Ask Lauryn

You’ve completely changed my attentiveness to skincare!Currently prepping for my wedding and wondering about recommended spacing between Botox and lymphatic drainage massage? 21. March 2021

Definitely consult whoever will do both- the injectionist and whoever does the facial massage. 🙂

Hi Lauryn I’ve been a follower of yours since like 2013,you always inspire me :)I would like to know your opinion on face massage and face yoga, Is it good for your face? Or does it cause more harm than good? I’m very interested because I am 20something now and i just noticed a line in my forehead:( and im poor so i cant afford botox or fillers yet lol. I’ve always loved all of your tips. I wear sunscreen daily and always wear a hat to the beach. Thanks! Hope youre well:) 7. March 2021

Hi! You are so sweet. I have actually done a blog post all about the benefits of face yoga here. Check it out — it seems like a great alternative 🙂

what is your go-to sunscreen, no tint!? thanks xx 13. February 2021

Love love love Supergoop’s!

Some of your fave, most influential and all-around positive/vibey instagram accounts to follow? Working on re-creating my feed to reflect inspiration (and less of my peers’ lives… bc I honestly don’t need that shit). Much love <3 9. February 2021

Hi! I like Robert Greene, Ed Mylett, Jesse Golden,  Gary Vee, and Melissa Wood (@melissawoodhealth)  🙂 They are all positive & motivating & ensure my feed is keeping me on track! Hope this helps 🙂 xx

What is the tinted moisturized you are currently using!? I think it has a wand if I remember from your stories. Thx! 2. February 2021

Wander Beauty! We had the creator on the podcast too 🙂 You can listen here. Xx

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