Ask Lauryn

Hi Lauryn! Are you ever going to have a meet up in Canada? Vancouver BC would be a perfect place for all of us Canadian’s that LOVE your blog! I would love to meet you XO 8. June 2017

Hi girl! Thank you for the support!

I am trying to get to Canada ASAP- send me any recommendations : ).

Would love to do a meet-up there. x

Whats your rule of thumb for getting rid of or donating clothing? 8. June 2017

If I haven’t worn it in 6 months I either sell it here or donate it or give it to one of my FOUR sisters!!! XO

To Lauryn and Michael: I’m newish at listening to the podcast but have known about you and your blog for years. I am finding the podcast extremely inspirational to work on myself, business and lifestyle.. 7. June 2017

Thank you so much for consuming my content. I am always so grateful to all of you guys! Will tell Michael too. Thank you again for reading and listening. XO

Hi Lauryn! I am a skincare novice and trying to lock down routine. I noticed you did a post in 2016 about your routine and wondering if it was the same? Right now I use Rosehip in the morning and am still looking for a good serum in the evening.Is the Licorice root one your favorite? Do you have any others? Thanks! 7. June 2017

Hi girl,

I’m going to do a full Facebook LIVE on my skincare routine : ). I’ve been mixing in new products like a serum. I’m always using oils too & the licorice root stuff is still a staple. Sunscreen always & mask too.

Will do a FB LIVE in the next two weeks <3

I was wondering if you are hiring summer interns? I was unfortunately studying abroad in Italy this past semester and was unable to apply last time you were hiring. Please let me know! 7. June 2017

Yes we are! Please e-mail <3 hope you had fun in Italy!

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