Ask Lauryn

Hi Lauryn, How do I get featured in your small biz posts? I have been a long time TSC follower and just launched an art biz! Would love to send you a piece of work! Check out my studio on insta @nicoleglabmanart. I used repurposed designer shoe boxes + shopping bags and make mixed media art! Let me know! XOXO, Nicole 7. October 2020

SO fun!! Please email for gifting inquiries. <3

Where did you get the Chanel, YSL, Louis V pill covers?! 7. October 2020

Julia Moss Designs <3 how cute right?

Hi! I love the pod. I’ve been searching for a water bottle like the light pink one in your recent posts… assumed it was hydroflask but didn’t see it on their site. where did you get it?? ILY 7. October 2020

They had a baby pink one but pretty sure it sold out. 🙁 BUT! Welly makes a baby pink water bottle that is super chic.  I have also seen people use a white Hydroflask and paint it, which could be fun.

Hi Lauren! Loving the lip color you are wearing in some recent Insta posts. What are you wearing? Be specific. 🙂 Thank you! 7. October 2020

A die-hard is the Charlotte Tilbury matte lipstick in the shade “pillow talk.” Lining with their liner in the same shade gives the best pouty look!

What prenatal vitamin do you recommend ? 7. October 2020

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