One of the reasons that I started The Skinny Confidential was to create a resource for women that combined tons of beauty tips & tricks from all over the world.

Another one of my intentions was to constantly be engaged & basically friends with the community. As the brand has grown it’s gotten hard to respond to every single DM, comment & message. & that bothers me.

I had to get really crafty & create something that would allow me to still be able to connect with everyone. I still spend an hour in the morning & an hour at night responding to DMs, but it’s still not enough.

SO, I have 3 ways to get answers to you guys that I think will really remedy the situation.


♡ 1. Ask Lauryn page

This is the page where you can ask me anything anonymously. I try to check this a couple times a month & batch a bunch of the questions.

It’s super easy- just go to Ask Lauryn via this link or click “ask” in the top right nav bar dropdown on the blog, type your question in the blank white rectangle, hit the pink button under it, & voila!

The best part about this is you can read everyone’s questions. Grab a glass of chilled rosé & have fun scrolling.

♡ 2. Instagram

This is my new Instagram account where I can really micro-blog & write about shit I’m very much obsessed with…BUT without the overly curated pictures. It’s just straight to the point, no BS, real info on products I LOVE & use on a daily basis. It’s the perfect extension of the blog in a way because it’s a super handy, quick resource for products. Think of it as a new way to stalk some ICONIC, affordable products on IG.

ANYWAYS, it’s so quick & easy for you to ask me a question on an Instagram post & it’s a really quick way to get a hold of me. I mean in the COMMENTS on an actual post, not in the DMs. It’s also efficient because everyone can see the questions & if they have the same one, it’s already answered. just launched so be sure you’re following. You guys will LOVE!

♡ 3. @theskinnyconfidential Instagram

I’m pretty good about getting back to all comments on @theskinnyconfidential posts. DM’s can get tricky because they kinda get lost, but in the comments it’s easier because it’s right on the picture.

Also, I thought it would be fun for you guys to ask any questions you have on this post. Then I can do a big post answering all the questions left in the comments.

Like I said, I wanna make sure this space continues to be an intimate space where we all connect. Of course if you wanna connect with each other feel free to join TSC Secret Facebook Group. Just go here & click +JOIN GROUP.

I’m off for a date night with Michael. We’re going to go somewhere new that came highly recommended.

Looking forward to seeing all your questions below.

+ be sure to follow 


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12 replies to “ASK LAURYN”

  1. I love how you try to connect as much as possible with your community ? Since I am also a huge fan of your podcast and am listening to every single episode while I walk to work (you even answered my question on the relationship episode!! i was so happy about that!) I wanted to ask: without revealing who, was there ever a guest on the podcast that you regretted inviting?

  2. Hey Lauryn! What is are your favorite eye cream/serums for puffy eyes? I’m SO prone to puffiness, and I do lymphatic drainage facial massage but also need a good go-to eye serum.

  3. Wait. The new IG account seems to just be a place where you tell people to buy something and include an affiliate link so you get money for it? I’d be cool with this if you were upfront about what it is (and also if you adhered to the FCC rules that say you have to clearly disclose affiliate links)

    1. I don’t think she’s trying to sell anything there. We just constantly message her asking about products she has referenced, so this makes it easy to find the product she recommended. Lauryn is always 100% up front about ads so I’m confident she isn’t being shady here. If you’re not into the new account don’t follow….

  4. Hello Lauryn!!

    I am desperate for a bra that fits! Since there are so many new intimate brands launching, I need to know the best one! I think it would be amazing to test all the up and coming bra/intimate brands to rate each one for fit, comfort, quality and price