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Getting Ready To Give Birth: What’s In My Hospital Bag

Hey guys, what’s up!

The other day I did a hospital bag breakdown on my Instagram Stories. So many DMs & questions came through about exactly what’s in it. So here we are with a dedicated post on the matter, because as you can guess, it’s fucking specific.

So, in this post we’re going to go over each thing, with links & details.

If you’re not pregnant, I apologize, but I just feel like I have to this post for anyone who’s about to become a mom.

It’s an important thing, ya know? The hospital bag. That’s why I actually made a specific Amazon Store called “What’s in my Hospital Bag” & I also talked about it on my new Instagram account ( Follow along for standout stars & total gems that I just think everyone needs. You’ll find the best, most useful accessories, skin care, office gadgets & just things you can’t live without. )

Anyways, let’s start with the actual bag. This is something that I designed with Stoney Clover. They have the cutest stuff. We created this bag that wasn’t too ‘baby’ if you know what I mean. We went with a black bag, gold zipper & matching pouches to go with the bag. The big bag says BABY BOSS, and the 2 little bags say DIAPERS & BABY BOSS. It turned out so cute & I just like black for the hospital because it won’t show too much dirt ( also just really into black for babies right now ).

Alright, let me pull out my scroll & we’ll get into exactly what’s in my hospital bag. ( You might wanna add some of these to your list to pack in your hospital bag )

Baby Bosstick Hospital Bag

Barefoot Dreams Leopard Blanket

If you don’t have one of these & you’ve been reading TSC for a while now, we gotta talk. They’re the actual best. It’s the softest, most buttery, most comfortable blanket in the world. The Kardashians love it, my dogs love it, we love it.

Baby Barefoot Dreams Blanket

We got this for the baby in white. It’s super neutral which I’m very about right now ( for the baby ). This is a mini version of the one above & it’s so soft & luscious.

Another White Blanket

Just in case I need it, I decided to bring another white blanket to the hospital. You just never know, right?

Neutral Swaddles

As I said above, very into neutral for the baby. Our nursery designer, Jada, picked these specific swaddles out. They’re from Snuggle Me & they’re super soft. We also have a white one with gold hearts that I’m very much about.

Chic Hospital Gown

Nothing grosses me out more than wearing a hospital gown that other people have worn. I have vasovagal & everything in hospitals really grosses me out. This cute gown is on Amazon, it’s pink & white polka dot, & most importantly…it’s my own.

 You can make these as your home outfit, or just comfy clothes to wear during labor.

Heating Pad

Every single person including my doula recommended a heating pad. It helps to relieve cramps, so I bought one. Let’s hope this works.

Comrad Compression Socks

In pink of course !! These socks came recommended to me by my friend Rachel. She works at Dr. Barrett’s office ( they did my boob job ) & she loves them. I tried them out & I think they’re gonna be great for swelling. Compression wear is known to help: reduce swelling, improve circulation, & helps rebuild your muscles.

L’ovedbaby Onesies

These are organic, cotton onesies. Again, opted for neutrals here.

HONEST Diapers

We brought some HONEST diapers and wipes just in case. The hospital has diapers, but we are bringing our own anyway. ( If you’re on an HONEST fan check out my tour with Jessica Alba here. )

♡ Alllllllll My Own Skin Care

As you can see I have a pink makeup bag filled with my favorite skin care. You can expect, Elemis oil, Heartspring Rose mist, Barbara Sturm calm drops, & some Drunk Elephant moisturizer ( & my pink toothbrush ).

Atroscious Women’s Maternity Underwear

These are BIG, they’re large, they’re in charge, but so comfortable. I figure if I’m going to be extremely uncomfortable then I may as well have the most comfortable underwear ever.

Breast Pump

So many people recommended this Medela breast pump. I’m not sure if I’m breastfeeding or not, I could go either way. Need to try it first. However, if you want to breastfeed, then a nursing bra is a great way to easily feed your baby on demand + a nursing pillow to give further comfort for the baby when breastfeeding.

Hipp Formula

This formula came highly recommended. It’s a German formulation & I wanted to be prepped in case I don’t breast feed.

Pink & Clear Bottles

Super cute, BPA free & easy to hold.

Barefoot Dreams Socks

Surprise surprise. Barefoot Dreams socks are going in the hospital bag. You should also note that we brought shower shoes & slippers, but they’re in Michael’s bag- don’t need them crowding mine. LOL.

Baby Mittens

We got these from my sister-in-law Jordan. They’re so cute & neutral. She gave us a huge list of stuff we needed to bring, so that was really helpful.

♡ Candy

Everyone told us to bring candies & lollipops, so I chose Yum Earth & Smart Sweets. For more on this candy & why I love it check out this post.

Fashionlush Coin Purse Full of Vitamins

My friend Erica designed these cute coin purses so I filled mine with Ritual Prenatals, SEED probiotics & amino acids.

Medela Tender Care Hydrogel Pads

These are for my nipples. What else can I say?

♡ Misc. Stuff

+ CBD oil to rub on my stomach.

+ a belly band to hold things in.

+ K’pure Settle Down spray.

+ Young Living tangerine oil ( & peppermint because I heard it helps with nausea. ) Check out my post on oils here.

+ Mary by Daniva nipple cream.

+ strawberry candies

+ Your favorite lip balm ( being in labor can make your lips chapped )

+ Leyla Milani hairbrush ( mini of course, to keep things organized ).

+ Tums in case I get heartburn ( let’s hope not, cause the baby will be out of me, right? ).

+ water wipes

+ sheet masks ( you never know ).

+ belly mask ( again, you never know ).

+ a deck of pink playing cards.

+ If you don’t like hospital food then bringing your preferred food or snacks

+ a silk sleep mask ( why I’m obsessed here ).

+ my favorite blood orange perfume.

+ Airpods with a cute heart case.

+ & Depends diapers. LOL.

+ Vitamin K drops because we decided to do Vitamin K orally instead of the shot.

+ Making a birth plan that meets your needs both during labor and delivery + a hospital bag checklist.

+ Have plenty of mesh underwear, it brings an added comfort after child birth.

+ Bring a toothbrush and toothpaste in case you need to stay in the hospital or birthing center for a couple of days.

+ A car seat to make your infant have a pleasant time during the ride home.

Pink Bell

I wouldn’t be me without a pink bell to ring in case Michael decides to dose off. If I need something I can just ring it. Ding ding Michael !!

And of course, don’t forget to pack your hospital bag before your due date.

Would love to know any recommendations you guys have. What am I missing?

Huge shout out to Carly of The Preggers Pantry, my sister-in-law Jordan of @influencerSEO, Whitney of @witness.birth, & Jada Neoni of @thejadababy because they all helped me curate this hospital bag.

There have been so many amazing DMs about what to bring to the hospital. This is super extra because I like to be over-prepared for the big day. You never know what you’re gonna need. This is a really personal post to share, but I’ve never been a mom so I just have to learn on the go.

Again, I’m not trying to be perfect here, just showing what I’m doing. Wanna have all my bases covered, ya know?

Anyway, let me know any recommendations below! & be sure to scope the entire Amazon page here.

x, lauryn

+ check out my baby shower details here.

++ if you’re over the baby & pregnancy stuff, check out everything you need to know about microneedling.


  1. Will you do a follow up on what you used and didn’t use after the baby comes? Due in April and am starting to pull my own bag together!

    1. Agree! Would love to know what was an absolute MUST for you, vs what you didn’t end up using

  2. As a mom of 3, this is largely unnecessary. Also, 1) you definitely won’t breastfeed because it’s hard and altruistic and you are all about yourself. 2) you don’t know if you are going to, but you bought that expensive pump? I had it. It’s good. But I actually used it for years.

    1. Grab some of those little electric candles and a portable speaker if you can. You probably packed shower goodies, but your own towel would be nice. Wishing you an easy quick birth mama <3

      Let us know what you use/like/didn't need!

  3. Girl, I love you. I love your blog. You’re a first time mom and you SHOULD be doing it up with every experience. I did the same, and wouldn’t change a thing! BUT…having gone through it twice now, let me just say you’re on the right track with the Depends. It’s like the shower scene from Psycho for a couple days in the bathroom. (sorry if TMI) Add Dermoplast and Tucks to your list…just trust me on this one. Also Colace (again, trust me. You don’t want to have to go #2 for the first time after birth without it.) Also, bring a nice robe and some nursing tops. With all the visitors and the nursing attempts every 2 hours, you’re going to want ease of nursing/covering up. 😉

    1. omg Yesss!! and freeze the Tucks for when your home and the upside-down peri bottle from Freida Mom was amazing!!

      Also getting someone to write you a prescription for some similar numbing cream to the one you get when you do laser. Its a nipple numbing cream because it is literally so painful when you first start breastfeeding.

  4. I literally thought I had packed everything, but I forgot to pack my husband a pair of change clothes! You never know how long or short your labour will be. Mine was 35 hours and my poor husband didn’t leave my side, and he didn’t want to go home without us. But I wish I would have brought a change of clothes for myself too, just in case you stay an extra day you don’t want to feel dirty.

    Can’t wait to “meet” her!

  5. I am v newly pregnant but already planning this bag because I am a psycho planner. Please do a post with things you wish you had/ could have done without! So excited for you and Michael, can’t wait to see pictures of her in that GORGEOUS bassinet your friend designed for you!

  6. Not a mom yet but I’m totally obsessed with the idea of being one. I got to say, it seems like all this is a lot, but then again, you never know when you’ll need one of ’em!

  7. Thank you for this useful list, Lauryn. Only one addition from me. I wanted a small pair of scissors or nail clippers to trim down (not remove) the darn ankle and wristbands. They were too long and kept poking the baby in the eye or back of the neck while trying to feed the baby. That would have been so helpful.

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