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amazon ride or dies | by the skinny confidential

Since Michael & I have never been to Boston before it’s been fun to explore a new city. We’re catching up with our friend Alex aka Mooseknuckle ( ep. 23 ) & letting loose. That being said, I could really use a ice roller right now. It is SUCH a staple in my life that I wanted to share all of my ride or die Amazon favs.

Let’s get right into it.



If possible PLEASE avoid using bottles that contain BPA. These Ello cups are BPA free, made out of glass and you can take them everywhere. Use these to sip your detox drinkgreen smoothie & spicy water to work or around town. These cups are a daily essential.


In addition to the cold weather we’ve been drinking cocktails in Boston. This means my face is extra swollen & puffy. These eye pads are a lifesaver ( I even made room in Alex’s fridge for them ). The cucumber helps to reduce inflammation & has amazing cooling effects. Much needed.


Ever since my jaw surgery I’ve become obsessed with finding ways to reduce swelling. The ice roller is it. Use it every morning when you wake up to reduce swelling & redness. Plus it helps shrink your pores & is way more convenient than an ice facial. It’s a MUST…especially when you’re hungover.


This acupressure mat changes the game. I call it the bed of nails too. It’s covered in little spikes that cause your body to release endorphins. This helps to relieve stress & relax your mind. I even use this on Pixy & Boone & they love it. It’s stimulating, energizing & just feels SO good.


So I’m tea OBSESSED. I drink it in the morning, evening, before lunch, after lunch, anytime really. Give me a cup of tea and I’ll be happy. This tea is fruity, lightly sweet & refreshing without any added shig. Put this in your Ello cup with some ice & adaptogens and you’ll be ready to take on the day. Also a HUGE Jocko fan.


Heard of face shaving? If not, you have to try it! ALL the celebrities do it & for a good reason. The Hot Shave Razor removes all your peach fuzz, exfoliates & smooths your skin. This creates the perfect base to apply your makeup. I’ve been doing it for years– it’s the best pre-makeup prep.


Worried about hyperpigmentation aka a sun mustache? Use this serum daily & you will see results. I did this 6 months before my wedding & my mustache was GONE. Everyone, I mean EVERYONE needs a great serum. They’re underrated just like oils. The right serum will keep your face vibrant by brightening dull skin & evening out your skin tone.


If you follow along on Snapchat you know I’m in love with my new oil diffuser. It changes colors which is incredibly soothing & reminds me of a crystal ball. Essential oils are amazing. You immediately notice a difference in your mood depending on what oils you use.  My favorite combination right now is grapefruit and lemon. My friend Erica also gave me this cute car diffuser the other day. Now I can take my oils with me everywhere. So ideal. Throw on some Bossanova & lavender oil and say bye to road rage.


The secret to how woman wear those tiny, thin tops with NO bra? Nippies. When I’m not wearing workout clothes, I am most likely wearing Nippies. They’re comfortable, reusable, & completely invisible under those tiny tops we all want to wear this Spring.


Another beauty must have? A jade roller. They are incredibly anti-aging, extremely medicinal according to Chinese medicine & INSANE for lymphatic drainage. People get bags under their eyes due to fluid retention. Lymphatic drainage FIXES that. All you do is roll it on your face in a downward motion. I do it at night after applying moisturizer.

These items are all essential to making me look, feel & be my best on a daily basis. What are some of your ride or dies?

I’m off to take full advantage of the cold Boston weather by rocking some cashmere joggers & a sweatshirt. Hope you all have a fun weekend ahead.

x lauryn


  1. Loved reading this, and I will have to check out that tea. (I’m a sucker for trying out new tea flavors!) Just a few of my favorites… I have definitely come to love the Aquis microfiber hair towel. It dries my hair out faster, keeps it from getting frizzier than usual, and the one I buy is a great size to take on camping trips. I (along with everyone else probably) love my rosebud salve and regularly buy it from Amazon. Finally, my dog gets a ton of her treats, toys, and gear from Amazon; one of my favorite brands is called “Blueberry Pet” because they have some of the cutest collars! The last one I bought her had ladybugs on it. Too cute, right?

  2. You know you’re a long time TSC fan when you already own 4 of the items on the must-haves list haha

    I love putting lavender essential oil in my diffuser at night before bed. Just bought my bf the acupuncture mat for his bday, he was SO excited! Uses it everyday!
    I also recently picked up the liquorice serum at a spa but have only been using it for a few days so far. And yes ever since I had my boobs done (two years ago) I swear by pasties as well!

    Will have to try this tea out! Thanks Lauryn

  3. I have so many tabs open right now with all these links! Gonna do some shopping. Under eye puffiness is my nemesis. Also cannot live without Nippies LOL!

  4. I’m definitely intrigued by the face shaving — did you hair grow back fast and/or thick?
    Sounds amazing, but honestly SCARED to try it.

  5. Why the downward motion for the jade roller though? I always assume everything applied to the face should be with an upward motion.

  6. Definitely just bought everything except for the Ice roller. I used the Jade roller a few days ago for the first time, and my “bags” under my eyes in the a.m. have definitely been reduced! Amazing. Also, LOVE Eminence.

  7. thank you!!!!!! ive been looking for an alternative needle mat, that isnt over 100$ im not an amazon person, bc that would be dangerous for me… but in the long run, it may be best to seek out whats there!!! thanks again lauryn! you kill it on the reg.

  8. Hi! I’m thinking about buying the Nippies- is everyone using the adhesive or non-adhesive? I”m trying to decide which is better. Thanks!

  9. Lauryn, you provoke me so much anxiety to buy all the time!
    What’s the difference between the ice roller and the jade roller (if I put this in the fridge too). Do I really need both?

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