Ask Lauryn

Hi Lauren. What ear buds do you use during massage/shower therapy/facials/etc.? Thank you! 12. April 2019

I listen on my phone! Just put it on my phone on the little table. Does that make sense?! Also Airpods are great.

What is the best eye cream for dark circles 12. April 2019

Lymphatic drainage is my best tip. I like oil for under eyes <3.

What’s your favourite show on Netflix? 12. April 2019

Vanderpump Rules, Breaking Bad, Arrested Develop, Curb Your Enthusiasm, and RHO everything.

Please do a tsc book club insta stories or account!! It would be great to have all your favorite books in one place! 29. March 2019

If you search ‘book club’ on the site (here) TONS of book clubs will pop up! Let me know you see them. Also I added a ‘book’ highlight to my IG. <3

Please please do an updated what’s in my purse post. I am a college student that goes to work and school during the week and I feel like I should be carrying one purse around with essentials. I really trust your opinion and could use some guidance haha. Xoxo 21. March 2019

Your wish is my command. In-depth purse breakdown here. XO

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