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Hi! I love your phones cases! I went to Casetify but could not find your cases for androids. Do they make them for androids? 15. May 2018

Yes, they come in Android. Email me & I’ll send you info:

THANK you for the support with The Skinny Confidential : ). x

I know you do brow tints – what about lash tints? 14. May 2018

I have never tried a lash tint but would LOVE to test this out.

It sounds insane!

Hi Lauryn, I am a listener from Hong Kong and looking to start my own podcast! I hope this question hasnt been asked but I am wondering what podcast equipment do you use and whether it is portable? Thanks again xxx 11. May 2018

THANK you for listening all the way from Hong Kong.

E-mail me at for a list of the equipment we use.

Thank you again for listening, x

How did you know Michael was the ‘one’? You guys are seriously relationship goals… but seem so opposite. What makes it work? (My current ‘date’ is like Michael- so airport-type-A, but I’m not…. he treats me like a queen, but Im afraid we’re too different). 11. May 2018

Because he’s a huge reader, witty, & he encourages my full potential.

I like him too.

He’s cool to hang out with.

Are you and Michael going to write a book together for the couples out here? 11. May 2018

Good idea- not right now but maybe in the future? Could be fun?

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