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I think I scared this guy away. Had an amazing date, then another amazing date – except on the 2nd date we slept together, and we also spent the next night together. Feels like too much too fast. Now two days later, I haven’t heard from him. Before this we texted every day and the first two dates were awesome. Is this over? 29. March 2016

It wouldn’t say it’s over. But I would definitely disappear. I wouldn’t annoy him. Let him come to you. Men love a challenge, present that. If he’s scared away, then fuck him. You can find better ; ).

what are some of your top tips for taking good blog pictures? 29. March 2016

Natural lighting, white space, different heights, different textures, a decent camera, & a good lens! I like a Macro, at the moment : ) x

Hi! So i’ve been stalking your blog for about a year now. I love how you always offer soooo many different beauty and health tips and tricks! There are so many good ones. But if you had to narrow it down to like 5 tips and trick, that you do every day what would they be? 29. March 2016

Ice rolling, magnesium, probiotics, sleep, & OILS! : ) thank you for the support babe. Stalk away!

Hi Lauryn! I’ve been looking for a good lip plumper but haven’t been able to find one I love, any suggestions? Do you have any all time favorites? from Marissa 29. March 2016

I AM HAVING THE BIGGEST MOMENT with this one. It’s INSANE!!! Also, this one is good for during the day. x

Hi Lauryn! Do you prefer a curling iron or a wand? I’ve seen you mention both on your blog, and wanted to know which one is better for the beachy wave look. 29. March 2016

Way more into a curling iron right now. OBSESSED with this one currently! It’s cheap & works GREAT. Thanks for reading babe. x

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