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If you don’t know what I’m talking about- what is even happening? I feel like everyone who’s under the age of like, 35-ish has endured the Sunday Scaries.

Like we’ve all felt that dreaded impending doom when it comes to returning to the office, school, or work. ANXIETY HAPPENS.

If you’re unfamiliar with Sunday Scaries- well, lucky you. But really you are lucky. Basically the definition according to Urban Dictionary: “The feeling you have after a long week of work followed by a Saturday full of binge drinking, when Sunday hits you question your entire existence. Typically characterized by laying in bed all day and both regretting past decisions and questioning your seemingly non-existent future. Thoughts like “I’m going to die alone” and “Will I ever get a job that I actually enjoy?” consume you for the entire day while you’re battling a hangover.

Example: Wow I haven’t seen Chad all day! He must have a bad case of the Sunday Scaries.”

OH…let me GUESS. Nowwww you know what I’m talking about, huh?

Yes- we’ve all been there most likely.

Anyway, I have had Sunday Scaries many times- from drinking too much on a Saturday, to dreading going to my bartending job when I was 21, to not finishing my homework in college- I’ve been there. I get it. But don’t worry because today I’m sharing 3 ways to avoid the scaries. I mean, technically you could have them on say, a Thursday too- sometimes there’s just nights that are well, scary. With that, let’s get into 3 ways YOU can say BUH-BYE to the scaries:


A lot of you guys ask me for my CBD recs- we’ve discussed the oils I like & then we have also discussed the gummies I like- but only on the podcast so I feel like they’re so good/effective that we need to discuss here too. But really these little suckers are my favorite gummies on earth. I usually take 2 at night- not going to lie sometimes 4 though. K? Just being honest here, as always. Michael was giving me weird looks for a few Sundays. Well, that is until HE tried them. Then he got it, you know what I mean. They very much take the ‘scaries’ away. Your friends will ask questions & steal them ( I’m talking to you, @FASHIONLUSH ), your BF will sneak them, & you will want to eat like 11. I have like 3 bottles- I mean there are different kinds ( they have SOURS, man ), so that’s totally acceptable. I may or may not have reached out & asked for a new supply recently- they’re seriously THAT good. You can even bring them in your coin purse to Coachella because you know, sure as shit, you’ll need them there- am I right or am I right? To get extra creative, you can add them to your pink pill container like I did. These gummies are safe enough for everyday use & will wash away your questionable Friday night decisions.

OH, I guess I should also inform you of… you know the benefits. Because that’s what we’re here for. You can expect:

♡ reduced anxiety
♡ improved sleep
♡ neuroprotection
♡ pain relief
♡ anti-inflammation

And they taste like Sour Patch Kids ( the red, not the yellow ). Enjoy kids! This recommendation is fun, sassy, & just totally necessary.


ALWAYS. Lately this has been a must. Many successful people have said: “if you don’t have 10 minutes to yourself, you don’t have a life.” I agree. Make 10 minutes for yourself every AM OR PM to zone out. You’ll see my routine below to get into the meditation zone but know this: I like Headspace. So far I have meditated for 540 minutes total. This is a big deal for someone who cannot sit still. ALSO- I feel calmer and I like it. More peaceful, if you will?

Meditation gives me clarity– I have even made business plans while meditating. Sometimes I work out something that’s bothering me. Whatever it is, meditation has helped.


& after that: HYDRATE. A lot. I know this is basic bitch shit but let me tell ya: it’s all true what they say about water guys. It helps with The Scaries. You know I prefer a hot pink Hydro Flask with a straw lid because I’m too lazy to lift my water bottle to my lips.

I fill up the bottle with water & lemon, maybe a pinch of pink Himalayan sea salt & I’m good to go.

Like I said: f you’re going to buy one of these, you HAVE to also buy the lid that has the straw in it. THIS is what will make you drink a ton of water.

This isn’t some flimsy straw that breaks. Plus, this lid actually comes with 2 straws- you know, just in case. The straw is amazing.

I’m serious though, the straw is key if you’re lazy in bed, or on the couch, & you just wanna lay there & gulp water with the bottle hanging down. You don’t need to pick it up & tilt it. I hate lifting my arm- it’s so annoying. Michael knows I don’t really like to even lift the remote to change the channel. I feel like we’ve all been there.

Also, you need a straw cleaner which comes with the straw lid- it’s the ONLY lid you need.

If, for some reason, you aren’t going to buy the straw lid then you should get some silicone straws. I use them all the time. They’re silicone straws that don’t hurt your teeth.

If you like metal better, then I would go with an XStraw. You can even get something engraved on them! They engraved TSC on some for me.


♡ keeps cold drinks cold for 24 hours
♡ keeps hot drinks hot for 12 hours
♡ made of BPA-free stainless steel
♡ vacuum insulation stops condensation

A little off track there for a second, but it’s important you know about an efficient way to hydrate while coming down from your hangover or anxiety.

A knowledgeable podcast ( like these motivational podcasts ) really does the trick too. & if worst comes to worst, I do what I did when my mom passed away: I read. Like my grandma AKA The Nanz always said: “if you’re having anxiety get outside yourself.” Reading does that for me. SO MUCH SO. Once I’m reading, I’m outside myself in the best way. You can go to a different world- STALK THE SKINNY CONFIDENTIAL BOOK CLUB.


HAVE YOU HEARD? Lavender neck pillows are all the rage! I’m serious though- the one I use relaxes me instantly. Even more so if I add some actual lavender oils to it. It’s like a lavender pillow on crack. Anyway, this pillow goes around your neck & will instantly relax your anxiety while you watch Vanderpump Rules. James & Jax will more than likely be making you worse though- so be careful or just pop another sour Sunday Scary. Nothing a little lavender, some gummies, & a lemon water can’t fix.

To round this out, everyone needs an acupressure mat- OK?

An acupressure mat stimulates the body to release endorphin hormones which have a soothing effect on the mind & body. The mat improves muscles to recover from workouts, and improves sleep instantly. They’re portable & light.

They’re INSANE for neck/back pain treatment. Not only that, the mat can help reduce pain in shoulders and hips VERY quickly. Also the mat is known to help deal with fibromyalgia and myofascial pain syndrome.

Some benefits of acupressure: help the body repair itself and heal itself from stress, back pain, sciatica pain, fatigue, muscle soreness, & insomnia. According to many sources, “the power of acupressure has long been a best kept secret among those who believe in alternative medicine due to its immediate effect of reducing back pain. The mat is very lightweight and portable and can be taken with you anywhere.”

Oh, you should know when I say neck pain, the mat also comes with a little pillow for your neck. I am psycho & love it so much…I actually slept on it a few nights in a row. This is craziness. I don’t know if I recommend sleeping on it. Really 10 to 30 minutes is all you need. MANY sources say “a daily use of 20 minutes of acupressure mats will regulate blood circulation & oxygen level in your body.”


♡ relieves stress from body
♡ relaxes mind & body
♡ increases blood circulation
♡ oxygenates the body i.e. improves oxygen level in body
♡ gives relief with headaches
♡ heals back pain including lower back aches on daily using
♡ reduces anxiety & related problems
♡ reduces depression levels by stimulating endorphins to make you feel good

Ok, so that’s that- I rounded up my favorite 3 ways to fight any nighttime scaries. I’m off to read my latest book ( My Journey with Farrah Fawcett: A Story of Life, Love, and Friendship by Alana Stewart ( ex-wife of Rod Stewart ) ), pop a Sunday Scary or 3, & eat some tangerines- I’m on a tangerine kick, I can’t stop lately. Is anyone else like this with a certain food? For me lately it’s been artichokes & tangerines. Random thoughts for you!

Before we go would love to know: how do YOU fight the Sunday Scaries? Please, we need all the tips we can get, you know.

Hope you had a very un-scary Sunday.

See you tomorrow! x lauryn

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+ READ MORE very TSC wellness posts & huge SHOUTOUT to Erica of Fashionlush for her time here. 

++ this post is in collaboration with Sunday Scaries. As always all opinions are my own.

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  1. What a great and honest post! My boyfriend and I call the “Sunday Scaries” the “Monday Blues” and we always get them on Sunday afternoon as I’m about to leave the city (we do long distance during the week) – these tips might actually help!!

    K A T E L A T E L Y || fashion & lifestyle blog

  2. I love doing pilates and then meditate with Headspace afterwards- something about this combination just works for me ? And of course my Hydroflask (black, pink straw top, Woo stickers all over it) which makes me drink sooooo much more water!!

  3. Just got an acupressure mat for Christmas and I LOVE it! The best gift ever! I suffer from lots of headaches so it is very useful and beneficial for me! And let me mention, it is super comfortable (in my opinion)!

  4. Good to know I’m not the only one fighting the Sunday Scaries! Definitely need to try that acupressure mat – sounds amazing! Great tips.

    Angela at Blush & Pearls

  5. Being a 25 y/o, I’ve def hit the quarter-life crisis stage.. It’s not fun. At all. Depression hits in waves at weird times and it’s like a strike to your gut and like someone jolted you with electricity.
    I read a similar post re: these gummies on Essellesse ( Glad to hear that the sunday scaries gummies are spreading!! Thanks for being so awesome and always giving your honest opinions. They’ve helped me tremendously over the years. <3

  6. Great post! I absolutely love these tips. I really want to try out the cad gummies. I have heard such great things about them.

  7. Hahahaha! Omg, this post cracked me up because it was so spot on. I actually had a Sunday Scary…this past Sunday. I have not had a hang over in a loooonng time, so it was pretty bad, and I was definitely in the fetal position in my bed all day, pondering my existence, binging on Netflix, and didn’t leave my room except to go pee. Lol. I am pretty sure everyone thought I was dead. Thank you Lauryn for the perfect phrase to epitomize such an occasion! ❤️Those gummies look yummy.

  8. Lauryn, thanks so much for posting. Had no idea you had a book club!!! Excited to start stalking that. Also, would love to hear your favorite lounge pants. Thanks!

  9. After returning formwork, Sunday is the one day we get for our self and it really turns into a scary Sunday and gives us anxiety. I haven’t tried CBD gummies but I would love to try it for my anxiety. Thanks!

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