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Hi, I know you are all things skin so I was wondering if you have ever treated for uneven pigmentation or sun damage? I live in Dallas and want to see a Dermatologist for professional advice but I like to hear from someone who has tried it out first. My pigmentation isn’t bad I just like to be proactive. 30. April 2019

UGH I totally struggle with hyperpigmentation. What’s worked: no sun, hats, sunscreen, a good skin care routine, & microneedling. Those have all made a big difference <3.

Lauryn, since finding your site and podcast, I’ve pretty much bought everything I’ve heard you recommend. I have been #INFLUENCED! Summer is coming, plus a honeymoon in Mexico(!) so I’d love to get all your best sun avoidance tips. Maybe a master list of eff-the-sun essentials? 30. April 2019

THANK YOU! Yes- this is a great idea. I will start making a post now : ) x

Hi Lauryn! Have you ever tried the Dirty Lemon drinks? Looking for a personal opinion on them and thought i’d ask you! 30. April 2019

Only a few sips! Need to try them more. I liked them when I tasted them : ). They’re so cute too- good branding. x

Would Michael be able to share his skin routine? I am trying to convince my boyfriend to start taking care of his skin but of course he is hesitant and wants to apply the least amount of product possible. Thank you!! 17. April 2019

YES. This is happening. He’s taking forever but I promise it will happen. Lots of Dr. Dennis Gross, Elemis, and Kate Somerville. I think he will do a podcast on it.

Hi Lauryn! Love you so much. I’m traveling to San Diego with my boyfriend (for an anniversary trip). I’d love some recommendations… to do, to eat, to see, whatever you’re willing to offer! XO 17. April 2019

HEY GIRL. I love you too. Stalk my TSC SAN DIEGO GUIDE. XO

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