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At-Home Workout Equipment I’ve Been Loving

At-Home Workout Equipment

In 2020 I started working out at home, like a lot. Just like most of the world, I’m sure.

In the last couple years I’ve been seeing a trainer, Brent Hruska (he has the best energy, more on him here), and he’s helped me get into weightlifting. As I’ve mentioned before I used to only be into Pilates and other workouts that were more ‘calm’ I guess you could say. Recently Pilates is back in my fitness routine, and I’m loving Classical Pilates with Bryony. It’s the best full body workout for rehab and posture. You can listen to her story here. She talks about how she got into Pilates after a car accident and how small changes can lead to big things.

After finding and meeting Brent I quickly realized that weightlifting is so good for women, and Brent is also a big fan of lowering cortisol, but lifting heavy. And I’m lifting heavy. On the pull up bar, on the squat rack, with free weights, the cable machine – I’m surprising myself! So if you’re a woman who is skeptical of starting to lift, these podcasts can shed some light on the myth of getting too bulky: Mari, Brent, Dr. Shannon, & my recent solo on how I lost weight postpartum. Combined with an eating plan from Erik Young, The Flexible Dieting Coach, my body composition is the best it’s ever been.


My point is that these days you can find me at Brent’s gym or whatever gym I’m at when we’re away lifting weights. However, I still love working out at home with Kim Kelly, doing Melissa Wood Health videos, Pilates and getting some steps in.

I’m kinda in love with it. Sometimes you just need to save time, stay home, but still get some movement in. That being said, I have some space-saving, strength training exercise equipment I like to use on these days, and I keep it all in a little pink laundry basket (except the ball – I keep that in Zaza’s room because she plays with it).

Pink Workout Equipment

The Skinny Confidential’s At-Home Workout Equipment Favorites:


I’ve always wanted a white yoga mat because I love how pastel colors look against it. I know that sounds weird, but I love things that make me feel good & when things look good, I feel good.

This mat is sticky in the perfect way. Not sticky, but like grippy. It stays put. So whether you’re doing downward dog, weights, or jumping around on it, it won’t move around & trip you up.

Townes also likes to do tummy time on this. This is a good tip if you’re at home trying to get a workout in but your baby is awake. You gotta find ways to make it work, ya know?


This ball is not necessary but it’s been great for my back. It’s cute, light pink & kind of has this light metallic finish for a little sparkle. Zaza loves to play with this.

But like I said, I’ve been noticing that I use it for ab exercises & stretches. It’s made a big difference in my back pain because it’s very supportive.


These are just your regular old weights but they’re pink. They come in a ton of colors & also different weights, but I like the 2 or 5 lb ones. These have a nice grip & get the strength training job done. My arms burn after using them, even though I lift way heavier at the gym with Brent. Another good option if you’re just having some easy movement at home is the Bala bangles (that you can also use on your ankles or wrists).

If you aren’t a weight person, I get it. You can always use a band…


There are 2 types of bands I use. One is a set that I use for legs & comes in different shades of pink. Shocker. They come in all different ‘weights’ or resistance level so you can choose what works for you depending on what exercise and muscle groups you’re doing.

The other band is a long one that’s great for arms. You can put this under your feet and do bicep curls, tricep extensions, whatever you want.  You can use it to help you stretch too.


These are for water workouts so if you workout in the pool, these are ideal. They dry really fast & I couldn’t resist getting them. They come in teal & baby pink & remind me of Barbie.


These might just be my favorite piece of equipment, aesthetic-wise. They help me squeeze tighter during Pilates & they’re so helpful when you’re doing stretches & need a little extra lift. These are perfect for you if you aren’t super flexible.

Let me set the scene: you’ve finished a workout & you’re about to stretch by standing up, spreading out your legs, feet on the ground & hinging at your waist for a hamstring stretch. Only you can’t touch your hands to ground without bending your knees- ENTER YOGA BLOCKS.

Put the blocks on the ground, put your hands on the blocks, bend over & stretch. They’re very versatile & helpful in so many ways.


To me, looking and feeling your best for a workout makes a big difference. Even if you’re just at home, throwing on a cute exercise outfit can be fun. My recent favourites to workout in: Nike bike shorts, sports bra, Skims onesie, Waverles leggings.

What are your necessities when working out at home? Give me all your equipment, outfit and vibe recs below. You can shop all my recs in one place, right here.

x, lauryn

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  1. I am going to have to invest in some of these things!

    Danielle |

  2. This is an amazing option to avoid going to the gym during this whole situation. Great post!

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