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What does your social media planning/calendar look like? What works best for you? Would you consider doing a post or podcast about this? 6. May 2018

Yes of course! It’s so nuts. Google Calendar works best- it’s severely color-coded.

I will try to do a post this week. Great subject.

Hi L, so I know what you’re going to say (which is “ignore them”; at this point I feel like we’re life long best-friends), but any tips on how to get into the ‘weight’ section of the gym and not be so intimidated by the boys? I’ve somehow mustered the courage to use the ‘free weights’ section but anytime a cute boy comes over, oh I’m back on that stupid elliptical. 6. May 2018

I think you should workout wherever you want & feel POWERFUL!

Unapologetically do you here- who cares what anyone thinks?

I think it’s cool you’re doing weights- keep at it. XO

How you decided your blog name, SKINNY CONFI.. 6. May 2018

I wanted women to be able to ‘GET THE SKINNY.’

Kind of a like a resource on everything girly. XO

hi love! my name is kim 🙂 I met you when I was ringing your items up at jimbo’s and I realized I lost your email 🙁 . I am still super interested in your skin care products please help dear! my email is hope to see you at jimbos soon !! 🙂 6. May 2018

It was nice to meet you! E-mail me at <3

How do you manage the sun in San Diego?! I was just down in LA last week and despite wearing and re-applying quality sunscreen, I got so sunburnt which I can’t stand. I totally relate to your passion for protecting our skin from the sun but how do you manage with the constant heat/sun? Luckily I live somewhere where its more mild, but Summer is coming and it does get hot here. Any tips? I’m seriously determined to make that my last ever sunburn 20. April 2018

I wear sunscreen daily, wear obnoxious hats, have tinted windows, & always go for shade.

I’m pretty annoying about it!

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