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How do you manage the sun in San Diego?! I was just down in LA last week and despite wearing and re-applying quality sunscreen, I got so sunburnt which I can’t stand. I totally relate to your passion for protecting our skin from the sun but how do you manage with the constant heat/sun? Luckily I live somewhere where its more mild, but Summer is coming and it does get hot here. Any tips? I’m seriously determined to make that my last ever sunburn 20. April 2018

I wear sunscreen daily, wear obnoxious hats, have tinted windows, & always go for shade.

I’m pretty annoying about it!

What places are highest on your travel bucket list right now? 19. April 2018

This is random but Russia! It seems so badass.

Also: Switzerland & more Cabo always.

…& of course, I love the South of France but who doesn’t?!

I saw the Skinny Confidential San Diego meet up for 2017. I wanted to see if you will plan to host another one for 2018? Thank you! 19. April 2018

YES! SO MANY more meet ups to come. Maybe even LIVE PODCAST TOUR? If you have a request you can leave them here or on my Instagram : ). XO

How do you unplug without guilt 26. March 2018

VERY HARD FOR ME. I fight this all time.

I feel the need to be on work 24/7. So I feel you.

Usually I take one Sunday a month & do nothing but lay in bed, eat, watch TV, & read. No social media.

BUT I am a work in progress- it’s difficult.

What trends are you feeling for summer? 24. March 2018

I love a leather skirt. Like a puffed one. All the girls in Paris are wearing them. But it needs to be the right one. This is kind of weird for summer but I like it.

Also red shiny nails.

Straight hair with a blunt cut too! Can you tell I am inspired by Paris fashion?

AND!!! I like tank bodysuits with baggy pants.

OH. Every girl needs a pair of these tennis shoes. SO GOOD & classic. xx

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