Ask Lauryn

HI Lauryn, I already spammed you on instagram but why not on the blog too?? I am being relentless, right!!? 😉 lol okay I would love a blog post or some kind of “master list” of your favorite, mind altering, life changing books. Also I would love to hear Michael’s “master list” on the podcast. XOXO 17. March 2019

I love a relentless moment- will definitely do a MasterList on books. This is a great idea. XO

Hi. How much of the inulin powder to you recommend using a day? 17. March 2019

Start with 1/2 teaspoon. And work up slowly. I do 3 tablespoons but it took time! x

Hey Lauryn! You posted the cutest floral like robe in your stories recently!! Who is it by again? OBSESSED! 17. March 2019

I believe it’s by Cloud Hunter (was it pink?!).

Can you do an updated solo podcast about getting your shit together? I NEED it right now! 17. March 2019

Yes- this is a great idea. Excellence is lonely so sometimes my advice can brutal but a full show dedicated to this would be fab.

Hi Lauryn, I’ve recently just become a fan of the skinny confidential and since you cover all topics I was wondering if you had any feedback for laser hair removal. I’m interested in getting laser hair removal . Do you have any tips on hair removal period? If you’ve done laser where’d you go? 27. May 2018

CRAZY I KNOW but I am a shaver! No laser hair removal ever for me.

I shave.

Maybe one day I will try it ??

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