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APRÉS-SKI...HIS & HERS 7 | by the skinnyconfidential
APRÉS-SKI...HIS & HERS 3 | by the skinnyconfidential


So Aspen was an absolute blast.

Michael & I were very active the entire time, which is fun because then you can eat extra pesto pasta at dinner, guilt-free right?

We spent our days sledding, skiing, & walking around the charming, snow town.

Oh & let it be known that Aspen is my kind of romantic. Each day we bundled up by a blazing fire with homemade hot chocolate topped with fluffy marshmallows & a good book ( he’s reading The ONE Thing & I’m reading You’ll Know I’m Dead When I Stop Talking ). Loved it!

APRÉS-SKI...HIS & HERS 8 | by the skinnyconfidential
APRÉS-SKI...HIS & HERS 6 | by the skinnyconfidential

Anyway, Aspen is SO cold, like so, so cold right now– even off the ski slopes- so thank God I had this chateau resort-ish ski Trinity Down Parka by Eddie Bauer. They were kind enough to dress me & Michael in some warm clothes for the trip. We loved coming off the mountain & curling up by the fire decked out in cute clothes.

APRÉS-SKI...HIS & HERS 4 | by the skinnyconfidential
APRÉS-SKI...HIS & HERS 5 | by the skinnyconfidential

Honestly I love how their products keep you super warm and toasty but aren’t super heavy & bulky. A lot of warmth without looking like Shammu is just really fabulous in my book.

Also, Michael really loves the guy’s line— he’s incredibly picky with his clothes ( …eye roll… ) so it was cool to see him fall in love with the brand. I have to say though, Michael especially fell in love with their Downlight StormDown Vest which he’s rocking in these shots.

APRÉS-SKI...HIS & HERS 1 | by the skinnyconfidential

If you’re looking for a romantic get away, trust me & go to Aspen!! You certainly won’t be disappointed. The snow is just perfect for lovers. Especially if you’re in freezing conditions…I mean, you can’t go wrong with this chic, post-ski parka.

Besides who doesn’t want to be the cutest snow bunny in Aspen?

X, lauryn

+ Shop my snow outfit: black parka | camo mid line | ski pants | beanie | sunglasses | boots

+ Shop Michael’s outfit: vest | long sleeve top | ski pants | beanie | sunglasses

+ this post is in collaboration with Eddie Bauer | photos.

APRÉS-SKI...HIS & HERSn 9 | by the skinnyconfidential

  1. STOPPPPPPP kissing pic is too cute. I have a ton of ski/snowboard demos for work in February and I’m crossing my fingers we actually get snow!!! (Toronto will be 13 degrees on Christmas…that’s 55 for you, ahhhhh #greenchristmas).

    1. You’re from Toronto! Me too! Kind of a small world on the internet. Honestly loving the warm weather, it’s nice to savour before winter inevitably hits.


  2. When you read, are you a kindle/nook/paperback/hardcover kind of girl? Just wondering! Super jealous you went to Aspen btw, I remember you doing a post on wanting to go awhile back, I thought “I want to too”! and then you did. Boom.

  3. So cute! The Eddie Bauer jackets look a lot like those Patagonia ones that everyone has, but I think cuter and a lot more affordable.

  4. I’m so jelly! I haven’t seen snow in what feels like forever… 🙁 I mean proper snow like the one you can ski on. It feels more like early autumn in London right now. I hope next year I’ll have enough time/money to go on ski holidays and wear cute ski wear too!

  5. I haven’t been skiing for so long and love your outfits, very stylish for the slopes. 🙂


  6. These photos are SO cute. I love everyhting from the fashion to the location. Ski adventures are always so much fun becuase they’re always something to do (can I say hot tubs?!). Love love love.
    xx, Pia

  7. So cute!! I definitely need that parka. I’m going in January and NOT a cold weather fan.

    xo Annie

  8. Love the jacket! What size did you get? I’ve never purchased anything from Eddie Bauer, so I’m not quite sure what size I would be 🙂

  9. This honestly is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen! Love the snpachats of you guys together, so funny!!

    xx. The Coastal Confidence

  10. The 1/4 zip camo pullover is on sale for only $30!!! I seriously love all of these choices and these pictures are just too cute.

  11. Awe this post was so cute! I have never heard of that brand, but I will definitely have to check them out. Thanks for sharing, hope you’re having a lovely day.


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