Ask Lauryn

Can you do a blog post or even shorter solo epi on creating the TSC body app. I have so many great ideas for creating things and I want to hear the nitty gritty details about how you do it all!! everything from the brainstorming process to the little road bumps. you are the coolest xx 7. October 2020

Hi! We actually did a podcast episode on this; you can check it out here.

Hi Lauryn, Just started listing to your podcast and I am addicted:) I listen to alot of podcast about wellness and diets. I am 71 years old and they are focused on a younger age group. (30’s & 40’s) Imagine I am a 30 something year old women trapped in a 71 year old body. I still feel just like you do abouion, makeup, fragrance, shoes!! and all of the good stuff. Love to hear a podcast for an older women trying to keep it together on diet, belly fat!, exercise, supplements. Any good hacks. Thanks Dale Lindberg (just young at heart) 7. October 2020

DALE!! Thank you SO much for the support. We accept everyone of ALL ages <3 We are so happy to have you.

Hi! Can you use Freshies wipes while pregnant?? 7. October 2020

Please consult your doc xx

Hi Lauryn & Michael! I am currently going off birth control and looking for natural ways to balance hormones! I love your pod and listen every week. I came across a brand called “your superfoods”…. a lot of the ingredients in their mixes you guys talk about on the show. Do you know anything about this brand? Or have they been on the show already? Curious to know about it. Thanks! 7. October 2020

We do not, but we will have to look into this 😉

Hi! What are the sweatpants and tank you used to hide your pregnancy? I know I saw something about it and I’m searching high and low on your blog for the answer, but can’t find it! Obviously knocked up AF and trying to hide it for a little while:) 7. October 2020

I wore a ton of men’s sweats, and specifically loved the Champion sweats on Amazon 🙂

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