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Hi Lauryn, I am a listener from Hong Kong and looking to start my own podcast! I hope this question hasnt been asked but I am wondering what podcast equipment do you use and whether it is portable? Thanks again xxx 11. May 2018

THANK you for listening all the way from Hong Kong.

E-mail me at for a list of the equipment we use.

Thank you again for listening, x

How did you know Michael was the ‘one’? You guys are seriously relationship goals… but seem so opposite. What makes it work? (My current ‘date’ is like Michael- so airport-type-A, but I’m not…. he treats me like a queen, but Im afraid we’re too different). 11. May 2018

Because he’s a huge reader, witty, & he encourages my full potential.

I like him too.

He’s cool to hang out with.

Are you and Michael going to write a book together for the couples out here? 11. May 2018

Good idea- not right now but maybe in the future? Could be fun?

Hi Lauryn, I’m getting married next year and since I’m a bit older opted not to have brides maids. I love how you had your friends get ready with you, wear matching robes and enjoy the day! Curious how you went about iasking them? Did you do something special? Want them to be a part of this big day just not the whole matching dress thing… thanks for the advice! 11. May 2018

I didn’t have bridesmaids- it was never planned, we just hung out.

The girls who knew, just came to my room. Super simple. x

Hi Lauryn, what is the name of the Benefit highlighter that you recommended? They have several different highlighters. Thank you! Teresa 11. May 2018

Watt’s Up! Enjoy it’s a good one ; ).

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