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Apple Cider Vinegar Hair Rinse Recipe

Apple Cider Vinegar Hair Rinse Recipe

Okay – unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last few years, then chances are you’ve heard all the rage about apple cider vinegar.

The drink that literally everyone swears by for weight loss and detoxing. And if you haven’t heard about it, let us be the first to tell you just how AMAZING it is. 

Sidenote: if you’re into detoxing, like Lauryn, you have to try TSC Pink Detox Drink & these top five foods that detox your system

Anyway, apple cider vinegar is a STAPLE for your home because of all the benefits it has for the body. Both inside and out. On top of benefits for weight loss & detoxing, we’re also talking benefits for the hair, skin, and nails, too. It even has benefits when it comes to cleaning the home. I mean, what’s not to love?

For more on all the benefits of apple cider vinegar, stalk this post. But, stick around. Because today, we’re going to focus on hair. And, more specifically, how making an apple cider vinegar hair rinse can take your drab locks and turn them into luscious, looks-like-you-just-left-the-salon tresses. We’re here for it.

Benefits of using an apple cider vinegar hair rinse include:

♡ Providing a good, anti-microbial deep clean

♡ Restoring your hair’s natural pH, which strengthens hair & reduces hair loss

♡ Controlling bacteria and fungi that can cause scalp issues

♡ Unclogging hair follicles 

♡ Controlling frizzy & tangly, unmanageable hair

♡ Exfoliating the scalp

♡ Reducing color fading

So, let’s dive into this DIY apple cider vinegar hair rinse and go over how to make it as well as how to use it for different purposes. 

diy apple cider vinegar toner by the skinny confidential

Apple Cider Vinegar Hair Rinse Recipe

But first, let’s talk about what apple cider vinegar even is. Basically, it’s a cooking ingredient made from acetic acid & fermented apple juice that’s used in salad dressings, soups, and even hot drinks. But, as you can already see, it doubles as a badass beauty hack, too.

It’s made by chopping/crushing apples, covering them in water, and allowing them to ferment. That means – yes, you can totally make your own apple cider vinegar right from your home. But, you can also just purchase it from almost any local grocery store or Amazon, of course. 

And, want to know the best part? This magic liquid is CHEAP. Like $5 bucks cheap. And just because it’s cheap doesn’t mean it doesn’t work as well as other, more expensive products. Just believe us when we say, it works and it works GOOD. 

This apple cider vinegar hair rinse only requires four simple ingredients. But, as you’ll see later when we talk about how to use it for specific hair types, there are tons of other ingredients you can feel free to add based on your specific hair needs. 

diy apple cider vinegar toner by the skinny confidential

Here’s what you’ll need:

spray bottle – for mixing

Raw apple cider vinegar – the 100% all natural/unpasteurized/unfiltered version (NOT that processed, preservative-filled sh*t. Nope, no thanks.) 

♡ Water – to dilute, of course. 

Lavender essential oil – to stimulate healthy hair growth

Aloe Vera gel – to strengthen, soothe, and protect hair.


  1. Shampoo & condition the hair so it’s ready to absorb all the apple cider vinegar goodness.
  2. Grab a spray bottle and add (3-5) tablespoons of apple cider vinegar. Then, add (2-3) drops of lavender essential oil and (1) tablespoon of Aloe Vera gel.
  3. Fill the rest of the bottle with water & shake well. 
  4. Spray the full length of your hair with the rinse, paying special attention to the scalp and ends. 
  5. Allow the rinse to soak in for 2-5 minutes, depending on hair type. Rinse thoroughly, follow with your favorite after-shower hair products, & repeat once a week. 

How To Use Apple Cider Vinegar Hair Rinse

For regular hair care:

For regular hair and scalp maintenance, use exactly as described in the instructions & repeat once a week. If you find that your scalp becomes dry or irritated, you can reduce the length of time you allow the rinse to soak in or you can reduce the frequency to every other week. 

Alternatively, if you feel like you’re not seeing results, make sure you’re allowing the rinse to soak in for the full 5 minutes. Feel free to add an additional tablespoon of apple cider vinegar or up the frequency to twice a week. 

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How To Use Apple Cider Vinegar Hair Rinse

For short hair:

For my short-haired babes, you won’t need as much apple cider vinegar hair rinse. And, you don’t want to overdo it. If your hair is above shoulder length, cut the ingredients in half, but still dilute with plenty of water. 

For dry hair: 

If you struggle with dry hair, try adding a little less apple cider vinegar and a little more lavender essential oil and Aloe Vera gel. You can also feel free to add in a few drops of some other essential oils that are known to improve hair quality. These include tea tree, sandalwood, rosemary, thyme, and Clary Sage. 

And by the way, if you’re into essential oils, check out this post on the best ones to diffuse in the bedroom

For oily hair & scalp issues such as dandruff: 

When it comes to oily hair and dry scalp issues like dandruff or flaking, you’ll want to up the apple cider vinegar content. Add an additional tablespoon of apple cider vinegar, but keep all other ingredients the same. 

This will reduce the oil that comes from hair product buildup (dry shampoos, hair sprays, excess hair oil) & better exfoliate your scalp. And in turn, drastically improve the look of your hair. Say buh-bye to itching and flaking – those days are in the past. 

For color treated hair:

If you have colored treated hair, no problem. You can still use this cider vinegar rinse without any worries of messing up your new color. In fact, this treatment is excellent for color treated hair – no matter if its box dye or professional dye. It can improve the shine, luster, and strength, and revive that color. 

There’s also no need to adjust the recipe here either. Just use as instructed. BUT, feel free to add a few drops of coconut oil, argon oil, sesame oil, or almond oil. These oils are great for color treated hair and work wonders for restoring your hair’s natural shine. 

An additional option:

If you’re not big on rinses, but still want to incorporate apple cider vinegar into your hair routine, there is another option you can consider. Instead of doing a rinse, you can feel free to add a couple tablespoons of apple cider vinegar to your shampoo and conditioner. 

For the best results, remember to let your shampoo and conditioner sit for a few minutes before rinsing your hair. 

Hot girl hair, here we come. No more lackluster, dry, dandruff-filled, hair. 

Instead, we’re taking control of our hair care and making sure our hair looks on-point each and every time we leave the house. And we’re doing it with apple cider vinegar – something that’s totally affordable and, believe it or not, literal magic in a bottle.

Once you try this rinse, there’s no going back. BUT, we still want to know how it works for you. Let us know what you think below.

x, The Skinny Confidential team

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