveaway because I’m prepping for my wedding, and I would love to try some of the products you enjoy as well to help me prep! You always use the coolest things, and products that I normally wouldn’t think of or even hear about. You’re very inspirational, and I love your kickass blog/podcast/Snapchat/Instagram…everything!

    You and Erica have been followed on Instagram, and I commented on one of your pics and tagged my BFF with an inside joke!

  276. I’m so excited you are getting married in 1 month! I just got married in July and probably like all brides say, it was the best day of my life. I love your blog! I would LOVE to win this giveaway because it would be a dream come true to be exposed to so many amazing products. I work in accounting but I’ve decided I want to follow my dream and start my own youtube channel. These prizes would be such a great jumping off point for content I can review and talk about on my channel. xoxo insta: @mmaritesss

  277. I want to win because I just got engaged about a month ago and I’m in desperate need of this refreshing give away in my life. I am a faithful follower of The Skinny Confidential and podcast.

  278. I’m not a big lover of bloggers but I love yours!! It’s not just about what you’re wearing…you keep it real and incorporate daily living in the mix! Because the struggle is real and where do you even start?! This giveaway would be awesome to win, to say theeee very least because this single momish FT worker over here doesn’t get many luxurious treatments ??

  279. I would love to win bc I’m a beauty and Heath junky who works w disadvantages foster care children doing therapy. It would make my life so much easier and nicer to be able to not have to leave my home when I get home from work late and work out and use the other items to do a little self care and feel glam from time to time ! I really love your work as well!

  280. Love your podcast and website ! Listen to the pod everyday on my way to work! I would love to win bc I work with disadvantaged emotional disturbed foster care children at a non profit, but love all things girly, glam, and health related. Winning the giveaway would alllw me to do a little self care from time to time and feel glam as well as allow me to workout at home after late days / nights at work.

  281. Hey babe! I’ve become so obsessed with yours and Michael’s podcast. It is honestly the only sliver of hope I have to get through the week, haha! As an early 20s broke-but-expensive-taste chica, I would love a chance to get my hands (& my besties) on these incredible products! I love you and everything you’re doin. So excited for you about those bitchin’ phone cases!


  282. You have THE BEST giveaways!! Would love all these goodies to share with my BFFs! And the treadmill would’ve ideal for my upcoming wedding!

  283. Ummm, pretty much everything! But I’ve been dying for an elliptical for my home, and of course I want a pink one! Love everything you do Lauryn, thank you so much for all of your amazing content!


  284. I would love, love, love to win this giveaway. I am a new blogger and your blog has been an inspiration to me. I would love to win your give away and get a chance to try the things you love and see in person what you write about. You rock! Thanks for keeping it real.

  285. I want to win so I can try out all these awesome goodies! Nearing 30 I find that I don’t have a solid beauty routine or workout routine. I really need to get my stuff in order- trying all these out would hopefully help!

  286. I’m a bride to be as well and would love to win as a pamper to myself after a tough year. And of course I would share with my friends! Love this and love you!


    I can’t wait to see details of your wedding. I have taken notes from your Bach snaps for my best friends party coming up.

  288. What a sweet giveaway! I would love to win this!! You can’t get half of these things in Canada.

  289. Hi Lauryn! Happy Bachelorette and THANK YOU SO MUCH for replying to my email about Erica’s penis choker!! Have already ordered the charm 🙂
    I would love to win this giveaway as I know YOU would personally use all the products and items within it–they’re genuine picks! You’re judgement in everything is so great and I love that you truly believe in the items you talk about and enlighten all of us readers on. Also as a student I can only pick one or two of your suggestions at a time so winning this giveaway would be incredible as there is no other way I could try it all otherwise! xx

  290. Your weekend was the epitome of #BacheloretteGoals !! My sister threw me the most perfect bachelorette party I could have ever imagined last spring and I have the HONOR to plan/throw hers at the end of November!! The contents of this giveaway are amazeballs and would help me make her bach/wedding prep over the top!! She was legally married to her Air Force husband last December but he has been overseas in Japan since then (he comes back in November and they are moving away to his new base in AZ!) so when he returns they are throwing a wedding reception and with any reception comes the pre-req of a bach party! Besides, there is NO “right” way to do the whole wedding thing anyways! Like you guys said, you’re going to have the “Same Penis Forever” no matter how you tie the knot!

  291. I hope I win. Been following your blog for years and still a big fan! Such amazing things! I will def share with my friends.

  292. I would like to win because – look at all of that awesome product, who wouldn’t want to win? TSC is an awesome blog & podcast that I love and has changed my life!

  293. Cream of the crop! An elliptical!!?!? That’s unreal and incredible. Yes please! You don’t see this kind of giveaway anywhere else, thanks for giving the best for your fans, Lauryn!

  294. This giveaway is #SObachy, and I would love to win! My bachelorette is a month away and this is just so perfect (: I would love to share ALL of these goodies with my best babes!! Definitely taking notes. Congratulations to you and Michael.

  295. I would love to win because I just got back from my honeymoon and wedding and for the duration of planning all money went to the wedding! I have not been able to take care of my beauty needs for a year and I would love to be able to get a jump start on my daily beauty routine!

  296. Hi Lauryn!!! I want to win because my bachelorette party is SO FUCKING SOON and hope it’s just as AETHETIC as yours #samepenisforever!!! Also, because you’ve inspired me to be as authentic as I want to be!!! Your “major realness” has allowed me to connect with my own true self, and that shits important. Also, if you want to feed Susan’: ego… you can tell him that Mindset book got mentioned in my graduate class and I looked prepped AF because I read it after his tip of the week!!!! You’re the bomb girl!!!

  297. Lauryn, I’ve been following you for years – you and Michael are so inspiring. Whenever I need a motivational pick-me up (usually to get to work on my own business) I check out your snap stories 🙂

    My best friend is having her bachelorette party this spring and it would be sooo much fun to include this stuff as a part of a at home spa day – since I am the one planning it!

    xx from a Fellow San Diegan

  298. Lauryn, I’ve been following you and Michael for several years. You are such an inspiration. Especially when I can’t get my act together to work on my own business – I check out your snaps for motivation 🙂

    My best friend is getting married and I am planning her bachelorette party. It would be sooo much fun to be able to include these goodies in gift bags, for a present for her or even an at home spa day 🙂

    xxx from a fellow San Diegan

  299. You’re literally the Queen of giveaways Lauryn!! I hope I will so I will feel like a Queen at my bachelorette party/wedding!!

  300. HEY LAURYN!

    LOVE this idea of a bachelorette give away!! As always, super thoughtful of you to offer these to your fans so frequently…and can i mention this one is THE SHIT. So thank you for offering this up to us 🙂 Okay I am going to attempt to be an overachiever on a Saturday morning to convince you to pick me for your giveaway so here goes nothin’!

    I am about to turn 25 on Monday. (SHIT). Not only does this signify that I am on my downward slope to adulthood (ugh) but it all also means…ALL MY FRIENDS ARE GETTING FUCKING MARRIED!!!! And I am honestly so excited about it. NOT one of those girls that hates it (obviously, now isn’t my time to get married, it’ll happen down the road, but still, V excited for all my engaged girls).

    So anyways, what does this mean? A FUCK TON OF BACHELORETTE PARTIES AND WEDDINGS COMING UP. For example, I have 2 of my best friends’ bachelorette parties coming up this month on back to back weekends, one in Vegas and one in Lake Chelan (wine country 3 hours outside of Seattle, WA), and I am in the bridal party for both and am currently running around like a fucking chicken with my head cut off trying to plan. Being a girl that did the whole sorority thing in college, I have about 25 close girlfriends that will be attending both parties and many more to come, and I obviously want both weekends to stand out from each other, be different, yet both fun and stay on brand for each individual bride (you have taught me more about branding than you will ever know, so thank you!!!).

    LONG STORY SHORT: I really want to win this giveaway because I feel like this is the perfect way for me to help plan the most amazing bachelorette parties for my girls ever (and got to be honest- I won’t break the bank!). You have perfectly curated some of your most favorite girly fun party and relaxation items ever and honestly put- I want to steal your thunder and simply do the same for my gals. I saw how AMAZING your bach was in Palm Spring (I mean white cups, disco ball cups and pineapples? To die.) and I want to recreate some classy feels as well.

    Thanks Lauryn!!!


    PS: In a Susan-fashion let me plug my IG handle: kenzsmith

  301. Oh my gosh! I’m a die hard beauty lover and this is amazing! I just got married and am on a budget (read:no product splurging), so this would be amazing to win! Thank you!!

  302. I’m a product junky—this is heaven! I’m intrigued by the Sally Hansen Gel polishes. Heard good things!

  303. The pink elliptical?!?! Yes please! If I have to work out, I might as well look cute doing it. ??

  304. I love love LOVE the swell bottles. I already have 2 and want a million more. Every time I tote one around I get so many compliments and I love that they can match your outfits ??☀️?

  305. Because your podcast gives me LIFE, and now that I’ve discovered your website I’m obsessed!! You go girl ❤️❤️

  306. Hey!! Love the products listed. I’m a big TSC reader and have been really trying to up my interval training game lately. Crossing my fingers for this cute giveaway

  307. Amazing giveaway Lauryn! I’m finally starting to branch out and try new hair and makeup products. Somehow at 29 I still have flawed skin and am just now finding the best hair style for my fine, finicky hair. But daaamn the nice products are expensive, and I worry I’ll shell out big $s just to end up with products that don’t work well. I’d love the chance to try products you love, and see if they elevate my face/hair game even more. Plus pink treadmill!!!

  308. I loved following along with your bachelorette party! I’m actually getting married in April, and bach party in February! You have given me so many ideas! I obviously need help with the bach prep, so this giveaway would be bomb!

    Thanks so much for everything you do for your readers!

  309. Would LOVE to win to share these goodies with my BFF!! Despite being 500 miles apart for last week years, we still stay connected by our mutual love for all things food and fashion related:) We both love to cook and try new recipes but we also continuously encourage each other to stay fit at the gym – it’s a win-win! Thanks for always being on-brand and giving the best health/lifestyle tips!!

  310. Hi Lauryn!!

    Just getting my extra credit, overachiever over here ;). So why do I want to win? Well because I enter all of your giveaways and have yet to win :(, I am absolutely obsessed with you, i’ve bought your book, I am a BBG member, I’ve blogged about you, I listen and review the podcast, and I really want to blog about you more so this would be an amazing chance!!!

  311. Do I want this giveaway? Yes. Do I need this giveaway? Probably not. Should you still pick me? YES!
    (also this is the forth giveaway I have entered, so this isn’t the first and definitely not the last time you will see my name)

  312. Hi Lauryn! Just another $4,000 giveaway huh? NBD! Pffff yeah right!?? I may literally poop my pants if I won this giveaway?! It’s so amazing! I took the time to look at every single product on the list, and boy oh boyyy I’m getting sweaty just thinking about all this fun stuff!? I would LOVE to win, simply bc there’s a HUGE opportunity here… to try products I would never be able to otherwise! The eyepads, the skincare, the makeup, the jewelry, the elliptical, clothing, hair-care, TSC BOOK, ANND TSC BOMBSHELL BODY GUIDE (whattt?!) etc. Honestly there’s absolutely no way I cld ever afford all this even over time, lol. I would feel like a complete Princess,? and have zero issue pampering myself with all the goodies! Pampering comes few and far between when you are a mommy of a 1 year old! The fact that not only does the winner get all these other amazing products, but they also get a TSC book, and BBG. Those two products alone are a HUGE DEAL! I’ve been grinding away at my daily workouts, and I’m feeling like a need a guide to switch it up. I’m starting to get a little bored, and my body seems to be at a plateau. Winning the TSC workout guide & meal plan would be just the push I need to keep going. Knowing what to eat and when would be the icing on the cake??! I kno I sound like a super nerd right now, bugging out over this but I don’t care! I can’t help it! TSC is part of my daily life, between your blog, Podcasts, Snapchat, you inspire me everyday to follow my dreams. So thank you, bc I don’t know what I’d be doing if I never stumbled across TSC. Okay, that’s enough fan-girling and mushy stuff!? I’m just super stoked for November 1st, who’s with me?!

  313. I loved having the opportunity to learn from you at the Collective LA! You are so inspiring. Winning this giveaway would help give me plenty of things to post about. That way I can spend money and time workimg on my business instead of in my business ( I loved this quote). Thanks for hosting an amazing giveaway!

  314. Your giveaways are just to die for. I would LOVE to try the braindust, I have been eyeing it on Amazon!! Clarosonic and a pink elliptical?!? To die. Yes please. Loved following along on your bachella! Just gorgeous. My hubby and I got drinks at 849, so trendy. Also stayed at an awesome airbnb with a pool and mod feel. So fun!

  315. My best friend is definitely my little sister Gabrielle! I am 20 and she is 17 and even though I am away at UCSB and she is back home, we are still inseparable. Its funny because I am the girly one who’s into beauty/wellness and she’s the tomboy who doesn’t know how to use a flat iron(lol). It’s really cute though because as she gets older, she gets more and more into beauty and wellness and always tells me she wishes I could be home more to teach her “my ways”. I told her that if we won we would split all the goodies and I would teach her how to use all of them! This Christmas break I’ll be home for a month so winning this giveaway would be perfect timing!! All these products are so amazing and she and I would be forever grateful if we won<3 Love you Lauren!!

  316. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t want all.the.things but that pink treadmill is at the top of that list! amazing taste, amazing giveaway, ladies!

  317. I would love to win because… My fiancé and I dated for 8 years & 3months before he popped the question! This time in my life has been so amazing and memorable. Winning this fabulous bachlorette inspired giveaway would make it that much more special to me! *Side note: I’m so in love with the theme of your Bach party I’m sending your post to all my bridesmaids for notes ?

  318. so many fun products! if I won, I would share with my sister who planned the Best bachelorette weekend for me and dealt with me micromanaging her! (ps if you didn’t find your dress yet, check out martina liana celia top and sanja skirt… loved this combo so chic) cant wait to see how you and Michael design and style your special day, I know its going to be amazing and reflect you guys so well! 🙂 xo

  319. Hey Lauryn!

    I would love to win! I love everything beauty and health and wellness and the ability to try and use these things would be PHENOMENAL!!! I have been lusting over so many things on this list but as a student it can be very difficult to get everything. Would love to win 🙂 Plus the treadmill would be perfect so I don’t have to go far to workout, because who has the time to go far to workout?!


  320. Your #bachy party is absolute goals. I’m taking serious notes as I start to FINALLY start planning my wedding and festivities. And these goodies would come in serioussss handy on top of the TSC BBG helping me keep it right/tight/together for my big day!

  321. Um okay somehow you manage to top yourself every time!! Your giveaways are gag worthy. Winter is coming and my spirits are drooping, this giveaway haul would seriously revamp my mood (and skin, looks like!!).
    Me Me!! pick me!! ;D

  322. Love everything in the giveaway and trying new products! Would love to be able to try them all to be my best self! And who wouldn’t want a pink elliptical?!

  323. Hi Lauryn!!

    I would love to win the giveaway to surprise my twin for her bach party! She has been super stressed TRYING to plan her wedding in April and needless to say, we have nothing planned, and she has given up! So basically, she will be planning her wedding a month in advance like you! I want to at least take some of the stress off her and throw her a surprise bach party and I know the only criteria she has is that it’s “instagram-able” and winning this giveaway would def help! And plus, she will be soooo happy because she loves you!

    Fingers crossed for the win!!


  324. Thank you so much for the giveaway. I’ve had not so great skin lately and would love to try the skin products in this giveaway. Especially the face masks.

  325. I’m eagerly waiting to see what my best friends are planning for my bachelorette party, so this would be a perfect way to hold me over until I get to celebrate at my party!

  326. I would love to win because, I mean, who wouldn’t? Also I just bought those collagen eye pads you’ve been raving about Lauryn and OMG. Life changing. So I honestly can’t even imagine how great this swag will be!

  327. I would love to win because I’m also getting married to a Michael this year!! Such a good name 😉

  328. I want to win because….. who wouldn’t?! It is too good!

    But I am getting married in 3 weeks so it would be perfection for my honeymoon!!! 🙂

  329. I want to win for my future sister in law who is the sister I never wanted but glad I have !! Xx Marley

  330. I want to win so I can share all of these amazing products with my bestie! She’s married and I just got out of a 7 year relationship that was going nowhere, so neither of us are getting married anytime soon. But doesn’t that kind of make me the ultimate bachelorette?? 🙂

  331. OMG THIS IS EVERYTHING. I would love to win this incredible giveaway. Not only do I love you but I follow you and “Susan” on snapchat and Instagram laughing my ass off as you two go about your day! I love the jokes, the sarcasm and the informative information on all things health beauty and business! Your podcast gets me through morning commutes, plane rides and day to day life, I adore it!
    I’ve been on a working holiday in Australia (I know you and Michael love travelling and support the whole getting away thing) for the past 8 months and boy oh boy I would love to win this giveaway. I am currently on a girls trip in bali (you need to come here, so many TSC vibes) and was just telling my gals today how I am pretty excited to get back into a routine when I go back home in December. A mixture between work, travelling, hostels, different roommates, new foods, climates and just being out of “routine” has taken a toll!!! LOL. Needless to say these beauty and hair products will help clear up my skin and my hair that is sooo dry from the salt water… and your meal & workout plan, along with the elliptical…. I mean come on! AND IT IS PINK… aka my middle name!This is a dream and just what I would love to get back into a routine and feel like ‘myself’ again.. until the next adventure of course:)

  332. I need to win because I am currently planning my friends bachelorette party!! The wedding will be in Guatemala and the bachelorette will be so soon. I need these things to make bomb goody bags and prizes for the bachelorette!! This would be amazinggggg

  333. Completely DYING over your bach – Seriously a dream!! Mine was terrible – We all agreed on a cabin weekend, fiancé & his guys crashed it (that part was OK!) but the day before… everyone (but 1) bailed! My MOH decided she didn’t want to fly in for the wedding or the bach so I ended up staying in bed and drinking champagne alone, until two more girls showed up on the last day. Did NOTHING fun or girly, watched guys play beer pong all night and ended up buying some cheap cute shit for myself to wear (in my bed… LOL) because I felt I deserved at least a sash! It was seriously depressing. So now I want a redo (either by myself, or with new friends lol) and this would certainly turn things around!!

    Love it! & I hope whoever wins is STOKED!!!!

  334. I would absolutely die to win this giveaway. I’m a bachelorette myself and in love with your style. There’s nothing you can’t do, ugh.

  335. I would absolutely die to win the giveaway. Such a dream really. I love you and your blog and of course your style. I’m also a bachelorette too (for 7 more months)!

  336. Lauryn,
    I love all of your giveaways! I’ve been following TSC for a couple of years now and I’m obsessed with this one! You always put together the best collections that balance health, beauty, and style! I would be so happy to win this 🙂

  337. Love this giveaway! I want to win because I totally got laid-off and need to be spoiled. Plus, i’m dying to try out all of this, the selection is insane!

  338. To win something from you would be a dream come true! I’ve been reading your blog since your days bartending at Delicioso while teaching pure barre and I am amazed at your growth and ambition!

  339. Hi Lauryn! Your giveaways are the best, Love reading your blog and listen to your podcast. Crossing my fingers so I could win.

    I would love to win this giveaway, I like taking care of my skin but I really just have the essential products and will be great having all these products, this would give me a great boost to look AWESOME!!!

    Your bachelorette was amazing, If I win this giveaway I would even do a SPA day….

  340. OMG poke my eyes out with a fork I need to win this. This giveaway is life. The pink elliptical is life. I will sell my soul if I win. Too far? Sorry bout it. I need to win this because yes gawd this is amazing. I will cry if I win. I also never cry. So yeah. There’s that.

    Pick me thanks.

    P.S. I commented on your 10.26 post as @Kelsey_Prince

  341. Oh my gooooodness Lauryn. Your giveaways are insane!! The Best!! I would absolutely love to try all of those skin care products, I’m in love with those sunnies and a pink elliptical?? No more excuses to work out when I don’t have someone to watch my little. 😉 Thank you for allll you do for your followers. You’re so inspiring… Love watching you on snap and listening to the podcast. Gets me through my long drives and long days at work! Xxoo

  342. Well I’ll be honest. Weddings are so damn expensive. But seriously? It looks like you’ve got to give an arm and leg. So naturally, when you’re saving every penny for your wedding, you don’t get much left over to spend on yourself. Working full time means little time for self love. It would be great to have a little TLC and be pampered, and share the goodies with my friends and mama, who has been helping so much with the wedding planning!

  343. Well, I’ll be honest. Weddings are so damn expensive. They seriously cost an arm and leg, and even that is not enough. Working full time and saving every penny means no time for self love. These goodies would be some serious TLC and I’d love to share them with my girls and mama, who has been so helpful in the highs and lows of wedding planning. XOXO!

  344. Love all the goodies!!!! I would love to win because I am a grad student and can’t afford these fun things 🙂

  345. Would LOVE to win as I am in a long distance relationship and all of these goodies would make me look and feel FAB for when I get to see my boyfriend again. (hellllllo, elliptical!) I legit feel I am the 24 year old version of you and love getting a glimpse into your life as I’m sure I will be the bride you are when I reach that in a few years. You tell it like it is Lauryn when no one else will (Thank God!)

  346. Hi Lauryn! I want to win because I love the TSC brand and your commitment to only promoting quality products that you use. Also I am a broke AF college student who can’t afford this stuff herself 😉 xoxo!

  347. I NEEED that pink elliptical. #workoutmotivation The beauty products are a bonus.

  348. love love LOVE all of these products – such a fab opportunity, and such a generous competition!! your bachelorette getaway looked AAHHHmazing, and some great inspo for the festive season! ???❤️

  349. I work as an adoption coordinator for an open admissions animal shelter. It’s my absolute dream job but because it’s a nonprofit my pay is low And I never get to buy treats like this for myself! and would be awesome to feel pampered a little bad with all of this!!!

  350. LOVE this giveaway and would be thrilled to win. But wait…isn’t the point of a wedding/bachy party for the bride – aka YOU – to get presents??

    I’d kill for a pink treadmill. And those sunglasses. And I’ve been obsessed with the time blocking cube since you posted about it a while back. Basically, I adore everything in her and would love to have your favorites. I spend most of my time dog sitting and planning my own blog launch, which is amazing and feels indulgent, but also leaves little $$ for pampering.

    Love xoxo from San Francisco

  351. You & Erica seriously outdid yourselves on this one!! I am in love with everything here but I think I am especially eyeing that cutie Barbie pink elliptical – so perfect to be able to exercise during the rainy Oregon winter without having to leave my house, and also bring a little bright cheer to the gray skies. I was diagnosed with breast cancer earlier this year and now that I’ve finished treatment, I am really trying to make the turn towards being healthier – Moon Dust! TSC meal plan/program! Not to mention the “fun” things that I think would remind me of the importance of simply feeling pretty and feminine – I’ve been eyeing the Clarisonic Mia for AGES and that lace romper is gorgeous. Reviewed your podcast (LOVE) on iTunes, left you a comment on Insta, and I’m your biggest fan.


  352. What a fantastic giveaway, Lauren! My best friend is the hilarious opposite of me – I am a total product junkie, always in search of my next beauty splurge, while she doesn’t understand why you should wash your makeup off at night!!! With this giveaway, I plan to sit her down and go through each of these products with her and show her why beauty is such a huge part of our worlds! She would finally get the full breakdown and proof she needs!

  353. So I just saw on Snapchat that today is the last day to enter this amazing giveaway. Typical me, last minute as always. I think I have literally entered to win in every single give away at this point and this one is by far the best! I mean a Barbie pink elliptical?! Doesn’t get better than that. Anyways, I love your content..every bit of it and the vibe you had going for your Bach party was so creative it has inspired me for the next time I do a girls weekend. Thanks for all you do for your readers and congrats on the wedding coming up soon!! ❥❥

  354. It was so fun to see you and your girlfriends having a blast in Palm Springs at your Bach party, made me reminisce on my own back in May! There are so many fabulous products in this giveaway, my straightener is at the end of its life so that was a big item that popped out and I don’t know who wouldn’t want a Barbie pink elliptical! My birthdays on Friday so this would be the ultimate giveaway to win! Thanks for giving us the chance to win these great products!

  355. I would LOVE to win this give away because I’m currently in my toughest quarter of chiropractic school and it would seriously brighten my life.

  356. This is the best giveaway! I love watching you snaps and seeing your posts! They are beyond inspirational!

  357. I’d love to win so I could share the goodies with my besties and have a ton of girls nights!

  358. Yep, DEFINITELY want to win this! I loved loved loved watching all of your snaps from the bachelorette party, you give me life!

  359. Obsessed with your blog and especially your health/beauty secrets! You guys are goals in every way.

  360. That Swell water bottle with the white sunnies ALL day every day. They would be my sidekicks for life. I don’t leave the house without a water bottle and sunnies so that would be perfect for me. ❤️

  361. I seriously would die to win this giveaway! For one my wedding is coming up and I’m living off your shredding for the wedding food plan! But more imporatantly your bachelorette goodie bags and hangover kits for your girlfriends was life! I would def put a lot of the product in gifts for the best girls in my life!!! I want to try all of these products for myself too!!!!

  362. This giveaway will bring out my fabulosity even more. I would love to sample all of those great products!

  363. I’m getting married next year in La Paz and all of the prizes you are giving away can help me get ready for my special day!!

  364. Absolutely love all the products you’re always sharing! <3 & a pink elliptical?? Not sure where I'd put it lol but who wouldn't want one! Ahhh hope I win! 😉

  365. I started following your blog about a year ago, and it is my go-to for everything beauty. I’m obsessed with how you talk about taboo topics, and I find myself being guilty of buying so many products that you use. Seriously, brushing the eyebrows up is such a game-changer. I seriously am considering using your AirB&B house for my 25th birthday coming up in December (if only I could afford it). Seriously, the chances of winning this make me giddy, cause who doesn’t love some good details ?! 🙂 I think i might need to buy the sunnies for myself anyways.

  366. I want to win because I’m dying to try out everything!!! I also am obsessed with your style!!!! Your book skinny confidential is like my bible!!❤️

  367. Your bachelorette party looks amazing! So cool of you to do a give away when it’s your big day!
    I’m getting ready for my wedding next September and I hope y bachelorette party is as fun as yours! Our budget is a shoe string, so winning the contest would help to have a girls spa-cation!

  368. This giveaway is incredible! Who wouldn’t want to win this?! You and Susan are my favorite people to follow on Snapchat! Always getting the best of both worlds…life/wellness inspo and business tips! Side note: I also always accidentally take the car keys and require others to Uber to me to get them!

  369. The real question is….why wouldn’t you want to win! This is a girls dream come true ❤️❤️. Just got engaged and my fiancé and I love you guys and your podcast, your blog, phone cases, and Panicky Suzan’s snaps. Thanks for making my commute much more enjoyable, my getting ready time much lovelier with all the products I have bought because of your recommendations! #powercouple #alwayskillingit

  370. Hi Lauryn! Let me start off by saying I love your blog and follow your and Susan’s life on snapchat. *cutest couple ever* I’m commenting for a chance to win the giveaway and while I’m not trying to make this a “poor me” situation, I have had a rough past couple of months. I went from getting a great job in NYC, finally living on my own to having everything backfire. I had a boss that was bi-polar, where one day she would be super nice and want to be my best friend and the next day she was tearing me apart. I wish I could say it gave me tough skin but in reality it broke me down. Instead of facing my problems head on I wanted to run away.. so I made a rash decision to move 4 hours away (where my bf lived) to a small town with no opportunities. After a month and a lot of self realization I moved back home, understanding that when life gets tough you can’t just run away. I know I am still young but the fact remains that finding a job in this day and age is brutal. The search has been tough and I’ve had financial and family stress along the way. I guess you could say that winning this contest would be a small glimmer of hope that maybe things may start turning around for me. I hope you chose me Lauryn because it would really make my day (or year lol). BTW you are going to make such a beautiful bride and I can’t wait to follow along your journey. Best wishes xoxo

  371. Hope you had the most incredible bachy party, Lauryn! Congrats! Love TSC and your adventures. And your hair. #BlondesUnite


  372. All these things would be sooo fantastic to recive but the one I am most excited for is the phillip lim bag. ITS SO CUTE <3 I hope all is well, love the blog!

  373. What a generous giveaway! you guys work harddddd. The T3 hair tools are on my dreeeeam list!

  374. I would love love love to win!! I am a college student so I’m on a serious budget lol!

  375. I want to win for EVERYTHING, specially all of the wellness related items! Keep doing what you’re doing & inspiring girls around the world Lauryn!

  376. Love, love, love! I have been following your blog for about three years now and I have learned SO MUCH! As a product/health/wellness junkie, your suggestions keep me going (as I sip Vitamin C through my Ello glass jar with my silicon straw) always enjoy trying your suggestions (without breaking the bank) and would thoroughly enjoy these giveaway goodies as I prepare to hibernate here in Chicago! xoxo

  377. I never do this- but I really want to win! Lauryn, I’ve been following your blog, Instagram, and Snapchat for a while now and I have to say you truly inspire me.

    As a single mom to the most beautiful special needs two (almost) three year old boy in the world, everything I do is centered around him, every free moment I have from sun up to sun down is to make sure everything in his world is as wonderful and beautiful as it can be, especially since I’m the only parent in his life. It’s on the really hard days, after my little one goes to sleep that I listen to your podcast, stalk your snapchat, marvel at your ridiculously aesthetically pleasing instagram and escape my reality for a bit (my reality is beautiful too but sometimes exhausting).
    With you always telling your readers to pursue our passions and not to let anyone tell us no- it gave me the courage to start my own business flipping and designing homes in northern Minnesota.
    I purchase my first project (to sell) in January!
    So I guess- even if I don’t win, I’m beyond thankful and appreciative that somehow I stumbled across your blog. Thank you for inspiring me daily.


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  386. But for reals, what don’t I want from this giveaway? My name is already Elle, soall I need is that pink elliptical and a chihuahua to go full-fledged Legally Blonde. Lauryn, I follow you on Snapchat and I want is that Moon Juice now! I’m sure every girl out there dreams of a giveaway like this, I know I do.

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  396. I want to win because I love your style and complete envious of how beautiful, fun and how radiant your skin is! Plus you only drink the finest alcohol and can hang like a champ. I just want to follow in your footsteps. If I win I will feel
    That much cooler and that much prettier! Love ya!

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  399. Hey sister! So my fiancé and I have been together for almost 6 years now. We got engaged two weeks ago!! I’m doing a gothic themed wedding as well and have looked to you for so much inspiration. That is how I came across your giveaway!! I am planning a Napa Valley girls trip for my bachelorette and would LOVE to win your giveaway!!! Xoxo @alexandria_zima

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