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BABY BABY BABY: Part 2 of My Pregnancy Journey


The baby wants what it wants. Totally blaming the baby for everything. It’s like “Michael the baby likes the air conditioning at 72 degree please- not 65.” Sometimes it’s “MMMMmmm you know what sounds good? A back rub followed by a scalp massage & then maybe you can book me facial-it’s good for the baby.” Or even “hunny the baby is craving gluten-free mac n’ cheese with lemon, sea salt, & pepper- I can’t help that it’s 10:30 pm at night you know!”

Anyway. Before I get into this post I want to mention something- I am so new to pregnancy- I literally know nothing about it. So please bare with me- & understand that I don’t understand this process yet. On that note I think it’s important I acknowledge anyone who has struggled with pregnancy in any way. Because I am so sort of ignorant to this whole process, it’s hard to know about all the different facets. But I do know one of the facets is that people struggle with getting pregnant, miscarriage, etc., so I feel like I should say: wherever you’re at, don’t let my journey or anyone else’s be a compass for your own. Everyone is different. Everyone’s BODY is different. Every experience is different.

I’m just sharing my own- leave what you don’t like, take away what makes sense. 

OK so to the PART 2 of the pregnancy story. 

Wait- before we get into that though, I feel like you need to watch the vlog:

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SO INSTEAD OF ME TELLING YOU HOW I TOLD MICHAEL, you can see for yourself! You’re right there with us. There was more to the conversation but these are a bunch of snippets. The announcement to our parents, sister, cousins, aunts, uncles was done at my dad & stepmom’s restaurant, ALCE 101 & they were all SHOCKED !!

The plane flew above the restaurant for 30 minutes with a huge sign you see saying: BABY BOSSTICK 2020. We Facetimed a bunch of our close friends & finished the night with a delicious dinner ( you guys have to try ALCE if you’re in San Diego ), BETCHIN’ CAKES custom cake ( it said ‘HAPPY BIRTHDAY GLAMMA’ with my mother-in-law baby-sitting the baby while me & Michael are traveling all over the world- HAHAHAH. Which is how we got everyone to the restaurant in the first place: we said we were celebrating Lisa’s birthday ), & then gifted all the grandparents bottles of their alcohol of choice ( which were each encrusted with Swarovski crystals by The Crystal Ninja ). It was an incredible night. Anyway I hope you loved this video- we really wanted to bring you along behind the scenes for the last 5 months with this. You guys are the foundation of this community so I am pretty cognitive about making sure you’re part of the journey ! 

As you can see when it came to taking social media pictures, I found good light, the right angles, & learned to become an expert at REALLY sucking it in when the camera was around. Like it hurt my rib cage like Kate Winslet in Titanic– but what can you do? I started showing around 4 months so it was pretty easy to conceal for a long time. Now my bump has popped though. 

As far as keeping it to ourselves: we wanted to keep it to ourselves for 5 months- like enjoy the moments alone, you know. This came as a surprise so we wanted time to savor the whole situation. Without outside advice. For as long as possible. It was that simple. 

The easy parts: it’s been easy- no morning sickness besides one weekend I got sick. I have worked out every day to stay active & done a lot of walking. I feel normal- just with a belly. 

The hard parts: it’s difficult gaining weight. I don’t like how it feels. If you’re interested in this, I’ll do a post. I struggled at first. I’m a little more tired & hungry & grumpy if Michael fucks with me. Things smell too- like smells bug me. And I need extra all-natural deodorant because HORMONES. My pregnancy brain is in full effect- I forget shit. Also I MISS wine. LOL. 

As far as alcohol- I stopped drinking when I found out I was pregnant. I miss my wine, not going to lie. Like a lot. It’s sad without mimosas at brunch & red wine in France. But I’m growing a human, so I just cut it. I explained to Michael that drinking when I’m pregnant feels like this: if I smoked cigarettes & every time I smoked it blew right into my chihuahua’s face. I wouldn’t do it. So that’s how it feels to drink- it just feels like I’m pouring wine in the baby’s mouth. It feels unnecessary. There are plenty of people who drink when they’re pregnant & I personally think: to each their own. It’s not my business. As far as my IG Stories from travel: all the “drinks” are MOCKtails or Michael’s ( or sometimes he double fisted ). AND I have had some non-alcoholic beers- which is boring as shit. Looking forward to the day I can have a MICROMANAGED skinny margarita. 

If you’re interested in more pregnancy details, listen to the latest podcast. We get into it. And if you’re not, I get it. I just became interested like 2 months ago- LMFAO. 

Back to your regular programming tomorrow ( & if you want the nitty gritty- expect some solo podcasts & BTS on Instagram Stories ( where today I literally showed you how I disguised my pregnancy ).

Leave your all your pregnancy skincare, beauty, healthy remedies recommendations below- I need all the help I can get really?


Chat tomorrow, lauryn x



( video: Christopher Tran )


  1. Gaining weight was hard for me too and it’s nice for you to share that bc I felt like everyone thought I was being shallow. It was real for me though – it made me feel gross. Post baby was tough for the same reason – STILL not being able to fit into my clothes, etc. i expected to bounce back immediately and that wasn’t my reality. I didn’t recognize myself for the longest time. I stayed active through my entire pregnancy and worked out consistently until a few days before I went into labor. It took time, but I think it helped my body to find its way back to normal. I am really psyched that you are sharing this experience with us! CONGRATS. I’m so happy for you guys which is crazy because I don’t know you. Excited for this journey!

    1. aw thank u for sharing! that is going to be good to keep in mind. && thank u for your support

  2. This is so adorable!! You will make a great mamma. Its obvious in this video how much you already love this little “seed” (sorry I had to, lol). Glad you’ve been able to savor these moment. Congrats!

    1. LOL the seed analogy from him is just too much. thank you thank you thank you for your support

  3. It is SO hard watching that number creep up on the scale when you are pregnant. Like, so, so hard. I hated it. But I still checked my weight all the time because I wanted to know. But just think – after you have the baby it is an AMAZING feeling when you drop like, 10-15 pounds in just a couple days haha. The no alcohol was so difficult, too. I’m with you on the non-alcoholic beer being boring. People tried to get me non-alcoholic wine, and it was like why? The only fun part was once I downed a whole bottle of it at a wine bar when I was 9 months pregnant and had old people just judging me so hard. I had a blast with it. When I was pregnant some of the things that were lifesavers for me were a pregnancy pillow, a weighted blanket, magnesium Calm tea, lemon ginger tea, mint chocolate chip Halo Top, Belli Skincare peppermint face scrub (my acne was out of control), and like you said, exercise. I worked out up until the day I delivered (and I was a week late..). It felt like the only thing that kept me sane. Good luck girl – you got this. It’s so hard but really, really worth it.

  4. Gaining weight was so hard for me too. Especially because I was so sick and could only eat certain things. The even hard part is not losing it when you have the baby because you aren’t the priority anymore. Congrats!! I look forward to reading all the posts! My babies are 12 and 1.

  5. If Michael does not bring you a skinny half rim of salt margarita TO THE HOSPITAL the day the baby is born I am personally filing for divorce on your behalf.

  6. I just had my little girl three months ago so all this pregnancy stuff is still fresh in my brain. One thing that helped me a LOT while I was pregnant was a piece of advice you always give, actually 🙂 “You do you.” It’s like once you’re pregnant everyone feels like it’s their right to tell you their horror stories, tell you what you just “need” to do, tell you what you’re doing wrong, tell you anything they want. I struggled with that a bit but really tried to remember that it was my pregnancy and my journey and who cares what other people think, even if they are family lol

    Anyway, being a mama is more amazing than I ever thought it would be and I’m so excited for you and Michael! Cheers!

  7. I am seriously so excited for you guys!! I have two girls and they are the best thing that has ever happened to me. As far as skincare, I kept mine the same because mine is pretty natural, but I will say that I got some of that icky darkened patches around the edges of my forehead towards the end of the pregnancy…it’s called the “pregnancy mask” if you wanna google it. Anyways I treated it postpartum with some peels from Rodan & Fields, so look up your local gal who MLM’s that ‘ish and you’ll be good. 🙂

  8. please do a post on gaining weight during your pregnancy! i’m not trying to get pregnant in the near future but that is one of my biggest concerns. i lost like 60 lbs and hope to lose a few more lbs./tighten up but because of my weight loss i can’t imagine being pregnant and having a belly/gaining weight again. i feel like it’s seriously going to fuck with my head so i’d love to hear more about how you’re handling it and your thoughts! love you!

  9. So happy for you, can’t wait to watch the vlog (I’m at work right now shhhh!)

    I totally know what you mean about gaining weight. At first it was a little hard, mostly because I didn’t know what to expect. Would I blow up consistently each week? Would I ever be able to lose it afterwards? WHAT THE HELL DO I WEAR?! But in the end, it all worked out beautifully. Somehow I didn’t become a whale and within weeks most of the weight was gone and within a few months I really *felt* like myself again.

    My one biggest piece of advice is to not really take advice from people. I know that’s an oxymoron haha. Even though you say you’re not that maternal and you don’t have much experience with babies, I promise your instincts will kick in and you’ll feel in your gut what is right for you. Read a couple books, but not too many because they start to contradict each other, and take only what feels right for you. We chose to only read one and a half books because I wanted to trust my innate feminine knowledge rather than consult some other person’s advice when I was at a crossroads with baby. And it worked out well and left me feeling really empowered when I did something and the baby really responded well because it was MY idea, not something I read somewhere. Also, if something feels wrong, even if everyone says otherwise, don’t keep doing it. For me, breastfeeding never sounded appealing but I wanted to try anyways because of “all the health benefits” and because it’s what my mom did. But it was INCREDIBLY painful, baby never got a hang of it so I was pumping instead which was basically double feeding so I was up at ALL hours of the night, and I was just miserable. In my gut I knew I wanted to try switching to formula but I was so afraid because the nurses had basically said my baby would be screwed and because I felt like everyone expected me to breastfeed. But I finally broke down and told my husband and his response? “FINALLY! Thank GOD!” He had felt so helpless while I was struggling and we decided right then and there. Sure, my family judged me a little (though they never said it to my face lol) but we never looked back and immediately I enjoyed motherhood.

    Anyways, that was long but just do what is right for you. You’ve always done that so I think you’ll do just fine 😉 but I know it can be harder when it comes to another person you are caring for.

    xo Mary-Katherine

  10. It was sooo hard to gain weight, I had fat face from like week 5, I totally get it. But I also enjoyed myself during my pregnancy and it was nice to not have to suck it in after dinner haha enjoy this process, it’s magical and surreal. Can’t wait to see your journey!

  11. I love this and I knew you were pregnant!!

    I hated the weight gain so much, it was super hard for me to understand I didn’t have control over everything anymore. But I am so excited for this next stage in your lives, guys this is going to change so much !!

    Stephanie Vainer | a learning story blog

  12. I am 4 months pregnant and I’m so excited to go through this with you!! Not kidding, the other day I was listening to the podcast and thought, I really wish she would interview someone about pregnancy and staying healthy while also trying to not stress! It’s all new to me and I’ve been hating when my coworkers have told me I’m starting to show lately, like how rude, thanks for noticing the weight gain ? so so happy and excited for you!

  13. I don’t have kids and probably won’t at this stage of my life, but I love reading about your journey because I feel like if I ever did kids this is exactly how I would be. I have changed exactly 1 diaper in my life so I’m living vicariously through you!

  14. Skin care tip – I spent like $100 in a postpartum haze on moisturizers a few weeks after I gave birth because my skin was dry and flaking and irritating and I kept trying new products because nothing would fix it! And then my friend finally told me that was just a side-effect of breastfeeding and there was nothing to do but wait for my hormones to regularize while drinking unbelievable amounts of water. Lol. Sure enough, about a month in my face was back to normal.

  15. I’m SOOOO happy for you & Michael. I literally cried watching Michael cry when he found out at breakfast! LOL, so excited for you both & this exciting new chapter. I’m nowhere near building a family or anything like that BUT I am SO interested in your journey. It’s making me so happy <3


  16. I highly recommend Bringing Up Bebe! My husband and I followed a lot of strategies from that book, and people always ask us how our daughter is so well-behaved, haha. 🙂

    1. I agree! It helped me so much with establishing a sleep schedule as a new mom!

  17. Bringing up Bebe is a must read! I have my copy highlighted and dog eared like crazy! The sleep advice is amazing and my son was in his crib in his own room at 6 weeks. I just wish I could be ad chic as the French moms.

    1. don’t we all wish we were as chic as the french ?! will have to check this out!

  18. Hey: Would love for you to share what you have changed about the various supplements and vitamins you take. When I was was preggo I was very frustrated by the fact that the general response from my doctor seemed to be (regarding supplements or skin care stuff), if there has been no study showing it’s 100% okay for the baby, don’t take it. I know you are being strict about booze (I was too because it was just easier NOT to drink and NOT to worry— and besides who wants just one small glass of wine?), are you being strict about supplements? Would love a post. And by the way, since I know you are a reader, def. check out “Expecting Better” ( The author is a data scientist and when she got pregnant she really went nuts breaking down all the various studies and what actually matters and what is faulty logic.

  19. I just found out I was pregnant (4 weeks!) and I felt everything. Crazy right? How one person feels nothing and the other feelings it all. I am talking “implentation bleeding” and everything. I absolutely love how you documented everyone’s reaction and I think I am going to do the same. It’s so priceless! I am really looking forward to your posts and podcast episodes about everything you learn! Congrats!

  20. I would LOVE for you to write more on the gaining weight struggles. I just found out I’m pregnant and we were shocked as well to say the least. I know I’m going to feel weird about getting bigger, even though I’m growing a human inside of me. I’m just freaked out in general!

    1. if someone isn’t at least a little freaked out the first go around, they have to be lying right??? congrats & thank you for the support

  21. Who would ever die I during pregnancy? There is just absolutely no safe amount of alcohol during pregnancy that can be considered safe. I thought everybody knew that but since you said some people drink during pregnancy I felt the need to comment. So please ladies, enjoy the margaritas when the baby is outside the womb!

  22. Would love to hear your take on weight gain.I jst found out I’m pregnant with my first baby and I am FREAKING out about all the body changes (esp weight gain). I feel guilty that I’m not more concerned about the baby being normal/healthy. I am only 5 weeks though. But seriously- FREAKING out about the weight gain. Happy to find somebody who is at least honest about being concerned about it. Would lvoe to hear your thoughts.

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