Ask Lauryn

I noticed a Mesoliftlips tool on the first picture of your face steamer post… what do you think of it?!?!? Would love to see a review! 22. May 2017

Hi! I haven’t tried it long enough to recommend it. Give me a few months & I’ll let you know! Want to make sure I try products for a while before I recommend : ). X

Random question but how many hours of sleep do you usually get a night? I feel like you do so much & don’t get much sleep haha Im struggling with a sleep schedule & waking up tired every single morning no matter what I try and do. Was wondering if you had any tips or anything that would help 22. May 2017

Girllllll I need 8 hours every night or it’s NOT pretty. I love sleep- it heals me. If I don’t sleep, I don’t look good. Also I’m a night owl. I like staying up late & working too. Hope that helps! LMK if you need more specifics.


I’m listening to some of your earlier podcasts and in one of them Michael talked about how he always knew you were going to be his wife one day even when you weren’t together… did you have that same feeling? 22. May 2017

<3 I’ve always had a soft spot for Michael but no, I had no idea we’d end up together.

Now it makes sense but in high school & college I really did my own thing. I never thought too much about marriage until we got back together!

Now, I obviously know there’s no one else I’d rather do life with.

( & to be honest I’d be dead single if we weren’t together ).

Lauryn! I am planning my best friends bachelorette and copying all ur shit (Obv!)… how did you customize those cute water guns?? Please adviseeee :) you are goals. XX 22. May 2017

Yay! COPY AWAY! I got them off some rand-o site. E-mail me & I’ll forward you the details:

help! do you have any tips for under eye bags? no matter how much sleep I get I always have prominent bags and have the hardest time covering them up with concealer…anything you would suggest doing?? 22. May 2017

Have you tried lympathic drainage under the eyes? It will fix it ; ) BIG TIME! Instead of covering the area, fix the problem. Lympathic drainage is life-changing. XO

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