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Another Year!!!

lauryn evarts birthday | by the skinny confidential

Last year I kind of put together a little list of some of the most important lessons I’ve learned thus far.

So let’s continue the theme here?

Instead of making a huge list though, we’ll keep it short & simple.

Because quality over quantity!! On that note:

The Coyotes Howl But The Caravan Keeps Moving:

This quote gives me life.

Remember this post? This has been the year that I really detached from negative social media comments. Because even though there’s SO much amazing positivity, there’s some negativity too. It’s the nature of the beast. It JUST comes with the positive.

If someone has something negative to say, I don’t respond UNLESS of course it’s something that makes sense responding to.

If you’re a blogger or influencer or whatever, don’t let other people bring you down. You have the power to kind of say, “what you think about me is none of my business.” HA!

So ya, the coyotes may howl but keep that caravan moving!

Quality Over Quantity:

So basic but sorry, SO true. I’d rather have a handful of people who call me on my shit, put me in my place, & say it how it is.

I am drawn to smart, witty, sharp, loyal people. To be real, I feel like I put a lot of energy into my business so the energy I have left is now always invested in people who are bright lights.

If someone is toxic, step away. I’m not nice about it, but I’m not mean about it either. It just isn’t a fit sometimes. I remember once on Real Housewives of NYC when Bethenny said she didn’t want to cut off jealous Jill Zarin, she just wanted to slowly step away. There’s something OK about slowly stepping away, you know?

Ultimately there aren’t enough hours in the day to spend with people who aren’t your people.

Reserve the energy for people who are worth it.

To be blunt, manifest good people, cut the toxicity, & step away from something that’s not right for you. Avoid bullshit.

Meditation, Reflection, Books, Music, & Dogs:

LASTLY…This is so on point for THIS year… For the past five years I’ve been nose to the grindstone building my business & having laser focus. This has been wondrous in some ways…but there’s been a lot of sacrifice.

This year I basically said STOP.

Sit still, relax, read a book, & turn off social media for a day. It’s been very liberating & something I would recommend to anyone who’s a GO, GO, GO type of person.

Mediation in the mornings has been…well, life-changing. Sitting still to reflect on life has been something I’ve never done until recently. I re-fell in love with one of my favorite hobbies this year: reading. Reading felt like I was taking my eye off my business & now it feels like something that enhances every part of life overall. Music like Bossanova or smooth jazz is something I start the morning off with because it’s therapeutic & helps anxiety. & lastly, DOGS. They helped heal my tragic, horrific jaw surgery recovery. I love them more than life.

So there you have it: my small list of three things I’ve REALLY learned ( or re-learned this year ). Birthdays are cool because they provide perspective, right?

Ok! Well on that note, we are off to explore Florence, Italy. Would love to hear your recommendations. PLEASE share any restaurants, museums, pizza joints, etc. Florence is definitely one of the most beautiful cities in the world. I can’t believe it really. Michael is currently keeping a little list for an itinerary post. Come along on Snapchat!

Thank you for all the sweet birthday messages. I’ve never felt so loved!

Love you guys, lauryn x

+ dress here


  1. Great lessons, the people thing resonates with me. A lot of people just aren’t meant to be in your life. I get some of the weirdest comments and over time I have learnt to just laugh it off, or delete it so I don’t think about it. Really, they just aren’t worth your time. There are so many amazing places in Florence I don’t know where to begin, I will leave my full post from my time there below, but there is a great place called Pugi’s near La Galleria D’Academia which has the best food ever!
    Here is my post from the time I was there

    ALittleKiran | Bloglovin | Instagram

    1. Thank you for sharing your post with me Kiran! I will definitely keep those recommendations in mind during my next trip :))

  2. Such great tips! I’ve been focusing a lot on quality over quantity lately as well. No point to hang out with people who drag me down or annoy the crap out of me. Happy Birthday! 🙂

  3. Happy birthday girrrrrrrrrl!

    Slowly stepping away from toxic people isn’t too easy when they cling to you.. hm. But it’s always so important to put yourself first. Definitely share with us some of the books you’re reading! I’m sure they’re super interesting 🙂

    Afloat On A Full Sea

    1. Thanks for the birthday wishes Danielle!! Right now I’m loving “YOU ARE A BADASS”: It’s all about learning how to create the life you want! Do you have any book recommendations?

  4. Happy, happy birthday, Lauryn! May this year be your best yet – & I have a sneaking suspicion big things are in store for you this year!

    Loved this post & the lessons you’ve learned or RE-learned. I am so sorry you deal with negativity, especially since your light is so strong. I agree with all of these but especially the last one! Sometimes the “little things” in life can be truly the biggest and best. Nothing beats coming home from a stressful day than QT with my boyfriend, discovering good music, and hanging out with my cat. Animals are SO therapeutic and such a blessing!

    Cheers to another year – and thank YOU for being such an inspiration!! That dress looks phenomenal on you! xx Shannon

    1. AW thanks Shannon you are so sweet!! Thank you for all of the support :))
      Pets seriously are the best. What kind of cat do you have?

  5. Florence is amazing! Obviously, you must check out the Accademia di Belle Arti di Firenze! Also, there are some great walking tours available where a knowledgeable local will take you to multiple churches and museums…I did this for my birthday a few years back and it was the best way to see the city. Oh, and an absolute must: GELATERIA GROM!!!!

  6. Happy birthday, Lauryn. Love and appreciate the advice–preach, sister.

    Can you do a Florence recap post? I’m going to Italy next month and we’ll be in Florence for a few days…would love to hear your recos.


    1. Thank you for the birthday wishes Mel! YES! A Florence recap post is in the works :))
      You will have such an amazing time. Thanks for reading!

  7. Love this post!! and so jealous you’re in florence!! Definitely bring some wine up to the Piazza le Michelangelo, its the most amazing view of Florence at sunset. Festival de Gelato has the best gelato in the city and love Antico Noe for sandwiches, La Giosta for pear ravioli, and Mercado Centrale to peruse for some authentic italian foods and penis pasta! Enjoy, can’t wait to follow along on snapchat!

  8. YES to all of these. With my birthday coming up too (a fellow gemini!), I’ve been doing some reflecting here and there as well, and my own version of all three of these lessons are on my own list: stay in my own lane and tune out the noise, pour energy into people who fuel my fire and make me feel both vulnerable and loved, and the importance of stillness/quiet. Love what you had to say about letting go of the people (and things, for that matter) that don’t serve you, and as you put it, reserve your energy for those who are worth it. That goes hand in hand with knowing that WE ourselves are worth that same energy from others. Love posts like this! Happy, happy belated and enjoy the rest of your trip!

    1. You are so sweet thank you for the birthday wishes Mackenzie! Happy (early) birthday to you!! I hope you have an amazing day :)) How are you celebrating?
      I LOVE your list. Thank you for the support!

  9. You have to go to Fiesole! It’s a gorgeous town just a few kilometers from Florence. Hotel Villa Fiesole is so chic and charming. You can get lunch and sit on the grassy patio with a raspberry bellini and look at the view of the city. It’s heaven.

    1. That sounds incredible! Thanks for the suggestion Paige! I’ll have to let Michael know for our next trip :))

    1. Thank you so much for the recommendation Samantha! I will be sure to check it out the next time I’m in Florence. What kind of sandwich did you get?

  10. I studied abroad in Florence! Make sure to go to piazzale Michelangelo for the best views of the city, go see David in the accademia, Eduardo for organic gelato near the duomo, check out secret bakeries that will sell you fresh croissants as they bake them at 2 am!, go across the river to Santo spirito to see the less touristy areas of Florence!

    1. Studying abroad there must have been incredible! How do I find the secret bakeries?! YUM!
      Thank you for all of the suggestions Taylor :))

  11. Happy Birthday, Lauryn! Love this post- such a great reminder of whats really important in life. So jealous you’re in Florence- you HAVE to go to La Giostra for the best pear pecorino ravioli, oso bucco and tiramisu of your life. Also, Gusta pizza is heaven.

  12. Happy birthday love! I’ve been following your vacation via snapchat and I am SO green with envy, but a healthy kind of envy… the kind that has built the fire under my butt to be even BIGGER and make-things-happen! Have fun!

    1. SO happy you’re inspired! You will make it to Italy soon Tara :))
      Thanks for the birthday wishes!

  13. Happy Birthday Lauryn! I love how blunt and real you are on this post,I definitely needed it !

  14. So happy to follow you on Snapchat so I can see all of your Italian adventures! I am glad you had a fantastic birthday, and I 100% agree with quality over quantity. I’d rather have a handful of friends that truly know who I am opposed to a bunch of acquaintances who barely know me at all.

  15. Hope you had a wonderful birthday!! So crazy our birthdays are so close! Mine was yesterday! 🙂 Havea wonderful time in Florence!!!

  16. Happy birthday beautiful! Love following your italian adventures on snap!! XO


  17. Just wanted to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY one more time to you!! I love your birthday realness for this year – I don’t think we can ever hear those truths enough. I completely agree with you on who you keep in your circle – should only be people that bring you up, not down. It sucks when one of those Debbie downers is in your family and you have to deal with them everyday though. But I agree with all your birthday wisdom. 🙂

  18. all’antico fornaio is a MUST for some of the best paninos in florence just off piazza signoria, it doesn’t hurt if you’re a little wine-hungover either. and check out collie bereto for a chic night out with dinner/drinks/dancing

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