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Hi Lauryn!! I’m 22 and wondering what products you think are essential for skincare/anti aging at my age. Do you think vitamin c serum is necessary? Or just moisturizer and sunscreen? Also any product recommendations? XOX 29. November 2017

Vitamin C Serum is SO necessary! It’s amazing ; ). I like this one the best right now & GLO Skin has a good one too! I did a facial massage tutorial with it. x

I need help! So you got microneedling done and said it reduces pore size, does this help with blackheads? 29. November 2017

YES- it helps SO much. If you’re looking for something QUICK though, check this post the actual pimple cure. x

There is this lotion you keep showing on IG stories. It’s in a white bottle and I believe it coconut something but I forget to screen shot. If you could show it again that would be lovely. Thanks! 29. November 2017

YES! I love it. It’s coconut & rose lotion. You can find it here. XO

hi okay so i ordered one of your cases through giftagram but i accidentally hit send before i had fully decided on what i want and now the order says it’s gonna send me the wrong case and i can’t cancel it!!!! 29. November 2017

No prob; e-mail me & I’ll loop in Casetify so you can switch it out : ).

Any thoughts on Daily Harvest, yay or nah? I have a bunch of friends who are jumping on ordering their breakfast this way. I am considering it, but would love a second opinion. 3. November 2017

I’ve only tried it once- I need to look at it again. Is there protein, fiber, & healthy fats? <3

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