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Another $2700 Beauty & Wellness GIVEAWAY !!!

huge giveaway-2c | by The Skinny Confidentialhuge giveaway-7 | by The Skinny Confidential

I blame you guys! You all love giveaways so much, that I’ve made a point to kind of make them a monthly thing. YES?

Plus it’s fun to say THANK YOU FOR READING! Thank you for engaging. Thank you for coming back. Thank you for telling your friends about The Skinny Confidential : ).

(…It’s Labor Day too, so technically it’s a holiday? ).

huge giveaway-11 | by The Skinny Confidential

huge giveaway-9 | by The Skinny Confidential
huge giveaway-13 | by The Skinny Confidential

Anyway, this one is bigger than ever: SO MANY GOOD beauty products, A HUGE LIPSTICK KIT with like 15 different shades, The Skinny Confidential Book, the Bombshell Body Guide, ANDDDDD – WAIT FOR IT…a chic lilac, limited edition NuFace ( like a mini face lift! ).


huge giveaway-3 | by The Skinny Confidential

huge giveaway-14 | by The Skinny Confidential
huge giveaway-12 | by The Skinny Confidential


Burt’s Bees cleansing oil
Brazilian Blowout hair products
Brazilian Blowout blow dryer
Korres sleeping oil
Kopari Coconut Body Glow
Craft and Foster candles x 4 ( FAVORITE candles! Champagne Blush & Whiskey Cola are insane )
T3 hair straightener
Marc Jacobs watch
L’Oréal Paris makeover kit ( HUGE, HUGE kit )
Lipstick kit (15 lipsticks GUYS !!! )
IGK hair product
Simple face wipes
BLNDN hair product
Paul Mitchell hair care
Garnier lotion
Clinique beauty products
Skinfix body products
BKR bottle
Time-blocking cube ( remember this post?! )
Ray Ban sunglasses
Marc Jacobs beauty products
Estee Lauder products
Body scrub
EM Life palette
Loreal face mask
beglammed gift card
Traditional Medicinals Tea
I’m With the Band Headbands
Kenra Hair Oil
Glam Glow
EVOLV Body Products
TSC Meal Plan x TSC Workout Guide


huge giveaway-8 | by The Skinny Confidential

huge giveaway-5 | by The Skinny Confidential
huge giveaway-4 | by The Skinny Confidential






huge giveaway-15 | by The Skinny Confidential

huge giveaway-6 | by The Skinny Confidential

As always for giveaways, no one is sponsoring this — it’s just a THANK YOU, THANK YOU FOR READING. Also, just because, I’m giving three runners up a free TSC MEAL PLAN because you all rock. Honestly, the community on The Skinny Confidential is comprised of some confident, badass, cool women.

Good luck guys! Thanks for being the BEST readers ever. I LOVE YOU ALL!

Happy Labor Day – hope you had some fun relaxing with a light beer.

lauryn x

+ anyone & everyone is eligible to enter | winners announced 09/20/16.

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huge giveaway-10 | by The Skinny Confidential


  1. I love your blog and your person; you are my wellness, chic spirit animal! I love all of the wellness products that you introduce to us – you literally save my soul with this stuff. Honestly, who wouldn’t want to win this giveaway!

  2. Ah!! You are seriously amazing. So awesome how much you give back to your followers!!

    I have to win because I am an avid follower of you and Susan, on every outlet there possibly is. Plus I’m a new mom and fellow entrepreneur so I could use a little facelift haha.

    Xx Bree – ladies we can’t win –

  3. I love the podcasts! There are so many great things in this giveaway (the time-blocking cube! The facial lift kit!).

  4. I’ve been on a budget for many months now and that usually doesn’t leave room for beauty products so this would be amazing!!!-

  5. It would be so amazing to win this giveaway! I love trying new products and have been really trying to revamp my beauty routine – and as always your recommendations are awesome!

  6. I have to win since I never win anything ? Ha! I have been a loyal reader of yours since the beginning and love the direction the blog is going ! It keeps getting better. Adore you!

  7. GAH!!! This giveaway is to die for! I’m obsessed with your blog and podcast and would absolutely love this beauty giveaway. I just bought a condo, so this giveaway would be THE PERFECT housewarming. Pick me!!

  8. This is badass! I would love to win because I haven’t had a functional hair straightener in over a year! I’m a candle fanatic and so is my boyfriend so those candles sound bomb! Plus I NEED your book! The workout and meal plan just may save me from gaining even more weight from that grad school life. Your podcast is insane!! I’ve been listening since the very first one and loved it!

  9. I love your blog! I have been reading you since the beginning and its a daily obsession- first thing I check when I go online!
    Thank you for your candid posts and truly original content!

  10. This giveaway has such amazing products! I am always so excited to try the new products that you recommend using and would love to give each and every one of these a try. I have found a lot of success in following your recs on health and beauty products. Thank you for inspiring us all every day with your positive messages! Such an awesome community!

  11. HAVE to win *game face on* because who the hell doesn’t have to win a huge perfectly curated haul of amazingness? All that’s missing is caviar and champagne!

  12. This is amazing! I am an expecting, new momma and a faithful TSC follower. Love your content- it’s the first page I open in the morning to start the day on a fun note:) And I have been listening to your podcast on my morning jogs. You and Michael get me in stitches…hilarious! I’m piping in for my extra credit- I would LOVE to get a little pampering time in before my first little munchkin arrives. There are so many incredible items in this give away that I can’t quite justify buying myself with baby purchases looming. Thanks TSC! Keep the fun content coming!

  13. Great giveaway! Something I really need and want after finishing graduate school this past May! Also who doesn’t want to win a TSC giveaway!

  14. OBSESSED with so many of these products!! Such a generous giveaway, I would freak out if I won!!

  15. You have been killing the giveaway game! I have been dyingggg to try Nuface and so many of these products, unfortunately as someone who is entering my senior year of college, and is trying to save $$$, (ala Michaels advice on the TSC podcast!) its been out of my budget! Also I feel like the TSC bombshell body guide would help me kick off my senior year, especially as its crazy schedule friendly, and easy to do in any space like a dorm room!

  16. Hi Lauryn,

    I have to win this beauty giveaway (HUGE AND GENEROUS GIVEAWAY) because I would love to spoil my sister on her 21st birthday this month! She deserves nothing more than to be pampered and feel loved. She’s had a rough time the past couple years, and I KNOW this would mean the world to her! Thank you so much for always doing these amazing giveaways–definitely a favorite of mine and so sweet of you! Your blog is the first thing I read every morning at work–it gets me goin!

  17. WOW another beauty giveaway! As always, thank you for all the tips, tricks, recipes, workouts, and advice the past few months! I have to win this load of goodies not because I have been an avid follower and supporter the past 6 months (I was hooked from the get-go!), but because I am obsessed with all your beauty blog posts. I have really benefited from your skincare routines and makeup suggestions and would love the opportunity to be in this drawing. <3 <3

  18. Hi Lauryn! I’m no major tech person, so someone can correct me if I’m wrong, but to review the podcast, you have to log in to your iTunes account – the above links don’t give a review option. Once you log in, it’s very quick and easy. But I remember being stumped during the last give-away and it took me a while to figure it out. So maybe I’ll save some others the time. That being said, Lauryn and Michael, I cannot believe how far you’ve come since your first podcast! I loved Michael’s pushing to just do it and figure it out as you go. It was so fun to listen each week and hear you trying to improve – and it was inspiring to recognize that you don’t start out anything perfect, but you work at it and get better. (oh, and do I have to write another review if I want to be included in the givaway? My original review was back in May.)

  19. I HAVE to win this giveaway, because all the products are totally AMAZING!!! You seriously always have the BEST giveaways. I love when they’re not sponsored and it’s just legit stuff you love!

  20. YAS! So excited about another give away. THANK YOU! Girl, I’m in desperate needs for so many of your fav products. Dying for new hair products. Seriously…i’ve had my hair straighter since elementary school…? YIKES.

  21. I HAVE to win these goodies because I am OBSESSED with The Skinny Confidential and even more, the Him & Her Podcast! I listen to it non-stop…doing my makeup, driving, working….everything. And I even force my hubby to listen and he loves Michael! We’re big fans 🙂 We just got married and bought a house so we’re on a budget so I’d love some goodies since I’m trying not to buy anything right now!

  22. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your blog, I read it every morning with a cup of tea before work 🙂 my personal ritual to start my day! Everything you suggest I try and apply to my personal life 🙂

    I would LOVE to win this prize as I have been a huge fan and consistently love trying products, meals, personal life changing gadgets you suggest. However its hard at time – as much I would love to try everything, its not possible as I still have bills to pay at the end of the day (the perks of growing up and being responsible).

    Keep up the great blog as I always look forward to your next post 🙂 by far the BEST blog I follow!!!!!

  23. This is so amazing Lauryn!!! I would love to win because I’m planning my wedding and need all the beauty help I can get!

  24. I have to win because I have recently become obsessed with TSC & feel like we are soul sisters (Michael too).

  25. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your blog, I read it every morning with a cup of tea before work 🙂 my personal ritual to start my day! Everything you suggest I try and apply to my personal life 🙂

    I would LOVE to win this prize as I have been a huge fan and consistently love trying products, meals, personal life changing gadgets you suggest. However its hard at time – as much I would love to try everything, its not possible as I still have bills to pay at the end of the day (the perks of growing up and being responsible).

    Keep up the great blog as I always look forward to your next post 🙂 by far the BEST blog I follow!!!!!

  26. This is so cool and generous! I’d love to win because hearing and seeing you talk about a lot of these products on Snap and on the blog has me killing to try them – but I probably couldn’t pay rent if I were buying them ALL 🙂 Either way, love that you give back so much. Thanks for being amazing and authentic!

  27. I have to win because with the products being given away they would be of great use to me! Again, thanks for the chance to win! Much appreciated!

  28. Hi Lauryn!

    OMG, I HAVE to win this giveaway because
    a) I’m preparing for my wedding, and all these things sound amazing and helpful in that process,
    b) I’m working two jobs right now in an attempt to pay down debt from school loans, and honestly don’t have the money to buy these kinds of things right now, so this would be a huge blessing,
    c) I’m working hard on my wellness journey right now, and would so appreciate these things as a treat!
    d) I love you and Michael, and am a super devoted fan 🙂


  29. I would LOVE to win because I am also getting married soon and am trying all kinds of new products to get ready!

  30. Lauryn I NEED to win this giveaway!! I am a long time reader of TSC and have been listening to your podcast for a couple months now… Every Tuesday I get excited to listed to the latest episode (in fact, I’m listening right now!) I can’t even tell you how many things you’ve mentioned that I have incorporated into my routine (oils, oils, oils!, time blocking, brow tinting, collagen, etc.) so I’d be THRILLED to try the giveaway items and incorporate those into my routine as well. Please keep doing what you’re doing!

  31. Lauryn, this is amazing! I want to win because I need the blow dryer! My Sedu one just conked after having it for years so it would be awesome to win one. Also, all the products in this giveaway seem so amazing, Thank you for giving back to the TSC community, you are a saint!

  32. Alrighty welllll, I just HAVE to win this giveaway because number one, I am totally obsessed with you (weird…?) and love everything you do and number two, I am finishing up school and recently started a blog of my own. Aka I have zero moola to spend on myself. I would love to win all these fab products so I can treat myself without all of the guilt, ya know?? Plus it would be AMAZING to do a review of some of these products on my blog!

    Thank you for always sharing so many amazing tips. You & Michael inspire me beyond words. I love y’all!

    xx, Madison.

  33. I have to win because I LOVE products and trying new things but I’m on a post wedding budget so I can’t go out and buy new things!! Also because I’m an avid TSC reader/listener!

  34. This give away is insane! I would obviously love to win (who wouldn’t) because new beauty products is just not in my budget right now! I haven’t gotten to update my beauty/wellness routine in forever due to finances, and I would love to try out some of the products you recommend, as well as your fitness guides. Thanks so much for the opportunity! (I put my name as my Instagram handle just to keep things simple)

  35. Why I have to win: I’m turning 25 on 9/17. I’ve got a 9 month old, and I’m pregnant with my second. I NEED some beauty in my life <3

  36. OMG Lauryn you are officially the queen of giveaways!
    What a treat it would be to win this amazing caboodle of goodies! Especially since a lot of these products are unavailable in Canada/ultra expensive to ship to me. Sidenote, i’m actually in RI right now on vacation and have stocked up on It Cosmetics & Mario Badescu per your always amazing recommendations (the cc cream? Thanks x a billion!!)
    Thanks for all you do, you are a real life ray of sunshine <3

    (ps sorry if this is a repost, my comp is acting up today and I thought I had already responded but cant see my comment yet….??)

  37. So much wellness and beauty goodness!! Hoping to win it to do some serious self pampering 😉 Thank you for hosting these, love the constant giveaways they’re so fun! 🙂 obsessed with your blog, podcast, etc- all of it!

  38. I have to have to win this because I actually just automatically typed “wine” instead of win at the beginning of this and also because my student loans are coming out this month and atleast while I cry at my interest rate I can use all these bomb products! Lol- Darian 🙂

  39. I’ve come to trust all of the TSC recommendations – especially for beauty and wellness…And fashion actually… So pretty much all of them. I’m an avid reader & listener to the podcast and would loovveee to try every single one of these products and report back! I would love to post to my blog and handful of readers to get them all obsessed with TSC too, if they aren’t already! Fingers crossed 🙂

  40. I would LOVE to win because I love and trust everything you recommend! Each thing I have tried that I have gotten from this blog has seriously been life changing. I have been following your blog for years and look forward to reading it every morning at work. It’s also so fun to have a podcast and snap chat aspect to follow along with. You and Michael are just the best!

    Thank you Lauryn!

  41. If anyone is like me when fall comes around I get a new wind to start fresh. This means cleaning my house inside and out, getting rid of clothes I don’t wear, products that are empty or expired. So this giveaway comes at a perfect time to replenish some things I have thrown away! Not to mention some of the things in here are just TOO good!

    Still obsessed with the podcast too, btw!

  42. Lauryn, the Pope should be cannonozing you rn bc you’re a freaking SAINT! For years, TSC has been my go-to for health and beauty advice. I’m cautious about following advice from bloggers, but I’d trust you with my life. Your posts are so fun to read. It’s like catching up with a girlfriend. Your writing really captures your personality, and I love that. Speaking of personality, I adore you and Michael on Snapchat. Your podcast has been such an awesome showcase of two driven individuals supporting one another and having fun while doing it #relationshipgoals Okay, there you have it with all the feels. If you can’t tell already, I’m just obsessed with TSC. I’d like to win because there’s so many cool, new products I’m dying to try. Who doesn’t want a health and beauty overhaul to start the season?!

  43. ​​​
    I NEEEEEEEEDDDDD to win this. Mostly, because I would love to own all of this stuff and would be the happiest girl in the world if I won. Secondly, outside of the giveaway, I just have to say that I love you Lauryn, seriously you are my girl crush. I check your blog daily and listen to the podcast religiously, like, multiple times a week. I just can’t get enough of you an Michael and I’m obsessed with how raw and real your content is! There is no one else out there like you and that inspires me to do my own thing and work on building my own brand. I just wanted to let you know that you have a follower for life, even if I don’t win this giveaway.

  44. I would LOVE to win this giveaway because I am currently pursuing my own entrepreneurial dreams and this would be an amazing treat (because you know, budget).Though I am a fairly new reader (discovered you last year), I absolutely love all of the content you provide and feel like I’m possibly SLIGHTLY addicted to TSC… I may or may not check the blog multiple times a day for updates. I am an avid TSC follower, love your blog, podcast, and social posts. Your (and Susan’s) advice and tips on business, being an entrepreneur, and constantly improving yourself have inspired me and have contributed to me taking my business from a part-time side gig to my full time job. Your content brings humor and value to my personal and professional life and I can’t thank you enough! xx Hannah

  45. Hi Lauryn!

    I reallly want to win!! This is obviously just an AMAZING & GRACIOUS giveaway and I would die if I actually won. I am a big fan and you know we have spoken before and I am such a huuuuge fan of TSC and The Podcast! I have been so busy painting and trying to build my empire (as inspired by yours) and I of course would love to look the part of a successful businesswoman and EVERYTHING in this giveaway would be amazing for that! I am just thankful for this blog and how much it inspires me on the daily so even if I don’t win I still want to thank you for all the great and personal things you share with us all! XOXO Liv

  46. I am obsessed with the blog & podcast!! The products you use always look so interesting, but I never have the opportunity to buy them. This would be amazing. <3

  47. I have to win because 1) I trust EVERY product you suggest and would love to have them in my life and 2) … I either lost or had my Ray Bans stolen this weekend!!!!!!

    Love ya!

  48. Why I should win? Hhmmm, I think my best reason is because I’m an old lady blogger in her 40’s just trying to keep it all together and age gracefully, therefore, I NEED (winky face) all these awesome products!!!

  49. I gave a great review on your podcast 🙂 I work from home so luckily I get to listen while I work. I don’t know if I can say a specific favorite topic on your instagram because they are all great, but my favorite thing about you is just how you carry yourself. You are so inspiring to me. I’ve emailed you twice about questions that you have always promptly replied to and that means so much coming from someone as busy as you are. I just got out of a toxic relationship that was seriously wearing me down and making me feel unimportant and not badass like I used to feel. When I finally ended it for good (literally last night), your blog was the first page I came to this morning for inspiration to get back to the person that I know I can be. I also reread your book. I would love to be TSC giveaway winner!

  50. This is awesome! Need those betchsicle popsicle molds for the poolside popsicle cocktail recipe!!! And of course all the other amazing goodness – it’s so awesome that you share the knowledge and resources that you have so that other smaller bloggers have resources to succeed! Thanks Lauryn!

  51. This give away is crazy Lauryn, amazing! So many products that would come to good use. That’s for sure. I’d totally share them too. Because it’s a life stack.. :O I’d love it that’s for sure haha! Keep up the good work Lauryn. I love your blog. It’s fun and easy to read. My favorite for real! xx

  52. I would love love love to win! I spy some really great things in this haul that I NEED. 😉 I NEED to win this because I’ve tried several times and feel like this is my lucky one. 🙂

  53. I would love to win because editing all these amazing giveaway posts makes me want them sooooo much.

  54. I want to win, because all of the giveaway prizes are AMAZING and on top of that, I just want to let you know Lauryn that FOR YEARS I have wants to start a blog. But I have always been too scared of what people will think, or if anyone will even take the time to actually read what I have to say. Then a few months ago, I came across your blog and it COMPLETELY inspired me. I have watched your YouTube videos as well on how to help me get started with making a blog as well as keeping up with your freaking hilarious podcasts. And guess freaking what? I’M IN THE PROCESS OF MAKING A BLOG. I am taking your advise on taking some time to put together everything perfectly and not just throwing myself out there without being prepared. I have been doing a lot of research, putting pieces together, and I just want to say, thank you. You really inspired me to just go out there and do what I have always wanted to do! So, even if I don’t win the giveaway, I am still soooooo thankful for ever coming across your blog and inspiring me to finally say “f what others think of me” and start the blog I have always wanted to start.

  55. I’d love to win because I’ve been following your blog and podcast for a couple of years now and have so much fun seeing what you’re using, but can’t afford to try any because college (lol). Anyways, this would be such an awesome way to finally try some of your favs! Thanks for your generosity!

  56. I would love to win for many reasons but the one that trumps them all is my recent transition into being unemployed to follow my dreams of building my blog and my consulting business. As a BossBabe, I have to look fantastic getting myself out there, right?! 😉

  57. I would love to win because of all the amazinggg products!!! Especially for the TSC meal and workout plan! So awesome 🙂 Thanks for the giveaway!

  58. I should win because I just got laid off of my most boring job ever. I have been in the same boring field for 8 years and have been through 3 layoffs due to jobs going overseas. This time, rather than freaking out and looking for the same type of job only to be screwed over again, you have inspired me to think outside the box of careers. I have other skills to offer as well. You have inspired me to try to figure out a new path and see if I can actually finally do a job I love. Thanks for proving that you don’t have to sit behind a desk to make $$$ and a life.

  59. i would DIE to win all of these goodies! You are my total go-to idol on everything health and beauty. slash I like never win things 😉 regardless I love your blog and your openness and vulnerability.


  60. I don’t have to win this giveaway life will go on, I mean but Holy Cats I want to!! Lulz. You are pretty dang inspiring when it comes to the whole beauty department. I wasn’t really trying my hardest when it came to looks before I started reading your blog. But your posts gave me the info I needed right at the tips of my fingers to turn it around. I feel a lot more confident now that I have a beat on what’s hot in beauty and how to do the beauty tricks and tips that make people look cute. Thanks!

  61. I’m needing to seriously work on my bombshell body because recently its turned into more of a bomb shelter! I’d rather have no one else guide me with their chic, slightly neurotic advice via this giveaway.

  62. Your giveaways are so TEMPTING!! Been holding off on joining Insta….but just took the plunge so I could be entered into the giveaway. I know I’m probably the last person on the planet, but I’ll do it to get a shot at the goods. Keep up the great work! You are inspiring.

  63. I have to win b/c I need a serious overhaul on my beauty regimen and this would be a perfect jumpstart!

  64. I have to win because there is just too much goodness in this giveaway! The blowout blow dryer looks life changing. And also the time cube because I could use a little help with time management ha!

  65. OMG OMG OMG This giveaway is giving me life! I would LOVE to try ALL this products. I am even going to buy that bar cart and display it that same way lol. Your recommendations are always on point so, I know these are going to be great products. Thank you for your awesome blog and this amazing giveaway. xoxo

  66. This giveaway is the bomb! I so need to win these fab items before I hit a milestone birthday this fall. It would so cushion the blow of entering a new decade 😉

  67. So obviously I think any girl in their right mind would absolutely die and go to heaven if they won this! Literally as I was reading what is included I was practically drooling LOL. The real kicker though was when I saw the T3 straightening iron! I have one and they work like a charm! I’ve been wanting to gift one to my wonderful mom since she has a hard time getting her hair straight… but I’m a college girl on a budget so the saving is coming kind of slow! To be able to give back to my mom even if it is just a straightener would be the cherry on top of winning this amazing giveaway!

    Love, love, love, TSC thanks!!! XO


  68. This blog is unlike any other. I love that you speak your mind, and give others the confidence to tackles issues that are hard are sometimes hard to talk about. I would love to win because I love the blog and what it stands for. Reading the blog helps be become a more authentic version of myself. So many great products in this giveaway, and I would love to take home the prize! Thanks, Lauryn! xoxo

  69. There are so many beautiful things inside!!! I think you’re great and so king for these giveaways. I think I should win because I am not greedy, so if there is something I know I won’t use 100% then I can share with friends and family soothing will go to waste!!! Also everything looks so incredible you truly have the best taste!!! <3

  70. Oh also I think the thing i’m most excited for in this giveaway is your book… haha but i mean the watch and candles are also a giveaway on their own so… Love you!

  71. Following, subscribed, and rated! I want to win because you’re including so many amazing items!!!

  72. I HAVE to win. Mainly because I have a list of a million things recommended by you that I want to buy but haven’t been able to just yet. Seriously, my entire Amazon wishlist contains, “recommended by Lauryn items.” 🙂

  73. Ah! hi I really hope I win this giveaway! I could use some toys for nights in to pamper myself from my exhausting schedule. I work full time and im a full time student, but I love taking the time to read your blogs! my recent favorite is the one about jealousy. Its so important and crucial to be independent and handle your emotions through thick and thin. I love reading posts that Michael writes too, its nice to see a man’s perspective.


  74. I’ve been a reader for over a year now, but just recently (a couple months ago) started really engaging via podcast, blog posts, and twitter! I HAVE to win because your wellness + beauty tips are what got me hooked – from the collagen eye masks to bee pollen, I have bought it all! Would love nothing more than to try everything in this goodie basket!

  75. Well, I normally don’t like being the girl that HAS to win something but in this case I feel like I would truly appreciate it and put everything to good use – and of course share with my beautiful mother and deserving friends.

    Without getting into too much detail, I’ve recently made a major life change (ending a six year relationship and moving back to my hometown on my own) which has been hard, no doubt, but totally amazing and this would totally give me that extra boost I need to keep putting my well-being first – whether that’s with mental health, beauty routines, fitness goals, and overall lifestyle changes.

    Everything in this give-away looks beyond amazing and I would be truly grateful as well as ecstatic to be the lucky winner.

    Thank you for your constant realness and wonderful advice – I look forward to your posts and podcast episodes every week! XO


    1. SO many amazing goodies I want them all! You always provide the best tips and insight! I LOVE my ice roller 🙂

  76. Oh hell yessss!! Are you kidding? This looks amazing. Been waiting to enter again for another one of these [insanely generous] giveaways. I would love to win this because I have been hustling my a** off for the last two years getting my career off the ground and could seriously use some TLC – and I know that but never would spend the cash for all these amazing, amazing products! Love the candles and blow dryer – mine fizzled out months ago and I still have not invested in a new one. Yes I look frizzy occasionally 😐 Your advice and blog has helped me in so many ways trying to be a successful, powerful…yet healthy, well-balanced and still cute slash normal/sane/functioning person. It’s hard to make it all happen but your tips for vitamins, ice roller (thank you so damn much!), business, books AND your podcast topics that fuel my mornings cleaning (what’s up Bare Cucumber – I’m recently single.) are things I can’t thank you enough for! You give a lot and it would simply kick ass to receive this rad set. Thx 🙂

  77. All of this stuff looks so amazing and useful! It’d be amazing to have products that you have so I know that they’re all trusted and really good products. I love how you interact so much with all of your followers and you really want us to try these products because you believe that they are all really good. This giveaway looks absolutely amazing!

  78. I need to win because i am poor AF. i am a single gal living in San Francisco and in desperate need of all the goodies in this giveaway. the skin care. hair products. cosmetics. candles. I NEED TO BE PAMPERED. Please pick me and you will be doing the city of San Francisco a service by not letting me walk around looking busted ( as i currently do). THANK YOU

  79. I have literally been following you for YEARS! I am so obsessed with you and all my friends in my sorority are too now!

    I HAVE TO WIN BECAUSE WE ARE THE SAME PERSON AND WE LOVE THE SAME THINGS! PLEASEEEEEEEE PICK ME, LAUREN! I literally love you and your blog, podcast, insta and twitter….. <3 xoxo

  80. I have been reading your blog for so long now. I am inspired by your realness and how you put everything out on the line, I love also how to write like you talk. Its a fun blog to read and I learn so much. This give away is awesome and I would love to win it!

  81. Okay… NEEEED these things in my life! I recently got a Brazilian Blowout, so having the products for it would be a dream! And my current blowdryer SUCKS and is on it’s last leg. Plus I am a beauty and wellness LOSER basically. All this stuff would be Heaven on Earth. ♡
    xx Taylor |

  82. Oh wow. Amazing giveaway! I’d love love love to win this as I’m about to have my second baby in a few months and I’m just feeling a bit “blah” and looking forward to stepping up my fitness and health regime once the baby is here and feeling back to my energetic self! These goodies would give me a huge push to make some healthy changes but also to just have some fun with new beauty products. Fingers crossed!

  83. Oh my gosh I just have to win this. During the past couple of weeks I’ve been wrapped up in welcoming new students to our school so I’ve barely had time to shower let alone take care of my body. This give away would be the PERFECT thing for me now after these three weeks of stress and lack of sleep. Plus your blog is AMAZING and I’ve been following it for soooo many years now!

  84. Love all things Skinny Confidential! You’re so on point about all the things we all deal with on a daily. Love how raw and honest you are. I am turning 30 this year and planning an epic trip to Paris! You know I’ve been consuming your Paris posts like nothing else! Pick me! I’m dying to try your beauty and lifestyle regime! ??

  85. love you ever since…
    no one as authentic as you in the blog world.
    always on point.
    super funny, sometimes i do some health tip n then you post it.
    LURVE big times
    xx lisa tabea from vienna (austria)

  86. So beyond obsessed with TSC blog, podcast, instagram, snap chat, etc. etc. A friend of mine introduced me to TSC a few years ago and I am now hooked. I have to win this giveaway because it has all the greatest must haves and I would be so, so excited! Lauryn, thanks for being such an incredible wellness model (and all around role model)! Xo

  87. I would be so grateful to win the giveaway because I am a college student and for me a healthy lifestyle has been harder than for most other people. The freshman 15 turned into 20 and then a surprising sophomore 20 hit me like a wrecking ball unfortunately. After repeatedly failing and getting back on the wagon I am finally headed in the right track with graduation in sight as a junior! Winning this giveaway would mean so much to me and thank you for having my favorite blog ever! I am really passionate about my mini blog at the moment. you inspired me to start one

  88. What an amazing giveaway, love listening to your podcast on my way to work! It’s seriously entertaining! You rock 🙂

  89. I have to win because I love the skinny confidential and everything you and Susan do! You are my favorite blogger and go between my two favorite cities LA and SD! I love all your recipes for healthy eating because they are so yummy you don’t even feel like you are sacrificing yummy food. Keep killin it!! Xoxo Lexi!

  90. I have to win because I have always loved TSC! I love looking at your new posts each day, and I’ve watched every single one of your YouTube videos! (I could also use a GOOD blow dryer and have been DYING to read your book and body guide!)

    xoxo, lauren??

  91. I have to win because…. hello. Brazilian blowout products. I have an afro and have been meaning to get a blowout for months now.Let’s face it – who doesn’t NEED to win this?

    I also think I have entered all of your giveaways, and I am feeling lucky.

  92. Love you and your “real talk” about everything! Not many bloggers put it all out there like you! Gonna be real and just say that this goodie bag is the shit and I could use it all! Keep up the good work

  93. Follow all your stuff and love it! Struggle in the beauty category so would love some new products to try and experiment with!

  94. Why I need to win? Well it’s pretty simple I am 51 at my age any and all things wellness is ? I follow you and Susan thru your journeys and it truly amazes me how much the two of you teach me now if only you could make me younger! ? Thank you for this opportunity and if I don’t get to win I want to congratulate the one that does! Thanks again

  95. I have to win because this is a kick-ass haul! I have followed TSC & Lauryn (and got my husband hooked on the Podcast with me!). Obsessed! -xo

  96. SO many amazing goodies I want them all! You always provide the best tips and insight! I LOVE my ice roller 🙂

  97. I would love to win! All the prizes are amazing but I would be super excited about the Nuface facial lift kit. I have severe issues with lymphatic drainage after having neck surgery after being backed over by a pick-up. I have implemented so many of your suggestions into my life that has improved my quality of life, things such as taking magnesium and the detox drinks. Thank you for all that you do!

  98. I subscribed and reviewed/commented on iTunes I love your podcast especially when you call him Susan. LmFAO
    I would love to win since I’ve had a tumultuous 4 years dealing with mysterious issues which had made me very health concious. I wish I was proactive like you before I got super sick. If it weren’t for that I wouldn’t touch quinoa or seek alternative non toxic products. Thank you for enlightening me I love charcoal toothpaste and all those posts on natural remedies and products.

  99. Seriously drooling as I look at all these products! You’re amazing to be giving this away & of course I want to win! I’m especially excited about your book & bombshell body guide.. Trying to save money so I haven’t splurged on it yet, so would love to win it & tell all my friends about it!

  100. I’d love to be able to win because, I love trying new products! Plus it would be fun to give some of these things to my mom and sisters too!

    We love your blog!

  101. I have to win because I’m about to pop out my first baby, the hubs is in school and I need to be pampered haha.

  102. I have to win because I’m duhhhh the giveaway is simple amazing! Also because I never freaking win anything.

  103. Gotta win because I am ob-freaking-sessed with your recommendations and this is such a bomb way to try them at once! Plus I spent my birthday stuck on an airplane instead of celebrating….so happy belated to me? <3
    You're so sweet for doing these!

  104. I have to win because I am trying to better myself daily by investing in myself! I find you so inspiring and look to you for tips and tricks to improve my style and confidence!!

  105. Hi! I have to win because I am revamping my life- starting a blog with my husband- and in training to be a yoga instructor. Making my dreams a reality, slowly, but surely!

  106. I definitely need to win! I recently got engaged and could totally use the tsc meal plan and workout guide to get ready for my wedding plus that Nuface would be rad!

  107. This giveaway is amazing. I would love to win, there are so many products I’ve never tried and they all look so pretty. So… please pick me!

  108. Thank you for doing so many giveaways! So sweet of you. I would love this giveaway because I have been following your blog for months now and have loved everything you have recommended. I would love to get to try some of your newest favorites & of course your workout guide.

  109. I love everything in this giveaway and everything this blog stands for! Lauryn and Michael are incredible mentors and amazing motivators. Soo so happy I found this blog years ago!

  110. This giveaway is amazing!!! You are so generous to your followers! keep doing what you’re doing!!

  111. I would love to win because I actually followed all the steps to win! I also follow every post and recommend others to subscribe because you shed light on real S***! Thanks Lauryb

  112. ahhhhh!! i just tried for like 30 minutes to rate and review on itunes but it wont allow me! anyways….i have to win because i am an avid TSC reader and am basically obsessed with whatever products you are obsessed with! i use your blog for so many different reasons it would be amazing to win this VERY generous prize! thanks xoxo

  113. EEEK. This would absolutely change my life if I won all these goodies. I am OBSESSED with your podcast – I take 30 minutes of my lunch break every day and go sit in my car, turn on #himandherpodcast, and then just laugh away for a little while. It’s such a refresher before I get back in my cubicle.

    I would love to know more about cupping – or how I could find someone that does it in Mississippi? Should I look for a particular type of doctor/chiropractor? Thanks xoxo! 🙂

  114. I love these products. You are amazing your topic had helped me so much in my every day life. I look forward to reading your blog, and everything else.

  115. I would love to win because I am obsessed with make-up but live on a teacher budget.

  116. What a CRAZY good giveaway. I’d be happy with just ONE of the items in this giveaway – the whole bunch is kind of mind blowing! ? Someone is going to get spoiled…

  117. I have been following you for years so that’s all already done and I did the podcast 2 giveaways ago ! But oh baby I love these give always and want to win , obvs. My boyfriend and I are moving to st Maarten in a month and this stuff would be amazing to win/bring with me and saves me from doing all my shopping ! Love you and your giveaways !! Thanks girl really appreciate it

  118. I SOOOO want to win this giveaway because 1. I want to try every product that Lauryn says that I should try (and I do try) and 2. I feel like we’d be best friends. I mean, ever since I’ve started reading TSC, my life has CHANGED. I’ve started blogging differently, I’ve started eating differently and I feel so much better about myself and the way that I live! The H&H Podcast has basically made me live my life in the best way possible and helped me become a MAJOR Girl Boss.

  119. I would be so thankful to win this amazing giveaway! I try to keep up on the new items you recommend, especially the ones you love but it’s just so hard to not break the bank by buying them all! I hope I can win this giveaway so I can eat awesome recipes and read about your workouts! I love that you do giveaways because it shows me how truly giving you are by sharing with us 🙂

    1. I would be so GRATEFUL to win. You are an INSPIRATION; I seriously go to your blog every single day.

      I am going through a MAJOR break-up (following my gut/heart) and making a drastic change in my life.. this would help give me a little extra sparkle when moving out and changing the direction of my life. Would appreciate it and will and always continue to look up to you and Michael.



  120. You’re such an inspiration, you’re honesty is unreal, from breast implants to fat freezing ? I always look forward to reading your blogs, especially your fashion and beauty tips! I would love to win these fab goodies!

  121. Hi Lauryn!
    While I don’t have to win…I want to real bad! I would love to be able to try some of these amazing products that you use! Can’t wait to see who wins!

  122. As if following your blog, and your Instagram didn’t make me wish I had all of the wellness and beauty products you share enough, I started following you on snapchat. So, basically, bye income.

    Also, I don’t care what Michael says, you are a comedian.

  123. Hi Lauryn! I’d love to win this giveaway because I am a college student and as much as I would love to pamper myself every once in a while, it’s not always financially possible. I love reading your blog before bed, listening to your podcasts when I’m driving and of course following the adventures of you and Panicky Susan on Snapchat. And although this giveaway is a “thank you” to us for reading, I want to say “thank you” to YOU, for always being there for your readers and keeping us up to date with anything and everything! 🙂

  124. Winning this would be great because I’m currently working and going to school full time and don’t have a lot of time or money to take care of myself at the moment. Winning this would give me the ability to pamper myself for a little 🙂

  125. Hi Lauryn and TSC Team! Thank you for doing another giveaway! These are so amazing!! I would absolutely love to win this giveaway not only because of all the amazing products it contains, but because of how much I love The Skinny Confidential too! I would be absolutely thrilled to win this. You’ve inspired me to create my own blog, which is almost complete with development! Just a few more tweaks 🙂 I want to thank YOU for all you do for your readers! My fingers are crossed! I start every morning with your content and every workout with your podcast 😉

  126. I have to win because this giveaway is amazing and I’ve been obsessed with your blog for forever now! xo

  127. Thank you so much for giving your readers a chance to win some epic goodies 🙂 Was introduced to your blog by a colleague – and I’m officially hooked! Would abs LOVE to win the TSC book, meal plan and workout guide <3 You're such an inspiration, winning this would totally give me the confidence to start my own blog and contribute to such an amazing community of women kicking ass and sharing their tips/tricks 🙂

  128. First- dying over everything in this giveaway!
    So.. Why should I win?
    I am the Promotions Director for an Orthodontic lab (sexy right?).
    My job is to travel the globe telling/ teaching orthodontists all about our product, as well as creating all of our ads for magazines and websites. It’s a blast! I travel CONSTANTLY (like.. I’ll be home for a total of 7 days between now and November ?) and I feel like I’m always behind on the latest beauty secrets- or I never have a second to just to to Sephora or Ulta and check out new goodies!
    I’d be forever greteful to get a gift like this- especially from You!! With all the latest and greatest beauty goodies that you love!
    I’d love to be considered!!! ?

  129. I travel every week for work (Im a consultant) and have neglected self care for awhile. Your curated beauty, health, and style products would work wonders in revamping my routine and care. Thanks for the generous giveaway 🙂

  130. I would love to win because I’m obsessed with everything you post and all the products you feature but I am a broke college girl who can’t afford any of it!! Winning this would seriously be a dream come true there are so many items here I’ve had my eye on! And I NEED your meal plan!! Thanks for being an amazing inspiration 🙂

  131. You have not done me wrong yet with all of your recommendations, so I would love to try out each of these products if you give them a thumbs up! This cart looks like an absolutely dream!

  132. I have to say I have become addicted so much I made my sister addicted as well. Its hard not to be! I would LOVE to win this giveaway! So much great and new products that I would love to try and share with everyone. Especially have my eye on that Kopari coconut body glow(I remember that podcast) and your TSC book!!

  133. I love your blog and try out most of the things you recommend to try. I recently started my own blog and this would make for several great blog posts. You are a huge inspiration to me!!

  134. I have to win because a) I love TSC–blog, podcast, book, Susan–all of it! b) I want to try all of these amazing products–uh, the NuFace kit looks incredible, I want a better body, and some betchsicles would be amazing c) I am on a good life streak right now and this would be icing on the cake!

  135. I would love to win as I’m recently engaged, and know I could have a lot of fun with these items! In addition to that, a lot of our extra income is going to our wedding, so there hasn’t been as much room in the budget for beauty products!

  136. I have to win as I’m crazy about your blog and would love to share the wealth with my girlfriends and Mom. Cheers! xx
    (bohofoxbabe on Insta)

  137. I have to win for a few reasons, one being I never win anything lol. Also mostly because I am obsessed with all these products and there are a few new ones I have been dying to try. If I win then it will help me get what I want without breaking the bank, hah. I absolutely love the blog. It goes right along with the way I want to live my life. Looking as natural as possible, living as healthy and natural as possible but still being fabulous. I love the theme of having practical pieces mixed with high end. I feel like this is one of the only blogs that I follow that doesn’t have a fake persona. You seem like a “real” woman genuinely wanting to share your life experience with others. Which is rare, I feel like women tend to compete and not want to be so real or share their real stories. I appreciate a woman who can celebrate others success, especially other women. You are breaking stereotypes of women in business and I applaud you for it. Keep it up girl. I am always floored that even with all your success you always answer emails and snapchats. You are truly genuine. I have been reading for 3 years now and love how much it has grown. I am so excited to keep up and see where it is headed

  138. Posts like this warm my heart Lauryn. Your passion and drive for your blog is so motivating and the generosity to your community of gal pals is so cool. I look forward to reading your posts everyday, I love listening to your podcasts and try to pick up on all your tricks. While reading your blog I enjoy how I live much better because theres no better place to visit than one that makes you wanna be a pressed juice drinking, brushed up browed, fit confident woman with a cute dog on her arm! All. Of. These. Products. ARE. AMAZING. Whoever wins this will never forget and how sweet of you to do it <3 I would love to win! It's my birthday on 9/20 and all of these products are simply too good, I already know because YOU are giving them away. xoxo

  139. Hey love!!

    Just posting my last step here and have to admit that I absolutely adore you and Michael and out of the MANY MANY MANY people I follow, I always make sure I check up on you guys everyday no matter how busy I get lol
    I would love winning this becaue first of all, who doesn’t love skin care products??
    I do a lot of traveling and am always open to trying new things to take care of my skin!
    Also makeup and hair tools!?
    This is an amazing giveaway!!
    Hope I win!
    Good luck everybody!!

  140. Oh I would really benefit from a win. Just had a teeny one and needing to get my body and beauty back on track!

  141. I would love to win!! I just turned 25 and am really making it a priority of mine to
    Start ACTUALLY taking the best care of myself that I can and I DEFINITELY think these products would help x a million. Saving money right now to get my first place WITH my boyfriend so I’d love some extra help in the product department ⚡️??❤️

  142. I would love to win this, perhaps for obvious reasons. It’s such a generous give away! You always talk about such amazing products and it would be great to be able to try them.

  143. My husband is a student so we don’t have much extra money for beauty/wellness products. I love that you are always on the cutting edge for new workouts, clean eating recipes, and beauty products!

  144. Lauryn!! You are so amazing for doing all of these giveaways, wow I am blown away by how much is here! I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to win this, simply because your blog is unreal! I love all of your product recommendations, and I am a student who would love to be able to try more of the things you suggest! Thank you so much for all that you do for your readers xx

  145. I haven’t tried one recommendation by you and hated it, every single product you suggest, routines, health tips, etc have all worked so well for me! This giveaway is almost the same thing but times a million and my bank account wont hurt 😉 So I have to win to try all the wonderful items xxo

  146. I HAVE to win because I am obsessed with all your tips and tricks! everything I have tried I am such a fan and am constantly spreading the word!!! I know if you put it in a giveaway you trust it and I trust you!! ??

  147. I love your platforms, they have helped me out in many ways! From the beauty tips to the business tips.
    I have to win because you have made me believe that I can achieve anything I want to if I put my mind to it. I don’t come from a wealthy background or anything like that but I am a positive person. I believe that the good in the world is out there for the taking and if I want to work hard enough I can achieve all of my goals ❤️ P.s, it’s actually my 21st birthday next week and this would make an unbelievable gift hehe,
    Jess xxx

  148. I would LOVE to win these amazing prizes. Honestly I feel like giveaways these days suck and this one is incredible! Same goes for your blog – it’s one of the very few that I actually still read. I hate the overly-curated shift blogs have taken over the past few years, and I SO appreciate how open, honest, and REAL you’ve stayed throughout the years.

  149. LOVE reading the blog, watching on snapchat, and listening on the podcast. Would love to win this giveaway, lipstick is my go to beauty product (15+ new colours to try? Yes please!), and I could totally use a new straightener haha! Whoever wins is super lucky; this is an awesome giveaway!

  150. I have to win because a. I am 1000% obsessed with your content, advice, beauty recs, EVERYTHING! and b. I’ve been on a major budget lately due to some unforeseen personal life ish and sadly, beauty and health has been one of my major cutbacks. Winning this would be so amazing!!

  151. Hi Lauryn! I HAVE to win because I need to majorly update my beauty products. After reading your posts, I feel like I’ve been using the wrong products especially since I haven’t seen improvement in my hair or skin. 🙁 This giveaway would help me so much because I TRUST all of your beauty picks and it would be one less stress as I start my senior year in college. Thank you so much for being an inspiration to me and my roommates in not only your healthy lifestyle, but also for always reaching out to your readers and followers. Your true, kind spirit is totally felt among us even if we haven’t met you! (:

  152. It would be amazing to win this! What an amazing collection of items to take care of yourself! Health + wellness is where its at! What a generous thank you Lauren!

  153. Who wouldn’t want to win this giveaway? All of these products seem amazing. I would love to test them all out, especially the Nuface. Lately I am being having to be minimal with my beauty routine because I am a 23 year old girl in between careers, so making it work on a budget has been difficult but key. Thanks Lauryn!

  154. I loved your post on cupping since it’s somewhat controversial on how effective it is. It definitely sparked my interest.

  155. I HAVE to win because I am a newbie to finally getting my sh*t together and taking care of myself! Been following all your posts for a while and absolutely love your podcast- love the REALNESS 24/7! Winning this AMAZING giveaway would literally change my life and help me form new, healthy habits. You are truly inspiring. XOXO!

  156. Love this !! I have been following your blog/book/life for years and you are honestly the only blogger I still follow religiously. Love how you have expanded your brand – so inspiring!

  157. Need because I am a real life product addict and have to try all of these things. This is suchhhhh a good one.

  158. Lauryn + your brilliant crew – I’m most certainly your winner. I’m a badass business woman who is constantly inspired by your hustle, class, and borderline obsessive love of watermelon jerky. I’ve followed your blog, snapchat, & instagram stories for their entire lifetime and I would simply LOVE to indulge in this collection of goodies. Grant me a girls weekend to play with all these fantastic products!

    P.S. I promise to recycle all the packaging to ensure a good karma boomerang effect 😉 XO

  159. Yaaaay! Another giveaway! Ok since the last giveaway I’ve given birth to my second little man and I thought I needed help then, but I REALLY need some motivation to keep myself a priority! I can’t recall the last time I picked up a beauty or skincare product and it’s quite low on my current to do list, so this would be a tremendous joy to win such an amazing bundle of wellness goodies! Thank you for being so appreciative of your readers Lauryn dear! We love how much you care about us!

  160. I have never been more excited about a giveaway! You are amazing. My mommy budget definitely doesn’t cover any of these fancy luxuries!! I would seriously be happy with just one of these amazing goodies!

  161. Yay!! You are amazing and these goodies are awesome just in time for my wedding in the spring!

  162. I NEED to win! I need all of these products for an upcoming vacation and it would be an incredible early birthday present! I try to get my hands on the stuff you recommend but this haul would be incredible so I can try it all! My name is also Lauren just not spelled as cool as yours 😉 Big Fan! Love this giveaway! Hope you do more! <3 xoxo

  163. I should win bc our anniversary is coming up, what better way to make myself feel all sexy- which we all know makes him feel good. ? So we’d both be winners!!! ??

  164. Thanks for putting together an amazing prize package! It would be nice to win because I had jaw surgery and a beauty pick me up would be an awesome treat!

  165. I don’t have to win, but I’d love to win because who wouldn’t! Like many people who work full time (outside of the beauty/fashion industry) it is often hard to research and go buy new products, so winning a giveaway is the perfect way to learn and try new products!

  166. I would really love to win this giveaway! I’m a college student and I just lost 35 pounds after a really hard time in my life and am really proud of where I am, and the health changes I’ve made. Now I’m back to my healthy self, and I would love to win this because it would increase and maintain my motivation and I would be able to share these awesome products with my friends and family to help them with their health journeys. Just started reading your blog/app and listening to your podcast and I’m absolutely in love with it so far and plan to stay! Thanks so much for sharing so much about your lifestyle and products! It’s so hard to find things that actually work, and this is a great resource, and its also hilarious and entertaining to read!

  167. I would love to win because any products that TSC backs I’m totally down for! Thanks for creating this bombbbb opportunity for all of your readers to try these products! XX

  168. My beauty routine could use some help; I tend to find it hard to spend money on myself so these things get neglected. Thanks!

  169. Eeek chica! This giveaway is purrfection. ? I would love to try a new look with these new beauty accessories. ?

  170. I would totes love to win because these prizes are amazing! They would change my life!

    Also- your blog is so unique and I always check the app for fresh posts!

  171. I am so inspired by your life story and your blog. I have been following you since the beginning and love how your brand has evolved. You are a fresh look on the hustle of life and all the simple things that make us smile. I would love to win the chance to have a SC party and share these treats with my friends. (With champagne gummies of course.) As a mom of 5, you are my source for staying up to date and looking like a hot mom. And you inspire me to reach for my dreams and share my life’s adventures too. Thanks!!

  172. Best give away yet! My flat iron just bit the dust (thanks toddlers) and I am outnumbered 4 boys to me and a crazy cat at home. I need a supply of lady only items in my life.

  173. You are amazing!! Here’s why I HAVE TO WIN! I am a first year high school art teacher who is getting married in October. Most of my time and money is spent on my students. My job is hard and stressful and I don’t get paid nearly enough, but I still love what I do. The wonderful items in this giveaway would allow me to have some of these luxury items that I wouldn’t be able to afford otherwise. They would also help me get in the best shape and prepare me to look my best for my wedding. I could definitely use a little pampering! xo

  174. Omg!!! I would love to win this. I’m a working mom of 2 little ones and definitely need help with my beauty routine. I follow you religiously and absolutely love reading your blogs. So insightful. You’re so beautiful I would love to try every beauty tip you have.

  175. I would be so GRATEFUL to win. You are an INSPIRATION; I seriously go to your blog every single day.

    I am going through a MAJOR break-up (following my gut/heart) and making a drastic change in my life.. this would help give me a little extra sparkle when moving out and changing the direction of my life. Would appreciate it and will and always continue to look up to you and Michael.



  176. I think I should win this because I’m just a broke college student and I love nice things ? but really, I absolutely LOVE that you’re doing this for your followers! A reason I love you and this blog so much… You actually respond to your readers and give back to them. i am so grateful for your presence, even though I’ve never met you before (hopefully I do)! Have a fabulous day/night ❤️

  177. First of all, thanks for another giveaway!! Super excitEd!! This mother of four has got to win so so that she can pamper herself just a little bit. ? Plus I’d love to try the products that you use personally because I just trust & value your opinion. Good luck to everyone!

  178. Lauryn!

    This giveaway is unreal! I would love to win this giveaway because I love trying all the products you suggest but can’t always afford everything I want to try. You have absolutely changed my life with alligator clips I live in them and no longer wash my hair (well as long as I possibly can not wash (insert eye roll emoji) I would love to try more I’m sure life changing products. You are beyond incredible, and I can’t wait to read your next posts!


  179. I am obsessed with 99% of your products and topics – so naturally I follow you everywhere!! Absolutely love you + the giveaway. Mom of 2, could totally use a night away to completely indulge myself in this ?????

  180. I need to win because I want to be as natural as I can for my health. Reading your blog and following you has been such an inspiration lately. Everything you talk about lights up a lightbulb in my head. I’ve recently been trying to make my own beauty products or buy more natural ones but since I’m a college student, it’s very hard to do.

  181. I have been following your blog for years now and love reading about your take on wellness. For the longest time I was always unhappy with my body and the way I looked but finally decided I needed to stop tearing myself down and take care of myself. Now health to me is all about being the best version of me and I am happier than I have ever been. I love reading your blog and trying all your recipes and different products!

  182. This is one of my favorite blogs to read- I love that you always keep it real! It’s so refreshing to read posts that discuss some taboo topics that are typically avoided in other blogs. Winning this giveaway would be absolutely incredible- between being a special education teacher and going to school at night, I have no time to use products like these!

  183. This giveaway is amaze! I’m obsessed with your blog, podcast and snaps. You are so authentic and fun! I’m a first grade teacher+ barre enthusiast and I’ve always been into health +wellness–you take it to the next level and I’ve loved trying new things you suggest. I’m dying to try everything in this giveaway, fingers crossed!! Xo!

  184. Thank you so much for hosting this giveaway! Winning would mean so much as a just move to a new town to work in an industry and job site filled with middle-aged men (talk about going left when others go right) and can use all the Skinny Confidential advice that I can get! Here’s to lifting heavy weights, putting rosehip oil on sleeping boyfriends, and always saving early 🙂

  185. I REALLY want slash NEED to win because i’m a new momma and so MISS. The fays of pampering myself and getting to try new beauty/wellness stuff! It is one of my favorite things for me time & something i’ve so missed!

  186. Holler at the bomb giveaway going on! I’d love to win so I can be MOH of the year at my best friends bachelorette party (spa and champagne themed duh) in November. Make me a hero!! ????????. Also TIME BLOCK CUBE!!! Need to finally try it!!!

  187. I would love to win to store some goodies away to give away as Christmas presents to keep the giveaway going.

  188. Hello hello
    I’m going to say I have to win because I immediately recognized around 15 products that I’ve been dying to try! Since I just started grad school I’m on an extremely tight budget so they’ve been hanging out in my amazon cart for a while. I love that all of these products are items every girl needs to make her feel pampered, sometimes that’s all a gal needs to feel better and stress free. Also a big THANK YOU to bringing us amazing content on a weekly basis, you rock 🙂

  189. It would be my DREAM to win this giveaway. I’ve been reading your blog religiously for some time now and this is by far the best giveaway yet. Keeping my fingers crossed!!! Xo

  190. Well, my favorite topic is reading and hearing about the products you are using and since this giveaway is the products you are using, I think I have to win this giveaway! Ive bought quite a few of the products you’ve recommended and I swear by them to all my friends now!

  191. I’m a new mom who works in the beauty industry and it might take $2,800 worth of product to make up for the lack of sleep!

  192. Obsessed with the blog, bombshell body guide, and podcast. Would love to win because I struggle to find products that are actually useful and I know from following the skinny confidential for a while that the products you sponsor are amazing, helpful products! Thanks for the chance to win!

  193. I’ve been reading TSC since 2011 (!!!). One of the things I love about Lauryn is that as she has been fortunate to be able to blog full time and become a #girlboss, she hasn’t forgotten about her readers. Lauryn makes sure that she shows her appreciation and love to those who have supported her!

    I’m a government employee who is also the youngest person in her office by 23 years. Personal appearance and dressing the part have made me feel so much more confident in my position. Even though it sounds silly, showing you are responsible enough to pull together a chic outfit and brush your hair speaks wonders to colleagues and the world. Age is just a number when you have faith in your abilities! These products would only boost my confidence and allow me further my career.

  194. I would love to win this giveaway because I love trying new products. The things you have recommended and I have tried (marine collagen, jade/ice rolling, L’oreal mascara.. the list goes on) I have absolutely loved! I would love to try even more things that you use!!

  195. I did everything, but for some reason it wouldn’t let me rate you! I was signed into my Apple ID and everything!! I tried for 45 minutes straight and nothing would work 🙁

    I would love to win because my blow dryer is at LEAST 14 years old! I am a mom of two little boys who rarely gets anything nice, that makes me feel important and this would make me feel SO important..

    and pampered 🙂

  196. I would love to win because, after seeing how amazing everything in this giveaway is, I’m going to have to buy every single thing now!!

    Seriously, WOW! Thank you for another incredible giveaway!

  197. Extra credit: it would be nice to win the giveaway as I am a mom of three and the majority of my income in spent on my kids. I rarely do things for myself; winning this would be like a complete spa day for me. Now I just have to convince the husband to take the kids for a long bike ride!

  198. I love love LOVE your giveaways! I hope I win this one! I’ve been following The Skinny Confidential for over a year now and it’s what inspired me to start my blog! I am a wellness & lifestyle blogger so I really enjoy reading your healthy recipes, fitness tips, and wellness products & secrets! Not to mention I ACTUALLY learned how to contour (it’s a miracle) thanks to you! Love the blog, love your personality, and fingers crossed I win this one!!!

  199. Yup… I think I should win… just because. Because I have no time to go to the store to buy them, because I love your blog and I may become obsessed with it after this, and because I haven’t tried some new, amazing products in awhile. 🙂 There ya go. Pick me pick me

  200. OMG I always LOVE your give-a-ways (so fingers crossed!)!! I absolutely love when you talk about “taboo” subjects like Botox and boob jobs- it’s all stuff we think about so might as well get an opinion from someone we love! Also OBSESSED with your piece on relationship jealousy- so raw and well put. Completely spot on!

  201. LAURYN I neeeeeed this in my life like yesterday. Your beauty is never not on point and I need some help getting a kick in the ass to take care of my SELF more x. G

  202. I am in revamp mode this year and would be beyond grateful to win this beautifully generous giveaway! I went through a shitty divorce with a shitty guy who had a shitty girlfriend that I was unaware of. So this year I am taking my life back. Doing things I have been neglecting to do, and a large part of that is taking better care of myself and regaining my confidence. Winner or not, I am still committng to making that happen. Thank you for all that you do, share, and inspire. xo

  203. I have to win because I love everything you use and recommend. As a mom I don’t have much time but I always make time to read you blog and check out your podcasts and snapchats. A lot of your recipes are such great and easy ideas and you inspire me to be a healthier mom for my little boy! I always screenshot your snapchats too, I would be sooo ecstatic if I won this and was able to try everything (=

  204. Love all of these amazing prizes! Even better since I have been on my journey to be a happier, healthier, better PhD student and must say this would be an amazing win for making my new routines a habit!

  205. This would be an amazing gift and even better since I have been working on being a happier, healthier and better PhD Student me and have managed to make it a routine. Loving everything you share here 🙂

  206. I am a college student so I’m broke whilst trying to be cute and that is a struggle in 2016 with 0 budget. This would seriously be amazing to win before my new college year starts!!

  207. always such a joy to learn from you, somehow you have managed to align all your priorities manage your busy life, and the lives of your readers! HA

  208. Ihave to win because Nanz and I share the same age and I could use a thrill by winning and trying out products that I never have.I’m sure Nanz will agree with me we never give up trying to improve ourselves,we wont til til we see our last dying day,it takes a lot to prep ourself gorgeous and make it look like we just woke up like this,that gave me a belly giggle.Love you girl

  209. I think winning this giveaway would be fantastic as now I am living in Europe & a LOT of these products are hard/ if not impossible to buy over here! 🙂

  210. Hi lauryn, i love how you try and give back to all your readers to thank us. I’ve been here since almost day one and i adore you! I HAVE to win because i’ve been sick wich causes my hair to die on me and it can use a little extra love. Plus all of that amazing make up Will help me look professional when at my new job wich i got a little thanks to you and micheal because the podcast gives me life and inspires me to get my shit together and go after what i want, so thank you so much!!

  211. I have to win because I’ve been super on a tight “me items” since our wedding 6 months ago, and I’m dying to be able to spoil myself again! XXOO

  212. Ray Bans and that chic MJ watch would really add to my required daily business casual wardrobe (I’m a medical student and we have to dress up everyday). Living that student budget life so my accessory game could use an upgrade.

    Lauryn I love the blog and podcast. I listen to the podcast on the treadmill and laugh to myself in public like a weirdo. Mostly though I’m obsessed with you and Susan’s snapchats. They are gold.

  213. Seriously could use a “win” right now. Life has been way too hectic and working in a sales gig when things have been dry for a while start to get a gal down. A pick me up like this would do wonders!

  214. Thank you Lauryn for another huge giveaway full of goodness! Well, I have to win because I do not live in the US so I basically don’t have access to the majority of the products you mention in your posts, even though I would buy them straight away if I could! Keeping my finger crossed!

  215. I have to win because your reccs are always amazzzze, but I am working on becoming a licensed counselor so the budget is too tight! Love the podcast!!

  216. I have to wint because I have been obsessing over the craft and foster candles and the IT cosmetics cc cream for so long and just because I LOVE IT ALL xxx

  217. I’m an avid TSC follower! Love all your recommendations, would love to win some of your Favs! Xo! ???

  218. LAURYN –

    First and foremost – you have the BEST giveaways – hands down. THANK YOU for showing your appreciation to your readers/listeners/snapchat followers. Every time I comment on a giveaway, I feel incredibly #awkward because talking about why I NEED something is just not my style. Technically, I don’t NEED anything I am just obsessed with everything you’ve got on this list and I’d be EXTREMELY GRATEFUL to be a lucky winner! I got engaged this year and am looking to step up my beauty routine before my engagement photos this October <3

  219. I am getting married and I need that nuface and the straightener and probably half of the other stuff! I’ve maxed out my beauty and fitness budget though so help a sister out. Love your beauty and wellness posts!

  220. I would love to win because I’ve been a listener for a couple of years and love following your success. I am also in need of a little beauty refresh as I have been dedicating myself to work, neglecting my appearance and wardrobe, and feel like this would be a great boost of items I’m in need of, and simply can’t afford right now. Regardless, thank you from all the ladies!

  221. Honestly I’m so obsessed with all your wellness and beauty tips. I’m always trying to lose weight, tone up, have healthier skin, shinier hair, you know… so I love all your real life tips tricks and products. To win this would be amazing. I think it’s amazing how you’ve built your brand and taken it across so many channels and mediums. I commented on Instagram under hi_court and on the podcast under my Apple ID that matches this email.

  222. Lauryn! I would love to win this giveaway! Especially since you have included the NuFace, my doctor recently started teaching me all about lymphatic drainage and since my lymph system is troublesome this would be so great!

  223. I’ve been having a moment with the Brazilian Blowout hairdryer for basically eternity and I have to have it in my paws ASAP. Also a recent college grad who could use a few new goodies before I’m completely swallowed in student loan debt.

  224. i would LOVE to win bc apart from being a die hard follower, and literally buying everything you say to the point where my boyfriend asks, “did the skinny confidential tell you to buy this…” (lol) i am a hair stylist & love sharing all your tips, tricks, recommendations with my women clientele. i love educating them on wellness tips, it’s shocking how little some women know about a healthy lifestyle. so, thank you for providing me with useful never ending knowledge! xo

  225. I’d love to win because I appreciate your REALNESS more than you can imagine. I’m beginning to see through a lot of bloggers/influencers facades, but not yours, because there isn’t one! I love that you’re the guinea pig for us – very Heather Dubrow – and always bring the freshest content to your readers. Can’t wait to try some of your favorite products!

  226. There are so many amazing things in this giveaway. Some days you just need a little pick me up and winning this would be the ultimate good day!

  227. Ah this is so amazing! I have been wanting to try nuface! It would be so amazing to win, I am a student so all of these are out of my budget! As always Love your blog xo

  228. Hi!

    I would love to win this to-die-for giveaway! You and Michael are hilarious on your podcast and snap chat and you have introduced me to so many amazing products i.e. Calm magnesium tea, body brushing, TSC detox drink etc….

  229. LOVE LOVE LOVE EVERYTHING TSC! to the point where I’m chugging Calm tea on the reg, and checking the blog and app daily! Lauryn- you’re like the wise, fun sister I always needed (desperately!!) Anyway, I’ve GOT to win this giveaway because my skin is freaking out and these products are just what I need to get everything balanced and glowing. I’ve worked so hard on the inside (mental health and nutrition) that it’s time I get my appearance in line with how much better I’m feeling! Would LOVE this and be oh so appreciative. xoxo

  230. OMG, once I saw the Brazilian Blowout products AND hairdryer I was dying. My hair is so curly, wavy, unmanageable especially when its humid, that I almost welcome Fall! What an amazing giveaway!

  231. Your giveaways are always so amazing! I have to win this one because I seriously need some beautifying. Your style is so chic and would definitely help me upgrade lol!

  232. I would looooove to win this giveaway because it’s from YOU! I totally trust your opinion/advice on beauty products and trends. All of these items look amazing and I’d love to try them. I’m obsessed with your podcast and you’ve now made Tuesdays my favorite day of the week. PLEASE PICK MEEEE :)))

  233. I would love love love to win because I absolutely love trying all the products you recommend!! I also can’t believe you’re giving away this many items!! You’re the best and whoever wins is seriously so lucky!!

  234. I HAVE to win because these things are hot hot hot, and Canada is too damn cold.
    Totally droolin over the Whiskey Cola candle!

  235. Yes I love when you do give-aways! I would to win to be able to try so many of the products you tell us about all the time. I’m especially excited about the NuFace in purple! I’ve been dying to try this but just haven’t been able to spend the $$$! Keep up all the amazing content on the blog and podcast!

  236. I have to win because I am a broke college grad that can’t afford all these fun things but need need need them <3

  237. I don’t have to win, but it sure would be amazing to win!! Life has been a little stressful (but awesome!) lately as my husband and I are in the process of fostering to adopt 2 teenage boys (eeek!) So I definitely wouldn’t hate being able to do a little pampering ?

  238. Why I have to win: Because not only are you my favorite blogger, ever! But because I take every piece of advice and new adventures you take to heart! I have found myself eating so much healthier, and feeling so much better because of the advice you give- whether its your detox drinks or the charcoal pills. I also love the relationship topics- myself being a single girl- I definitely am learning from your posts about them, especially when Michael chims in!
    Keep killing it!
    <3 Bianca

  239. I’m
    Getting married next month Ahhh!!! I’ve been scaling back on he beauty purchases to save up, but as a product junkie it’s totally killing me!!! It would be so special to get to try all the products I’ve been dying over!! Ahh I hope I win. Thanks so much for an an awesome giveaway!

  240. I would love to win. I am a 30 something single momma to 3 kids and I don’t have a ton of time to pamper myself or take care of myself. All these products look amazing and I would love to try them out and make time for me! 🙂 love your blog!

  241. I would love to win because I’m a student with limited income, so pampering myself has kind of gone on the back burner..all the items in the giveaway would be used and highly appreciated!! I’ve been reading your blog for several years and have listened to the podcast since you started–I’m a big fan and love the content you put out.

  242. Need these beauty items in my life! Literally my beauty routine has been shower, bun/braid, and mascara for the past 6 months…I need some stuff to help me spice it up! It would be nice to have some items to spoil myself!

  243. Wow this is the most incredible giveaway <3 I HAVE to win because I am a 21 year old college student and as much as I am obsessed with fashion & beauty I can't always afford it. This giveaway is a DREAM. Thank you Lauryn for all that you give back to your fans and how you are always there whenever I have any questions. Winning this giveaway would expose me to so many new brands and beauty tricks that would honestly enhance my life. Thanks for always being real and teaching me that no dream is too big xoxo

  244. I must win this! I recently moved to Alaska to be with my long time love and it’s a stark constrast from Southern California life! I need these things to create my own beauty world here for myself especially with the upcoming brutal winter. I’d be so happy to have all these necessary goodies. I rely on your website for the best tips and advice. Thanks for the giveaways, and I will keep trying until I win!

  245. I would love to win because I have been dying to try so many of these products!! Also, I am super interested in trying out the ones I have never heard of before. My birthday is Sept 12th so that would be a nice little birthday gift a well 🙂

  246. I have to win because this is every girl’s dream and I have loved you since 2012!!! +++ I need a new blowdryer! 🙂

  247. it’s time to revamp my beauty routine, and what better way to start with amazing products and goodies?! xx

  248. BEST GIVEAWAY EVER! I am currently a middle school counselor and working towards my career as a holistic health coach. The common theme in both careers, is that we as counselors/coaches are so focused on helping and supporting others, we often forget to take time for ourselves. This giveaway would mean so much to me, because it is the ultimate “self-care” package and would 100% motivate me to put my wellness needs first for once and remember to self-love.

  249. You’re the definition of a boss babe. I love the vibe and tone of your blog and how you’re not afraid to be yourself and speak your mind. I am obsessed with all your beauty tips, you’ve gotten me hooked on collagen & ice rollers. I would love to win all these beauty goodies 🙂

  250. I would LOVE to win because I’m a poor grad student and this would be a great way to spoil myself. 😉

  251. I would love to win, because honestly after ending a 6 year relationship I need something to put some pep in my step. Love the blog/podcast/app/snap/insta!

  252. I have to win because I just had my first baby and it was a long hard pregnancy! I was on bedrest and now that he’s born, safe and sound, I’m struggling to feel like myself again! This mama needs to get pampered and beautified! 🙂 Winning would just be such a ray of sunshine after a long, stressful, but ultimately beautiful journey, and would be so so fun!! Love your blog! It helped get me through bedrest! <3


  253. I’m getting married in a few weeks and would LOVE to win the giveaway – perfect for the soon to be bride. Wedding planning so really fucking stressful, as you know, and this would be a hugely appreciated bonus during the craziest of weeks! xx

  254. I love how you always post so many opportunities to give away items that are so incredibly amazing. I would love more than anything to win this giveaway, but even if I don’t I want you to know that your blog is a prize on its own. I have learned so many valuable tricks and tips from your posts. They are always so open and honest in a world dominated by individuals who are closed off and secretive. Keep up the motivational/inspirational posts (those ones are my fav)!

  255. Ahh you make my heart so happy! Lauryn, you are the embodiment of a balanced lifestyle, generosity, and realness. I am so incredibly inspired by you, and I can’t wait to read your next post and the one after that and the one after that!

  256. Girl you have outdone yourself with this giveaway!! Thanks so much for always spoiling us. Ok so I have to win because I am in a doctoral program training to be a therapist and its stressful AF so I could really use some self care items…especially ones that I can’t afford lol. xx

  257. Awesome giveaway! Well i don’t have a sob story about why I should win but who wouldn’t want to win some free shit!! 🙂

  258. Lauryn, you’re seriously amazing! This giveaway is insane!! I HAVE to win, I would honestly just die to win this and be able to try all these products! I really need to revamp my beauty routine and this would be an incredible way to do it. I have fallen in love with everything that you have recommended that I’ve been able to try so far! If I could buy it all I would, but real talk I am a single mom on a budget and backpacks & books come before mama’s beauty supplies…
    You’re the best, I just cant get enough! Thank you for all you do!!

  259. Love your blog and personality!! Listening to the podcast makes me try to be better about budgeting/thinking about how my actions affect my future, which means my budget for fun new products has unfortunately been cut. would love all these products!!

  260. Lauryn! This giveaway is amazing and I would love to win. It’s been amazing to follow you and watch your brand grow – I love your ‘candidness’ about absolutely any subject and product recommendations. Most of your beauty products have become my personal faves!

  261. I have to win because I keep buying all of the products you post and I am a broke graduate student (although only for 3 more months)!

  262. Lauryn!! I’ve been reading your blog relgiously for the last few months and you are easily my favorite blogger! You seriously have the best posts and I learn something new every single time I click onto TSC. And I’m so in love with the podcasts! I just started following you on Snapchat and I look forward to your posts everyday. You have such great style, girl. 🙂 I saw you posted about this giveway and I knew I needed to enter. The things you are giving away are amaaazzzinng! I knew they’d be good, but damn! Thanks for all the incredible content lovely! 🙂

  263. LOVE!

    oh my goodness! You have no idea how badly I need this! I work full time – I’m a full time law student – I’m trying to get my small business off the ground – and I am a mum of 2 insane little boys! Needless to say, I haven’t spent even a moment looking after myself in the longest time!!! This would be too good, maybe I could even feel like a real person again!
    I love reading your posts, they brighten my day and let me zone out of my crazy life for a moment or two!

  264. I HAVE to win!! I do pretty much everything you recommend. Obsessed with you and Susan, and love all the products you recommend. XOX

  265. Would love to win! Especially for the makeup things – recently I’ve been experimenting with different looks and watching beauty tutorials (yours especially) so would love to win for all the amazing beauty products!

  266. I have to win because I am a total Skinny Confidential guru and have gotten my friends hooked on your recipes/lifestyle tips as WELL as reading the blog and following the podcast! This would just give me one more thing to blab to them all about. And I am a total product junkie – this is like a (big) kid in a candy store!

  267. Would seriously fall over if I won this giveaway! Really reallllllly into a lot of these products and would absolutely LOVE to try all of them! This would take my girls nights in from a 0-10 real quick 🙂 thanks for looking out for all of your followers and giving back with these giveaway goodies!

  268. I’d love to win because I’m obsessed with this blog, I just started a new semester at Uni and I recently celebrated my 20th birthday! I’m a lover of beauty products and Health/wellness 🙂 my favorite topics that you cover are your ones on Botox, cupping, workout and workout motivation, your travel blogs, how to micromanage a cocktail !! I like the articles that promote healthy living

  269. I’d love to win this. I’ve been struggling with my skin for sometime and this would be a great way to build a foundation a solid skin care routine! I love your blog and all of your advice! <3

  270. Winning would give me a little pep in my step to get me through this last trimester of pregnancy! I can’t wait for when you decide to have a baby and all the amazing tips and tricks you’ll share with your readers. Seriously, I have thought to myself many times how great it would be if you had an arsenal of tricks up your sleeve for us prego! All in good time – it will be worth the wait. Also, it’s my birthday month, I see a win in my future. 🙂 Thanks for being real ass woman!

  271. I’ve tried every monthly box there is..fab fit fun, birchbox, ipsy..the list goes on. BUT, I trust your opinion way more than anyone else out there so this giveaway looks fab! You were right about the it cosmetics CC cream – I love it! I’m always looking for new beauty trends so you are a huge inspiration. Also, you make me feel less guilty for keeping my botox a secret 🙂

  272. Ah! I saw you the other day in Beverly Hills by the 901 salon and was literally too shy to come up and say hi!! Me and my best friend absolutely love your blog/instagram/podcast/snapchat and both agree we couldn’t do our 20’s without your advice! I’d love to win this giveaway!

  273. Another fab giveaway!! Would love to win b/c my hubby and I just started a business and we’re trying not to spend $$$ so my beauty supplies are dwindling!!

  274. I want to win because theres a ton of interesting products that I would love to try! I also love you and your brand. You and Michael inspire me to get more organized and use time management to its full potential. Can’t lie – I’ve heard good things about that time-blocking cube 😀 so if I win thats going on my desk immediately!. Thanks so much for being amazing Lauryn. Much love and good vibes your way!!

  275. Hi L! I would LOVE to win so I can be the most glamorous teacher in my school! The kids tell me (on good days… When I put on Bobbi Brown corrector and lipstick) that I look like Belle from Beauty & the Beast… That’s a lot to live up to. I would adore a beautiful gift such as the giveaway essentials so that I can feel girly and sample a luxurious lifestyle. I love reading your blog and listening to your podcast… And appreciate that you take the time to write back to your audience. Thanks!

  276. I am in dire need of new hair products, especially a professional blow dryer, so this giveaway is right up my alley! Thanks so much for sharing and keep up the great work on the podcast/blog!

  277. Ahh this giveaway is badass! I want to win because why the hell wouldn’t I want to win all these amazing products!

  278. This is seriously AMAZING!! Im dying over everything – and that miniature facelift!!!! I have to win because I’m having a baby girl this October and could definitely use some pampering for both before (and definitely!!) After she arrives! Plus the TSC meal plan will be a perfect way to get back into the groove and stay as healthy as I can be!!! ???

  279. Thank you so much for the opportunity to win this gnarly giveaway and thank you for The Skinny Confidential, I am such a better person because of this✨

  280. I would be thrilled to win this giveaway for a few reasons. First of all, TSC Bombshell Bodyguide would help me to stay healthy while I’m recovering from my knee surgery! It would help me maintain a balanced and nutritious diet while my mobility is very limited. And the workouts would help me get physically fit again after my knee has recovered!

    I am a beauty junkie and am always searching for products and companies that I love and believe it!

    Lastly, I’ve been working my butt off and really trying to be financially responsible and plan for my future and winning this giveaway would be such a treat!!

  281. I would truly appreciate this generous giveaway. I am a recent college graduate, just moved to DC and am working at an amazing job in my field of nutrition. Unfortunately the job doesn’t pay crazy amounts and I have a bunch of debts to pay off. However, I am doing something I love and feel I am making a difference in people’s lives, so that makes it worth it. I love all things beauty and see all the fun products I would love to try on the internet but just can’t spend my money at those things in this time of my life. I would love the opportunity to indulge a bit in all of these amazing products.

  282. This is SO amazing! I would absolutely love to win this giveaway oh my gosh. I’m currently finishing my masters in public health and completing an unpaid (ugh) internship to become a registered dietitian. Would be super amazing to win these things!!

  283. Love your blog! I recently moved to Montreal on my own away from friends and fam, and your blog was like my bible in making sure I didn’t get consumed by stress and that I didn’t forget the things that are important to me! Taking care of myself, bringing forward positive energy, being healthy (mind and body!) and staying authentic…you inspired to me to keep in line and I’m so grateful. Would LOVE to win so I can continue to pamper myself and keep the balance alive! Thank you for everything!!

  284. I neeeeeed to win this awesome giveaway because I’ve really been enjoying the blog and podcast lately! The detox drink rocks so hard. Thanks for always hosting these fabulous giveaways for your readers. Much appreciated!

  285. I need to win this! I’ve been needing to treat myself to get out of the slump I’m in! Plus both my hair dryer and my straightener have died in the last few months so my hair needs the tlc!

  286. Hey Lauryn! I HAVE to win because I just went back to college full time finally after scoring killer grades this summer and I need to stay well to keep up the slaying. ?

    This giveaway is amazing! You’ve really out done yourself this time! xo

  287. I should win this giveaway because I am determined to enter every giveaway until I win ? I usually try to get creative and write long interesting comments… But this one is different. I need to win because I’m tired of losing at these giveaways ? Love everything about the skinny confidential thanks for all the great content xoxo

  288. I’ve got to win this because I’ve been following you for years and I think you’re incredible. Love the respect between you and Michael, and your relationship. Love how into wellness you are. Love how much effort you put into your blog, podcast and yourself. Love that you love to learn. That’s a lot of loves haha, but I just have so much respect for you.

  289. What an amazing giveaway! Love how you love to give back to your readers. I would love to win because I am a grad school student so I am currently ballin on a budget. I will hardly have time to pamper myself, but all of these products would be amaze to have for some me time!! Thanks for all you do Lauryn!

  290. For years, TSC has been my go-to for health and beauty advice. I’m cautious about following advice from bloggers, but I’d trust you with my life. Your posts are so fun to read. It’s like catching up with a girlfriend. Your writing really captures your personality, and I love that. Okay, there you have it with all the feels. I’d like to win because there’s so many cool, new products I’m dying to try – and I’ve had my hair dyer since 2009 (I know, right?). xoxo

  291. Lauryn, you are literally a goddess! All of these products are so awesome, and as a college student who cares about their health and beauty so much that they read your blog religiously, winning this giveaway would be like hearing the news that I got into UCLA all over again, lol!! Much love, Isabelle von Lockner.
    ( Also, lol at the fact that I put “Ms.” as the title of my review on the Him/Her Podcast review because I thought it was asking for MY title… cheers to that, am I right?)

  292. I have to win because I have been following your journey from the beginning and have told all my friends to follow too AND whenever blogs come up I tell whoever I’m talking to, to check yours out! I love it! ❤️☺️

  293. I love love that you love your readers so much and that you show it 🙂 I would looove to win because I adore all of your beauty and wellness posts and tips, it would be the best to win items hand picked by you! Love ya!

  294. I have followed you and your blog from the VERY beginning! You have been such a major inspiration to me and I share your blog with friends any chance I get! You’re lovely inside and out, and I want thank you for opening up your life to your readers/followers 🙂 I would be SO lucky to win the giveaway, because not only can I not afford most of those things (lol, seriously), but I’m a crazy beauty/skincare/TSC connoisseur!

  295. This giveaway would be so awesome because my hair dryer is definitely getting up there and I know it starts to burn your hair because the heating apparatuses stop working properly! Also, I would love to share with my little sister who LOVES products!

  296. I HAVE to win because I’ve been going thru a slump for a bit of time now and desperately need these products to PULL me OUT of it! I follow you on snapchat, instagram and read the blog religiously. I adore you and “Susan” and your cutest couple moments. I can only hope you pick me to be the winner of this amazing once-in-a-lifetime giveaway! Your fave fan from Pennsylvania, Ann Marie

  297. I have to win because I am so upset that the only time I was in LA and San Diego you were in Saint Tropez! (even though that is so amazing) I missed both of your LA meet ups because I had left a few days prior to go back to the East coast! I would love love love this giveaway!!

  298. um… because I’m a beauty junkie who loves experimenting and telling my family/friends the good the bad and the ugly. plus, beauty stuff never really makes you feel fat, bloated, etc lol. in that regard, it always ‘fits’ (well, until it breaks you out, but that just means you need MORE beauty products to fix it haha).

  299. It would be amazing to win this because in my country there’s no way I could be able to find/buy all of these products.

  300. Hi Lauryn! I have been a loyal follower of your blog and a loyal listener of your podcast–because hello, they’re so good. I’m in my 3rd year of pharmacy school and struggling like a mofo to keep up with the newest trends since I’m poor as hell and have no time. Winning this giveaway would be LIFECHANGING and so amazing–I’ve never won anything in my whole life. You’re really killing the giveaway game girl. And as always, killing the blog posts and podcasts. Stay golden girl!!!

  301. I HAVE to win because I really need a new hairdryer…as in, starting a new job and my hairdryer broke. Plus, those Craft + Foster candles are calling out to me! Mmm… And so many of these products would be awesome bday gifts for my friends (hard to part with, but great to share the love!) As an actor, I need to get into tip top (stripper!) shape for Gypsy Rose Lee in Gypsy, so this would be the perfect time to try out TSC Meal Plan/Workout Guide. Thank you for this sweet opportunity! <3

  302. obsesssedddddd with you and really would like to start living a healthier lifestyle. need to win to start off on the right foot!!

  303. I would be so GRATEFUL to win because I read your blog everyday, I have the app and listen to the podcast every week. I am a college student and feeling pretty lost. Your post about College was so relatable. I think you are amazing. THANK YOU XXXX

  304. loveeeee all of this. I have been following your blog for like 5+ years always great tips on beauty, fitness, fashion, etc. NEED.

  305. Hi Lauryn– Love the giveaway products, I’ve been dying to try a lot of the face/ skin care products that are included! Always awesome to see when you have a new post and or podcast (p.s. congrats on killing that). I think it’s so great that you both are evolving and continuing to pursue what you’re passionate about!! You’re such an inspiration and soon I’ll have my blog up and running for you to hopefully check out 🙂


  306. Basically, I’m a struggling graduate student who can barely afford mascara let alone 15 shades of lipstick (but desperately need!!) Also, I just love the skinny confidential and tell all my friends and coworkers about it so this would just give me even more of a reason to blabber on 🙂

  307. I’m expecting my second baby girl in 11 weeks so my life as of late has been all about spoiling my 2 minis. It would be nice to have something fun and nice for just mama!

  308. LOVE LOVE your blog! It’s so relatable, and brutally honest, it’s my guilty pleasure.

    I also love how personable you are; always asking subscribers to engage with your blog posts, and really taking our advice to heart!

    AHHH this giveaway is amazing. It’s so great that you give back so much to your followers! Hope I win 🙂

  309. Your blog is one of my favorites. Both me and one of the girls in my office are constantly talking about what you have posted and can’t get enough. I would love to win, because I am dying to try several of these products!

  310. sooooo i would love to win because literally half of the items in this giveaway are already my fave, and the rest i’m dying to try. You never steer us wrong gf! Keep doing you 🙂

  311. I simply HAVE to win this! I have been reading the blog since forever and I am a big fan of your podcast too! I have a hard time affording many beauty products so this would be such a great experience for me 🙂

  312. Lauryn,
    I absolutely your giveaways! You always have the best products- from the best skin care options to jewelry and yummy candles. Like everyone else, I’d love to win. I’ve been following your website for a few years now and I love seeing how it’s grown and changed over time.

  313. Soooo I hope no one in particular is reading this (besides you)- because it’s about to get real. I recently got dumped with a capital “d” after relocating to a different state for my longtime boyfriend. We moved in together, got a puppy together, the whole nine yards. After a year, he decided he wasn’t in the right place emotionally – k. Anyways, I picked up my stuff & our dog and marched my way back home with my ego totally shot and a not so nice reality of finding a new place, new roommates, new job, etc. 5 months have passed, but I just don’t feel great about myself yet. I am working on getting back into a workout routine, going on dates, getting back out there, and really trying to become focused on just me. Long story short- it’s been a real tough year. I could really use some pampering and something exciting to lift my spirits! I love your blog, I love how you always respond to my questions on snap, and I think you’re just fab. I would love to win the giveaway! 🙂

  314. So very excited for even the tiniest chance to possibly with this immense giveaway! Lauryn, you inspire me every day with all the things you show us day to day whether its your blog/snaps/etc – lovee how real you are and how theres no BS with you. Ive only just recentlt become a TSC fan girl and I am lovingg it!

  315. I think it is so amazing that you do giveaways like this! I would love to win this one with all these amazing products and items! I think any of your readers would love to win this fingers crossed!!!!

  316. Honestly, I try to purchase as many products you recommend. I love love everyone so far. But with 5 kids. There’s just now way I can keep up. I’m 47 and well I’m starting to look my age. I could really use all these products. You’re such an inspiration.

  317. Well, I have never tried to win any giveaways, ever, but seeing these products and thinking about it for a few days… I figured why not. Like I mine as well give it a go. Plus, beauty and wellness tips and products you have given to us all have been such a game changer for me. I would absolutely be grateful to win this and try it all. Thanks for doing these!


  318. Yes!!! I have been praying and keeping my fingers crossed for each give away that you have! This one is as perfect as a DREAM. My hair is in need of some serious TLC and I would love to try these products out. Also, my makeup game could be stronger so having all of those different lip colors would be incredible!

  319. I guess I’m being a little selfish saying I don’t need the products but I WANT THEM SO BADLY!!!! It’s like Christmas in September!! 🙂 With that said…I would be very happy if I were to win the products listed above…especially the NuFace and the Bombshell Body Guide!

  320. I have to win because I have been a FAN FROM THE GET! I still to this day use your Blog-Doo Secret Blogging Tips thumb drive! I am so proud of you and all the hard work you’ve put into this brand and really look up to you for both personal and business stuff. You really do inspire people in all different ways. Thank you for being such an amazing influencer! <3 <3 <3

  321. Lauryn ( & the entire TSC team! ), I feel all sorts of fan-girl saying this, but honestly I’m OBSESSED with every piece of content you push out. Everything just feels spot-on. Sometimes I’ll wonder about something completely random and then BAM!… you guys cover it, and nail it. I have to win because I’m your biggest advocate, and I’d be so freakin’ excited about winning this giveaway hat I’d share it ( and YOU ) with the world 🙂

  322. Wow what a great giveaway! I have been a loyal follower and have loved all the beauty products you recommend. I am also a bride to be and planning my wedding has sucked some life out of me! I could definitely use a nice bundle of beauty products! 🙂
    Thank you!

  323. This is one helluva giveaway! You are so generous with your followers!

    I have been following/stalking you, Susan, and the nanz for years now. Thank you for always being real. Recently moving, changing my career path and figuring out what truly makes me happy, the best advice I have heard yet is, “stay in our own lane”. Thank you Lauryn for inspiring me daily <3

  324. I would love to win all this amazing giveaway, because I go buy every damn thing you recommend. The perks of winning is my husband won’t divorce me for spending $2700 to buy all these products.

  325. Lauryn,

    I HAVE to win this giveaway because I’ve been a dedicated reader and follower of TSC for nearly a year and a half. I follow your blog, Snapchat, Instagram, Podcast, and YouTube Channel! I love that you always see to it to answer any of my questions and respond to any commentary I send you on Snap! I’m in love with your entire brand, and who you are as a person! So inspiring! I’m obsessed with not only your tips and tricks, and the content you deliver, but with your story and how you got to where you are! : ) You’ve truly inspired so many aspects of my beauty, style, and wellness routines! Plus, these are all products that I die over and winning would truly be a DREAM! On a side note, this would be the BEST 28th b-day gift…it’s on September 24th! <3


  326. I just moved to San Diego from Arizona and I am definitely trying to watch my spending since it’s a bit more pricey out here. With that said, unfortunately the first to be put on the back burner are my beauty necessities, so not only would I be extremely grateful to win this giveaway, but having all these goodies would help transform me into an official Cali girl 🙂

  327. I love this giveaway! You are seriously my favorite blogger. You always keep it so real and its very refreshing! I hate bloggers who dont give away their tips and tricks.. I mean whats the point?? And I have to win because who wouldn’t want to win all of this amazingness???!!! Love it!

  328. I am obsessed with your blog (I annoy my boyfriend with how much I talk about TSC). I live vicariously through you as you try the latest health and beauty trends that I am oh so curious about. I legit never win anything but I figured the least I could do is show your blog some love after all these years. Also you guys were my first ever podcast review so I hope ya feel spesh (swear it took me 20 min to figure out how to do that)

  329. Your blog and podcast are both highlights to my week. I love listening to your podcasts while I am running. I LOL for real on the streets…and get some weird looks. You are too funny. Thanks for the amazing giveaway!

  330. hi lauryn!! I don’t know if you know this but I am totally obsessed with you and michael!! I follow you on snapchat, insta, twitter, podcast!! I love you guys but in a healthy way .. not crazy! lol Anyways I LOVE that you 2 are so real and relatable and I have so many similar interests that you have as well! I love feeding my boyfriend all the knowledge Michael gives about life and business because he’s just starting his career in real estate and a lot of Michael’s advice is great motivation! Honestly, there are so many things I am always wanting to try that you either talk about or suggest but sometimes i can’t afford to buy it all ,so winning this would be super cool and awesome!!! xoxo k10

  331. I need to win so I can take some time for myself and glam up a bit! Your posts are so inspirational and informative.

  332. Deeeeefinitely not seeing my Instagram comment up any more so may have had a technical difficulty… Let’s xxx its there! This giveaway is LIFE!! So much good stuff for the bod and soul! You are so rad for putting this all together for people! Don’t know anyone who wouldn’t die for this thing!

  333. K- kind an beautiful
    I- inspiring (truly)
    N- nice
    N- natural and real
    Y-young and gorgeous

    C- confident in herself and body
    O- optimistic
    N- nourishing and refreshing blog posts
    F- fantastic and fabulous
    I- interesting in everything you do
    D- determined to spread your gold recipes
    E- engaging in everything you write
    T-thankfull ( i am thankful that your bringing us awesome real life tips)
    I- intelligant
    A-active delivering real fitness tips to us

  334. I am so excited to hear the podcast every week. I listen on the treadmill for maximum results. It is so great to connect with you and get feedback and answers on Snap and email. You and Michael have made my heart full and I’m grateful for this and you. I am dying to win the facelift machine!

  335. Would love to win to give some of your favorite products a shot! I buy a lot of your recommendations & take your advice to heart so would love the chance to win!!

  336. Lauryn I have been following your blog from the start! I need to win this giveaway because I’m in desperate need of a fresh start (i.e. Makeover). I have been in Southeast Asia for almost 4 years and moving back to SoCal. I always look forward to your posts. Obviously my favorite are health and beauty posts. Thanks lovely!

  337. I need to win because all of these beauty products look AMAZING and I would love to be able to try them!

  338. I need to win because I am in a beauty rut! All of these supplies would help me get out of the rut and ready to get out there!!

  339. Hi Lauren,
    I’d love to wine because I’ve been following you for a while & love all your tips from jade rolling to oils. Your daily snap stories & banter with Michael make me laugh. I appreciate how accessible & you true you are to your readers. You always respond to my snaps❤️ I would love to try out all these products!

  340. I came across your blog via your podcast and I’m huge fan. I would so so so so love to win this giveaway because 1. Everything is so amazing 2. It would make me feel so pampered 3. When I feel pampered I feel inspired 4. When I feel inspired I create amazing things

  341. I would love to win because I haven’t had a lot of opportunity to purchase beauty products in the past and it would be awesome to be able to have a little me time.

  342. I am dying to smell your whiskey cola candle- first of all. Second, I am slightly obsessed by anything you recommend so I am sure the rest of the giveaway items are crazy good!

  343. This is an amazing giveaway! Best ever. It would definitely be a silver lining to my very grey month. <3

  344. I am always trying all your beauty recommendations (hello vagina steaming), and this would give me everything in one placeeee! So, I must, must win. Love all your content Lauryn- can’t wait for the next post!

  345. You and Michael have been such a huge inspiration to me in so many ways. First off, I absolutely adore the two of you. Serious power couple status. I love all of your content, podcasts, snaps, and most of all the TSC site/app. I have used so many of your recs and absolutely love them…. (literally life changing!) Thank you… thank you for everything and pick me! I would love to be the big winner.

  346. Love you and your advice, would love the opportunity to try out these amazing products. xo

  347. I have to win because I am obsessed with everything in this giveaway. I trust you with everything beauty and wellness so I know I’d love EVERYTHING in this giveaway. <33

  348. I have to win this because I’m obsessed with skin care and trying different beauty products and LOVE trying things you love! Obvi it would be the best thing ever to win this giveaway! Xoxo

  349. I 11/10 times screenshot every single tip or product you post on insta or share on snap with the intentions of SOMEDAY being able to splurge and buy a few of them. Your podcasts with Michael are my favorite to listen to when I do homework, I run out of them too fast- glad you guys are working with podcast one and making them even bigger!!! I’ve entered in past giveways with no such luck but maybe this will be my turn!! Winning this giveaway would mean so much to me for probably all the same reasons everyone else posted and more!! (Also, i love the 3rd of the invite mock ups)

  350. This is amazing! As a single working mother I try my hardest to look presentable and desirable daily and would love the chance to win these products. My friend introduced me to you 2 years ago and I have followed you ever since! Thanks for putting these offers in front of us and continuing to make us laugh, want to be healthy and live our life, and most of all for sharing your story with us all!

  351. I was already following 😉 left my comment, rated of course, and now I just have to say that I NEED to win this because I’m hopeless. I’m not completely lacking confidence in day to day life but when friends want to go out or am in an unfamiliar situation I lack the confidence in my appearance and how everyone appears to view me (which is not great). I know you wouldn’t give away these products if they weren’t top notch 🙂 which is just what I need to start working on this confidence! Thank you!!

  352. I would LOVEEEE to win because i’ve never won anything in my life before! I would share with all my roommates to so we would all win 🙂

  353. What an amazing gift! Any winner would be lucky! I would love to win for the NUface alone! I have struggled with acne for all my life and have been saving for either a nuface or a ziip to help with my acne. Being 27 and having acne is the absolute worst. Pick me, pick me!!! 😉

  354. I need to win because I literally just love TSC so freakin’ much and it would be a “crazy once in a lifetime” thing if I were to win. I’ve been following TSC for YEARS and I’m just so in love with what you do for us Lauryn.

  355. As a mom, full-time student, and part-time student I absolutely NEED to win…..that time-blocking cube! My god. What a useful idea. Time management is constantly something I am working at, and without it I fail. And all the other wonderful goodies can go towards taking care of myself (a rarity) and pampering myself while I read TSC blog.

  356. I have to win because I have been wanting to up my beauty game but it is really hard to do when you are a student, also have been a loyal follower/listener!!:)

  357. Seriously, thank you! You’re always my go to for all things beauty & lifestyle. Thank you for all the great reads, and always coming up with new and exciting ways to connect with us readers! xoxo

  358. How is this giveaway even real… Thank you so much for this! I would love to win for a few reasons. After listening to your podcast and seriously stalking your blog you have inspired me so much to start paying attention to my life, and to actually start living it… Im currently in college (communications major lol lol lol) and just resonate so much with all of your helpful advice. I hope to make some big changes in my life and decision making to move forward and actually start living and enjoying.

    Love you blog and thank you again!!!

  359. Wow! I need to win because literally every advice of yours that I follow turns out to be an epiphany and I end up changing my ways around TSC life tips!

  360. As a new follower/fan girl, I am obsessed with finding my perfect morning routine! Not only will these products help me set the mood and ambiance to have a bulletproof day, I can feel totally fabulous and chic while I am doing it! Love always!

  361. OMGEE! WOW, Lauryn! This is a huge giveaway – have always admired how well you take care of us readers! This is amazing.

    I would LOVE winning because I am selling my home, chic-ing up an RV, and living full time on the road with my BF. Having these sexy luxuries to pack into my new home would be bad-ass!

    So appreciate your product reviews…just got the It CC Cream yesterday because you recommended it!

    Hugs + Kisses,
    { Can’t wait to win! 😉 }

    See you on Snapchat…


  362. I would love to win so I can start getting beauty ready for my wedding. I have to find some products that will make me look my best on the big day, I am sure you can relate. Thank you!

  363. Our style is simpatico and I always look forward to your next posts. I listen to your podcasts on that very familiar commute from sd to la and love what you have to say. I’m a post grad from sdsu so I’m ballin on a budget… for which most is spent on champagne. So this giveaway would be lovely and much needed to say the least (:

  364. I have to win because, duh, who wouldn’t love to grab up a huge bunch of awesome goodies?! (: I also can’t stop giggling at those “betchsicles,” and I’ve been on a mad search for a new hair dryer for I don’t even know how long! Thanks for the incredible giveaway opportunity!!!

  365. I Started following you about 5 months ago when I stumbled on your IG after watching you and Michael on the Ask Gary Vee Show. I was totally drawn in and have been following on IG, SnapChat, Youtube, Blog ever since. <3 and now the podcast 😉
    xo keep inspiring

  366. I HAVE to have this giveaway because I trust your product recommendations but not always are they in my budget. This would give me the opportunity to explore them and figure out my must-haves! Thank you! Thank you!!!

  367. I realized the other day that I have been religiously following your blog for the last two years. RELIGIOUSLY. Thank you for always giving back to your readers and for having the best tips around! I’m obsessed!

  368. I would love to win! I’m a working mom and don’t have the time and money to get all this amazing stuff for myself! ?

  369. I am just in complete awe! What an amazing giveaway! I just stumbled upon your site and cannot wait to try some of the recipes! I am also really interested in your body guides and meal plans! Definitely will be checking them out after I have my baby in December! ?

    I have to win because I really want to share with others how much of an impact your site has already made in my life! Your no BS attitude is so uplifting and I love the fact that you practice what you preach! Thank you so very much for inspiring me today!

  370. Amazing giveaway! I love all the great advice you are always giving. I try and implement everything into my routine. So winning this give away would really help me do this!! <3

  371. I would love to win this because I love your blog content and it has been a while since I got myself something nice because I am working on keeping up with my bills

  372. I would like to win coz i wanna give them to mum as present .. she would be happy and proud

  373. This is awesome! I LOVE your blog, podcast, insta, etc. Just wanted to say – reading your posts and hearing your & Michael’s thoughts on the podcast honestly always motivates and inspires me to be my best in all aspects of my life 🙂 thank you!

    I’d like to win because as a busy law student it would be amazing to pamper myself a bit!

  374. would love to share this with my teenage daughter who is just getting into skin care and makeup

  375. You are amazing! I don’t have an itunes account and I can’t figure out how to review without one, hopefully I can enter anyways, otherwise I will wait until your next one 🙂

  376. I need to win this cause I could use almost everything, What i don’t need I’ll share with my friends.

  377. I would love to try all of these products! I always read your blog and research good beauty products but I never have the nerve to try it so this would be so awesome!!!

  378. I would love to win this giveaway so I can try these products. My birthday is at the end of the month and this would be the best gift ever. Love following you!

  379. I would LOVE to win this giveaway. I am really trying to start consistently living a all around healthier lifestyle! I want to have an overall feeling of better wellness and this giveaway has SO many amazing products. I would not normally be able to buy all of these, so winning this giveaway would be so awesome. Every since I stumbled upon TSC Instagram page, my life has honestly shifted gears into a better direction. You are such an inspiration to me Lauryn and thank you so much for all of your amazing tips, blog and social media posts! Xx Allison Elaine

  380. I have to win because I completely trust your recommendations and the products you use (i.e. Twin Lotus Charcoal toothpaste). I know that you are transparent when it comes to the things you blog and talk about on your podcasts, so I feel confident in winning something that will be from you!

  381. After reading this post and seeing all of the amazing goodies in the giveaway, I just needed to try and win! Working in the skin care industry, I am always wanting to try new products that I can suggest to my clients that are both affordable and effective! I have been a long time fan of the skinny confidential blog and now the podcast. The posts are so relateable and I feel like I always learn something new. Thanks so much Lauryn and TSC team!! 🙂

  382. I’m a longtime follower of your blog, your book, you + Michael’s adventures on social media and your podcast. I have to win because my sister, mom and I have been dying to try so many of these products! Our favorite thing to do together is peruse Sephora & Ulta, and this would make three ladies extremely happy. <3

  383. I would LOVE to win all these AMAZING goods to revamp myself to get back out there in the dating world- trying to find my soulmate! You are truly an inspiration to so many women-Thank you for all your tips, tricks, advice and so much more 🙂

  384. Lauryn,
    I have to win because, well for starters this giveaway is freakin’ awesome. I also have to win because I am a broke recent college graduate (as of may 2016 wooo!) who was just introduce to The Skinny Confidential by my mom and I would just love to be able to share these things with her as well since there is plenty to go around! I am so thankful that she told me all about you because now I am hooked and follow you on every platform possible. She explained that while she had began following you, the strive for a certain aesthetic, the goal orientated mind, the need for order and many other things wrapped up in a young beautiful girl, ended up reminding her of me. I am in a tough spot being a recent grad searching for meaning, finding out how to take my next steps, implementing ideals and searching for who I truly am, wondering how my vision will all come out on the other side. I opened up your article on how to stay motivated, and from there couldn’t stop reading everything else. I love your writing style and pretty much your whole life is #goals right now. Basically I’m thrilled I have uncovered TSC because I really needed something in my life right now to spark my creativity and drive and girl you have done it! So thank you; now winning this giveaway would be the icing on the cake!
    -xo A♥︎

  385. Love u and love ur topics take u keep surprising us with.. I listen to ur products every time I am free or working out, they are so so so interesting.. Looooove u!

  386. Everything is so intersting in it.. Didn’t have any of it.. Just I wish I could win it??..
    Luv ya!

  387. I have to win because I would absolutely love all these prizes!! I am a huge beauty enthusiast and I’m always looking for more great products to try and it would be amazing to have all these items!

  388. I would be overjoyed to win this and it would brighten my day and my face, literally! I have to win because I’m saving for a new car and I need some items to pimp out my face!!

  389. I have to win because I learn so much beauty & wellness advice from you, & want to put it into practice with all these snazzy products! Thanks for the giveaway!

  390. I found your blog at a really hard time of my life and now it has become part of my daily routine. I love your recommendations and your healthy life style! ALL of these products are amazing and I would love a chance to win!

  391. I would LOVE to win because I LOVE you and I LOVE your blog! I’m on a tight budget with paying back school loans and wedding planning, so nothing would be better than winning some fresh beauty and wellness supplies! xoxo

  392. I have to win because i need to up my beauty game big time!!! I love all your tips and ticks! I drink the detox drink almost everyday 🙂 Thank you for that you share on here

  393. I HAVE to win because I’m a broke college girl training for my second half marathon!! I would love a little bit of extra pampering. After discovering your blog a few weeks ago, I have spent (almost too many) hours reading it. I would LOVE to get my hands on your book!!

  394. I love when you talk about interesting beauty/health experiences that you have like cupping and acupuncture. I’m also so excited to hear ALL about your wedding!

  395. My favorite tip on your latest Instagram post is to use a Wet Brush. I really need to pick one up, my hair is very long, I am older and there are gray strands which makes me feel i need to be very careful of it and not cause undo breakage.

  396. I would love to win because there are so many great products. I could really use the Brazilian Blowout dryer and products. There are so many products i would love to have in this giveaway and I like to make baskets as gifts for my mom and my daughter as gifts, how wonderful it would be to add a few of these premium products,

  397. Reading TSC blog every night has been apart of my nightly routine for a few years now. I cannot go to bed without checking out the blog. I also listen to your podcast every week on the way to work! I am getting married in two months and I would love nothing more than to win these amazing products!!!! My skin could use a little extra loving with all this wedding stress!!!!

  398. I would LOVE to win this giveaway because it just looks like a whole lot of fun!! There is no doubt I would fall in love with the products in this giveaway! I would be particularly excited to win the Bombshell Body Guide, candles, and time cube This giveaway is so generous, thank you Lauryn!

  399. Lauryn – you are the realest. I’d so appreciate to win. I’ve been following you for so long and I’m grateful for all the info you share with your readers! Thanks for another chance to win an awesome giveaway xx Trisha

  400. I would LOVE to win this giveaway. I am really trying to start consistently living an all around healthier lifestyle! I want to have an overall feeling of better wellness and this giveaway has SO many amazing products. Seriously though, all this stuff is BOMB! I would not normally be able to buy all of these products, so winning this giveaway would be so awesome. I also would LOVE to get the TSC Meal Plan x TSC Workout Guide. Ever since I stumbled upon TSC Instagram page, my life has honestly shifted gears into a better direction. You are such an inspiration to me Lauryn and thank you so much for all of your amazing tips, blog and social media posts! Xx Allison Elaine

  401. I have to win because I love everything TSC! And you’re so sweet to your followers for doing this 🙂 xo

  402. I literally tell everyone how obsessed I am with you and your blog/book/podcast. I would absolutely adore winning all of these goodies! Also, forever entering your giveaways, manifesting that this is the one haha. xoxo you tha best Lauryn

  403. Just finished everything and would love love love to win! I am so inspired by you I read TSC everyday. I’m a college student and CSU Long Beach and struggling and hustling. Love you xoxo

  404. i’m a long time reader, but i’ve posted very rarely! decided i had to get in on this giveaway because this summer has been all about beer and nachos and i need to get back on the healthy eating and exercise train, and your guide is just what i need. also, let’s be honest, all of these products are beautiful and i want to try them all! thank you lauryn & team <3

  405. I don’t ‘have’ to win, but it sure would be lovely and amazing.<3 Love following all your social media outlets and reading all the killer posts. You always seem to have the best advice! I think it is so nice of you to do this give away of such amazing gifts! I hope in the near future I can do a give away such as this one. 🙂

  406. I hhaaaavvvveee to win because I am OBSESSED with your blog and love all things beauty/wellness related!! This would be a dream come true! I’m a college student so definitely wouldn’t be able to afford all of this on my own! (instagram: @mad_dix)

  407. Seriously would LOVE to win. My blowdryer just went out and I am using an old, crappy backup until I can figure out something else! We are heading on a cruise in a month so I really do need all this beauty product!! Need to prep and pull myself together to look fab (it’s out 7 year wedding anniversary)! Thanks so much for the giveaway — love your blog and beauty tips!

  408. I read your blog almost daily, and I follow your beauty advice religiously– constantly sharing your tips with my girl (AND GUY, coconut oil on your forehead anyone? 😉 ) friends. It would mean so much to me to win your giveaway because I would so so love to get the opportunity to pamper myself after a stressful summer, while trying some of your favourite products. Love what you do and your vibe, keep it up <3 xx

  409. I have to win because I absolutely love everything you do! I love to hear about your health care and skin care product and tips you do each day! So uplifting and inspiring! 🙂

  410. I have to win because I love listening to all of your uplifting and inspiration advice! I like hearing about your skin care and health care daily tips!! You’re so much fun to get to know!

  411. I’ve been following you forever! Still have your juice detox email from 2012! Would love to try all these products! Thanks for such a great giveaway!

  412. I read a lot of blogs on how to stay healthy, the latest trends and fun ways to dress. Your blog seems to combine it all and I am constantly learning from you! I am fascinated by your ability to talk about anything with no shame, because it is honest and you discuss many things no one wants to ask but everyone wants to know about. You are an inspiration to be yourself, and most of what you post I immediately go buy. I would love this giveaway of your favorite things! My birthday is right around the corner and it would be a wonderful birthday gift!

  413. I would love to win because as a college student I love bloggers that talk about and help me find amazing products that are not ridonkulously priced and actually work. Plus you give great workout motivation!!1 :)))

  414. I have to win because there are so many amazing things here I want to try! I have been loving trying out new products and tips that you suggest as a treat for myself while planning my wedding!

  415. I follow on Instagram (davisbk121), and I loved your post, 3 hair tips that make ALL the difference. I’ve already been shopping. 🙂 I subscribed and tried to rate. I’ll try again. I want to win this giveaway, because I love to try new products.

  416. I have to win because HAIR and SKIN CARE are my passions! Seriously, such a beautiful, generous giveaway. Thank you Lauryn, you’re so very sweet to your loyal readers 🙂

  417. I have to win because I totally trust you guys and all of your product recommendations. Would love to try all your fave products!

    P.S. I’m loving the podcast!!

  418. Lauren, literally in awe of all that you are doing for young women! I listen to your podcast on PodcastOne walking to class, check your snapchat obsessively, and follow along in every way possible! Broke college girl just trying to find the best lifestyle for myself. Thanks for all the content you produce! ?

  419. Lauryn, I am in awe of all that you do! I follow along in every way possible: listen to your podcast while walking to school, making morning coffee recipes you post on snap chat, snap chat messaging you, everything!!! I’m just a college girl trying to find the best lifestyle for myself. Pick me 🙂 ?

  420. You’re such an inspiration. I would love to win just to get a glimpse of your fave beauty and wellness products. Thanks for always being such a generous and authentic u babe xo

  421. Lauren, your style is so fabulous and you always have the best beauty tips. I’m hooked on the pink TSC detox morning drink, gotta get my cayenne. Honestly, I’d love to get that TSC meal plan. I danced in college and tore tendon and life hasn’t quite been the same since. But I just moved in my with lovely BF and got with my trainer friend to work around my leg injury until surgery. My goal is to get back into dancing shape and reclaim my sexy bod, and I think getting on this meal plan may be the start to my new path.

  422. Lauryn! I am such a fan! I am listening from Laos where I work to help women who have recently been rescued from sexual exploitation and human trafficking in Southeast Asia. I am heading home soon for my sisters wedding and…well…I am in desperate need of some beautification!! Laos doesn’t have spas wtc like I’m used to, and I want to be a total babe for the little sisters wedding! I’d love to win!! Thank you thank you thank you 🙂

  423. I would like to win tis giveaway, because the prizes are super nice, and I need some super upgrades to my 5 year old beauty routine.

  424. I have to win because we just bought a new home that needs a ton of work! After buying flooring, kitchen cabinets and appliances I have no extra for a few beauty treats!

  425. I came across your podcast when Jackie Schimmel mentioned that she was a guest on it. I have been obsessed ever since! I started listening from episode 1, and I love it! I binged listened, and know I’m browsing your site and came across the giveaway! 🙂 Those products look amazing, and I have never tried any of them. It would be cool to win! Thanks for such great content on your podcast and website! 🙂

  426. I started following you just this year as I wished to start taking better care of myself. I realised hat I had to care for myself first before I could take better care of my family and everyone else. Winning this giveaway would rock because 20th is my 29th birthday.

  427. Would love to win for a much-needed self-care sesh! All the cigarette smoke going on in Europe is going to be the death of me ( & my skin ).

    As always, keep up the good work Lauryn! Very much in love with your blog & your words – I’ve been following for a couple of years now & I swear no one else is as refreshing / real /engaging with their readers.

  428. I have to win because . . . my skin and hair need the love! 😉 And I really need to up my lip color game.

  429. i should win because i’m slightly obsessed with TSC and everyone involved. I went back and listened to ALL of the podcasts. My favorite is the recap of when you lost the earring and bailed for a croissant. (and by the way…. michael bosstick should buy you another pair of diamond earrings). You see… fangirling never pays off. I feel like just once… in the history of the universe it should pay off. I would even sign up to be mooseknuckle’s significant other if it meant i could hang out with you! but because that cleeeeearly won’t happen… winning this would be one badass consolation prize. but be advised…. even if i win, i’m not going to stop sending you daily snaps. hahaha.

  430. i literally just purged my apartment of all my products! call me crazy and weird but it was overwhelming. I had purchased all this STUFF and i didnt use any of it. I wanted to start over with the right tools at hand. I would love to be able to start with a full set of tools like this! Your post and podcast keep the girly girl in me alive, and help hide the netflix and snack girl! Thank you for giving away so much, anyone will be lucky!

  431. You are my wellness and beauty guru! I just had my third baby last month and I’m feeling like a sweaty, hair-losing, time-crunched hag. I try to keep things feminine and put together because my family deserves the best from me and I’d love to be able to take it to the next level with these incredible products!

  432. I have to win because of I don’t I will shrivel up into an old prune and blow away in the wind. ???Like holy shiz there are so many rad products in this giveaway! Good on you gf for gathering all these rad products for your readers ??✨

  433. AHHH I’m semi freaking out over here about how perfect this is. First off, you are legit amazing, and thanks for doing these fabulous giveaways. I would LOVE to win – I have been wanting practically all of these products for an eternity, and they would help me to look (and feel) like a fabulous bad-ass, despite living in NYC on a recent college-grad budget

  434. OMG I thought I already replied to this. But I would absolutely LOVE to win because obviously these products are all wicked awesome and I’d really love to up my beauty game. This desert heat is so unkind and I literally am scrambling to figure out some new routines while building two different businesses (and please tell Michael I’ve been applying his systems in lieu of goals technique and it’s making everything SO MUCH EASIER).

    Regardless of the giveaway or not, please never stop doing what you’re doing. TSC is a huge inspiration. xx

  435. This goody basket would rock my world. I am a serial giveaway enterer and you always have some of the best items!!!

  436. Soo… I was laid off .. And finally, after months of thousands job interviews and more and more rejections, I finally found a new job and I start next week !
    Help me boost my confidence so that I start this new chapter of my life on the right foot 🙂
    Thank you, love everything you do Lauryn <3

  437. Love love love this blog!! I am making some major changes physically, mentally, and spiritually and what is more motivating than winning a give away!! These products are all fabulous. Thank you Lauryn for always providing raw, authentic, no bull shit content 🙂 This giveaway is perfection!! Stay fab, Mandi Luce

  438. can’t stress enough how unique your blog and brand are
    i can’t find anything like it out there especially not one with such a dedicated creator
    you are always so accessible, have always answered emails and snaps and that takes it to the next level.
    the loyalty you gain from followers is because of how engaged you keep us by staying in touch and making it feel like we are texting like friends. Been following for almost 2 years and would love to win this giveaway!!!!

  439. I’ve been following your blog for YEARS! My favorite topic that you cover is health, beauty, and wellness (it always has been) because I was raised to live in line with the lifestyle you share with your readers, so TSC has always made me feel comforted knowing someone like you practices some of the weirdest holistic habits.
    Winning this giveaway would be the first time ever in the years that I have faithfully followed TSC. I’m in a bit of a limbo as far as beauty products and regimes are concerned so having this fresh start would be such a blessing! I just started a new job and I have really let beauty and wellness take the back seat and I need to change that.
    Thank you for putting yourself out there and sharing as much as you do!

  440. I would love to win this giveaway as I am ALWAYS on the hunt for trying new products that are good for my health! I especially would enjoy the beauty products as I tend to be a hot mess on a day to day basis. I mean that in the sense that I wear the same beauty products day in and day out and it’s starting to get boring and dull. THANK YOU so much for hosting these giveaways for your friends – you make your readers feel more than just “followers” (what a strange term!) – we appreciate what you do so much!

  441. Dear Lauryn,
    I have been a fan of the TSC brand for so long and I have absolutely loved watching it expand and grow! I love how you stay true to what you love! This is the first place I come for new ideas/recommendations for anything from beauty products to new books. I would love to win this giveaway because there are tons of new products I would love to try- that don’t fit into a student budget! XO

  442. This is an amazing giveaway! I would love to win because these are amazing prizes and I’ve been a longtime reader 🙂

  443. Lauryn! I love your blog and your unapologetic honesty! I have to win because I am a poor college student with extremely sensitive skin and a love of natural products, so this prize pack would be put to good use ;)!

  444. I would love to win because I love trying new products and telling my friends about them

  445. I have been following your blog forever it has been a calming and fun guide for life and how to live it. I am not the best at doing makeup, or working out, or brushing my eyebrows up! BUT you teach me, you make me laugh and give me a moment to think about my self. I am 20 years old my name is Annamarie I live in San Clemente; I have had the hardest home life that has pushed me to points, where I stop and wonder when is my life going to start. I am loyal subscriber to your podcast (which is beyond amazing, way beyond 5 stars) and recently Michael was talking about something he read in a book about growing from challenges and striving. These moments in your podcast help me reflect and give me some 30 minutes of free therapy haha. Anyways… as I ramble on I got to Cal State Fullerton I am a preschool teacher and my most favorite guilty pleasure is walking to class or walking on the beach listening to your podcast and learning. People probably think I look crazy walking along the beach laughing at you and Michael’s playful humor or of course the bare-naked cucumber! My boyfriend can attest to how much I love your blog, Instagram and podcast cause I just tell him all about it all the time! I told him today no electronics in the bed cause it takes away from the intimacy of the bedroom (thank you Michael)! … I don’t know if any of this makes sense but Lauryn even though I am not a blogger I learn so much from you about makeup, life, travel, health and relationships and so much more. Your hard work in building your brand and putting so much passion into creating your website has been a fun an creative stress free place for me to relax read blog post and get away from reality for a couple minutes. Thank You! Annamarie xoxo

  446. I love this giveaway, Lauryn! I am excited to enter, and hope to win to jumpstart some of the healthier beauty and wellness initiatives I’m taking for myself personally. But I just love how much you give back to us, and how much this will help whomever wins it. Y’alls podcast has really helped me with my own personal endeavors, and you’re one of my BIGGEST inspirations for my blog and other brands. While I’m still figuring it out, I know that I’m doing it authentically and that if I ever need advice on where to go, I can come here for a guide.

  447. I have to win because I am so obsessed with your blog, podcast, Instagram, snapchat… everything! 🙂

  448. Thank you so much for this giveaway! I love everything you are giving away and really hope to win. Thanks!!

  449. would love love love to win this give away I’m a college student who should start spending less on make up/ beauty products and more on books and this giveaway would help me save a tremendous amount of money ? I’m obsessed with your blog and always read it or listen to your his and her podcast during study breaks. Keep being amazing at what you’re doing xoxo Molly

  450. I have never been into reading blogs before until I found yours! It has helped me so much throughout college. I am currently in a changing period of my life and deciding if I want to transfer and your blog is an outlet for me and very helpful. I literally try to get all the products that you talk about on here but it gets expensive! Anyways, I love your posts and I hope to meet you one day.

  451. I would love to win because TSC helped me figure out what I want to do after I graduate this spring. I didn’t know I had a passion for writing until I started reading TSC and started my own blog. Now I’m working on my blog as well as trying to get into online editorial writing. V exciting stuff!

  452. I hate being so blatantly obvious about trying to win a giveaway contest but this would be absolutely amazing to be able to win this. I’m in a very low period of my life and even though shopping doesn’t solve everything it does provide that pick me up when you can’t seem to get anything else right. As always love the blog and the podcast, can’t wait to see what you come up with next with Susan. Would love to submit a question to the podcast and get some smart, but tough advice about life right now!

  453. i’ve GOT to get my hands on that sleeping oil! anything to help me sleep DEEP is a wish granted for me. Also anything for my hair + body! both get so dry because I don’t buy high-end stuff, so really the whole buttload will help me immensely! <3


  454. Insta ✅
    Podcast ✅
    Blog ✅
    Bodyguide ✅

    Seriously, anything you touch is gold girl! Honestly every recipe is bomb, every tip is money and I’ve really enjoyed watching TSC grow!!!


  455. Obsessed with anything and everything you and Michael recommend. Avid reader and follower, my Tuesdays are brightened when I get to listen to the him&her podcast on the way to work.
    I would love to win this giveaway to share all of these amazing products with my sister!
    Due to extremely low iron stores and other health issues she has lost about 30% of her hair, and struggles with pale skin, dark circles, low energy etc, yet still walks around with a smile on her face.
    These products would make her feel beautiful (and I wouldn’t hate having an extra 15 lipsticks to borrow).

  456. I would love to win because I could use some R&R. This year I am hustling between teaching full time and working on my Master’s as well as staying fit and happy. This giveaway looks like a wonderful way to relax and treat myself in ways I would never normally do. Thanks for being amazing and a huge role model-I’ve been brushing my eyebrows up all year!

  457. I have to win this because I need (mostly want) to beautify myself! After working long hours at work and trying to save to eventually have my own brand/business sometimes it’s the last thing on my list of to do! Also Lauryn kills it on the skinny confidential I have learned so many valuable tips and tricks! ?

  458. I would love to win because I love your blog & snapchat especially. I think it’s really awesome that you actually reply back to people & aren’t stuck up about how “busy” you are. (we’re all busy lol) Most excited about all those lipsticks & the candles!

  459. Thank you for keeping it real all these years… I am SO happy to have found your blog and usually come here when I’ve heard of a new health/wellness/beauty hacks to research if you’ve tried it and your thoughts. Thank you!!!! Xox.

  460. To be totally frank- I would LOVE to win this giveaway because everything about it is fire would totally enhance my inner (and outer 😉 ) fitness, beauty and health queen. Not to mention, so many of the products are crazy expensive or not available in Canada! Throw this girl a bone 😉
    Thanks again Lauryn, TSC never disappoints! xo

  461. I would love to win this contest because there are so many goodies that I’d love to try out but a little strapped with $ (NYC livin is tough!!!) & I would absolutely love to try the TSC bombshell guide.

    1. Hit finish too early – I commented on your Insta with an explination but I’m in my post-op phase from a super (not) fun surgery called Heller Myotomy. Your posts about your surgery have honestly encouraged me that life goes on post-op; even though it doesn’t feel like it right now! Plus, surgery was super expensive and it’d be a super fun positive to win something depsite it!

  462. MB & LB!

    WOW. This giveaway is unreal and so so generous! I started listening to your podcasts and am so inspired. It is a wonderful balance of entertainment and inspiration. I began listening to you podcast and quickly became hooked finding it a wonderful escape and even therapeutic. Dealing with anxiety of my own I find you so relatable and have been using some of your tricks and tips (currently with lavender on my chest sipping tea before bed). Michaels advice for business is awesome and I can’t wait to get my vision board going! Your dynamic is so unique to the podcasting world; keep it up. I am so happy to have discovered TSC! I would love to win this giveaway and continue on my journey to wellness and expanding on my passions in health, wellness and positivity!

    Hoping to hear from you!
    -C xx

  463. Hands down the most valuable yet hilarious blog/podcast out there. Lauryn and Michael bring valuable content to the table along answering questions that most people would not touch on. They spin societal, cultural and business topics and questions into killer advice. They are both EXTREMELY interactive with their followers…this is rare! I have followed TSC for years and Lauryn continues to impress me everyday with her content and hard work. Truly a one of a kind blogger. I recommend this blog/podcast to everyone (rated and reviewed it 5/5 stars). Thank you for all you do! Xo 🙂

  464. I’m seriously floored at this giveaway. Like, I can’t NOT submit an entry! I’ve been following your blog for years, and have watched you grow into the super successful blogger that you are. But over that time I literally feel like you’re a friend to me – even though we don’t talk and that might be weird. BUT LIKE, you’re the most down to earth blogger I’ve ever come across – the one post you made about going to an herb doctor and having a breakdown was what checked me in. People don’t just *write* about that stuff, that was ballsy and it made me see you as more than just another internet personality. You’re an actual person. And Susan is too. – regardless of the giveaway, I hope you are able to read this and know that you inspire me and a lot of your other followers 🙂

    Anyway, I would love to win this, as would everyone. But I’m about to start nursing school in October and am deffffinitely not going to be able to drop $$$ on stuff like this for a good 2 years! Needless to say it would be helpful, if not inspiring. Nursing is an exhausting job, so I’ll need all the microcurrent treatments and at-home skin care that I can get.

  465. I would love/have to win because your content is exceptional! I like your genuineness and humor. Plus, I’ve been working 70-75 hours weeks at work for the past month. I need something to brighten my week.

  466. I would love/have to win because your content is exceptional! I like your genuineness and humor. I look forward to seeing your snapchat stories showing how to make Apple Cider Vinegar drinks and the like. You inspire me to work at being a better version of myself, especially when you recommended the tomato timer and being more efficient with my time. Plus, I’ve been working 70-75 hours weeks at work for the past month. I need something to brighten my week.

  467. Lauryn- I would love to win this giveaway! I am a new mom and am totally out of the loop on new products. I also don’t take much time for pampering myself anymore so this would definitely help. I also love trying the products that you recommend so having all these to test out knowing that you back them would be amazing!

  468. Hi Lauryn!!! This give away is amazing! I would love to try all of this products that would come to good use. Right now I feel in need of a little beauty refresh. Thanks for this amazing giveaway <3

  469. I would love love love to try out these new products!!!! I’ve been budgeting myself hard lately on this type of thing and would be BEYOND happy and GRATEFUL to win! 🙂 You are amazing!

  470. I read your blog every day and I love all you beauty tips. You have single handedly (is that a word?) raised my make-up game to the point where people are commenting on it. Thanks for all that you do.

  471. LOVE how you are giving back to your followers! You’re guys’ podcasts keep me sane in this awful california traffic. I start my day with you, spend my lunch with you, and end the day with you!

  472. Has the winner been announced yet? I’ve been checking the site everyday looking for the winner hoping & praying to see my name!! Xoxo

    1. Haha I think I have checked almost ever hour !! It’s driving me crazy!

  473. I’m a new mommy! Well a 1 year old mommy 🙂 The pregnancy did a number on me mentality as well as physically and financially. I wouldn’t change mommyhood for anything in the world although I would love a nice “me day”. I would love to win to be able to pamper and feel like myself again!

  474. I believe that I should win because ( well someone stole my hair dryer and would love a new one! ) there have been so many times that I have always wanted to try out a product but was hesitant because of the price or if it really worked. Let’s be honest, if I could win just one of these products I would be INSANELY HAPPY. Winning this giveaway would inspire me to share with others these products and to rave even more about your blog (not that I don’t already). It would also give me a chance to pamper myself to boost my self confidence and well being. XO

    1. Bummer, I didn’t see that the winner was already chosen. Sad day! Maybe next time!

  475. WOW what a giveaway, you are amazing!
    I would absolutely love to win your giveaway because I need a fresh start to this upcoming next year. I am 19 years old and I have been volentering day to night in my country (Israel) which means i’m not working at all so I am pretty much living on the smallest budget ever, i’ll volenteer next year too so that would be 2 years of volentering, giving myself to others and pretty much not paying any attention to my needs.. and so winning this giveaway would be a total joy for me after a long time.
    love reading your blogs girl, keep it up! you are the best.
    Lior,19, Israel.

  476. It would be amazing if you were still giving things away during the COVID19 situation. I am a single person and been a beautician since 1976. This is the first time I have had to apply for assistance and look for help. I have been without income since March 11, 2020. I would love to win because I cannot buy anything at this time now. It is really hurting tonot be able to work.

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