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I have skin discoloration, acne scars, small broken capillaries (around the nose)…. Is there any product or treatment or laser that you would recommend to get clear, even colored skin- like you have? 18. February 2018

I have hyperpigmentation too!!

Try IPL. It sounds like that will REALLY help.

Also do a lot of serums, oils, & masks (Vitamin E oils & masks for scars). Peels are fabulous too- there’s one called ‘The Perfect Peel’ that I love. AND micro-needling is insane!

Lauryn! You’re the best! I adore your brand in every way & can’t get enough of the the entertainment you and Michael (& the whole TSC team) provide on snapchat 🙂 Question for you — I know you have discussed dabbling with a tad of Botox in the past and recommended someone in the San Diego area for natural, not overdone yuck Housewives look — do you by chance know of someone in the LA area who can give those same results? Thanks! xoxo 17. February 2018

THANK YOU : ). I love you!!

I have never been to anyone in LA!

I would do tons of research & definitely look around. I go in San Diego. x

Hi! I’m obsessed with your podcast. I believe a while back you mentioned that you had a list of the equipment you use for your podcast (microphones, etc). Can you direct me to this info? I am trying to help a friend start a podcast. Maybe we can work together one day 🙂 xo Alix 17. February 2018

Yes we have a full list! Just e-mail me at and I’ll send it over : ).

How do you keep your neck looking young?? 16. February 2018

Lots of skin care, oils, lotions, always lifting it upward, neck massage, facials, & never going in the sun!

Do you facial massage at night or just in the mornings? 16. February 2018

BOTH! But mainly in the morning. I don’t skip a morning.

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