Ask Lauryn

What are your favorite deodorants to use that are aluminum free ? 7. October 2020

Each & Every has amaaazing aluminim-free deodorant! I love the ginger and cardamom scent 🙂

Hi Lauryn!! I just graduated college but am left feeling like I don’t have the experience to land a job I’m passionate about yet. Is there any shame in looking to get an internship after I’ve already graduated so I can feel more prepared? 7. October 2020

Absolutely NOT! It is a great way to hone your skills and your purpose.

I was trying to find the link for the CBD pen you mentioned in your favorite things list and the link takes you to sephora. Could you tell me which one you use? The stress has been real and has brought on major insomnia. Would love to try this. Thanks so much 7. October 2020

Favorite under eye cream/skincare? 7. October 2020

Jade Energy Energizing Eye Balm by Sonya Dakar <3  && of course ice rolling and gua sha techniques to attack inflammation under the eyes.

Hi Lauryn! Where did you get your room fountain from? 7. October 2020

Check out the deets on the fountain here!

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