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Black Friday 2019: Deals and Steals From Amazon

Can we PLEASE be real about Black Friday??

I know you guys will get me on this… Black Friday kind of creeps me out. Every year there are videos of people standing in lines all night long to gain access to the savings. Is it just me or is that CRAZY??

We live in the ONLINE SHOPPING AGE. Am I right? You can get all the same deals from the comfort of your own home, while eating Thanksgiving leftovers, & watching Netflix. I mean, what would you rather do?

This isn’t some in-depth post, I just wanted to share my favorite Amazon items & tell you guys why I love them. Short. Sweet. Easy. To The Point.

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& I just feel like this account really brings it back to why I started the blog in the first place, which is a space for you to get the juice, the skinny, the deets.

Anyway, BLACK FRIDAY !! Let’s get to it.

The Skinny Confidential Amazon Black Friday Picks:


Foreo massager

clear travel toiletry bags

facial steamer

silk pillowcase

Ardell lashes


white oil diffuser

salt lamp

23 & me DNA test

organic ghee

Hawaiian spirulina


Bose headphones

book light

diva light for your phone

baby monitor

Canon camera


black Tommy Hilfiger visor

red faux shearling jacket

jewelery stand

men’s shirt

women’s leopard blouse


waffle maker

airtight containers

ring light kit

milk frother


lighted vanity mirror

Hope you guys are scoring some Amazon deals this week. Stay tuned because I’ll be sharing some more Black Friday & Cyber Monday pics soon. In the meantime, share whatever I need to check out below. Always in the mood for a deal.

x, lauryn

+ you can find my favorite tech gadgets here.

++ if you’re into Amazon, scope the Master List.


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