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amazon prime picks | by the skinny confidential
The time has come. Amazon Prime Day is HERE & there will be tons of deals in the next 30 hours. Well actually THOUSANDS of deals. Create a plan so you can search through them all and find the best items. My approach? Go by category. Think about what you’re dying to splurge on, what you can stock up on and other essentials. Just because it’s on sale doesn’t mean it’s a steal! Ok let’s dive into it.

fashion amazon primeday picks | by the skinny confidential


The latest fashion secret? Amazon. Yes that’s right. Amazon. Lately when I notice a cute top or necklace & ask the girl wearing it where it’s from they’ve been saying Amazon. Have any of you noticed this? I decided to investigate and found out that Amazon has REALLY stepped up their fashion game. They have all sorts of designer items & you can even find my favorite pair of jean shorts & button downs on the site. My bank account definitely isn’t happy about this.

+ Fashion Picks

wellness amazon primeday picks | by the skinny confidential


You know that acupressure mat we’re all obsessed with? Well it was randomly discovered one night through Amazon. Amazon is full of wellness gems. You can stock up on all sorts tasty snacks, supplements & tools. It’s where I get my collagen protein powder, ice roller & bars for the road. It’s a secret wellness haven.

+ Wellness Picks 

beauty amazon primeday picks | by the skinny confidential


My number one beauty essential? OILS. They work wonders for your skin and each kind serves a different purpose. Sometimes though you’ve got to step it up. I’m hoping some of my favorites have deals going on during PrimeDay. Looking at you Glam Glow & Eminence. Just like Amazon’s fashion section their beauty section has really been amped up. You can find all sorts of beauty tools like the facial steamer, my favorite CC cream, & hair products to keep your locks looking fresh.

+ Beauty Picks 

home amazon primeday picks | by the skinny confidential


Ready to create your own bar cart or set up a gallery wall? You can find everything you need from frames to glasses. Amazon is also my favorite place to shop when I want to organize. You can use a Roomba for effortless cleaning & find the perfect storage containers for your pantry. Traveling soon? Michael’s crazy trunk is even on sale during Prime Day. LOL.

+ Home Picks

amazon picks | by the skinny confidential

You take care of your health so why not do the same for your pets. Pixy and Boone are my babies which means I want to give them the best. Pixy is older so we feed her glucosamine to help her joints. In addition we add pumpkin to both their diets for digestive support. My favorite purchase for the dogs recently? The dog stroller. If you follow along on Snapchat you’ve probably seen this. Instead of taking 5 trips I’m easily able to carry the dogs, 3 drinks, my laptop and more. You might laugh but it’s incredibly handy & efficient.

Pet Picks | dog tips

technology amazon picks | by the skinny confidential


PrimeDay is the ideal time to stock up on any tech items you’ve been lusting over. This is where you can expect to find lots of discounts. Think cameras for blogging, microphones for podcasting & smart home devices for easy living. If you’ve been toying with the idea of an Amazon Echo, now is the time to take the plunge. Michael got us one & now I’m a huge fan. Alexa helps me with cooking and knows to always play some Bossanova. If that’s not your style though you can even get discounted prices on services like Audible & Amazon Music. If you go the Audible route get your reading list started with some juicy July reads.

Tech Picks

Follow my Idea Lists to see all the items I’m stocking up on & dreaming of during the sale. None of this is sponsored. Just seriously Amazon obsessed & I want you guys to be prepared. There’s nothing worse than buying a bunch of stuff you never use. Think about items you will value and try to find a great deal on them. What are you looking to score tomorrow?

x, lauryn

+ Pro tip: If you’re an Amazon Prime cardholder you can receive an additional 20% back on select items. 


  1. Ah! I love you for this! There are so many diffrent things that have been discussed in the facebook group that I want to buy. First on my list is an ice roller

  2. Already went crazy on Prime last night, and going back for more today! It’s a tiny bit overwhelming though, there’s just SO MUCH STUFF! (Not that that’s a bad thing).

    These are great suggestions too. I didn’t think to look for wellness stuff that I need (and that always costs a fortune), OR clothes. More to my list!

    Susie |

  3. Have you ever tried sewing your own clothing pieces? It’s a great way to make cute stuff that fits to perfection!

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