Ask Lauryn

Hi your hair color is exactly what I am striving for but my stylist doesn’t seem to get it right. Do you get balayage? Do you know what line of color your stylist uses? 6. April 2016

I don’t know exactly what she does but if you e-mail me I’ll find out! I know it’s an ashy, cool toner with highlights. She always uses purple shampoo too.

Hey Lauren, I’m thinking of doing the bombshell body guide, however I am looking for a program that both my husband and I can do together. Is your program ‘guy’ friendly. 6. April 2016

Absolutely. I do it with Michael in hotel rooms all the time. Also, some of my guy friends use it! LMK if you have any more questions babe. x

Any way to get a signed book from you? 6. April 2016

Yes, e-mail me & we can make it happen. Thanks for your support! x

Any tips for blonde hair on how to stop the yellow? 4. April 2016

TONER at the salon! It’s life changing. My other favorite tip is purple shampoo. It’s insane. I can’t stop. Very over the yellow, golden look for blonde. Ashy, icy, & cool tones are my favorite.

I can’t seem to find the ‘Search’ option on your website & I am going crazaaay! I wanted to know what straws you use! I remember seeing a snap about them! Thx! Em 4. April 2016

Hey girl, it’s on the right hand side column ( above my Snapchat code/ghost ). Let me know you see it! The straws I use are here. Huge fan of the light purple & blue ones. x

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