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Amelia Gray Hamlin on Therapy, Confidence & Beauty Faves

Hey hey. Am I excited. Recently top model, entrepreneur, daughter of Lisa Rinna & Harry Hamlin, & total badass, Amelia Gray Hamlin came on The Skinny Confidential HIM & HER Podcast

& she fucking crushed it !! Amelia was so open, so real, & so self-aware. The episode ended up being 2 hours long, which is just crazy, but she talked all about her eating disorder, skin & beauty items she loves, & how she grooms her brows ( been using all her tips ).

In fact, Amelia shared so many fun takeaways that I thought it’d be fun to bring some of them over to the blog too. Like, why not share all the juice here too, right ?!

You definitely need to listen to the full episode though. It’s so fun hearing about her upbringing with famous parents, & she’s so raw when talking about therapy & her eating disorder.

But in the meantime, here are the 5 takeaways from the podcast.

the skinny confidential him and her podcast

TSC PODCAST: Amelia’s Gray Hamlin’s Top Takeaways:

Confidence and Self Awareness are key. When something doesn’t feel right it probably isn’t. Amelia talks about her experiences at an all girls school, eating disorder struggles, & friendships. When she knows that something isn’t making herself feel good, SHE CHANGES IT.

There is not one solution. The path to ‘fixing’ yourself is different for everyone & every situation. Whether it be an eating disorder or mental health issues, the first step is wanting help. The way to recovery looks different for everyone. But it starts with yourself.

Seek professionals who care. Find doctors, therapists, & anyone who knows the best practices & CARES. Find your team!

Growing up in the spotlight. Amelia talks about what it’s like to grow up with Lisa Rinna & Harry Hamlin as parents. She shares tons of little insights on this throughout the episode.

Beauty faves.

+ Nècessaire body wash: totally cured all these bumps on Amelia’s body.

+ Mascara for brows: Amelia uses this mascara to brush her eyebrows UP. I’ve been doing this lately & let me tell ya, it works.

+ Native deodorant: coconut & vanilla is her fave scent.

+ Concealer: apparently this Dior concealer is IT.

+ Tinted serum: a tinted serum with SPF? Yes plz.

By the way, I’m also obsessed with Nècessaire body wash, the eucalyptus one specifically. It’s so great to use while breastfeeding because there are no nasties.

Anyway, hope you guys found this post useful, but like I said, be sure to listen to the whole episode. It’s a good one. Leave any questions you have for Amelia in the comments below, because she’ll be coming back on the podcast very soon.

x, lauryn

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++ 5 tips for being a mentally tough badass.


  1. Did Amelia give the name of her endocrinologist? Did I miss it? Listened to that section 2xs. Can’t find it. Help!!

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