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april favorites | by the skinny confidential

{ outfit from Michael’s birthday }


Ok so here’s the thing: I’m always testing shit.

You know this.

Sometimes it can be frustrating to always be testing shit because it’s overwhelming. And I want to find the best of the best for the most inexpensive price.

( Note: last week I tried 5, or maybe 6, masks. AND the silver peel-off one still won ).

Anyway, to be efficient I decided to just make a quick video breakdown of my 5 favorites this month.

I mean you need to know in detail why they’re the shining stars, you know?

Let’s get into specifics with the video first:


To really review:

Oils…not just any oils though:

Right now I love this jojoba oil because like I said: it has a little dropper- BTW I don’t know how to pronounce it, HA. Plus it’s freaking $13 dollars !! The rosehip oil makes the biggest difference in my skin tone ( f off, sun mustache ). I love sweet almond oil for my body ( makes you smell DIVINE ) OR to take my makeup off. Oils are key- WE KNOW THIS. Make sure you get pure/certified organic oils though because not all oils are created equal!

Acupressure mat:

YOU HAVE TO MAKE SURE the one you get has a pillow. Here’s why…I tend to use the pillow more than the mat. It’s quick & easy. I throw the pillow under my head & within minutes I’m asleep. No seriously. I figured out the key to going to bed recently: 3 easy steps: 1.) Tim Ferriss’ magic tea: hot water, 2 tablespoons organic raw apple cider vinegar, & 1 tablespoon of RAW honey. 2.) not looking at my phone or computer 2 hours before bed ( HELPS SO MUCH ). 3.) laying my head down on an acupressure pillow. Within minutes I’m dead asleep. Sometimes I wake up 30 minutes later & move the pillow…other times I wake up FIVE hours later & move it. That may sound intense but it works very well for me. My neck feels super loose afterwards which is ideal. If you missed the full post on acupressure mats, BE SURE to check it out.

FIX spray:

Been loving this spray to add to my hot pink beautyblender with some CC cream. It gives the makeup a dewy glow. AND THEN Mimi gave me her little high school tip: add cracked highlighter to the spray. You have to crack the highlighter yourself & pour it in the FIX spray but it’s OH-SO-WORTH IT. After you’re done applying makeup, it gives you a shimmer that makes your eyes pop. Experiment first with the travel-size if you’re not sold. OH & go for white-toned highlight powder here. I prefer this one. Keep in mind: it doesn’t need to be expensive highlighter. The one I use for this trick is $6 bucks.

Sticky phone case:

Just get this if you’re a blogger. It makes everything sooooooo much easier. You can do your makeup, talk, take pictures without hands. It clings to whiteboards too ; ). Sticky phone cases are an INSANE solution for bloggers/vloggers. Need I say more?

( I use mine ALL the time! ).

Contour palette:

This cream one is life because it’s right to the point. The colors are right & it’s an all in one. Ain’t no body got time for 5 different compacts. This one is like a painter’s palette too so you don’t get it all over your hands. I apply it with this angled brush & then always buff it out with a sassy Kabuki brush.

And there you have it: FIVE APRIL FAVES.

Shall we do this again? It’s kind of fun. Also going to be doing a lot of Instagram LIVES. I just feel like it’s a fun platform to connect with you guys on. What kinds of LIVE videos do you want to see? Get super specific.

To be honest, I’m ACU-STONED. Do you know what that is? HA! It’s a stoned feeling you get after acupuncture. Anddddd it’s fantastic. Literally high off wellness. Nothing better.

I’m going to go, WAIT FOR IT, make my sleepy tea & grab my acupressure pillow. I’m re-reading this book & have an in-depth post coming with some specific thoughts. If you haven’t read it, I highly recommend. So much value.

Will see you guys tomorrow. Hope you all crushed your Monday.

X lauryn

+ my red tee shirt in video | pant suit: jackettrousers in pic.

{ video }


  1. Love this..I bought the mat & pillow niece uses it every time she comes over she loves it & uses the pillow to pet my cats!

  2. Love the video Lauryn! I love your snaps and stories but I never seem to catch you on Instagram Live, probably because of our different time zones! I wanted to ask re: the sticky phone case, if you’re going to take a selfie, would you use the self timer or do you have a remote for your camera? If you have one, can you please recommend?! Thanks!!

  3. WAIT I need that sticky cell phone case! Stupid question, but how do you take a picture with it once it is stuck? I’m def giving Mimi’s tip a go with my rosewater spray – in fact, can we have Mimi guest post with all the things the high school / college girls are doing?

  4. I LOVE oils as well! They have freaking saved my skin – I love sweet almond oil and grapeseed oil. Amazing! And I need to go buy that pillow. I have so much back, shoulder and neck pain and I really think this could help me! Thanks for the tip, babe!

    1. Oils really are the fountain of youth for everything!! The pillow is a serious game-changer. You’ll love it Heidi! xx

  5. Love, love, love oils. Have recently been using argan oil in the a.m. before putting on my tinted moisturizer. I use rose hip oil at night and it’s amazing too.

    P.S. What mascara do you use? It looks amazing.

    1. You can check out my two favorite mascaras here: Anna! Thanks for all of the support! xx

  6. Love this new 5 things series Lauryn! Keep it coming!!! I really want that sticky iPhone case!!! Genius.. I had one of those pods that you can set your phone on but this is way better. Thanks for the recs and p.s. I have really been loving your blog lately!!! Especially the recent Don’t Settle Post 🙂 🙂

    1. Aw thanks so much Virg! LOVE that you’re enjoying everything. Will definitely keep it coming. I appreciate all of the support : ) xx

    1. You can find it here: Dana! Seriously the best. xx

  7. I’ve been using the self-timer. Will definitely look into a remote though. That’s a great idea : ) xx

    1. I’ve been obsessed with the go smile whitening pen for YEARS. Read more here: Thanks for the support Jessica : ) x

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