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someone had this question and you answered: SINCE NOTHING IS TMI FOR TSC, HOW DO YOU SHAVE ‘YOU KNOW WHERE’ WITHOUT GETTING ANY OF THOSE ANNOYING IN GROWN HAIRS, CUTS, ETC. EVERY TIME I SHAVE IT LOOKS DISGUSTING. i shave upwards with a strong razor ( loving bic right now ), use a good shaving cream, & lastly i always add tend skin afterwards. it works like a charm ; ). bumps be gone. BUT a weird trick i was told and i swear it works to keep away bumps and ingrown hairs is after you shave, run your stick of (solid) deodorant over the parks you shaved. it helps them heal and keeps them smooth! 30. October 2020

Will have to pass this along to Taylor, LOL. Thank you so much for the tip xx

Besides TSC, what podcasts do you listen to? 30. October 2020

Definitely Ed Mylett and Tim Ferris. & you can check out a post on my favorite podcasts here as well xx

I need the best candle for next to my desk, something calming yet energetic (lol) but not too potent. I don’t want to be frangraced out of my work environment. 12. October 2020

LOVE these –smell yummy && look so cute. xx

How did you and your husband meet? 12. October 2020

In middle school LOL

Hi Lauryn, Aside from meditation (doesn’t work for me) did you do anything, eat/drink/vitamins/or anything else while you were pregnant to stay calm? Thx! 12. October 2020

Wim Hof’s breathing technique has been a game-changer. You can follow along a guided breathing video here. xx

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