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Hi Lauryn, my name is Juliet Muir. I’m a producer at Good Morning America. We wanted to speak to you about being on the show to talk about your love of coconut oil. Please send me an email ASAP at Thanks so much! 14. August 2017

Thank you for thinking of me! Just e-mailed you x

Hey Lauryn, You may have already discussed this topic, but how do you feel about microneedling? I have done a little research and people said that it made their wrinkles worse and others who love it. I trust your opinion and would love to know your thoughts?? 14. August 2017

I haven’t tried it yet! Going to try it and let you know.

I would definitely NEVER do it at home. I would go to a professional : ) x

What are your tips for preventing breakouts when you’re about to travel for 20 plus hours!? I need some tips so my skin doesn’t hate me before I even start my trip!! Thanks xxx 14. August 2017

MASKS! Eye masks, sheet masks, all kinds of masks.

SO much water, sleep, & a good moisturizer too. : )

Hi Lauryn!! Would love love love if you did a post about candida?! 14. August 2017

Hey girl, I did a post on candida here! Hope this help x

Hi Lauryn, you recommend a caffeine sunscreen which I am ordering. Have you ever used a coffee face scrub? If so, do you think it would have a similar effect for tightening and brightening the face? 14. August 2017

I love coffee scrubs but I haven’t found one for the face I like- I am still experimenting!

You’re so right though- it would totally tighten the face. : )

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