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Hey Lauryn! You posted the cutest floral like robe in your stories recently!! Who is it by again? OBSESSED! 17. March 2019

I believe it’s by Cloud Hunter (was it pink?!).

Can you do an updated solo podcast about getting your shit together? I NEED it right now! 17. March 2019

Yes- this is a great idea. Excellence is lonely so sometimes my advice can brutal but a full show dedicated to this would be fab.

Hi Lauryn, I’ve recently just become a fan of the skinny confidential and since you cover all topics I was wondering if you had any feedback for laser hair removal. I’m interested in getting laser hair removal . Do you have any tips on hair removal period? If you’ve done laser where’d you go? 27. May 2018

CRAZY I KNOW but I am a shaver! No laser hair removal ever for me.

I shave.

Maybe one day I will try it ??

Hi Lauryn, have you ever used organic hemp oil to help with sleep, skin, hair, anxiety ext? Thoughts? 27. May 2018

I’ve used CBD oil & love it. So fab for sleep & anxiety. I will do a post but in the meantime I like the one from LEEF Organics. XO

Hi I just wanted to let you know that I am obsessed with TSC — it just totally gets me. As a 22 year old recent college graduate trying to figure shit out, I would love it if you could do a post or podcast talking about any advice you would give yourself when you were in your early 20s and trying to get your shit together. 27. May 2018

Yes yes yes. I will do some posts on my early 20’s- I totally have a million stories of how I had to figure my shit out.

Great idea.


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