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Hi! What is the study called that Michael was talking abt on the episode (how to rid yourself of things that hold you back)! It was the one about multi taskers vs people who do one task at a time. He said it was written by Harvard or Stanford. Super great episode btw ? 1. April 2021

Hi! This is the OG study out of Stanford:

There have been a lot of follow up research that has surfaced thereafter. You can find a wealth of it on Google Scholar. 🙂 Thanks for reaching out– glad you liked the episode! xx

Hi Lauryn,Working Mom guilt! I don’t know if you will read this. I just want to reach out to say I’m here for you! I can only imagine that someone in your position may feel lonely, even though you’re surrounded by the huge community you have built. My son, Mack, was born March 11, 2020 and I have recently returned to work full-time. I am struggling alongside you on this one! I love my work (I’ve been in the wine business for 13 years-hard not to love!) but I love my time with my son. I know the alternative (stay at home Mom), is not for me (god bless those Mamas!). I don’t want to waste your time but I do want to say this: you’re doing an incredible job, Zaza will see her strong, working Mama and be so inspired, we can truly soak up and enjoy every minute with our babes, and from Glennon Doyle, there is no bigger burden for a child than the life not lived by their parents. I remind myself that my son wants me to be happy, to be free, and to be independent and Zaza wants the same for you. I hear you and I’m sending all my love and strength your way. Hugs,Sarah 24. March 2021

Sarah, thank you SO much for sharing your story and those kind words. First, congrats on your son! Mack is such a cute name. And second, it’s so heartening to know moms are not along amidst all the guilt. No doubt you are a killing it, mama! Hope you and the business keep it up. Thank you again for reaching out <3 xoxo

You’ve completely changed my attentiveness to skincare!Currently prepping for my wedding and wondering about recommended spacing between Botox and lymphatic drainage massage? 21. March 2021

Definitely consult whoever will do both- the injectionist and whoever does the facial massage. 🙂

Hi Lauryn I’ve been a follower of yours since like 2013,you always inspire me :)I would like to know your opinion on face massage and face yoga, Is it good for your face? Or does it cause more harm than good? I’m very interested because I am 20something now and i just noticed a line in my forehead:( and im poor so i cant afford botox or fillers yet lol. I’ve always loved all of your tips. I wear sunscreen daily and always wear a hat to the beach. Thanks! Hope youre well:) 7. March 2021

Hi! You are so sweet. I have actually done a blog post all about the benefits of face yoga here. Check it out — it seems like a great alternative 🙂

what is your go-to sunscreen, no tint!? thanks xx 13. February 2021

Love love love Supergoop’s!

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