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has the Ask Lauryn feature been asked? No longer on the homepage! 28. March 2017

It should be on the nav bar in the right hand corner! XO

Hi Lauryn, I’m trying to figure out Michael Lauren sizing because I’m wanting to purchase the adorable leopard jumpsuit. What size do you have? I love how cute it looks on you! I’m 5’7″ and slender, I’m more concerned about it being too high-watery ;-) I know you’re super busy but I’d love your input. 19. March 2017

I got a small : ) x

Thoughts on fitbits? 17. March 2017

I like it. It’s hard to do it everyday. But I like it.

Hi Lauryn! I know Iv’e seen you post about your first camera you purchased for blogging, but I can’t seem to find it..what type of camera was is again? 17. March 2017

Hey girl!

I bought a Canon REBEL EOS. It was great : ) x.

Hi Lauren – I just read that you received a nutrition certification from ISSA. Do you think it was beneficial? I’m thinking of starting it. 16. March 2017

It was ok. Nothing too special. Honestly school bored me. I have learned so much more from podcasts, books, & experiences. Hope that helps!

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