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Hi Lauryn! I just listened to your solo podcast episode about hormones and I think you and Michael should reach out to Karen Hurd and Unique Hammond to interview for an episode. They follow “the bean protocol” which is an insanely effective diet for curing all kinds of ailments including hormone imbalance! It’s easy and completely natural, I would love to hear your take on it.Thanks!-Nicole 29. December 2020

Sounds super interesting. Will have to look into this! Thank you for sharing xx

Hi Lauryn! I am a college student and was wondering If you had any tips or suggestions for budget friendly skincare products and tools? 22. December 2020

Hi! Olive oil is great for facial massage & low budget. As for tools, cold spoons for under the eye or even just ice can also work for facial massage. Hope this helps <3 xx

I am LIVING for the hormone and gut health content on the podcast this week!!! please keep it up it gives me hope that I’ll figure out my chronic acne/skin issues that I thought only accutane could fix 16. December 2020

AMAZING. It is seriously related to e v e r y t h i n g. Thank you for the support <3 xx

Please check out Dr. Jolene Brighten on Instagram and her book beyond the pill! Can you please bring her on the podcast?! I just discovered her and she has so much info on women’s hormones! I think you would really enjoy her. 16. December 2020

Have heard this from so many people! It is definitely on the list. xx

Hi Laryn,I have been a member for a while, but just getting back to it. How do I get into the diet and workout suggestions that I have been paying for?Thank you!Donna 16. December 2020

Hi hi! If you have the TSCBODY app, please email for any login issues.  xx

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