Ask Lauryn

hi. i love you! What is the best drugstore brand face MOISTURIZER? 18. March 2016

Hi, love you too! Definitely Burt’s Bee moisturizers. I like this one: I think the drugstore has some really amazing finds if you look. x

What every day moisturizer do you use?? I’m in search for a new one! 18. March 2016

I’m obsessed with Stone Crop moisturizer by Eminence. It lays perfect under makeup. Plus it’s so yummy. You can find it here!

I cancelled my BBG Subscription but it wont let me LogIn to access my bbg guide. Sos im dying wIthout my guide. 18. March 2016

E-mail me & we will handle this ASAP.

um i love you. and the new site. so so pretty. how long did it take you to build your body guide? 18. March 2016

I love you too. & OMG. It took a year. I am still in the midst of doing the meal plans. It’s a lot of work but well worth it!

Hi lauryn, 18. March 2016


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