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Hi Lauryn, My friend and I are interested in trying cupping. We live in the San Diego area and I just wanted to see if you had a place you would reccomend. We want to be sure it’s authentic and clean. Thank you! 30. March 2016

Hey ladies! Try FIX in Hillcrest. I go to Taylor & I’m obsessed. He also does my acupuncture.

Hey Lauryn! I read your post on your boob job, and absolutely loved your honesty. I’m looking to get them myself, andI’ve read a lot of negative things about saline looking/feeling fake, and rippling; yours look amazing, but I was wondering if you ever notice any rippling? Would you consider getting silicone if you got them replaced? 29. March 2016

No they’re fine! I haven’t had any issues. Thanks for the titty compliments! HA.

When I get them re-done I will go silicone. I’ve read up on it & there’s a lot of pros. SO if you’re trying to decide: go silicone. Go a little bigger than you want too, they shrink!

Hi Lauryn! Do you have a go to salon (& stylist) in SD and a go to brow person? Thanks! from amy 29. March 2016

Yes! I love Tauni at 901 Salon in LA & Shawn from Divinity/Drybar in Encinitas. Both are great. For brows I am very specific. I go to Lindsey or Krista at Browtique in RSF. Ask them to tint your brows & prepare to fall in love ; ).

Hey Lauryn, I love following you and Michael on two are hilarious. And I’ve read your blog for years, it is my go-to for a fun and informative read 🙂 I am curious, do you want to have kids someday and if so, are you doing anything specific related to vitamins or diet to prepare for that one day? Would love to hear your thoughts on this! Thanks!! 29. March 2016

Thanks for following along ; ) he’s a trip. We do. We haven’t planned anything yet though if we’re being honest. I am so focused on growing my business, we haven’t had the time! But when I am ready, I will read up on it, take the right vitamins, eat whole foods, & nourish my body the best way possible. =)

I think I scared this guy away. Had an amazing date, then another amazing date – except on the 2nd date we slept together, and we also spent the next night together. Feels like too much too fast. Now two days later, I haven’t heard from him. Before this we texted every day and the first two dates were awesome. Is this over? 29. March 2016

It wouldn’t say it’s over. But I would definitely disappear. I wouldn’t annoy him. Let him come to you. Men love a challenge, present that. If he’s scared away, then fuck him. You can find better ; ).

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