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I am LIVING for the hormone and gut health content on the podcast this week!!! please keep it up it gives me hope that I’ll figure out my chronic acne/skin issues that I thought only accutane could fix 16. December 2020

AMAZING. It is seriously related to e v e r y t h i n g. Thank you for the support <3 xx

Please check out Dr. Jolene Brighten on Instagram and her book beyond the pill! Can you please bring her on the podcast?! I just discovered her and she has so much info on women’s hormones! I think you would really enjoy her. 16. December 2020

Have heard this from so many people! It is definitely on the list. xx

Hi Laryn,I have been a member for a while, but just getting back to it. How do I get into the diet and workout suggestions that I have been paying for?Thank you!Donna 16. December 2020

Hi hi! If you have the TSCBODY app, please email for any login issues.  xx

someone had this question and you answered: SINCE NOTHING IS TMI FOR TSC, HOW DO YOU SHAVE ‘YOU KNOW WHERE’ WITHOUT GETTING ANY OF THOSE ANNOYING IN GROWN HAIRS, CUTS, ETC. EVERY TIME I SHAVE IT LOOKS DISGUSTING. i shave upwards with a strong razor ( loving bic right now ), use a good shaving cream, & lastly i always add tend skin afterwards. it works like a charm ; ). bumps be gone. BUT a weird trick i was told and i swear it works to keep away bumps and ingrown hairs is after you shave, run your stick of (solid) deodorant over the parks you shaved. it helps them heal and keeps them smooth! 30. October 2020

Will have to pass this along to Taylor, LOL. Thank you so much for the tip xx

Besides TSC, what podcasts do you listen to? 30. October 2020

Definitely Ed Mylett and Tim Ferris. & you can check out a post on my favorite podcasts here as well xx

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