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Baby Shower: Theme, Decor, Planning Tips & Details – Part 2

Hey guys, whats up?

We’re back for part 2 of my alligator pastel themed baby shower. If you missed part 1, be sure to scope it here so this all makes more sense. To give a quick refresh:

Patricia from Southern Charm threw an alligator themed party on the show & I just thought it was so unique so I had to copy her on the idea. We met Patricia to record a podcast not too long ago & she was kind enough to send us some of the alligators for the party.

Anyway, we kept the theme masculine with the alligators, but added in a pastel element to keep our friends & family guessing before we revealed the gender. The whole thing turned out very Disneyland & Alice In Wonderland-esque. As I said, head over to part 1 to peep all the specifics. There’s also a video at the end of this post, so be sure to scope that too.

Today, we’re breaking down my outfit & the goodie bags. 

I wanted to wear white because no one knew the gender except Michael & my sister Faye ( her son Daxton guessed it was a girl which is so funny ), but other than that we were very hush hush.

For my outfit, I wore a two-piece set from ASOS. The shirt was a cropped, v-neck long sleeve & the skirt was a white pencil skirt. The material was thick & it really held me in. The skirt is here, but the top is sold out ( similar here ).

I also found some similar looks on Verishop for you guys:

ribbed midi skirt | crop tank |pastel purple dress |sunglasses

I paired the set with a lilac headband to bring some pastels into it, & I found this perfect one on Amazon. It’s really pretty & perfect because it looked super expensive, but it wasn’t. It was like a patent leather lilac. Talk about the shoes

SHOES! Mimi, my other little sister Faye, Erica & I all decided to wear shoes inspired by Romy & Michele. We found 4 different different colors on Amazon & they were surprisingly comfy. They were a bit stripper-y but we wanted it that way to be funny. They’re such a good find & were only $35. Scope out all the colors here ( I got pink of course ).

Mimi actually made hers by getting some blue shoes & pasting some blue feathered boa on it.

Anyway, I completed my look with a bubblegum pink, faux crocodile wrist bag. The bag is from Cult Gaia & it’s sold out now, but they have tons of other cute ones. You can find a similar pink one here. It’s just so cute & I can’t wait to wear it again. My mani & pedi were white- thank you Glamquad ( seriously the most efficient thing ever ) & I had an organic spray tan before.

Kelsey ( @kelsey_long_artistry ) came to the party as my friend but also did my makeup. Shawn did my hair & we did a Barbie curl to go with the lilac headband. ( If you want Shawn’s favorite hair products, check out her post here. )

Arielle who’s been my friend for years shot the whole baby shower ( & my wedding too ) & Chris Tran, was there taking video. ( Video to come soon !! )

Ok, moving right along. Let’s get to the goodie bags.

We really wanted all the brands ot show through, so we did cellophane bags with pink ribbons & an alligator sticker & Baby Boss sticker on each bag.

Baby Shower Goodie Bag Deets:

♡ Glow Recipe 
website | instagram

Obsessed with Glow Recipe. I love their products & it also helps that all of them are pastel colored. They made sure our goodie bags were nice & packed with their pink juice moisturizer. If you haven’t heard of it, it’s this gel kind of moisturizer that’s so good for fine lines & wrinkles, plus dryness & redness. It’s super lightweight & made with watermelon extract, hyaluronic acid & other botanicals. It’ll leave you so glowy.

♡ Kopari
website | instagram

Big fan of Kopari. We included their mini coconut scrub which is so good to get your lymphatic system going in the morning. Honestly, this scrub is so good – “The one-of-a-kind Coconut Crush Scrub is infused with a uniquely delicious blend of coconut oil, crushed Tahitian coconut shells, and brown sugar to hydrate and buff dry, dull skin for a silky smooth, lit-from-within glow. The complexion is left looking polished, restored, and radiant with a sweet, milky coconut scent to transport you to the tropics.”

If you want to try other Kopari pråoducts, their all natural deodorant is a game-changer & I’ve been using their lip balm forever. The best part is all their products are safe for pregnancy.

Lana Nicole Events
website | instagram

Lana worked with me to make custom Cheeto’s bags that said BABY BOSSTICK & skittles bags that said BABY BOSS. We also made BOSStic tic tacs for the goodie bags. I thought this was such a fun way to personalize some takeaways for the guests.. Any opportunity I can get to be creative  & to make a project fun, I take. I just love a special touch like this.

♡ Poo~Pourri
website | instagram

Poo~Pourri is all over my house- it basically works like magic. You spritz the bowl before you go & it creates this barrier on the surface of the water & traps the odor below. This is incredibly efficient if you share your bathroom with you S.O. or a roommate. You should know that there are NO harsh chemicals—just the good stuff. Unlike the other guys, Poo~Pourri is safe to breathe & safe to flush. All the stuff we like: no fake fragrances, no parabens, & thank God- no formaldehyde. It’s just a bunch of essential oils that work. This is all so important when getting a house baby-ready so I thought it was perfect to include a little bottle in the goodie bags.

♡ Softy Straws
website | instagram

This is my favorite straw brand on the planet so instead of using paper or plastic at the shower, I wanted everyone to experience a Softy Straw moment. I reached out & asked if they could send us a bunch of straws so we also included them in the goodie bags. We had them throughout the party hanging out of watermelon mimosas.

website |instagram

This brand makes these drinks with prebiotics, botanicals & plant fiber. Fiber has been a huge theme on the blog this year so it was very on brand to have these. We served Olipop drinks at the party, but also included them in the goodie bags. Pop a pink Softy Straw in them & you have the most Instagrammy drink.

♡ Taja Collection
website | instagram

We worked with Taja Collection to create Baby Bosstick candles. These were all around the tables & in the goodie bags. They made these beautiful matte white candles that fit perfectly with the theme.

This is one of my favorite candle brands because of their customization. They’re out of control with how gnarly they customize. If you’re looking for a brand that really takes it to the next level, then this is the brand for you. I cannot recommend them enough when it comes to candle customization. They also worked with me to design a candle specifically for my niece Luna. This company also does custom diffusers & vases.

♡ Woo More Play
website | instagram

As you guys know Woo is my husband’s company. They make coconut oil lube which just makes everything better. It won’t mess with your PH & is totally safe to eat. Fun! They also have Freshies which are wipes that come in this fun little box that you can just throw in your bag. They were such a fun addition to the goodie bags.

 We wanted each guest to leave feeling fresh from the Freshies & dewy from the skin care.

After filming all the details of the party, Chris Tran went around & asked each guest to say something to me, Michael, Baby Bosstick, or all of us. We didn’t see this happen so it was so special & fun to watch it & reflect on it after the shower.

Another fun thing we did is we had a book at the goodie bag table. But not just a baby book, we bought a Beverly Hills Hotel coffee table book. If you haven’t seen one, it’s this beautiful pink book full of all the secrets of the hotel. We had pink sharpies in a BHH mug for everyone to write notes in the book. It was so special to me that my dad & Julie found the page with the picture of Faye Dunaway ( that we recreated for our pregnancy announcement ) & signed it. I thought it was so fun & creative.

So there are all the specifics on the baby shower. If you haven’t checked out part one, be sure to check it out! Hope you guys loved being included in the shower & let me know if you have any questions about anything below.

It was so fun to have you guys come along on the Instagram stories & if you don’t know what I’m talking about, go checkout the highlight on my Stories called ‘bb shower.’

Also be sure to check out this video of the whole event. It’s super fun.

I have to say though, I’m not throwing a party for a while. I need a hot minute.

Hopefully this inspires you to have a baby shower, your way & on your own terms. For me, that meant no games, no opening presents, & coed. Doing things the way YOU want & the way YOU want to remember them is better than tradition. Personalize your event for you.

Sometimes we do things the way society tells us  to, but it’s more fun to do it your way & curate events to your personality. ( Like I just didn’t want to wear something blue to my wedding, ya know ? )

Chat soon.

x, lauryn

+ read about the gender reveal, cocktails & food in baby shower part 1.

++ scope our wedding recap here.


  1. Hi Lauryn Evarts,
    What a gorgeous baby shower you had, it’s so much fun organizing these sort of events. I love doing all my own DIY invites, decorations etc too. I done some of it for my wedding too.

  2. What an awesome baby shower. I’ve gotten some great DIY decoration ideas for a baby shower. Thanks for sharing.

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