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Best advice for eye “bags” or just those little circles that just won’t quit? I heard that it’s genetic but I refuse to give up! 24. March 2018

100% FACIAL MASSAGE. Lymphatic drainage rids eye bags. I am not a fan of filler under the eyes, it covers the problem. Doesn’t fix it. Try lymphatic drainage– it’s the best ever.

i recently started a self hosted wordpress blog with bluehost. I am excited/ready/having a ball with putting in all of the hard work and learning curves that come with the start up phases of a blog- however, i am starting to think my domain (aka the name of my blog) might be TOO niche, and that I should change it. I’m not too far in to completely start over (only a few months), but i was wondering if you knew if it was possible to change / buy another domain and switch. i dont have the traffic yet that would cause this to be as big of an ordeal as it would if someone who was already a super established blogger would. thoughts? i just want to be in love with what i create! 24. March 2018

It’s possible to change URL. E-mail BlueHost support & they can help you. It’s important you love your name! But also: niche is good. VERY GOOD!

You have so so so many amazing suggestions on your site, and as a reader for years I know it’s all from trial and error. Have you ever had a bad reaction/experience to one of the products/things in general that you were trying out? I’d love to know just as a devils advocate to the other side! 24. March 2018

THANKS GIRL! Yes, I have had MANY products I hated. One time I got a rash. Another time my eyes blew up. I only showcase about 10% of the products I try. 90% of products I try, I don’t like. Should I do a post on this? x

I have skin discoloration, acne scars, small broken capillaries (around the nose)…. Is there any product or treatment or laser that you would recommend to get clear, even colored skin- like you have? 18. February 2018

I have hyperpigmentation too!!

Try IPL. It sounds like that will REALLY help.

Also do a lot of serums, oils, & masks (Vitamin E oils & masks for scars). Peels are fabulous too- there’s one called ‘The Perfect Peel’ that I love. AND micro-needling is insane!

Lauryn! You’re the best! I adore your brand in every way & can’t get enough of the the entertainment you and Michael (& the whole TSC team) provide on snapchat 🙂 Question for you — I know you have discussed dabbling with a tad of Botox in the past and recommended someone in the San Diego area for natural, not overdone yuck Housewives look — do you by chance know of someone in the LA area who can give those same results? Thanks! xoxo 17. February 2018

THANK YOU : ). I love you!!

I have never been to anyone in LA!

I would do tons of research & definitely look around. I go in San Diego. x

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