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Ashley Wahler’s Hair Care Secrets For Healthier, Stronger Hair

Ashley Wahler's Hair Care Secrets For Healthier, Stronger Hair

Recently we had Ashley & Jason Wahler from The Hills: New Beginnings on The Skinny Confidential HIM & HER show. They talked all about their journey with addiction & what is was like to be on The Hills. It was so much fun having them on the show, so naturally I had to invite Ashley on the blog to share her hair care secrets.

Ashley Wahler's Hair Care Secrets For Healthier, Stronger Hair

Ashley is a professional hair stylist specializing in color, a mom of 2, a wife and a total hustler who just came out with a hair accessory line, The Gold CollectionHer pieces are so fucking cute you guys, I can’t. They are chic, elegant, simple, but SO FUN. You’re gonna love.

Him & Her Podcast with Ashley Wahler

Ashley Wahler’s Hair Care Secrets For Healthier, Stronger Hair

In this post you’ll learn all about Ashley’s favorite products ( spoiler alert, they all act as heat protectants too ), the must-have pieces from her line, how to grow thicker hair & how to prolong color ( you guys know I color my hair as little as I can ).

Without further ado, let’s welcome Ashley Wahler to the blog.

Ashley Wahler hair care tips
Ashley Wahler The Gold Collection


Introduce yourself to The Skinny Confidential audience.

Ashley Wahler: Hi everyone! I’m Ashley Wahler. You may know me from The Hills New Beginnings or that girl who married the hot bad boy from Laguna Beach, Jason. Either way I am a happy momma of 2 adorable babies, Delilah who is 4 & Wyatt who is 10 months.

I have been a professional hair stylist who specializes in color for 11 years, & recently launched my first ever hair accessory brand called The Gold Collection by Ashley Wahler.  If you follow me on IG or any of my social platforms you know I’m a no BS kinda girl who loves faith & will fight to the depths for my family.

I am a huge supporter & advocate for recovery & try to share as much vulnerability to give people a hopeful outlook on the other side. I recently moved to Tennessee in hopes of raising my children with more land & a slower paced environment. 

Give us an Ashley Wahler hair secret!

AW: This is probably my most asked question from any clients or followers. Rule # 1 always use a heat protectant! Even if you don’t use heat just do it, I say it’s the condom for the hair & if you don’t protect it you will get BABIES aka split ends. My favorite protectant is this one by Kérastase.

Rule #2 Cut your damn hair. Yes I am speaking to you if you’re listening & haven’t cut your hair in years because you’re hanging on to the stringy stripper V that’s holding on to dear life in the back. If you trim your hair you will keep it healthier. Think of string cheese: if you keep pulling, the cheese will eventually pull apart & make the cheese pieces much thinner. If you cut it before the strings pull away you start with fresh cheese. ( I am a foodie hence the food analogies ).

Ok & final Rule #3, always use a nozzle & boar bristle brush when blowing your hair out. Here’s why: Your blow dryer has metal right on the tip & if you don’t have a nozzle your hairdryer gets as hot as a curling iron & you’re allowing that steaming hot metal to graze your locks! That is a huge no no & leads to more breakage than you even realize. Also that goes for those metal round brushes too – you might as well run a curling iron through your hair 100 times. Those get SOOOO hot which means more fried hair. I always use a boar bristle brush! My favorite are the IBIZA brushes

What does someone do if they’re lazy & they want their hair to look cute?

AW: This is exactly why I created The Gold Collection because as a mom of two I don’t always have enough time to style my hair, especially if I am running around with the kids & have a dinner in the evening. I want to look cute & chic with minimal effort. I love styling Luxey over a messy bun. Also another look I wear at least once a week is a sleek pony with Genie Queen. 

I have a rule of thumb when planning out my hair days: I always blowout the first day just with the round brush, day two I hit it with a curling iron for some beachy waves, & day 3 is hair up day, either messy top knot, or sleek pony or bun. Day 4 is a wash day. I always mentally prepare myself for that arm workout. 

What’s a fun way to jazz up your hair with an accessory?

AW: I love to use accessories as jewelry for the hair. My Wedding Day piece from The Gold Collection is the most versatile piece & completely changes a look. You can wear it casual or dressy, forward or backward, & has also been a favorite for daughters if you have one.

The opportunities are endless when elevating a style with a hair accessory, not only are people styling with headbands & scrunchies, I have seen people walking the crafting isle of Michael’s & using those items in their hair. It’s really amazing to see how creative people are.

Ashley Wahler The Gold Collection

What are your favorite hair care products?

AW: I am a product hoarder & use so many things but I will share some of my favorites. Also take into consideration hair type when choosing a product because not all products work for every hair type.

Ok my favorite heat protectants of all time are:

+ 10 In 1 by Loreal Proessional

+ Kérastase Ciment Thermique

+ InCommon Magic Myst Elixir

+ Kérastase Elixir Ultime

+ R & Co Centerpiece all in one elixir spray

+ dpHUE ACV masque

+ Mr. Smith The Foundation

It’s so annoying when I have to get my hair colored so often. Do you have any hacks for making your color last longer? 

AW:  Being blonde is the hardest! Depending on my client’s maintenance I will normally try to root shadow in between colors or base bump with a few highlights just to keep the color lasting longer with minimal damage. If that’s not an option, heat protectants are going to be your best friend.

They not only protect your color but help mend those crispy ends in between colors. Another tip is to always have a filter on your shower. There are so many minerals in our water which can make colors appear extra brassy or muddy. If this is still an issue try dpHUE Brightening Powder

It helps pull out those minerals from your water & brings color back to life in between salon visits. If you’re fighting gray & a huge line of demarcation after the 2 week mark R & Co has a great root spray cover up that helps in between visits. 

Also suggest to your stylist adding beigey babylights to camouflage that regrowth.

Ashley Wahler The Gold Collection

How do you avoid breakage? I’m really into Teleties right now because they don’t break my hair. Do you have any other tips? 

AW: There are 3 major things to avoid breakage:

1. Always use a Wet Brush when brushing your hair wet. This is because your hair is the MOST fragile when your hair is wet & tugging too hard at its most vulnerable state could be bad.

2. I know I sound like a broken record but heat protectant. This is super important & listen to what your stylist recommends. If you are highlighting & mostly blonde you want to be using something with protein while alternating with moisture. This is because you can over-protenize your hair & in the end cause more breakage. I know it’s so confusing! So just listen to the professionals & switch back & forth.

3. Less is more. I can’t begin to tell you how many times I tell my clients this. It’s because the more damaged your hair is, the harder it is to color. A healthy canvas will always give you better results & trust me, healthy hair is much better than any hair color you dreamed of. 

What are some hair secrets you learned on The Hills? Did you pick up anything yourself or learn something from the other girls on the show? 

AW: I think the only thing I really learned was not to overdo it with my hair changes on cast trips. LOL. Sometimes I would be going from one scene to the next, filming 10 hour days & thinking I was going to do some elaborate hairstyle change which NEVER happened.

Most of the girls either got their hair done for scenes or would call me if we were on a girls trip to come touch them up. I wish they showed the scenes of Kaitlynn & I doing Covid hair coloring in my kitchen because that scene was so fun. Or Audrina coming over before the Gatsby dinner in Tahoe to curl her hair. Those scenes are the best because you really get a look into that intimate fun girl time. 

Ashley Wahler The Gold Collection hair accessory
Ashley Wahler The Gold Collection hair jewelry

How do you manipulate your husband into taking care of his hair?

AW: Laughed out loud when I read this. Jason is the MOST high maintenance with his hair. He takes longer on his hair than I do on my own. The only thing I have control over is product choice & giving him hair compliments. 

Any hair growth secrets?

AW: Eat healthy, lots of greens & fruits. Also collagen daily is so helpful for new growth & hair strength. As far as products, it’s no secret & I have shared it multiple times online: Zatik Black Seed Oil Shampoo is life changing for hair growth. It has the secret ingredient Castor Oil which does wonders. 

What’s an accessory we all need from your line?

AW: There are so many amazing pieces, but if I had to choose 2 that work well on literally EVERY hair type it would be Genie Queen & Wedding Day. But If you love headbands & obsessed with Bridgerton you have to try Crown Royalty its fabulous, sexy & so unique! 

Where can everyone find you? Pimp yourself out! 

AW: You can find me on IG @AshleyWahler as well as on my YouTube Channel. 

& don’t forget to shop The Gold Collection here.

Ashley Wahler's Hair Care Secrets For Healthier, Stronger Hair


TSC Him & Her Podcast with Ashley Wahler

Be sure to check out The Gold Collection, listen to her podcast episode & follow Ashley @AshleyWahler. Like I said, her hair accessories are so classic & chic. You’ll love them.

And just to keep things nice & streamlined for you, I’ve added all of her product recs to my Amazon store. Check out all of Ashley’s ride or dies here.

x, lauryn


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