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Hi!! I love your podcast! I had a thought and I think it would be so iconic if you interviewed Lauren Giraldo and her boyfriend Henny for the podcast. She is one of my favorite influencers on youtube and she is getting a lot of recognition for her 12 3 30 workout routine. I think it would be a great thing for people to learn about this routine especially for those implementing exercise into 2021. Also she is just entertaining and inspiring, I think you 2 would get along well with them. They remind me of you two and I think you would have great chemistry and a great conversation. Anyway, happy new year!! 8. January 2021

AGREED. This is a fantastic idea. We will look into this 🙂 Please keep us updated on how that treadmill routine is going 😉 xx

Do you have any recommendations for eyebrow serums for increasing the thickness of the brows? 8. January 2021

Hi! Castor Oil is a fantastic, natural option which can increase hair growth. Use a spoolie & dip it in some castor oil & apply at night. Over time this should help fullness. ALSO you can use hair gel or the soap brow technique to lift the hairs up, creating a fuller effect. Amelia Hamlin gave us the deets here. I also have a blog post on it here. For tinting- I do a DOUBLE tint. Really ensures that emphasis, ya know? Hope this helps. XX

Honestly, I just wanted to tell you how amazing you are doing as a mother and to tell you that you are just a kick ass human being! I adore you and your podcast and it really helps me get through my weeks! If you ever venture to Idaho to look for a piece of property so you can live off the land 😂 maybe we can grab a coffee! Also I know you have no clue who I am lol but I am super about mental illness awareness and have struggled with post partum depression and anxiety so I’m here if you ever need to talk to someone. I’m all about normalizing mental illness. Sorry I’m rambling and I hope you don’t think this is weird. I just relate to you so much that I decided to reach out…I just want you to know you’re doing amazing things and I appreciate you. 29. December 2020

This is SO kind!! We do what we do for readers, listeners, and followers like you <3  Thank YOU for making TSC better everyday. xx

Hi Lauryn! I just listened to your solo podcast episode about hormones and I think you and Michael should reach out to Karen Hurd and Unique Hammond to interview for an episode. They follow “the bean protocol” which is an insanely effective diet for curing all kinds of ailments including hormone imbalance! It’s easy and completely natural, I would love to hear your take on it.Thanks!-Nicole 29. December 2020

Sounds super interesting. Will have to look into this! Thank you for sharing xx

Hi Lauryn! I am a college student and was wondering If you had any tips or suggestions for budget friendly skincare products and tools? 22. December 2020

Hi! Olive oil is great for facial massage & low budget. As for tools, cold spoons for under the eye or even just ice can also work for facial massage. Hope this helps <3 xx

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