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what equipment dp you recommend getting for starting a podcast?! also for a blog wordpress,com or ,org?! 12. October 2017

For podcast, email me: & I’ll send you FULL breakdown- it’s a long list.

For blog, for sure XO

I’m sure you’ve talked about this before somewhere on here, but do you use a self-tanner or recommend one for home use? or do you prefer spray tans? thx XOXO 11. October 2017

I like spray tans A LOT. I do them all the time.

If I’m traveling I do self-tan towels: Tan Towel or these L’Oreal towelettes ( they’re $10 bucks! ).

Hope that helps, happy tanning!

I have bought ALL your meal plans and wanted to add your Bloat one to my collection but I can’t figure out how to get just that one. I’ve tried DMing and emailing but no response. Please help me!! Thanks XOXO 11. October 2017

E-mail me & I’ll get right back to you : ).

Subject: bombshell body

Thank you for the support <3

I bought the Sunfood Maca Powder, how to you incorporate it into your diet? 11. October 2017

In smoothies : ) I love to add it to this one. XO

Where do you get your eyebrows tinted? I was told it was illegal in California. 11. October 2017

Browtique in Rancho Santa Fe by Lindsay : ).

I’m not sure if it is or isn’t but I just love it so much. <3

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