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CYBER MONDAY SALES: Babes On A Budget Breakdown

cyber monday budget shopping tsc holiday gift guide by the skinny confidentialWhat up guys?

Have you listened to the latest solo podcast, Babes on a Budget?

Having all the info in one post makes it’s easy for you guys to scope, add things to your shopping cart, or get ideas for other ways to creatively save some money.

Truth be told- I actually had a dream about doing this podcast. So here we are.

When I was a broke bartender and Pilates/Barre instructor, I had to find ways to get super creative with EVERYTHING… but especially clothes. Up until the last 5 years, I was on a very serious budget. Even in elementary school & high school I had to figure out angles and ways to get crafty when it came to clothes, food, makeup, etc.

Investing in my skin is a priority ( facials, dermaplaning, etc. ), so I still like to mix high & low priced items when it comes to clothes & almost everything else.

On our recent trip to Cabo, I found all my outfits for the ENTIRE trip for under $200. This must’ve sparked my dream.

I’m all about finding angles- it’s basically my favorite hobby.

This post & podcast episode has been a long overdue. Hacks and cheap finds are literally one of the main reasons I started The Skinny Confidential.

OH ALSO, did you guys know that there’s a TSC Amazon Store? Well, I’m going to create a sublist that’s called The Skinny Confidential | Budget. It will have everything we talk about in the podcast episode & in this post that’s available on Amazon, so you guys can just go there see everything all laid out.

With that, let’s get into some of my favorite products & pieces for babes on a budget.


Affordable skincare is actually not as hard as you might think. There are so many things you can do to get creative at home.

Facial Massage

This is something that I talk about all the time on TSC and you guys ask me about it all the time. I did a whole YouTube video on how you can do facial massage, at home, for free. BUT there’s a product on Amazon that you can use that’s almost just like a Clarisonic…… A VIBRATOR. That’s right. This little, hot pink vibrator is only $8 & does the trick. Read all about it here.


I’ve been doing this since I was a teenager & you don’t need a bunch of high-end oils. You don’t have to go to Sephora, you can just go to the grocery store or Amazon and get anything that’s organic & cold-pressed. You can get olive oil, jojoba oil,  avocado oil, grapeseed oil, rosehip oil. Stop buying expensive wipes and put any of these oils on a cotton pad to remove makeup & get your skin super glowy & dewy. We always want dewy. This is one of my best tips and I feel like it’s the key to youth.

The Ordinary

This is a brand known for products that work, at a low price. This brand is always talked about in TSC Secret Facebook group. I’ve used a bunch of their products & tons of you are always talking about how great they are. I think their products are top-quality. I feel like they’ve taken the money out of advertising, packaging & marketing and really put it towards the product. It definitely shows. If you’re just starting with these I would go for the vitamin C serum. Actually, you can’t go wrong with any of their products. They’re very transparent with their ingredients too.

Bliss Sheet Masks

If you’re going on a Target run, you NEED to pick some of these up. My friend sent me some of these and they were so hydrating. There’s one called The Hangover fix that’s only $3.99. The whole Bliss brand has great products for babes on a budget. There’s also a peel-off mask ( not a sheet mask ) that you need to try.

Glo Skin Beauty Tinted Moisturizer with SPF 30

This moisturizer is so light and perfect for when you wake up and don’t want to put on makeup. ( Amazing for covering up a brown mustache. ) This whole brand makes some great, affordable products that I know you guys will love.


I have used Eminence products forever. I love this whole brand- thanks Jennifer Anniston. These are superfood-filled products that are almost all under $50. I would start with the probiotic cleanser. I keep mine in the shower- I’ve been using it since high school. I especially love their licorice root serum because it’s so good for covering up a brown mustache.


Forever 21 – 30% off

Believe it or not, this is where I like to buy my accessories. I’ll go online and give myself an amount to spend ( usually around $60 ), and the amount of stuff I get is insane. Sunglasses, 5 different pairs of earrings, a makeup bag, hair accessories, long necklaces, short necklaces– this keeps me going for a couple months. Forever 21 is very much on the pulse with their accessories.


Time Cube

We’ve been over this a lot on The Skinny Confidential because it’s seriously life-changing. It’s so cheap on Amazon & if you need help with time management, this time cube is something you need to have in your life.

Phone Diva Light

Maybe this is for business, maybe it’s not. Either way, if you’re out shooting photos or video on your phone, you need this Diva Light. It’s $15 and I feel like everyone needs one.


There’s something about writing stuff down that I don’t think will ever go out of style. I’ve been a longtime fan of Shop Bando planners. I’ve been using them for years & they have the prettiest designs. They’re affordable and the best part about them- they have a spiral spine. Ya know? I wanna open it and be able to lay it flat. You guys get it right?

Oil Diffuser

In my opinion, this is business. I am really big into my environment and we all need a certain vibe when we’re working. This is one that I really like, it’s white & chic and can go anywhere- home or office.

Amazon Alexa – 30+ % off

Amazon Alexa is actually a recommendation from Taylor. It’s under $50 and great for work. You can order things off Amazon, listen to podcasts, listen to music, make lists & get quotes of the day.

Tile Mate

This is something that can be used for your keys and perfect for people who lose things. That’s me like aaaaalllllll the time. I’m constantly losing everything. It’s under $50 and can actually be used to track anything. This makes a really great gift too.



People think you have to spend tons of money to be healthy but that’s just not true. There are so many ways to get creative. It helps to have these things on hand:

+ ground flax seed
+ hemp seed
+ chia seed
+ collagen beauty greens
+ nutritional yeast
+ canned coconut milk
+ almond butter

Try to get things that last a long time & don’t go bad. Find your staples and keep going back to them for different recipes.

Fake Cake

This is such a good hack for any situation. The fake cake. What you do is buy ready-made angel food cake from the grocery store, grab some frosting and any kind of topping or decorations you want ( flowers, fruit, sprinkles ) and put it all together at home. My go-to is to add flowers because people are always so impressed.

Trader Joe’s

Trader Joe’s saved me in college. They have so many amazing, healthy things for so cheap- shout out to the shaved Brussels sprouts. I used to go in there and spend like, $20 and be good to go for the whole week. I still love a big grocery shop at Trader Joe’s- I feel like we all do?


My favorite thing to do for affordable gifts is to go to and search the gift section. You can search for gifts under your budget amount and I JUST LOVE doing this. My favorite thing to give lately is Glow Recipe’s Jelly Tote Set.


Nordstrom – up to 60% off

Revolve– 20% off

Sephora – up to 50% of


HERE you will find discount codes for some of our favorite products and brands. This includes items from Four Sigmatic mushroom drinks to Woo Coconut Love Oil.


I wish so bad these sites were around when I was in high school or a bartender. It would’ve made my life so much easier. These are my favorite go-tos when I’m mixing high & low end pieces:

Fashion Nova – up to 90% OFF

If you guys haven’t heard of Fashion Nova, you have to go check out their site. It has the best dupes for trendy clothes. So if you see someone having a bougie moment in an outfit that costs a million dollars, you can head to Fashion Nova and find it for so cheap. If I’m being honest, this is stuff you can only wear a few times- you can’t really put it in the wash over & over. Their stuff is super trendy- they don’t have classics that you should invest in, but their website has everything laid out in this perfect way that makes it so easy to find what you want.

Pretty Little Thing – 50% OFF

This is another one of those sites where you see someone rocking a super pricey jacket on Instagram, and you can go to Pretty Little Thing and they’ll have it. Not the exact one but something similar enough for a fraction of the price. Kourtney Kardashian has collaborated with them and Hailey Baldwin just designed a bunch cute stuff with them. This site is also very trendy, but you can find great stuff for under $50. ( All the latest purple & neon outfits on my Instagram is from here. )


This site has so many affordable pieces that I feel are a bit more classic. I actually curated a shop page on their site so just go and look around- I think they’re having a Black Friday sale right now too. Just scroll down to my name and you can see some of my favorites– hello leopard bomber. My favorite white t-shirt is from here & I wear it all the time. It’s only $21.


There are a few brands that the whole TSC team are fans of. Mimi, Emily, Val & I all sat down to shoot the shit & came up with some super affordable things we love:

First Aid Beauty – especially the primer.

SuperGoop – sunscreen mist that will last you a very long time. ( more here. )

Tinkles – the tiny tool for shaving your face at home.

Coconut Oil – the whole team loves coconut oil from the grocery store & Kopari.

H&M – all of us & Kim Kelly are obsessed with H&M tank tops.

Victoria’s Secret – 5 pairs of underwear for $28 ( we’ve all been doing this since high school ).

Trader Joes – Everything But The Bagel seasoning.

Find your angle, get creative & figure shit out. I feel like this is something the whole TSC community is all about.

How do you guys get creative on a budget?

I’m thinking of doing another solo podcast episode JUST dedicated to gift ideas under $50. The holidays are coming up & I have a big family so if there’s any time to get creative with ideas, it’s now.

If that’s something you guys are interested in, comment on @TSCPodcast or DM me.

Anyways, as always, thank you for your attention! Be sure to check out the podcast episode for more details on everything I talked about above.

x, lauryn

+ check out the TSC Master List & add your fave budget-friendly products.

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  1. Great series! I love finding things on a budget, so this is right up my alley! I think The Ordinary has to be my all time fave budget skin care line – so many great products!

    Angela at Blush & Pearls

  2. I LOVE THIS POST and the podcast explaining everything! Thank you for working so hard and remembering those of us on a budget. This is why i keep coming back and well your just my favorite girl and a friend. I say to my girlfriends, oh my friend Lauryn suggested this or she recommended RAOs sauce to my life! Keep going, keep it coming, will always be a loyal fan! xoxo, Merry Christmas!

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