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hey lauryn! i’m really struggling with my weight. I gained about 25 pounds over two years in college. I have a tough schedule ad resort to bad dining hall food for comfort and an easy meal. I was wondering if you could do a video or give me some GUIDANCE about getting back into fitness with a busy schedule so that I can still have time to sleep and go out! 24. January 2021

Honestly, making quick easy swaps for healthier food options and walking on an incline on a treadmill for 30 min – 1 hour is not a huge push time wise & a great way to kickstart it 🙂 Hope this helps! xx

Hey Lauryn! Could you do a post/interview about Adult ADD? I am 27 and just got diagnosed with the Inattentive type and am struggling. I’d love to hear about routines, schedules and habits of some successful ADD boss babes! XO 24. January 2021

Hi! LOVE this idea. We will have to look at getting someone on the podcast about this. In the meantime, time blocking and batching are great hacks to structure your day. Hope this helps! xx

Dear Lauryn, Long time follower here! (And that’s saying something, because I follow very few blogs lol!) I just wanted to thank you so much for doing the interview with Nick Vujicic on your podcast a little while ago. I listen to your podcast every morning, and as a person with a disability myself, I can’t tell you how deeply moving this interview was. The thing he said about not being resentful for what he doesn’t have (totally paraphrasing, but I know it was something along those lines) is something that I now say to myself all the time. Thank you for creating such an inspirational podcast! Xo,Lucy 24. January 2021

Thank you SO much! We appreciate you sharing a bit of your story and that the episode brought you value <3 xoxo

Hi Lauren! I’m a first time mom and I struggling with loosing the baby weight STILL, I’m 1.5 year post. Can you do a post or podcast about how you finally got rid of the baby weight? you look amazing! Thank you! 8. January 2021

Of course! Please remember 1) everyone is different & 2) be kind to yourself in this process. It is totally not realistic for it to fall off right away, and that can be so hard. You are beautiful no matter what.  But I totally understand wanting to feel the best version of yourself. I can do a longer post on this, but in the meantime, here are some biggies what helped:

  1. Balancing my hormones
  2. Working with the flexible-dieting coach (you don’t need to deprive yourself- & you might actually be eating too little)
  3. Keeping active
  4. Not fixating on the scale or any numbers


Do you have any recommendation for serums/creams for your neck and chest? I want something that creates even skin tones and prevents aging! 8. January 2021

You can bring skincare down to the decollate area 🙂 I would work up to it to gauge sensitivity. Retinols & Vitamin C are great for improving discoloration & texture. ALSO! Staying moisturized is super important to look youthful. I love the Elemis rose oil in my ELEMISxTSC co brand for moisture. If you have any retinol on, also please make sure to stay out of the sun! I love a big floppy hat to do this & my fav caffeinated sunscreen 🙂

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