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Bachelorette Drinks, Dinner, Vibes, Details


Last one. I promise.

Here’s the thing though, there were just TOO MANY DETAILS to squeeze all this info/photos into one, two, three (?) blog posts.

As you know, I DO love a good detail.

But who doesn’t? Details make up the bigger picture.

It’s kind of like you guys came on my bachelorette party at this point. You just don’t have a hangover, which is cool.


Let’s start from the beginning, shall we?



Arrival, HEY HEY:

Location: Airbnb, of course. Airbnb is just the best. Really, I’ve used them so many times & every time, it’s a win. I highly recommend looking into Airbnb as opposed to a hotel…for anything. Parties, weddings, vacations…Airbnb is the way to go. When we arrived at the house, there was a huge basket full of all my favorite things. Literally, they had a BAG OF LEMONS in the basket even. The basket included kale chips, champagne, hot pink flamingo floats, & sparkling grapefruit water. Their attention to detail did not go unnoticed & I will DEFINITELY use them again. Ok so you can also book the exact house we stayed in ( also the owner of the house, Jessica, was a gem ). The house was in perfect condition & I will for SURE be back!



Private chef: so this is a fun story! I did a meet up at Whole Foods in LA and I met the sweetest TSC reader named Grecia who also happened to be a private chef AND blogger. Grecia was kind enough to drive up for the night & make me and my friends some of my grandma’s favorite dishes. We wanted a touch of The Nanz so she put together an insane Gruyère ( a traditional, creamy, unpasteurized, semi-soft cheeseplate with grapes, crackers, & cornishions. The next appetizer was very TSC-ish: super spicy guacamole. Dinner was street tacos with delicious salsa. Oh, & you can check out Grecia’s blog, Salt & Leisure for the spicy guac recipe. YUM.


Next Day…& A Little Hungover:

Eight4Nine: MIMOSA HANGOVER BRUNCH of course. AND JUST THE CUTEST RESTAURANT. On brand, so on brand. Hot pink chairs, super white, bright, great drinks, AND they made the best bun-less burger with heaps of jalapeño, avocado, & sweet potato fries. I highly recommend Eight4Nine if you’re in Palm Springs. They were even nice enough to play Bossanova for us!! This is really the ideal venue for a hangover brunch. You will LOVE.

Manservant: a Manservant is so much yes. Basically, you tell them your type, his duties, & his name ( our’s was named SUSAN of course ). Then he comes over & treats you like a queen. He built my sister’s baby swing ( my nephew, Dax was there! ), fed me grapes, made skinny margaritas, & gave us foot rubs. He also took Instagram pics – a real catch right. FESTIVE. Oh the Manservant can also speak French, fan you with a banana leaf, & propose to you in public. Who cares about strippers when you can have this? You can book a hottie here.


F10 Creative Catering: hand’s down the best catering I’ve ever had. Especially because they had PESTO fries. If you haven’t tried pesto fries, you haven’t lived. I had to find out the hard way guys. Trust me. Try them. My friends were talking about them for days. SO good. F10 Creative Catering was kind enough to come & set up everything in the most beautiful way! They also come & break it down which is a huge plus. AND they made me prosciutto & melon which I love more than life. Really wanted to bring those St. Tropez vibes to Palm Springs. Anyway, the food was all from Cheeky’s & F10 Creative crushed it on the catering. This couldn’t have fit the vibe better!

Green Ribbon Parties: huge thank you to Green Ribbon Parties who helped me plan the food/drinks for my friends. If you’re looking for someone to help you plan your party, Nicole is your girl! She really is in tune with excellent service & a flawless design that COMPLETELY reflects the client ( which I LOVE, ha! ). Nicole was a joy to work with while planning my bachelorette party. Highly recommend. Stalk her on Instagram or at Green Ribbon Parties.


Hydration Station

♡ Tequila: Karma of course. It’s definitely one of my favorites. Really though, I have used Karma since 2011. CRAZINESS. Their blanco is super crisp & very elegant without being too much. Karma’s flirty & fun to sip or add to a skinny margarita. Especially obsessed because it’s 100% agave tequila. CHEERS.


♡ Wine & Champagne: for wine we did a rosé throughout the entire stay. Wölffer Estate was the perfect choice because it’s not too sweet & super refreshing. If you’re doing any upcoming poolside moments, you need this rosé.

For champagne, Piper Heidsieck. Again it’s not too sweet. I am not a sweet person. Personally I prefer dry, crisp, light…nothing heavy. Especially if I’m outside. Piper is perfection in a chilled glass with some pomegranate seeds.

We also found custom wine & champagne labels that said funny things like “GUYS WITH BIG DICKS DRINK ROSE.” Because inside jokes are always fun, right. You can check them out here.


♡ Suja Juices: you’re not surprised here. Suja has been a favorite since…I started blogging? So long ago in fact that I remember trying their juices before they were sold in stores! Their juices are non-GMO, organic, & cold pressured. Suja is really the best juice ever if you’re hungover…or if you want a mixer. It could go either way you know. No surprise, Lemon Love is one of my favorites. It’s a lemon-y, spicy cayenne juice that tastes insane with tequila. Spark ( a strawberry/cherry medley ) is also fun with champagne. We stocked the fridge full & they were gone VERY QUICK. If you’re more of a detox person, check out their charcoal lemonade. I may or may not have needed 100 of them after all these shenanigans. All the girls drank the charcoal lemonades ( a natural detoxifier with activated charcoal ) in the AM to flush the alcohol out. YES PLZ.

♡ Boxed Water: obviously we needed water. Boxed Water is great because its free from chromium, arsenic, MTBE, chlorine, fluoride, & trace pharmaceuticals. PLUS their water is purified with UV, carbon, & reverse osmosis filtration. Fancy & oh-so-good.

Bachelorette Party Ideas | by the skinny confidential

{ did I mention my parents crashed my bachelorette party too? }

It’s All In The Details, BABY:

♡ Desserts: we kept desserts simple but with a twist ( what’s new here? ). Bliss & Baker made the sweetest little boxes with pink and black stickers on them. Inside each box were the most delicious rice crispie treats with colorful sprinkles. I love this company because everything they do is personalized. From the boxes to the stickers. CUTE.

bachelorette-party-20-by-the-skinny-confidentialBachlorette Party | by the skinny confidential

Since we knew there was an outdoor fire pit we stocked up on marshmallows & dark chocolate and made s’mores by the fire. We made sure the roasting sticks were cute too, LOL. Details!

Anyway, nostalgic desserts, just how I like them.

Table Decor/Random Details: so many of you guys have asked about the white wine glasses. They kind of were the party’s claim to fame.

So when I was in St. Tropez I found these white goblet glasses & NEEDED TO HAVE THEM IN MY LIFE. They were gorgeous. I looked all over the Internet. NOTHING. Finally after 204574305 hours of looking, I found some random-ass site that sold 12 of them. Hope that helps.


The table was decorated with St. Tropez x Palm Springs vibes. Lots of fake leaves, pineapples, the freshest Coconut & Lemongrass candles, black plates, & gold silverware.

My GF, Erica, made a DIY clothesline with tiny pink clothes pins. She had all the girls bring the sexiest lingerie. From there she hung all the lingerie up across the clothesline. It was SO CUTE and SO easy. It was fun to have out at the pool all week too.

This was such a cheeky idea. Erica is the DIY queen…can you tell? ( She also wrote about the party on her blog, Fashionlush ).



FUNBOY was a huge theme because every girl in the world needs a colorful swan float for Instagram if there’s a pool, right? No surprise there I guess.

Also for more details: you can find the full breakdown of the decor here, a bachelorette-esque playlist here, hangover kits & goodie bags here, all my outfits here, & a mini recap here.

Flowers: THE BOUQS of course! Definitely one of the best online flower delivery services. You know this if you’ve read this post featuring my favorite person ever. Basically the stunning flowers arrive to your door in a box. Once removed, they’re fresher than fresh, in a vase, ready to go. The flowers are the most vibrant colors EVER. I’d love fresh BOUQS in my house weekly…………just saying. But who wouldn’t? I mean have you seen their tulips?


At the bachelorette party we did all white roses which was perfect for the Palm Springs setting.

Sleepy Time Details: yes, yes, yes. Sleep details are very, VERY important. Each girl received Slip silk sleep masks ( some girls like to stay up late…some don’t ). AND we all had robes. You know I love contrast so we did black cotton robes & ballet slipper pink silk robes from Love Ophelia. They’re the LITERAL PERFECT bachelorette robes.


Honestly I still can’t take my pink robe off — I’ll share pictures from my bridal shower soon & you’ll see why I’m obsessed. Lastly, kombucha. Better Booch has a ‘Goodnight Rose’ flavor that we put by everyone’s bed. This particular flavor is oolong tea mixed with rose petals & is known to give you a calming sense of peace. Sleep ready!


Snapchat geo filters: for the four-day party we did four geo filters. You can see one of them on my Instagram here. I worked with the talented artist, Kelcey Vossen ( @knicolevossen ). Kelcey is amazing you guys ( remember her here? ). She sat on the phone with me while I blabbed about all my crazy geo filter visions…I actually do not know how she did it. Each filter was literally exactly what I wanted & then some. THANK YOU KELCEY.

…as you can see: IT TAKES A VILLAGE !!!

Bachelorette Party Ideas | by the skinny confidentialbachelorette-goodie-bags-17-by-the-skinny-confidential9

PHEW! That is all.

I hope you’re inspired in some kind of way whether it’s inspiration for an upcoming party, a sorority get together, &/or your own bachelorette party! Thorough has clearly been the theme this past week…NOW? Bridal shower & wedding.

Questions? Happy to answer. Leave anything & everything below ( if I’ve missed something OMGGGGG, please let me know! ).

Ok, I’m out. Going to take a huge shot……..of apple cider vinegar & go to sleep.

Happy Monday! lauryn x

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{ photos | PC sticks }

bachelorette-party-32-by-the-skinny-confidentialfood-at-bachelorette-party-by-the-skinny-confidentialBachelorette Party Ideas | by the skinny confidential

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  1. Jeez! This looks INSANE! I can’t even imagine how the wedding is going to be.. I love ALL the details!!!!! I’m going to printscreen everything and someday I will micromanage the shit out of my friends! Also : I’m looking for those white wine glasses for ages now, I live in the Netherlands and everything hip and cool in America is nowhere to be found here. What is that random ass site where you found them? I will pay any ridiculous shipping amount for them! Thanks for the post, it truly looks like a dream party and the touch of Nanz is so beautiful!! xo Ries

    1. It was a BLAST! Thanks for following along Richelle! You can find the glasses here: xx

    2. By the way, also went on a huge hunt for white glasses as they’re no longer sold at that random site! I found some here: hope it helps!

  2. Awesome post as always! This is all SUPER helpful because I have a couple bachelorette’s i’m planning next year and one of them is in Palm Springs! Yours turned out so perfect! Question, did you have all the bridesmaids pitch in for decor, etc.? Could you maybe do a post on your opinion of bachelorette/wedding shower etiquette for bridesmaids? I know you didn’t per say have bridesmaids, but I’ve found this to be a really tricky topic while planning 🙂


    1. SO fun!! Yes the girls all pitched in to make this happen. Love the idea of an etiquette post Lindsey! xx

  3. This place looks amazing! From all your snaps of that weekend it looked like so much fun! Did you guys have to bring a lot of decorations or were most of it already there?

    1. It was well decorated but we definitely brought a ton of stuff to make it TSCesque. Just ask Jordan and Mimi LOL. xx

  4. Did you buy the marshmallow roasting sticks with the floral print? Or Did you guys make them??

  5. Oh my gosh, your bachelorette party was so cute! I love all the black and white themed decor. So fun! Looks like y’all had a blast. That would be my parents too, crashing my party lol.

  6. This is seriously the cutest decorated bachelorette party EVER! That table decor is to die for and I NEED those rosé bottles in my fridge, STAT!!

  7. Love everything about this! Where did you get the Slip sleep masks embroidered? I would love to do that for my sister’s wedding next weekend!

  8. Lauryn!! I’ve been following your blog for over a year now and am so so excited to see all of your wedding excitement & planning come to fruition. Everything about this event looks PERF and the photos are amazing. Congratulations to you and Michael 🙂

  9. Omg…the butler/servant guy you have…SO FUNNY I LOVE IT. I’m actually having my bachelorette in Palm Springs so I’m taking very detailed notes & forwarding this post to my MOH!!!

  10. Lauryn! Can you tell me where I can customize and order those awesome sun hats! What a great idea 🙂

    1. They’re on Amazon! Link is above. If you can’t find it, e-mail me!

  11. I am in love with these gifts!

    How did you get your sleep masks embroidered? I do not see an option for this on Net-a-Porter.

  12. Just curious, did you plan the Bachelorette or your bridesmaid, and did you know about it?

    My BF is having hers on Sunday and her bridesmaid is (terribly) organising it for this Sunday (seems like we don’t have reservations for anything yet OMG), so I’m just curious how it is usually handled 🙂

  13. Hi there! Wondering about the white ball decor on the hedge you have – were those just balloons that you buried the string in the hedge? Would love to do something similar!


  14. Love every bit of this! Where did you get your sunnies? Those sunglasses hit your theme perfectly!

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