Ask Lauryn

I was trying to find the link for the CBD pen you mentioned in your favorite things list and the link takes you to sephora. Could you tell me which one you use? The stress has been real and has brought on major insomnia. Would love to try this. Thanks so much 7. October 2020

Favorite under eye cream/skincare? 7. October 2020

Jade Energy Energizing Eye Balm by Sonya Dakar <3  && of course ice rolling and gua sha techniques to attack inflammation under the eyes.

Hi Lauryn! Where did you get your room fountain from? 7. October 2020

Check out the deets on the fountain here!

Hi! I just found your podcast yesterday and I am SO happy that I did!! I am just starting my fitness journey but wanted to let you know I downloaded the app and my favorite part already is the grocery list!! THANK YOU for doing this-it seems so simple but jest beginning this is what I have needed! Thank you so much and I really look forward to listening to you and using your app 🖤 7. October 2020

OMG, thank YOU for the support. You are so kind to reach out. <3 We do what we do for people like you!

Hi! Sun mustache help!!! It’s expanding to the corner of my eyes. Which products do you recommend to banish that shit!? 7. October 2020

Dr. Dennis Alpha Beta Peel Pads, retinol, and going off BC helped a ton. Plus, Sonya Dakar’s Butterfly Balm <3

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