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Hey Lauryn, Did you pick a winner for the giveaway yet?! I just really want to win 🙂 <3 18. March 2016

I extended the giveaway until 3/21 since the site was down! Winners are picked at random. Good luck, hope you win too!

What is your favorite book that you have read recently? 18. March 2016

Crush It! By Gary Vee. Reading his latest book, #askgaryvee too. He’s a badass business person.

For my wedding my wife and I created a 5 day adventure race across the Moab dessert in Utah. We made a film: (password: DT) I hope you enjoy! – Best Andrew 18. March 2016

Cool! I’ll check it out. Congrats

I’m taking a one day trip to san diego. any food or shopping recommendations?! staying near encinitas. 18. March 2016

I love Lotus Cafe in Encinitas! Also, check out Solace, Naked Cafe, La Valencia, George’s at the Cove, & Mister A’s. All great spots! Best shopping is Fashion Valley Mall. Another fun spot is downtown SD. It’s fun to walk around & shop, eat, & drink. x

What site did you use to set up your blog???:) 18. March 2016 It’s the shit.

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