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Hi! I’m sure you already have one… but wondering if you have a favorite/suggested book read list? Would also love to see some of Michael’s favs for my fiancé! <3 19. May 2021

Hi! Some of Michael’s favorites are  books by Robert Greene: “Laws of Human Nature,” and “The 48 Laws of Power” just to name a few. He also loves “Man Search For Meaning” by Victor Frankl,  “Relentless” by Tim Grover, and many of the books by Ryan Holiday: “Ego is the Enemy,” and “The Obstacle is the Way.

Hi Lauryn, I wanted to ask you for recommendations to reduce swelling after double-jaw surgery. It has been about 3 months since my surgery and I am still swollen. It seems to me like the swelling is no longer going down. Sometimes I worry I will stay swollen and never get back to what my face looked like before the surgery 🙁 I have read your posts and I have gotten lymphatic drainage massages on my face as well as worked with gua sha at home to help stimulate circulation. I’m kind of at a loss. I know recovery is a process and I am still only 3 months out but I would love to hear any recommendations you have since you have first-hand experience. Thanks in advance! 19. May 2021

Hi! So sorry to hear those. The swelling can seriously take forever. Ice rolling was the BEST during that lagging swelling phase.  You can check out the one I created for this exact reason here. Additionally, I really tried to eat anti-inflammatory foods and take additional anti-inflammatories. Bromelain and turmeric are great supps for inflammation. Hope this helps. <3 xx

Hi! I’ve been listening and following for almost a year now and I just saw your new product launching! The way you made the video is absolutely amazing and it popped a question in my head – is Lauren looking for interns by any chance?! I’m in advertising and I absolutely loved how you introduced the product to us and it would be a dream to work with The Skinny Confidential Team 🙂 If not, no biggies and I just want to say I love you guys and you’re absolutely KILLING IT!!! 15. April 2021

Hi! For job inquiries, please feel free to email 🙂 xx

What was the name of the vibrator you had on your IG story a couple weeks ago? ?? 15. April 2021

Hi! It’s the vibrator “Vibez I Cum First” from WOO More Play! You can check it out here.  😉

Hi Lauryn,I am very, VERY selective about which influencers I follow, and you’re one of the few whose content I consume on the regular. I noticed it doesn’t look like you’ve ever had Amy Morin, author of “13 Things Mentally Strong People Don’t Do.” I think she’d be such a fascinating guest to have, as a lot of her work is about managing grief after the loss of a loved one, a topic I know you’ve also experienced. Anyways, just a helpful suggestion. Have a great day! 9. April 2021

Thank you for those kind words :’) & thank you for the guest suggestion! We have heard this suggestion before- def need to look into it. xx

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