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Hi! Just wanted to say thank you for creating such an inspiring, raw, beautiful place. You continually inspire my in all areas of my life. Quick question, what is you opinion on eliminating dairy from your diet to reduce inflammation? I know you’re not a “medical professional” per-say, but have you ever tried? Thanks! XO 23. March 2016

Thank you! So sweet. SO funny you say this. I am actually on dairy elimination kick now to reduce my swelling. I will let you guys know how it goes. The more I learn about dairy, the more I don’t want it. It’s pretty gross. I will do a post.

Hi , I just want to touch base if you’ve received my email about the health benefits of ginger a few weeks ago. Looking forward to hear from you. Cheers, Garrick Founder Juicing with G from Garrick Dee 23. March 2016

Hi! I haven’t. Re-send it to & I’ll get back to you within the week. x

White t shirt question asker here! I didn’t mean to submit my question without finishing my sentence haha ANYWAY you always have the best suggestions! I’m looking to spend less than $50 but any price range is awesome 🙂 23. March 2016

Hey babe, you can find my favorite under $50 here. It’s by LNA. I DIE for their tees. I have a bunch & they’re great. x

How often do you get your hair highlighted? i’m going blonde and i was wondering how much upkeep there is! 18. March 2016

Annoying, but every 2 & 1/2-ish months. It’s a lot of upkeep. I bet you’d hot as blonde though.

I’ve followed you for ages, Love your blog. Any Recs on other great ones to follow? 18. March 2016

Thank you!! : ) This is hard because I barely read other bloggers. Not because of any reason other than I want to have a fresh, different perspective on things! I like The Balanced Blonde, Fashionlush, and Cupcakes & Cashmere though.

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