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Blending The Avocado Seed, SO GOOD


After tons of research, I’ve discovered you HAVE NOT LIVED unless you save ( & EAT ) the pit of an avocado.

Apparently it’s totally OUT to NOT save the seeds.

Superfood seed to the rescue.

And if you’re anything like me, you had no fucking clue…You’ve been tossing those weird looking, brown pits out the second they appear in your green, plush avocado.

BUT, we are changing things up now, guys.

Like I said, after some in depth research I’ve discovered the PIT is what stores all the nutritional value.

Sure, the avocado has healthy fats & nutrients, that’s a whole post in itself, but it’s kind of predictable & boring, and if you know TSC you know we like sassy & different. The weirder, the better.

And let me tell you: the pit is IT.

Personally I’ve been blending it in my smoothie &…

Here’s why ( all according to this source ):

Avocado seeds have more antioxidants than most fruits and veggies. 70% of the total antioxidants found in the avocado are in its seed. The seed has as many polyphenols as green tea, and they are full of soluble fiber.

Avocado seeds contain higher amounts of phosphorus & potassium. According to the Journal of Food Chemistry, calcium, magnesium, nitrogen, soluble fiber and antioxidants complete this wholesome seed. This nutrient rich seed can be added to our diet to help the health of our bodies in these ways:

Calcium: helps maintain heart rhythm, muscle function, & more. There’s good evidence that calcium can help prevent or control high blood pressure. It also may reduce PMS symptoms as well as preventing certain cancers. Calcium with Vitamin D may help protect against breast cancer in premenopausal women.

Phosphorus: is required by the body for bone and teeth formation and allows for proper digestion of riboflavin & niacin. It aids in transmission of nerve impulses, helps your kidneys excret wastes, gives you energy, forms the proteins that aid in reproduction, and may help block cancer.

Soluble Fiber: controls blood sugar, promotes heart health, decreases risk of stroke, enhances weight loss and management, helps remove yeast and fungus from the body, reduces the risk of diverticulitis, lowers the risk of hemorrhoids, provides some relief from IBS, and reduces the risk of gallbladder and kidney stones.

Magnesium: regulates melatonin hormone for better sleep, relaxes the nervous system, helps cells store more energy, helps the body produce more Insulin like Growth Factor ( IGF-1 helps with growth and strength in muscles ), better flexibility, supports bone integrity and strength, remineralizes teeth, alkalizes the body, hydrates, relieves constipation, assists enzyme function, diabetes.

Potassium: heart health, regulates hydration, pain management, strengthens body systems, helps alleviate psychological problems.

Antioxidants: stimulate enzymes that detoxify the body. This body detox offers these benefits to the body:
increased energy, immunity boost, softer and younger-looking skin, relief from allergies and asthma, improved circulation, weight loss, improved blood pressure, improved digestion, arthritis symptom relief, diabetes management, improved sleep, relief from menstrual symptoms, improved memory, better concentration.

AND “the avocado seed has an important place in traditional American Indian medicine. American Indians used avocado seed to treat both dysentery and diarrhea. Compounds in the avocado seed have anti-tumor properties. According to the “Encyclopedia of Common Natural Ingredients Used in Food, Drugs, and Cosmetics,” avocado seeds possess a condensed flavonol that is responsible for this property.”

Ways to prep the seed:

• Slice avocado seed thinly and roast it.

• Sliced ​​avocado seeds that have been roasted can be crushed in a plastic bag with a hammer, then blended in a high-powered blender until smooth. 1/4 of the powder can be added to a smoothie.

• Pour the avocado seed powder into capsule shells that can be purchased at health food store and take the powdered capsule as a supplement.

• The avocado seed can be grated and then boiled to make a tea to drink daily.

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A couple of tips:


According to this source, “to make sure you’re taking home an avocado that’s perfectly green & creamy on the inside, and free from ugly brown spots, the key is checking under the stem. This part of the avocado holds a sneak peak for what’s going on under the skin. Peel back the small stem or cap at the top of the avocado. If it comes away easily and you find green underneath, you’ve got a good avocado that’s ripe and ready to eat. That’s the kind of fruit you want to take home with you. On the other hand, if you pull back the stem and find brown underneath, the avocado is overripe, and you’re likely to find brown spots inside the fruit. And, if the stem doesn’t come off, the fruit is not yet ripe enough to eat.”

TRICK works like a charm, try it next time you’re in Whole Foods. Thank Google later.

We discussed saving the seed to eat it BUT to keep an avocado from going bad, squeeze some lemon on it before putting it in the fridge.

It’s the easiest way to ensure avo freshness.

( For the record, it will be a little brown still, but way less brown than WITHOUT the lemon, you know? ).

Anyway, the way I’ve tried eating the pit ( it’s worked GREAT ): grated/cut it into small pieces & added it to my AM green drink. AND you can’t even taste it. Add it to a smoothie & you’re golden.

TIP: make sure the seed is wet & then cut into small pieces, pre-smoothie.

Also, my girlfriend, Carly confirmed all these facts ( she’s a holistic guru ) AND she’s tried the seed pureed a bunch of times and loved it. Even her son, Rio, liked it in HIS smoothie. He’s a baby! If Rio can eat it, you can eat it.

BY THE WAY, don’t forget to enter TSC $1500 beauty & wellness giveaway. Pretty much, I put it together like a psycho on crack making sure the gift was a total package, so I hope you all enter.

If you have avocado tips that you’re stowing away, NOT fair. Share please, every girl in the world wants to know. We all know bitches love avocado. Especially me, so share your tips!

Happy ( almost ) Friday! XO lauryn

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  1. WHAT this is incredible?! I had zero idea about any of this! Also, a perfect way to utilize the ‘cado when it gets way too overly ripe. Sounds pretty bomb shaved on top of every girl’s favourite snack ever – avocado toast! Will DEF give that tea a go with some hemp hearts, that is seriously genius and I would of never in a million years would of ever thought of making avo-seed tea!

    GREAT post, Lauryn! I swear, all us girls really need in life are avocados, coconut oil, good books, and some champagne… and we are golden! x Shannon

  2. I’ve heard of how beneficial the seed is! Apparently there’s special blenders that can crush the seed for you to add it in your smoothie.



  3. I’ve never heard of using the avocado pit…then again I would have never thought to blend a whole lemon or ginger with the skin on it until reading your blog haha! This is great- off to research more on the benefits of avocado pits <3

  4. I finally tried avocado in a smoothie last week and loved it! I’ve actually been eating avocado every other day lately — cant get enough!

    x Sarah

  5. What???!!! Eating the avocado pit. Well I have to admit I had no clue either and I eat an avocado a day! Thanks for sharing this precious info and I`ll be thinking of you tomorrow when blend my morning smoothie!

  6. Can’t believe i’ve never thought of or hear of this! I’ve always said avocados are my jam, maybe I’ll have to start using the seeds in literal jam! 🙂

    Thanks Lauren for always keeping us updated on the latest and greatest!

  7. I LOVE avocadoes and notice they do wonders for my skin and hair. Will definitely try the seed tip! Thanks Lauryn 🙂

  8. When I lived in Israel we left the cut avocado in the counter. A ‘skin’ forms on the cut surface. The next day, simply peel off the ‘skin’ and the rest is perfect. This also works for cut bananas. I don’t like refrigerating avocados because the veins darken.

  9. This is such a great post! I love avocados and eat them several times a week. I can’t believe I was wasting these antioxidants!

  10. So happy you wrote about this, and such amazing timing, too! A few days ago, I had lunch with a friend who’s been living in South America and studying all about traditional medicine and health, and she could not stop raving about the avocado seed and its uses (they’ve been using it forever down there) – I’m writing up something for my site based on her work, and it’s been so interesting to learn about! Thanks for sharing all this good info 🙂

  11. I’m a California girl who has been eating avocados forever and I’ve literally never heard of eating the seed. What??? I’m going to have to give this a try!

  12. Just a warning – do NOT give it to your pets! Avocado pits are toxic to animals. I’ve also read that avocado seeds, while very nutritious, should still only be eaten in small amounts by humans. There is mixed information on the subject, but I wanted to give a heads up just in case! 🙂

  13. Another reason to love avocado. Yummy food and helpful in lots of way. Thank you for sharing. (love using it as a hair mask) 🙂

  14. Is the f-word really necessary? Or do you just use profanity so you’ll lose some potential readers?

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