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Hi! Do you have a specific brand of essential oils you recommend? I am purchasing the oil diffuser that you just posted about! 2. April 2020

LOVE a tangerine essential oil to get things going in the morning!

I love your podcast and blog. You seem so energetic and productive and I was wondering if you had any tips about what you do regarding sleep patterns or how you stay so energetic so that you can be your productive self. 1. April 2020

light, movement, and hydration first thing in the AM!! totally sets the tone for the day.

Hi Lauryn! Just started listening to your podcast and I really love it! You recommend so many amazing products, but they are all so expensive. Any thoughts on inexpensive skin care, health, and/or wellness products? That could make aninteresting podcast or blog post. Thanks! 12. August 2019

Check out my IG: It’s all products that are very affordable. Also my blog has tons of affordable options. Thank you for listening! x

I’m the store manager at Bandier in NY and we would love to do an event with you! Let me know if you would be interested 🙂 12. August 2019

Hi! Please email for events x.

What is the lube you always talk about and where can I buy it? 12. August 2019

It’s called WOO MORE PLAY. Use code HIMANDHER at checkout for 20% off. You can find it here. x

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